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How to Fix a DVR that Keeps Beeping and How to Stop it

Why does my DVR keep beeping?

Your DVR keeps beeping because of a faulty hard drive, a record/capture error, or because the capacity of the hard drive is full.

  • Faulty hard drive
  • Record/capture error
  • Full hard drive
  • Enabled audio alarms


As mentioned above, the DVR may also beep due to the enabled audio alarms.


Faulty hard drive

If the hard drive associated with the DVR isn’t formatted or it’s in an error state, the DVR tends to keep beeping.


Record/capture error

There is a likelihood of the DVD to keep beeping if there is an error in its recording process or if the captured content is of the wrong format.


Full hard drive

When the hard drive of the DVR is full and there is no space to record more content, the DVR will beep continuously.


Enabled audio alarms

If the audible audio alarm settings of the DVR are enabled, then the DVR will beep even if the setup has been done properly.


How to turn off the alarm beeping sound on a DVR

You can turn OFF the alarm beeping sound on a DVR by pressing the Alarm button on the remote of the DVR. The alarm beep can also be turned OFF by pressing the alarm or bell icon on the user interface. This is usually represented in the form of a bell.


The alarm beep sound is generally triggered when the DVR is associated with multiple cameras and has lost contact with one or more of them.


How do I stop my DVR from beeping?

You can stop your DVR from beeping by checking the hard drive for proper functioning, cleaning the DVR, deleting old content, and turning OFF the enabled audio alarms.


If the DVR is connected to a network, you can check for an IP address conflict and ensure that it’s connected to the network.


The steps given below walk you through the different ways you can stop your DVR from beeping.

  1. Make sure that the hard drive of your DVR has been formatted properly and isn’t corrupted. In case the hard drive is corrupted, you will most probably have to use a new one and reboot the DVR.
  2. Clean the DVR thoroughly such that it’s free of dust and dirt. The dirt or dust accumulation can hinder the recording process.
  3. Delete some earlier backlogs in the hard drive that are no longer in use or transfer them to another source. This will stop the beeping due to space constraints.
  4. Turn OFF the audio alarms that are by default enabled in the DVR to keep you informed of various situations encountered while recording.
  5. Make sure that the IP address of the DVR isn’t exactly the same as that of another device in the same network. You will have to reconfigure the DVR with a different IP address.
  6. Ensure that the DVR isn’t disconnected from the network cable by inserting the cable tightly and firmly into its slot.


DVR keeps beeping


Why does my DVR continuously beep but has no display?

Your DVR continuously beeps but has no display due to a large number of recordings, a power related problem, or a faulty monitor to the DVR cable. A defective monitor or corrupted firmware can also trigger this problem.


The steps mentioned here offer a walkthrough of what you can do when your DVR beeps continuously with no display.

  1. Transfer some of the earlier recordings in the hard drive to another source or delete them if they’re no longer needed. Insufficient storage can trigger the beeps.
  2. Connect the DVR to a different power source if you think that the current one might have a problem. If the problem is with the power adapter of your DVR, a simple power cycle may help to fix the issue. Turn OFF the DVR and remove the adapter for about five minutes. Reconnect it after the stipulated time and get the DVR started again.
  3. Check for signs of damage or wear out on the monitor to HDMI cable and replace it. You can also identify if the problem is with the cable by using another cable of the same type in place of the old one and checking if the beep stops.
  4. Replace the monitor that is connected to the DVR and has no display with another one and check if the beeping still continues. If it has stopped, the problem is with the original monitor.
  5. Updated your DVR firmware to that of the latest firmware by following the instructions specified in its manual. This will resolve the beep issue due to corrupted or outdated firmware.


Why does my DVR keep beeping and restarting?

Your DVR keeps beeping and restarting because of a defective power supply cable, a faulty hard drive, a bad power supply, or a firmware crash.


The steps outlined below can help you fix the problems of your DVR beeping and restarting continuously.

  1. Look out for signs of wear out like fraying of the power supply cable and if you notice damage signs, change the cable at the earliest. The easiest way to check if the cable is the problem is to see if the problem is resolved when you use another cable of the same type and specifications.
  2. Reformat the hard drive of your DVR. This will resolve the issue if it was due to bad sections in the hard drive. It’s worth noting that this action will erase the existing content on the hard drive.
  3. Connect the DVR to another power supply and see if the problem gets fixed. If it does, it’s likely that there wasn’t enough power supply with the earlier setup.
  4. Do a manual firmware update to fix the problem due to a firmware crash. This often happens when the power to the DVR has been disconnected without shutting it down properly.


