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How to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning (STEPS)

GPU fans not spinning

Why is my GPU fan not spinning?

GPU fans will not spin if the GPU is not loaded with enough processes, or if the pins on the power connector are not connected correctly.

  • GPU is not busy enough
  • Pins are connected incorrectly
  • A high enough temperature has not been reached
  • Power supply has failed

A GPU is normally kept cool by a heatsink or similar hardware. The GPU fan comes into play only when the GPU gets excessively busy; otherwise the fans will not spin.

There are other reasons for the GPU fan not spinning.

  • The design of the computer is such that the GPU fan starts spinning only when necessary since it can become noisy and distract the user.
  • A temperature range is assigned and the fan will only spin if the device gets heated beyond that.
  • The GPU fan not spinning will not result in any damage to the system. You can test this by opening a game with high graphics and put some load on the GPU; the fan will then spring into action.
  • Another reason why the GPU fan is not spinning could be that the power connectors to the power supply unit (PSU) may not be connected properly. There are 6 to 8 pins on this connector and they have to be fully snapped into the slots. Failure to do so may result in the fan not spinning as the PSU is not able to send power to the fan.
  • You have to check the power supply unit also since it can fail and the GPU may not get sufficient power. If it is malfunctioning, the PSU has to be replaced.
  • Check if the power supply unit is the correct one in terms of specs. Some assembled computers can throw up this issue of lower-rated power supply units being fitted.
  • Once you have opened the system to do these checks, you can thoroughly check all other connections whether they have a direct link to the GPU or not.


How Do I Fix a GPU Fan that’s Not Spinning?

There are many ways to tackle the issue of the GPU fan not spinning.

  • The frequently advised method is to reboot the system. Any minor glitches in the computer will be refreshed and the GPU fan may start spinning again.
  • Check the power supply unit. The connectors may be loose or some other cable may not be connected properly.
  • Check if all components are fitted properly in their slots. Many components inside a computer are of the snap-fit type. A small gap can grow into an issue over time.
  • The GPU fan is a mechanical device and it has bearings etc. that can get jammed. Use a suitable machine oil to release the jam. Use very little oil and be careful not to use any oil that you may have.
  • Again, take care that the oil does not spill on to any other components.
  • You can do a physical cleaning of the GPU fan if you notice any dirt or debris over the blades. This can be done by using compressed gas which is available in canisters.
  • There can be software issues at times causing this problem. You can download the relevant drivers from the site of the GPU maker and install them. This can take care of the issue.
  • If none of these works, then there is only one thing you can do; replace the GPU fan.

If you are not very confident in handling this problem, you must seek the help of someone who knows these things or go to a service point. It may cost you a bit, but you will be able to avoid a larger loss in case you did not handle the machine properly.


Why Your GPU Fans are not Spinning on Starting Up

The direct answer to this is that the GPU fans are not designed to start spinning as soon as you start the computer. There is an internal cooling system that will keep the system including the GPU cool. It is only when the temperature crosses 60° C that the fans are expected to spin.

To be very sure, you can start playing a game on your computer or open a file that has a lot of graphics on it. The GPU will then get busy and if it gets heated beyond the threshold, the GPU fan will start spinning.

Apart from this, the other reasons for the GPU fan not spinning on startup can be related to one of the other factors listed above. Briefly, these are as follows:

  • Some components inside could be dirty.
  • Cables may not have been connected properly.
  • The power supply unit may not be connected properly or it could be faulty.
  • The motherboard could have some issues.


GPU Fans not Spinning No Display

The important thing you must check when there is no display and the GPU fan is not spinning is to check the connection to the monitor. It is usually an HDMI cable.

It should ideally be connected to the monitor and the other end to a graphics card video output port. If it is connected to one of the I/O ports of the motherboard, the display won’t come on.

  • ARAM card or stick not seated properly could be another reason why there is no display. Whether you have a single RAM stick or two, check that they are all seated perfectly in their slots.
  • You can change the video card on your system to be sure it is not the video card that is causing the trouble.
  • Check if the reset switch is the reason for this issue. By disconnecting the reset switch your problem of no display and GPU fan not spinning may both get solved.
  • You can try reinstalling the drivers from the disk you have and see if it works.
  • If you are working with an assembled PC, you should try disconnecting everything including the motherboard battery. Wait for a little while and reassemble one by one. In most cases, the display will come on and the GPU fan will start spinning when the GPU gets heated. This is presuming that all your components are in perfect shape.


How to Fix Only 1 GPU Fan Spinning?

The dual GPU fan arrangement may be such that only one fan will spin first and if the temperature exceeds a certain level the other one will also start spinning. The machine’s manual may have the details on this.

One reason for the second fan not spinning maybe due to dirt sticking to it. A compressed air canister can blow away the dirt. You can also use cotton buds to wipe away any surface dust.

There can be mechanical reasons for one fan not spinning while the other is working. The bearing, for example, could have got damaged. The way to check this is to use your finger to move the fan’s blade. If it moves freely then there is no bearing issue. If it is stuck, then you may have to replace the fan.

Replacing the GPU fan can be challenging. The problem could be in finding the exact match of the GPU fan working on the system.

To be sure that there is no real issue, you can try this. Start playing some games with excessive graphics and continue playing for a while. Check if the second fan also starts spinning after some time.

Reinstalling the software and drivers can sometimes fix the issue of one fan not spinning.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU Fans Not Spinning

It has been observed that the GPU fan of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 stops spinning frequently. There is no separate or exclusive fix for this. The same solutions given above apply here also. These are summed up once more as follows:

  1. Reboot your system. Many times, this can solve the problem of the GPU fans not spinning.
  2. Do a thorough cleaning. Make sure the blades are free from dirt or dust. Use compressed gas to or cotton buds to clean the surface.
  3. Check the cables and connections. Ensure that the PCle power cable is plugged in.
  4. If required, reinstall the drivers.
  5. You can check if your graphics card is working on another system. This will reveal if the card is faulty.

If nothing works, you must get back to the manufacturer for direct technical support.


RTX 2080 ti GPU Fans Not Spinning

Check if the stand that is part of the accessories of RTX 2080 ti GPU is blocking the fans. Removing it may solve the issue.

There are performance test software programs available. You can download and try using them. Check if the software is safe to download. Some benchmarks tests could be run as well. There are three GPU fans in this unit, two big and one small. All three will run if the cooling requirement increases.

The reason for the fans not spinning in the RTX 2080 ti GPU could mainly be the temperature. Till it reaches 60°C, it will not start spinning.

RX 5700 XT GPU Fans Not Spinning

The normal way for these high-end GPU cards to function is for the cooling fans to start spinning as soon as you boot up your system. And then, after a while, the fans will stop spinning. They will spin again only when the temperature shoots up due to the load on the GPU. The intermittent start-stop is normal and should not worry you.

To be sure of this you can download and install an Afterburner software. It will have a dashboard showing the current temperature and if the GPU fans are not spinning even after crossing the temperature of 60°C, then you must start your checks.


RX Vega 56 GPU Fans Not Spinning

The best way to solve the problem of the fans not spinning in the RX Vega 56 GPU is to go to CMOS/BIOS and do a reset of all settings to default.

If this does not immediately solve the problem, check if the PCle cables are connected correctly to the GPU. The cable from the monitor should be connected to the video card slot.

The RAM stick can also be the cause of the trouble. Check the RAM stick(s).

You must check all the connectors one by one until you are convinced that all are fixed properly.

In rare cases, the GPU fans may wait till the temperature hits 70°C (instead of the usual 60°C before starting to spin).

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