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How to Fix Static/Buzz/Click/Crackling Noise on AirPods Pro

Airpods Pro making weird buzzing noise

Why is my AirPods Pro making a Weird Noise?

Airpods Pro can make a static buzzing noise if the device is not paired correctly, and if the airpods are using an outdated firmware version.

Do you own a pair of AirPods that give out some weird noise when you use them? Sometimes you might have experienced this problem where the AirPods might emit crackling or static sounds.

Most of the time noise issues can be rectified quite easily. The only solution when there is a major manufacturing defect in your product is to get it replaced by the manufacturer. Most often, the AirPods are covered under warranty and will be replaced by the company if it is within the warranty period.

Apple is known for its quality and that is the major deciding factor for a lot of people while buying it. Everyone buys Apple products for its good quality. If any of these products cause an issue, it could be irritating.

You can follow these initial steps to troubleshoot noise problems:

  • Check for any pairing issue between your AirPods and the phone. Most of the time, if the device is not paired correctly, it could give out a static noise.
  • Unpair the device and pair it again to verify whether the issue is resolved.
  • If your AirPods are old then there are chances that it may be broken or damaged. Look for any visible cracks on the surface.
  • It would be a good idea to get it evaluated at the Apple store. They will be able to pinpoint the exact nature of the issue easily.


AirPods Pro Noise while Walking

Does your AirPods Pro make weird noises when you use it while walking? Many people have this problem where the AirPods work fine when it is used while sitting or standing but gives out static noises when they are used while walking.

Are you experiencing this problem? If so, worry not, as it can be resolved very easily.

Check if the noise occurs when the volume is high or at low levels.

In situations like these, it can cause some sort of crackling sounds. You may also be able to notice some sort of tinkling noise in some cases.

  1. Metal earrings can cause static noise if they are touching your AirPods.
  2. Try removing the earrings and check for the noise again.
  3. Most likely the problem will be resolved.


How to Fix Buzzing Noise on AirPods Pro

To fix buzzing noises coming from the Airpods Pro, update the firmware to the latest version and by ensuring the airpods are within close range to the connected phone.

  1. Check whether the device to which the AirPods is connected is up-to-date. The iOS version should be the latest in the device. If not, update it immediately. This can help solve the problem in most cases.
  2. AirPods need to be upgraded to the latest firmware versions, frequently.
  3. If the problem persists then you will need to get it checked from an Apple service center.

Is your AirPods causing some buzzing noise when you use it? There has been an increase in these types of complaints recently. Many people have found that their AirPods work fine for some time and then start behaving weirdly. These buzzing or crackling noises can get in the way of listening to some good music.

What causes these buzzing sounds and how do you resolve them?  It could be due to a damaged component or electrical interference. The support manual released by Apple is worth reading.


How to Fix Static Noise on Airpods Pro

If you have been using your AirPods Pro regularly and for a long time, you might sometime notice that it gives out static noise. These noises can even cause ear pain over time.

Read on to resolve the issue easily. Most often, the issue is caused due to bad connectivity or improper connections.

Try the following techniques to figure out what is wrong with your AirPods Pro.

  1. Check whether the Bluetooth connection is working between your device and mobile. If the mobile device is far away from you or the connection is not done properly, then you might hear some static sounds in your AirPods Pro.
  2. So, what can you do to rectify this? Unpair your AirPods from your device. Move the mobile device closer. Turn off the Bluetooth and turn it back on. Now connect your AirPods back to your mobile device and check whether the issue is resolved.
  3. The issue could also be caused if you are in a room filled with interfering devices. If there are WiFi connections or other electronic connections with transmitters and receivers in the room, then these might also cause static noises in your AirPods.
  4. Try moving to a different room and check the sound quality again. If you notice that the static sounds have stopped then you will know that the issue is caused due to the interference from other devices.


How to Fix Clicking Noise on Airpods Pro

Many people have been complaining of a clicking noise in their AirPods Pro. In most cases, this sound would have started suddenly for no obvious reason, causing distress to the user.

If you happen to hear a clicking noise on your Airpods Pro, you can fix the problem using these methods:

  1. This issue has been noticed mostly after the recent update. This update could have caused some problems with the AirPods making it give out a clicking noise during use.
  2. While it has been a mild disruption for some people, others have complained of experiencing a lot of disturbance.
  3. Apple is currently working on a fix for this issue. It is likely that the issue will be resolved quite soon.
  4. You can try to downgrade the firmware to the previous version to solve this problem or wait until the update is released.
  5. This issue usually occurs in both the Transparency mode as well as the Noise cancellation mode.
  6. Mostly the noise starts only after using the AirPods for some time. So, you can try keeping it in the charging case for about 5 minutes between usages.
  7. This can reduce the clicking noise in your AirPods. The better option would be to wait for the new update from Apple.


How to Fix Crackling Noise on Airpods Pro

Apple has recently acknowledged that some users have been experiencing issues with their AirPods where there are some crackling sounds coming from it. On the official front, they have launched a document detailing why this issue occurs and how to solve it.

If you are experiencing this problem it would be a good idea to download the document and take a look at it. It can help you sort out the issue quite easily.

Try the following steps to eliminate the most common causes of this crackling noise.

  1. Verify if your device has had the latest firmware upgrade. All the software updates should be up-to-date. If you find that any of the updates are pending download, install it immediately.
  2. The range is very important in these Bluetooth based devices. Bluetooth devices work best when they are within a close range of the connecting device. If the AirPods are placed far away from your mobile device, you hear these crackling sounds due to the connectivity issues.
  3. Check for external interference. If you are in a room filled with multiple electronic gadgets that can interfere with the Bluetooth signals, you may hear the crackling sounds. Try moving to a different area of the room or a different room.
  4. Sometimes the particular app that you are using might be causing this crackling noise. Try switching the app to a different one. If you do not notice the crackling sound again, you will know that the issue is due to the app.


How to Fix High Pitched Noise on Airpods Pro

Some people have complained that their AirPods give out a high-pitched noise when they plug it inside their ears. This noise is usually similar to the buzzing noise made by a mosquito. If you also face this issue, then read on to find out how to solve this.

Some people have this problem only in one of the ear buds and not on both. This is part of the noise cancellation module in the AirPods.

So, what is causing this issue and what can you do to rectify this?

  1. You can try resetting the AirPods to its original version or the previous version of the firmware.
  2. This should ideally resolve the issue but, in case the issue persists you can take it to an Apple service center and let them check it out.
  3. If your AirPods are new then it will be covered under the warranty. You can take it to an authorized center to get it checked. You might even get a free replacement if the issue cannot be resolved.
  4. The only downside to getting your AirPods replaced is the waiting time necessary to sync them to your iTunes. Apart from this, you should not face any issues.

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