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(SOLVED) Why Does RTX 3060 GPU keep Showing a Black Screen?

Why Does My RTX 3060 GPU Keep Showing A Black Screen? 

The main reason why a RTX 3060 GPU keeps showing a black screen is because the GPU is overheating, dusty fans,  unstable cable connection or a faulty graphics driver.


Possible Causes

  • Overheating
  • Dust
  • Unstable Cable Connection
  • Incorrect Driver



If the printed circuit board overheats for whatever reason, the GPU will crash, and the screen will go black.

Check the fan speed to ensure it is not operating slowly. If your RTX 3060 GPU crashes due to a slow or stagnant fan, you will get a black screen due to overheating.



Dust can end up clogging many parts of your RTC 3060 GPU. You can open the system and inspect the heat sink and fan for dust accumulation.

Too much dust can collect and produce a malfunctioning power supply, preventing the fans from performing fulfilling their purpose.


Unstable Cable Connection

A faulty power supply prevents your graphics card or other components from operating. On the other hand, different graphics cards require varying amounts of electricity to function properly.

Your existing power supply is probably insufficient for the new gear. Even though the power supply is enough, it cannot send it to your graphics card due to the incorrect connection type.

Graphics cards use a variety of wires, including 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 6 Pin, and 8 Pin. Ensure you are not utilizing the same old connector as the new component.

Furthermore, some power supplies have many cables, and you may have neglected to connect one. Make certain that this is not the case.


Incorrect Driver

Sticking a graphics card into a tower is a difficult task, which increases the likelihood of incorrect installation.

Reopen your case to confirm that the graphics card is firmly placed into the PCI slots. Perhaps the new driver version is causing an issue, resulting in a GPU crash.

Uninstall the driver before installing an older stable version. Also, ensure that the installation is clean. Without them, your computer would be unable to execute the operations of your graphics card.

As a result, after installing the new graphics card, you must install a suitable driver. Most operating systems install the corresponding driver automatically, but it is sometimes necessary to do so manually.


RTX 3060 GPU showing black screen
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How do I fix my graphics card’s black screen on RTX 3060? 

To fix a black screen on RTX 3060 on your graphics card, you need to let it cool down, clean it out, check/replace the cables or get a compatible driver.


Cool the GPU

To avoid overheating, your RTX 3060 GPU should be kept cool. If the fan becomes noisy during 3D rendering, checking the card’s temperature is critical.

Your fans may require repair, or you should get them replaced so that they can keep running and keep the GPU cool.

  1. Turn off the system.
  2. Open the device where the fans are located.
  3. Check if they are damaged or dirty.
  4. If dirty, clean them out and replace.
  5. If damaged, you will need to get new ones.
  6. Place the fans back securely and restart the system.


Clean Out GPU

If you find there is an accumulation of dust and debris that is preventing your GPU from fully functioning, you take the following steps:

  1. Turn off the system
  2. Open the drive and remove the GPU
  3. Clean out the insides of the drive, including the fans
  4. Clean the GPU; remember to use a dry but gentle cloth
  5. After cleaning out your device, replace everything and restart your system


Get A Compatible Driver

Get the most up-to-date driver for your device by employing help online from the RTX 3060 manufacturer’s website.  

  1. There may be a search option in the Customer Service, Support, or Downloads area that allows you to search by the name, model, and device number.
  2. Once downloaded, compress the file and save it somewhere you can find it later.
  3. Now, type “Control Panel” on your Start Menu and launch the resultant program.
  4. Launch Device Manager.
  5. From the top ribbon, select the “Action” button.
  6. Select “Add Hardware” from the pop-up menu to add your new graphics card and follow the on-screen steps.


Check/Replace Cables

If your RTX 3060 GPU seems to be going black despite everything above functioning, you might need to look at the cables connecting your device to the power outlet.


  1. Turn off your system.
  2. Inspect the cables to see if there are any tears or signs of distress.
  3. If they do, then you will need to replace them.
  4. If they do not have any signs of distress and still do not seem to be functioning properly, they may have an internal defect within the wiring and need to be replaced.


Why does my RTX 3060 suddenly have no display?

To fix RTX 3060 that suddenly has no display, you must ensure you have not installed a faulty graphic card. 


To fix this:

  • Look for physical dents, deformations, or frying marks on the graphics card.
  • Check the GPU temps and fan sounds to see if anything appears out of the ordinary.
  • Perhaps it was destroyed during the installation procedure, or perhaps it was damaged during shipment.
  • If everything appears to be in order after examination, but the card is still not operating, it is time to replace it. The black screen issue will be resolved after swapping the card.


How to fix RTX 3060 GPU black screen on boot 

To fix RT 3060 GPU that displays a back screen when you boot it up, you must enter Safe Mode.


To do this:

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds until you see the light turn off, then press it again to turn on the computer
  • Before the operating system loads, press F8 repeatedly until you get a blue screen with a prompt
  • Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start-up Settings > Restart from the menu that appears
  • Select “Safe Mode with Networking” by pressing the F5 or 5 keys
  • Wait for your system to restart


Why is my RTX 3060 crashing and showing a black screen?

The reason your RTX 3060 keeps crashing and showing a black screen when watching movies, browsing the web, or even sitting idle on your workstations is because it has a mismatched RAM or GPU failure. 


Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Reinstall the graphics card driver after removing the old one with DDU (clean and do not restart)
  • To delete all CPUs, utilize the device manager
  • Preferably restart your computer before downloading and installing the latest version of your bios
  • Then, after the upgrade, please return to the bios and restore or optimize the factory settings


Why is my RTX 3060 driver crashing with a black screen?

The reason your RTX 3060 driver keeps crashing with a black screen is because it has overheated drivers.


A few things you can do to remedy and troubleshoot a black screen are listed below.

  • The GPU should be kept cold to avoid overheating. If the fan becomes noisy during 3D rendering, checking the card’s temperature is critical. To cool the card, clean it and remove dirt and dust using compressed air
  • Both the driver and the GPU card should be compatible. If the driver is out of date, update it; if the card is ancient, roll back the driver to resolve the issue


How do I fix RTX 3060 GPU black screen flicker?

To fix RTX 3060 GPU black screen flicker,make sure it’s secure, then try lowering the refresh rate on display to see if it stops.

If it does, it might be the cable qualityor it could be a driver issue depending on what you had previously; therefore, it could be worth using DDU to remove the drivers and reinstall them.


The best RTX 3060 settings to fix the black screen issue

The best RTX 3060 settings to fix the black screen issue can be to turn off CSM.


Here are some more helpful hints to address the issue:

  • Before trying the firmware upgrade, turn off CSM. CSM and REBAR cannot be used together
  • Turn it off if you’re planning to flash the firmware while CSM is running. The GPU should be discarded. It’s as lifeless as a doornail. Done. Replace it with a completely new one


How to fix RTX 3060 Ti black screen 

To fix RTX 3060 Ti black screen, begin by using a different cable. Switching between displays, as Moonzy said, is a nice place to start. 

A dark screen for a few seconds can be caused by a re-sync between the display and the GPU. A low-quality cable can cause this. Drivers and Windows can also cause this. However, replacing a cable is a simple test, to begin with.

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