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How To Fix a Acer Laptop that Keeps Freezing (STEPS)

Why does my Acer laptop keep freezing?

The main reason your Acer laptop keeps freezing and crashing can be because of high RAM usage, corrupt drivers, or having too many apps running simultaneously.


Significant issues, such as inadequate storage space or ‘driver’ difficulties, might also lead a laptop to freeze. The laptop may receive too much data, or there may be faulty software or program.

Because you can’t resume the computer on-screen, the simplest way to resolve this is to perform a hard reset, which either pushing may accomplish down a power key until the laptop completely shuts down or replacing the battery.

Suppose your laptop has begun to slow down or freeze while you are in the centre of anything essential. In that case, it may be extremely disruptive to your efficiency and reputation, especially if you’re in a crucial conference or completing crucial work.

Nevertheless, this does not always imply that it is time to get a new laptop. Your laptop requires some care.


Possible Causes

  • Inadequate Storage Space
  • ‘Driver’ difficulties
  • Faulty software
  • Damaged wires
  • Receiving too much data


How do I fix an Acer laptop that keeps freezing?

To fix an Acer laptop that keeps freezing, you can resolve its battery issues, free up hard drive space or identify the problems that are causing it to overheat.


Laptops typically slow down or keep freezing as a consequence of having just so much data and applications stored on them.

To prevent this issue, we suggest you free up some hard drive space by eliminating cached data, maintaining your desktop organized, and trying to get rid of apps you don’t utilize regularly.

You might also move outdated information to an external hard disk drive to boost the speed of your laptop.


Battery Issue

Several more faults might emerge in a laptop after the company’s expired guarantee period. This covers system failure, hard drive failure, Screen failure, CPU failure, and so on.

You don’t have to be concerned about paying money on maintenance at the last moment if a service contract plan protects your laptop.

The Onsite Extend Guarantee plan covers every aspect of a conventional company’s warranty and begins automatically after the company’s warranty expires.



Overheating is most likely the problem, generally caused by dust buildup in the casing and surrounding the fan. If your laptop is frequently shutting down, try extensively cleaning it to remove dust.

The most basic method is to force air into the rear vent. Make sure the laptop is switched off before doing this. If it doesn’t work, you can acquire a laptop cooling fan.


Hardware And Driver Issue

If you attempted all of the instructions above and your laptop still hangs, you might have defective equipment or a device driver that isn’t operating properly.

A malfunctioning hard disk, RAM device, graphics card, or another hardware component might lead a laptop to freeze. If a device controller is out of order, clashing with some other driver, or not performing properly, it can also force a laptop to freeze.

  • If you discover that a faulty hardware component is triggering the pauses, remove it immediately to avoid additional harm to the machine
  • Find and update the most recent driver from the company’s website before the machine freezes if there is a faulty device driver
  • You may also try downloading the driver from another computer and installing it on your PC. If you cannot install the most recent driver before the machine freezes, another alternative is to boot into Safe Mode
  • Once in Safe Mode, go to Device Manager and delete the hardware device associated with the device driver that isn’t operating properly. After that, restart the machine and boot into Windows normally. Windows should identify the removed hardware and attempt to reinstall the device driver
  • This procedure may be sufficient to resolve the problem and prevent subsequent freezes. You may also install the most recent driver to ensure that your laptop is kept up-to-date for such particular hardware.


Acer laptop keeps freezing


Why does my Acer laptop freeze on startup?

The reason why your Acer laptop keeps freezing on startup could be because of software issues.


If this issue occurred after an upgrade (or software reinstall), please ensure that the device is not linked to the web before proceeding with the instructions below.

  • Turn off the laptop
  • Turn on the laptop
  • When the revolving reloading circle appears, click and hold down the Off Button till the laptop turns off
  • Continue this procedure until you reach the “Arrange Automatic Repair” page
  • Allow the laptop to reboot to the “Auto Repair” window
  • Click “Troubleshoot” from the “Additional Options” menu
  • Click “Reboot your PC” if you choose not to wipe data or “Clear your PC” if you intend to delete all files and restore your laptop
  • Follow the on-screen directions until the restoration is done

To use the “Reset Option,” you must first navigate to the “Additional Options” section. This option will save your files but remove any installed apps.


Acer laptop freezes after login windows 10

If Acer laptop freezes after login on Windows 10, it is possibly because your system is experiencing low RAM troubles or has been attacked by malware that is blocking the machine from running properly.


Whenever Windows stops, it might be caused by an external infection or problem. This causes the os system’s operations to stop and the machine to seize.

Non-functioning apps, lock-ups, unexpected closures, and poorly timed freezes are all signs of spyware on your computer.

To perform a malware check, take the following steps:

  • Launch Windows Options
  • Choose Virus and antivirus software from the Upgrade & Protection menu to access the Windows Defender security box
  • Now, select Scan options
  • Choose one of the accessible scans and click Scan Now

Each choice will take a varied length of time based on how deep you desire to go. The complete Scan is suggested, but be patient because going through every document on your laptop will take a while.


Acer laptop freezes after login windows 11

If your Acer laptop freezes after login on Windows 11, it is possible that yourlow-end GPU isn’t capable of handling the quality you’re attempting to impose in resource-intensive operations. In this situation, lowering the pixel density can eliminate the freezes.


Acer laptop freezes after going to sleep

If your Acer laptop freezes after going to sleep, you can try altering the Power Selection settings for your HDD.If there’s a section indicating that the HDD might be off, this could be creating your computer’s problem.