How to turn off the alarm beeping sound on a Hikvision DVR

You can turn OFF the alarm beeping sound on a Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH DVR by following the steps given below.

  1. Install a surveillance hard drive physically into your DVR.
  2. Do a right-click of your mouse on the main live view menu.
  3. Login with your credentials if asked. In some cases, you may not be asked for these details.
  4. Select the Menu
  5. Choose the HDD
  6. In the HDD window, select the checkbox next to the name of the hard drive.
  7. Click the Init The process will take a few minutes for the hard drive to be ready for recording and stop the annoying beep alarm.
  8. Repeat Steps 2 to 4.
  9. Choose the Configuration
  10. In the Configuration window, click Exceptions in the left pane.
  11. In the right pane, select All for the Exception Type
  12. Clear the Audible Warning
  13. Click the Apply This will disable all audible warnings of the DVR.


Hikvision DVR beep codes

Cause of Beeping Description
Hard drive not initialized The hard drive has not been formatted for being used by the DVR.
Hard drive not installed A hard drive has not been installed for use with the DVR.
Full hard disk drive The hard drive has reached its maximum storage capacity.
Motion detection The camera connected to the DVR has detected a motion.
Video loss The camera with the DVR connection has no video display.
Video tampering The lens of the camera has been covered to prevent the recording.
Disconnected from network The cable connecting the DVR to the network has come off or is disconnected.
Illegal login The login user ID and password provided to access the system are incorrect.
IP conflict The DVR and another device in the same network have the same IP address.
Input/Output video standard mismatch The I/O video signals don’t have the same format as the video settings configured in the DVR.
Video signal exception The video signals generated from the DVR are either weak or unstable.
Record exception There is no space to save the files that have been recorded.


How to turn off the alarm beeping sound on a Lorex DVR

You can turn OFF the alarm beeping sound on a Lorex D841A82B DVR in one of two ways as explained below.

  1. Perform a right-click on the Live View on the screen and select Quick Menu.
  2. Click the Main Menu
  3. In the Main Menu window, click the Setting
  4. Click Event followed by Warning.
  5. Click on the Network
  6. Select the list of all available alerts from the Event Type
  7. Clear the Buzzer
  8. Repeat the above step for the other alerts as well if needed.
  9. Click Apply.


You can also silence the alarm as follows.

  1. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 mentioned earlier.
  2. Select the Net Disconnect option in the Event Type
  3. Clear the Enable
  4. Click OK.


Lorex DVR beep codes

Cause of Beeping Description
Motion alert A motion has been sensed by a camera tied up with the DVR.
Network connectivity warning A camera associated with the DVR has been disconnected from the network.
Hard disk drive warnings The most common hard drive problems may be an unformatted hard drive, a full hard drive or an uninstalled hard drive.
Video loss warnings There is no display in either one or more of the cameras related to the DVR.


How to turn off the alarm beeping sound on a Zosi DVR

You can turn OFF the alarm beeping sound on a Zosi 1AR-08ZM00 DVR by trying out the steps outlined here.

  1. Right-click on the monitor connected to the DVR.
  2. Select System Setting followed by General Setting.
  3. Click the Error Setting
  4. Clear the Buzzer and Enable
  5. Choose System Setting and then Channel Setting.
  6. Click the Video Detection
  7. Clear the Buzzer checkbox for all the channels.


Zosi DVR beep codes

Cause of Beeping Description
Insufficient power supply The system with the DVR connection isn’t receiving enough power to start up from the power supply.
Faulty internal hard disk There are bad sectors in the hard disk that prevent it from functioning properly.
Firmware crash The power connection to the DVR has been disconnected before its shutdown has been done correctly through the menu.
Motion detection The camera with the DVR connection has identified a movement.


How to turn off the alarm beeping sound on a Dahua DVR

You can turn OFF the alarm beeping sound on a Dahua X74A3L12 DVR by carrying out the steps listed here in order.

  1. Go to the main menu and select the ALARM
  2. In the left pane, select the ABNORMALITY
  3. In the Event Type field, select the event for which you want to turn OFF the alarm.
  4. Turn the Enable toggle button to the OFF position.
  5. Click on the Apply


Dahua DVR beep codes

Cause of Beeping Description
Loose hard drive The hard drive has loose internal connections that prevent it from powering ON.
Bad hard drive The hard drive related to the DVR is damaged, thereby inhibiting its proper functioning and causing the DVR to reboot continuously in loops.
Not enough power The power supply used to connect the DVR has a lesser voltage rating than that recommended for the DVR.


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