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How to Fix Red Tint / Dots / Shadows on a TV Screen (STEPS)

Why does my TV screen have a red tint?

A TV screen can form red tint because of nearby magnetic field, a leak in the cathode ray tubes, a color setting or faulty timing control board.

A faulty digital mainboard, and dirty or loose LVDS cable can also cause a red tint.

  • Magnet or magnetic field nearby
  • Cathode ray tube leak
  • Color setting
  • Video format change
  • Faulty digital mainboard or timing control board
  • Defective, dirty or loose LVDS cable


Magnet or magnetic field nearby

If your TV is placed near any source of magnetic interference such as magnets or objects with magnetic fields, you will likely have a red tint on the TV screen.


Cathode ray tube leak

There are chances that the cathode ray tube has nearly reached the end of its lifespan if your TV is quite old. This can cause it to leak and result in the screen having a red tint.


Color setting

Your TV screen may have a red tint because of a color setting that you did for other visual effects on your screen.


Video format change

There are chances of a red tint appearing on your TV screen if you have opted to change from one video format to another.


Faulty digital mainboard or timing control board

If the digital mainboard or timing control board in your TV is either damaged or is malfunctioning, you may start observing a red tint on the TV screen.


Defective, dirty or loose LVDS cable

A defective, dirty or loose LVDS cable connected to your TV is one reason why your TV screen portrays a red tint.


Why does my TV screen have red dots?

A TV screen can have red dots because of a vscan voltage setting, defective capacitors in the power supply, or a pending control board update.

The red dots may also be due to loose contacts or connectors, incompatible HDMI cable or bad driver boards.

  • Defective power supply capacitors
  • Pressing on the TV screen
  • Pending control board update
  • Vscan voltage setting
  • Loose contacts or connectors
  • Incompatible HDMI cable
  • Bad driver boards


In most cases, the fixes for the red dots on your TV screen are relatively simple. They are also not very expensive. However, if your TV is still under the warranty, you can either opt to claim the warranty or even get a TV replacement done.


Red tint and dots on TV screen


Why does my TV screen have red shadows?

A TV screen can have red shadows mainly because of a failed convergence circuit, a color setting turned OFF, or a damaged cathode ray tube.

Other causes for red shadows forming on your TV screen are a damaged control circuit, a faulty connected wire or a warped LCD plate.

  • Failed convergence circuit
  • Turned OFF color setting
  • Incorrect TV installation
  • Burn-in due to extended static image display
  • Damaged cathode ray tube
  • Faulty connection wires
  • Warped LCD plate


It’s recommended to get the assistance of an authorized service center to help you with the fixing process of the circuitry if you’re unsure of how to do so yourself. They may do it for free or at a nominal price within the warranty bracket.


How to fix red tint on a TV screen?

You can fix red tint on a TV screen by removing sources of magnetic interference, changing the cathode ray tube or changing the video format.

Fixing or replacing a faulty mainboard, control board or LVDS cable and/or tightening the loose cable may also solve the problem.

  • Remove magnetic sources
  • Replace cathode ray tube
  • Adjust color setting
  • Change Video format
  • Fix faulty digital mainboard or timing control board
  • Check LVDS cable


The following steps show how to fix the red tint on a TV screen:

  1. Look out for magnets and/or any objects capable of producing a magnetic field near the TV screen. If so, you must move them to a different place as far away as possible from the screen.
  2. If your television is over five to seven years old, it may have a problematic cathode ray tube that has started failing and needs a replacement. It’s recommended to seek the assistance of a certified technician to get this done for you.
  3. Check the color settings through the menu of your television. You may have to do a bit of adjustment to the existing setting to get rid of the red tint.
  4. Check the video format currently set on your TV. If it’s set to RGB, you can try changing it to PAL (Phase Alternating Line). Alternatively, if you have a PAL setting, change it to RGB.
  5. Watch out for a faulty digital mainboard or timing control board and get it replaced. In most cases, it’s the timing control board that is faulty rather than the digital mainboard.
  6. Check the Low Voltage Differential Signaling cable of your television. If it shows signs of bending or damage, change it to another one with the same specifications. If the cable is alright, make sure that it’s tight and not loosely connected. You must also ensure that the cable is free of dust and dirt.


How to fix red dots on a TV screen?

You can fix red dots on a TV screen by changing the power supply capacitors, making sure that nothing is not pressing on the screen and/or doing a control board update.

Adjusting the vscan voltage, tightening loose contacts or connectors, changing the HDMI cable and/or replacing the driver board can fix red dots on a TV screen.

  • Change power supply capacitors
  • Do control board update
  • Set vscan voltage
  • Tighten loose contacts or connectors
  • Change HDMI cable
  • Replace driver boards


The steps outlined below guide you on the various measures that you can follow to fix the red dots on a TV screen.

