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How to Fix a Hisense TV Screen that Is Too Dark

Why is my Hisense TV darker than usual?

Your Hisense TV is darker than usual because you have some functions such as Dynamic Contrast turned on. This enables your television to become bright when the scenes on television are bright and dark when the scenes on television are considerably darker.


It might be annoying to have your TV’s brightness levels change while you watch it. Most people aren’t normally bothered by the TV being dark or bright; they dislike when the screen brightness fluctuates, especially when trying to concentrate on watching a movie.


There is no need to be concerned if you find this happening on your new Hisense TV. Depending on the TV, there are typically two reasons why your TV continues turning dark.

  • The TV’s dynamic distinction is set to “ON”
  • The TV’s environmental mode is turned on


How to fix a Hisense TV screen that is too dark?

To fix a Hisense TV screen that is too dark, you can turn off contrast dynamic or you can adjust environmental lighting.


Contrast Dynamic

The most likely scenario for Hisense TVs is that the dynamic Contrast is turned on. Your TV’s dynamic Contrast is a setting that causes your screen to darken when the TV scenes are darker and brighten when the scenes are brighter.

Dynamic Contrast is sometimes known as “Contrast Enhance.” It darkens the darkest area of the screen and highlights the colors on the brighter side in some TVs.


Environmental Lighting

Hisense Roku TV incorporates eco lighting, which causes the TV to dim when the surrounding light is dull and bright when the surrounding light is bright. It tries to save energy, as the name implies.

When the surrounding light is bright, the surroundings are well-lit for you to view. Thus the brightness is reduced. It also boosts the brightness of the TV in low-light situations.


If you have a Hisense TV, use your remote to do the following steps:

  • To begin, press the “Menu” button on your remote
  • Choose “Picture” from the list of alternatives
  • Change the “Dynamic” setting to “User,” “Mild,” or any other choice you find


Some Hisense remote controls include a “Picture” button. You may choose between “Dynamic,” “User,” and the other accessible choices by repeatedly pressing the button.


Hisense TV screen is too dark


How do I make my Hisense TV screen brighter?

To make a Hisense TV screen brighter, you have to check its visual settings. When the visual settings on television are incorrect, it typically results in an unpleasant viewing experience. As a result, it is critical to check the image settings frequently.


You can even alter the visual settings based on the show you’re viewing for an even more immersive experience.


Now, we’ll look at the television’s brightness, so let’s get started.

  • To access the homepage, press the menu button on your remote. The homepage will appear on your screen as soon as you touch the home button. The menu and settings choices are available
  • Select settings using the arrow buttons available on your screen. A new tab with several configuration choices will open on your computer
  • After discovering the needed choice, move the mouse down and hit OK. This selection includes all the options available on your television, including the visual settings
  • Highlight Brightness using the down arrow button on your remote and hit OK. Adjust the brightness of your television with the side arrow buttons
  • The right arrow raises the brightness, while the left arrow is in charge of reducing it
  • After you’ve adjusted the brightness, press the exit button. It will return you to the homepage


How to fix a Hisense TV HDR that is too dark?

To fix a Hisense TV HDR that is too dark, you have to check if the theatrical mode is enabled in settings. When the backlight is positioned behind the LCD panelor the power saving mode is set to the highest level, the image on the TV screen may look overly dark.


  • On television, there are many display modes that we rarely change. There are several styles for cartoon shows, soap operas, and even movies. Most televisions have the display setting set to a darker option by default to protect your eyes
  • Most of the time, there are two modes: ‘theatrical’ and ‘neutral.’ The ‘theatrical’ option is the default, but if you want a sharper perspective of what is occurring on the screen but don’t want to harm your eyes, choose the ‘neutral’ setting
  • A backlight is generally used to illuminate the screen in some less sophisticated versions. This backlight is located behind the LCD panel and is ineffective at providing Contrast, causing the screen to look overly dark
  • Many times, you may accidentally turn the power-saving setting to high. This is another typical explanation for a dark TV screen


How do I adjust brightness settings on a Hisense TV?

To adjust brightness settings on a Hisense TV, you want to alter the TV’s brightness settings and utilize dynamic backlight control or calibration settings on Hisense smart tv.


You can adjust the brightness settings and eliminate difficulties like Hisense TV screen dimming and modifying image settings on Hisense TV.


You can also shift the brightness on the Hisense tv instead of using the controller by pressing the physical button on your Hisense smart tv and adjusting brightness configurations to the best photo settings on the TV.

As well as start changing from night vision or picture mode or any mode of brightness configurations on Hisense tv, and if you already have any testing showed brightness or can’t increase brightness settings, you’ll have to refresh picture settings on smart tv.


The techniques below will assist you in changing the screen brightness on your Hisense smart TV and getting rid of Hisense smart TV dark, Hisense smart tv screen dimming on its own, or Hisense smart TV black screen.

  • Take your Hisense smart television remote and push the home button
  • Now, navigate to Settings in the upper right corner (gear icon) using the arrow keys
  • Go to Settings -> Device, and Preferences
  • Use the down arrow to navigate to the picture, then click OK
  • Now you can check your Hisense smart tv’s brightness and all picture settings
  • Go to brightness and use the volume up and down buttons on Hisense smart TV to raise brightness and the volume down button to lower brightness


Best brightness settings on a Hisense TV

We have some recommendations in this practical guide for the best brightness settings on a Hisense TV.

  • Mode: In the options, you may select one of many modes. You have arrived at “home” or “user”
  • Brightness Several 50 achieves the maximum brightness
  • Contrast: We propose a contrast of 45 to adjust for contrast and brightness
  • The color saturation value should ideally be set at 46
  • Sharpness: Set this to zero
  • Adaptive background light: We suggest the “Low” setting for ideal image settings


What are Hisense TV settings for best picture?

Hisense TV settings for best picture are the ‘Movie’ Picture Mode because it is the most realistic out of the box and has the most customizing options.We recommend adjusting Contrast to ’90,’ Brightness to ’50,’ and Sharpness to ‘0’ under the Fine Tune Picture menu.

The color was also set to ’45,’ and Tint (G/R) to ‘0.’

  • Scroll to Settings at the top right of your Home Screen using your remote and press “okay”
  • Scroll down to “Device Preferences” and press the “okay” button
  • Scroll down to “Picture” and click “okay”                            

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