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How to Fix JBL Clip 4 Speaker Keeps Disconnecting / Not Working

Why Does My JBL Clip4 Speaker Keep Disconnecting?

The main reason why your  JBL Clip 4 speaker might be disconnecting is because of poor Bluetooth connection, issues with the power button, or a faulty battery.


Potential Causes:

  • Poor Bluetooth Connection
  • Damaged power button
  • Error & glitches
  • Connected to Other Devices
  • Battery Issue
  • Poor Bluetooth connection
  • Hardware issues
  •  Outdated OS


Poor Bluetooth Connection

JBL Clip 4 can be connected with other devices using Bluetooth settings. However, as you already know, Bluetooth is not actually known for a long-distance connection. So, if both of your devices are too far away, the poor Bluetooth connection can lead to this error.


Damaged power button

The power button is used to power on and off a JBL Clip 4. If your device has a damaged power button or is stuck in a place, it will continuously disconnect the Bluetooth connection, affecting your overall experience.


Error & glitches

From time to time, JBL Clip 4 can get prone to errors and glitches. Usually, these errors get fixed in the latest firmly. However, if you are using outdated firmware on your JBL Clip 4, these errors will affect the speaker’s performance.


Connected to Other Devices

JBL Clip 4 can only be connected to one device at a time. If your device is on but isn’t connecting with your smartphone or computer, it might already be connected to other devices. This problem will occur if you are trying to connect a new device to your speaker.


Battery Issue

Your JBL Clip 4 comes with a rechargeable battery. If the battery is damaged, it won’t be able to connect and keep your device on for a longer period of time. As a result, your device will automatically get disconnected from the Bluetooth connection.


Bluetooth bugs

It is a possibility that your JBL Clip 4 is in perfect condition, but the problem is with your connected devices, such as a smartphone or a computer. On the smartphone, bugs in Bluetooth app can influence the experience. In computers, outdated Bluetooth drivers could be the culprit.


Hardware issues

JBL Clip 4 speaker is an electronic device. Therefore, you can never rule out the possibility of hardware issues. If you have recently dropped your speaker, there might be some internal hardware issues causing the constant disconnections.


Cache Files

You connect your JBL Clip 4 with other devices to hear music. Both of your devices share lots of data using temporary memory. As JBL Clip 4 has limited memory, too many cache files can reduce its overall performance, causing constant disconnection.


Outdated OS

Just like your smartphone, JBL Clip 4 also comes with internal programs and software.

These programs need to be up to date in order to work properly. However, if you are using an outdated OS with your speaker, it will keep disconnecting due to errors and glitches.


Why JBL Clip4 Keeps Cutting Out?

JBL Clip 4 speaker comes with an idle mode that automatically turns off your device after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power.


How to Fix it:

  1. Don’t let your device stay idle for 10 minutes
  2. Fully charge your speaker
  3. Restart your speaker
  4. Check the power button


JBL Clip 4 speaker keeps disconnecting
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Why JBL Clip4 Keeps Skipping Audio?

If your JBL Clip 4 keeps skipping audio every 3-5 minutes, it might be due to low battery, electrical interference with radio waves, or other electronic devices.


How to Fix It:

  • Fully charge your speaker
  • Avoid electrical interference
  • Keep both devices near to each other
  • Check the power button
  • Update the firmware


How To Fix JBL Clip4 Speakers That Keep Disconnecting?

You can fix a JBL Clip 4 speaker that keeps disconnecting by charging the battery, restarting it, or updating the firmware.


Charge the Battery [Method 1]

The most common reason that can keep JBL Clip 4 disconnecting is the low battery. To avoid this problem, fully charge your device before connecting it to other gadgets. Also, make sure the battery is in working condition.


Restart JBL Clip 4 [Method 2]

  1. Power off your JBL Clip 4
  2. Let it reset for 30 seconds
  3. Plug it into the AC power
  4. Fully charge your device
  5. Turn it back on
  6. Reconnect with Bluetooth  


Update the Firmware [Method 3]

  1. Plug your speaker into AC power
  2. Connect it to your smartphone
  3. Open the “JBL Connect+” app
  4. Find your speaker
  5. Click on “Orange Circle”
  6. Click “OK” to update


Avoid Electrical Interference [Method 4]

If there are other electronic devices near JBL Clip 4, their frequency might interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Moreover, if your speaker is in the magnetic field, it will certainly keep disconnecting. In that scenario, make sure there are no other devices near your JBL Clip 4 speaker.