Try below steps to resolve the issue:

  • Choose Start, then put Power Option into the Search box and hit Submit
  • Choose Adjust plan preferences about where the PC is configured in Power Options
  • When on the Systematic review settings page: Modify improved power settings for Normal or Power Changer
  • Locate and click the Plus symbol next to the Hard disk
  • After setting the hard disk to Never or 0, click Apply and OK
  • Could you turn off the computer, then restart it


Acer laptop freezes when after Windows Update.

If your Acer laptop freezes after Windows update, it could be because the update isn’t compatible with your device. Otherwise, the first step in repairing any abrupt freezing issues on an Acer laptop is to upgrade its Windows version.


To do this:

  • Look in the Device tray at the bottom right of the display for any Software update warnings
  • To install the necessary Windows update for your Acer Laptop, tap on it
  • Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time
  • Stop the program with the highest CPU utilization by right-clicking on it
  • You can check how much the Microsoft Compliance Telemetry function consumes CPU power
  • With less CPU utilization, there is less possibility of overheating


Acer’s laptop freezes when plugged in.

If Acer laptop freezes when plugged in, it could be because of a faulty adapter, a faulty power connection or a faulty main circuit. You can attempt the next substitution test before beginning the repair process.


Attach another connection to the PC or this connection to some other laptop to see whether the problem persists. As a result, you can discover the elements that may be faulty.

  • Click “Troubleshoot” after pressing the Windows button
  • Click “Display All” from the left side and test the “Power” system restore from the selection
  • Tap Options, followed by Auto perform fix. Make sure you also pick “Run As Operator”


Acer laptop freezes when connecting to wifi

If Acer laptop freezes when connecting to WiFi, ensure your laptop’s flight mode is turned off, and the WiFi is turned on. Download the wireless setup software next.


You only need to:

  • Turn on your laptop, right-click ‘My System’ or ‘My PC’ and select ‘Control.’ Then, select ‘Device Settings’
  • Next, choose ‘Network Adapters’ and check for your network device under this option. Right-click it and select ‘Allow’ or ‘Setup’
  • After that, select ‘Scan for equipment changes,’ and your components will be updated


Acer’s laptop freezes when watching videos.

If your Acer laptop freezes when watching videos, it could be because of compatibility difficulties with your internet browser and graphics card. Another reason could bea damaged Windows update.


If the problem persists, we recommend that you install all outstanding Windows updates and recheck. If your Acer laptop still freezes when playing movies, consider the popular and practical fixes listed below.

You can use this system restore to see if the issue is with Automatic updates.


  • For the Windows 10 PC, access the Control Panel
  • Set the “Display by” selection to Large icons, then select “Troubleshooting” > “See all” on the left column, and then run “Video Streaming”


When the procedure is complete, restart your system to see if the problem has been addressed.


Acer’s laptop freezes and makes a buzzing noise.

If your Acer laptop freezes and makes a buzzing noise, it could be because of malfunctioning video drivers, attached graphics cards, overheating cooling fans or an older BIOS.


  • Defective video drivers
  • The cooling fans are overheating
  • BIOS Update
  • Hardware issues


You can restart your system in standby mode to investigate whether background processes such as graphics drivers trigger the freezing and buzzing.


Acer laptop freezes on the welcome screen

If Acer laptop freezes on the welcome screen, disconnect the battery from the device or push the tiny hole reset button.


Disconnect any data storage devices, USB removable media, sd cards, discs, and accessories that aren’t needed for your laptop to function correctly, and after that, start it.

Reset the BIOS/UEFI configuration on your machine.

In that sequence, click and hold the Ctrl, Alt, and Del buttons. This may cause the laptop to unfreeze or provide an option to reboot, shut down, or launch the task manager.


Acer Aspire 3 laptop keeps freezing.

If Acer Aspire 3 laptop keeps freezing, check that it has the most recent Windows version.


  • The first stage in repairing abrupt freezing issues on your Acer Laptop is upgrading your Windows PC
  • Describe the System box at the bottom left of the display for any Software update warnings
  • To install the needed Microsoft update for your Acer Aspire Laptop, tap on it


Acer Aspire 5 laptop keeps freezing.

If Acer Aspire 5 laptop keeps freezing, it could be because of a malfunctioning hard disk, RAM or graphics card.


If a device controller is out of version, clashing with some other driver, or not performing properly, it can also trigger a laptop to freeze.

You may experience Ctrl + Alt + Del not functioning whenever your operating systems are damaged.

If you are unsure if your storage media are damaged, you can use System File Scanner to search for, and repair corrupted data in the Windows registry.


Acer Swift 3 laptop keeps freezing.

If Acer Swift 3 laptop keeps freezing, try doing a power drain.


  • Turn off the unit
  • Unplug any cords that are attached to the unit
  • A small lock should be opened at the bottom of each device with just a battery sign beside it. Put a needle or a safety pin into it as if you were pushing a button and hold this for 10-40 seconds


Acer Enduro keeps freezing.

If Acer Enduro keeps freezing, the simplest solution is to restart your laptop.


To accomplish this:

  • Push the power button down on your laptop until it is completely off
  • Disconnect your laptop’s charging wire and battery
  • Turn off your laptop for just a few moments
  • Reconnect the power wire and battery to your laptop
  • Switch on your PC. Then, test if this helps your keyboard

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