  1. Inspect the power supply board carefully for signs of bad or failed capacitors and put new ones with the same ratings in their place.
  2. Make sure that nothing is pressing on the screen for a long time. If there has been something like this, there are chances that the pixels in that area have got stuck. They will get released on their own and the spots will go away.
  3. Do a firmware update for the control board of the television. If the spots appear because the existing firmware is outdated, this method will get rid of the red spots.
  4. Get the assistance of an expert to adjust the vscan voltage of your TV. This adjustment may require the back panel to be removed and refitted after the adjustment.
  5. Check for loose contacts and/or connectors coming from or going to the television and tighten them. The tightening option is one of the easiest fixes for the red dots.
  6. Try substituting the existing HDMI cable with an HDMI 2.0 cable without HDR support or an HDMI 2.0b cable with HDR support. Some users have found the cable change a solution to their problem.
  7. Do a self-check or seek professional assistance to determine if the driver boards are failing or defective. In either case, you must get them replaced.


How to fix red shadow on a TV screen?

You can fix the red shadow on a TV screen by changing the convergence circuit, turning ON the color setting and/or checking for correct TV installation.

Getting the cathode ray tube or its control circuit replaced, changing faulty connection wires and/or fitting a new LCD plate might also help.

  • Change convergence circuit
  • Turn ON color setting
  • Correct TV installation
  • Replace cathode ray tube
  • Change faulty connection wires
  • Fit new LCD plate


If you have an LCD television that has red shadows on its screen, you can try turning it OFF for a minute and then ON again.

There are instances where this simple step has worked as a quick fix to the problem. However, if it doesn’t work, you can try the steps given below.

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV or the remote control.
  2. Navigate up or down as needed and select the Settings This may be also known as Options in some TVs.
  3. Choose the Video or Image setting based on the television model followed by Convergence. You will find separate settings for the red, green and blue colors.
  4. Adjust the convergence slider for the red color by moving it until you find that there is no red shadow on the screen.
  5. Press the Exit button on your remote control to come out of the Settings

You can try these steps to remove the red shadow from the screen before working on other fixes mentioned above like changing the convergence circuit, connection wires or LCD plate.


Samsung TV red spots on screen

A Samsung TV has red spots on the screen due to a defective driver board or a needed vscan voltage adjustment.

Puffed up electrolytic capacitors in the power supply board, a defective Chroma chip on the T-con board or a loose LVDS cable can also trigger red spots.

  • Defective driver board
  • Vscan voltage adjustment
  • Puffed up electrolytic capacitors
  • Defective Chroma chip
  • Loose LVDS cable


  1. Get the TV checked to see if one or more driver boards have gone bad. If so, they have to be replaced at the earliest.
  2. Adjust the vscan voltage of your television. You can get the assistance of a field engineer from the manufacturer’s service team to help you out or do it yourself. This adjustment is typically needed if you have a plasma TV.
  3. Inspect the power supply board for puffed-up electrolytic capacitors and replace them with identical ones. You can also consider a complete board replacement.
  4. Look out for a defective Chroma chip on the T-con board and replace it with a new one. You may need expert assistance in this regard and change the board itself after ensuring its compatibility with the TV.
  5. Check the LVDS cable to see if has come loose and tighten it. This is also a good chance to clean it.


LG TV red spots on screen

An LG TV has red spots on the screen because of high power to the mainboard or a problematic printed circuit board.

  • High power to the mainboard
  • Problematic printed circuit board


  1. Lower the power going to the mainboard. To do this, press Menu on your plasma TV or remote and navigate to Special. Select the low power option to decrease the amount of power flow to the mainboard. It’s worth keeping in mind that doing this setting will require you to adjust the contrast and brightness settings once again.
  2. You will have to turn in your TV for a repair with the manufacturer’s service team to resolve the PCB issue. They will mostly send the board to the manufacturer for an upgrade or reprogramming.


Vizio TV red spots on the screen

A Vizio TV has red spots on the screen due to an input setting, a required voltage adjustment, a defective LCD panel or a faulty control board.

A failing power supply or T-con board may also be the reason for red spots.

  • Input setting
  • Voltage adjustment
  • Defective LCD panel
  • Faulty control board
  • Failing power supply
  • Failing T-con board


  1. Check the current input setting of your TV. If you’ve set the input to HDMI, consider changing it to composite to resolve the problem.
  2. Adjust the voltages of the Y-Main board and power board. These voltages may have to be adjusted from time to time for plasma TVs.
  3. Get help in determining if the LCD panel is faulty. If so, I advise you to go in for a replacement.
  4. Try changing the control board of the television if the firmware is of the latest version. If an update is pending, do that first before the board change.
  5. Watch out for signs of a failing power supply and/or T-con board and get the appropriate replacement done.

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