Factory Reset [Method 5]

  1. Fully charge your device
  2. Press/hold the volume+ and play button
  3. Maintain the position for 5 seconds
  4. It will restore the factory settings
  5. Pair your JBL Clip 4 to other devices


Fix Hardware Issues [Method 6]

If your JBL Clip 4 is damaged, it might not work properly. For instance, if the power button is pressed, your device will automatically turn off after some time. To avoid this problem, you should get your device fixed as soon as possible.

If your JBL Clip 4 is under warranty, it would be best to contact JBL customer support and ask for assistance. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a local professional to fix hardware issues.


Why Does My JBL Clip4 Speaker Keep Turning Off?

If your JBL Clip 4 keeps turning off randomly, it might be due to battery issues or your speaker’s power button has malfunctioned.


How to Fix it:

  1. Check the speaker’s battery
  2. Fully charge your device
  3. Check the power button
  4. Restart your speaker
  5. Update the firmware


Why Does My JBL Clip 4 Speaker Keep Disconnecting fromWiFi?

If your JBL Clip 4 keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it might be due to outdated firmware, electrical interference, or poor signal connection.


How to Fix It:


  1. Update the firmware
  2. Avoid electrical interference
  3. Fully charge your device
  4. Restart to delete cache
  5. Check signal connection


Why JBL Clip 4 Speaker Keeps Disconnecting from Bluetooth?

JBL Clip 4 speaker might disconnect from Bluetooth because both of the devices are out of range. Plus, it could be due to low battery and electrical interference.


How to Fix It:

  1. Keep both devices close to each other
  2. Update the firmware
  3. Check the power button
  4. Avoid electrical interference
  5. Change the battery
  6. Connect to AC power


JBL Clip4 Speaker Making Static Buzzing Noise

If your JBL Clip 4 is making buzzing noises, it might be due to electrical interference. The electrical interference can be caused by other electronic devices and radio waves.


How to Fix It:

  1. Keep your device away from electronic devices
  2. Make sure both devices are within 100 feet
  3. Fully charge your speaker
  4. Update the firmware
  5. Check the power button


How To Factory Reset JBL Clip 4

To fix most problems related to JBL Clip 4, your best bet is the factory reset, allowing you to obtain the factory settings.


Factory Reset JBL Clip 4

  1. Press the power button to turn ON your speaker
  2. Press/hold the volume+ and play button
  3. Maintain the position for at least 10 seconds
  4. Press the power button again to turn ON the device
  5. Reconnect it to Bluetooth devices


JBL Clip 4 Not Connecting To Computer

If your JBL Clip 4 is not connecting to a computer, the Bluetooth drivers might be the culprit. You’ll need to update them or uninstall them to fix the issue.


How to Fix It:

  1. Click on the “Search Bar”
  2. Search “Device Manager”
  3. Open it and find “Bluetooth Adapter”
  4. Right-click on it
  5. Select “Properties”
  6. Find “Drivers”
  7. Click on “Uninstall”
  8. Restart your computer
  9. Reconnect with Bluetooth


JBL Clip4 Not Connecting withiPhone

If your JBL Clip 4 is not connecting with your iPhone, it might be due to poor Bluetooth connection, low battery, or outdated OS.


How to Fix It:

  1. Fully charge your speaker
  2. Update the iOS
  3. Keep both devices close to each other
  4. Update the firmware
  5.  Check the power button
  6. Reconnect with iPhone


Update the iOS

  1.  Open “Settings”
  2.  Navigate to “General”
  3.  Select “System Update”
  4. Click on “Automatic Updates”
  5. Turn ON the “Download iOS Updates” Option


Connecting JBL Clip 4 with iPhone

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Open “Bluetooth” settings
  3.  Turn on the JBL Clip 4
  4. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker
  5. Find your device in Bluetooth settings
  6. Select to pair
  7. Enter “0000” to connect


JBL Clip 4 Not Connecting with Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have JBL Clip 4 that won’t connect with Samsung Galaxy phones, it might be due to poor Bluetooth connection, battery issues, or bugs in the Bluetooth app.


How to Fix It:

  1. Check the battery health
  2. Fully charge your device
  3. Avoid electrical interference
  4. Restart your device
  5. Reconnect with your phone


Connect JBL Clip 4 to Samsung Galaxy Phone

  1. Turn on your speaker
  2. Fully charge it
  3. Press the Bluetooth button
  4. Open “Settings” on your phone
  5. Go to “Bluetooth”
  6. Find JBL Clip 4
  7.  Tap to pair
  8. Press “0000” to connect

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