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How to Fix Horizontal Lines on TV Screen (STEPS)

Fixing horizontal lines on Tv Screen

Why are there horizontal lines on my TV screen?

Horizontal lines on a TV screen may can occur due to faulty software or loose internal wiring. Lines can also show  due to mechanical damage to the display.

Causes of horizontal lines on TV screens:

  • Debris – The rear end of the screen is a host for unwanted particles like dust, hair, etc. If the glass layers of the screen contain slits or tiny holes, they can act as an inlet for the debris. These particles usually tamper the internal workings and damage the display.
  • Loose Connections – As I mentioned, the lines could also be temporary, mainly due to faulty or loose connections. Bumps in the wiring or an improper setting of the TV can also affect the functionality.
  • Panel Damage – Problems in the graphics hardware are a leading cause for impurities in rendering images on the screen. These errors usually show as lines. The reason behind sets of horizontal lines could be a faulty graphics system or damage video cable connections.


Can Horizontal Lines on a TV be Fixed?

Horizontal lines on a TV screen can be fixed by restarting the TV, reconnecting loose connections and cleaning dust inside the TV.

Horizontal lines on the TV screen can be infrequent or permanent. However, whatever the roots of the lines may be, some knowledge of the connections and appropriate tools can do away with the lines.

If any part needs replacement, there are always authorized technicians who can assess the hardware’s problem and replace them.


How to fix horizontal lines on TV screens?

The first step to fixing the horizontal lines on the screen begins with realizing the extent of the damage. The display is connected to a circuit board that drives the rows of LCD image pixels. Here are some simple solutions to start troubleshooting the problem –

  • Restart the TV to check whether the lines are temporary
  • Look for loose connections between the panel and the circuit boards.
  • Inspect the T-Con (Timing Control) Board inside the television
  • Tap the back of the TV set as loose wiring or accumulating dust could tamper with the display.
  • Consult the user manual to assess if the problem lies with any particular hardware

Remember that television is a delicate electronic device, and you don’t want to damage the screen or anything else while making repairs.

  • Start with unplugging the TV and putting it back in.
  • Now, turn it on, and if the lines persist, we can move on to investigating deeper.
  • Make sure the TV is disconnected and placed on a flat, smooth surface before you open it.
  • Standard screwdrivers are all that you need.


  1. Remove all the screws on the back and uncover the rear panel.
  2. Trace the cable running from the screen to the video board.
  3. Tighten the cable, clean the contacts, and reseat the cable.
  4. Put back the rear panel together and run the TV. If the lines are still prominent, then the problem lies with the hardware.
  5. In case the problem occurs due to a gate driver failure, inspect the model, and find a compatible replacement online or at your local store.
  6. The problem could also lie with the CRT or maladjustment of G2 or Kine drive control. In this case, I’d recommend consulting the manual or a technician and finding a replacement.
  7. Ensure the internal power supply unit does not produce any noise into the signal. The main supply sometimes also has noise issues.


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How to Repair Horizontal Lines on LCD TV Screens?

LCDs are made of two thin layers of glass having liquid crystals between them. Any mechanical damage to the glass layers can allow debris to enter and tamper the screen’s polarizing capacity, showing as horizontal lines. Problems with the hardware can also cause illumination of the tracks when the TV is turned ON.

Now LCD Screens stand out with their vivid imagery. Hence, to troubleshoot problems with the display, the technology involved might be a little different. A single horizontal line on the screen could indicate a problem with the row driver or a broken row electrode. For a set of lines blocking the view, the issue might be a faulty video driver. Here’s how I’d recommend proceeding with the repairs –

  1. Unplug the TV from the supply and lay it down flat on a soft surface. Remember, any slits or holes in the screen can result in the entry of debris.
  2. The video driver is connected to the LCD panel through a ribbon connector. Ensure it tight and there is no oxidation.
  3. If the problem persists, move on to inspect the Timing Control Board.
  4. To replace the T-Con board, you’d need its model number and make. LVDS cable connects the main panel with the board and the LCD panel by flat ribbon cables.
  5. You may also need to test the LVDS harness or coaxial cable and require its replacement. Look for specifications on the wire and find another one just like it.

Sometimes the problem with LCD screens may not be hardware at all. Check for software updates and troubleshoot using the provided tools. A factory reset could also resolve many software issues.


Samsung TV horizontal lines on the screen

Some popular models in the Samsung line of LCD televisions like the LN46B610AF or the LNT-4069 have reported issues of dark or flickering horizontal lines. Usually, the trouble has been resolved by replacing the internal cables connecting the LCD panel to the driver board, or simply it is a faulty panel. Look for an LVDS cable like the BN96-10075A or a panel replacement like the BN07-00671B. Sometimes, the issue may also be with the main power supply.


LG TV lines on the screen

LG LCD TV sets have extensive troubleshooting procedures in place. You start with determining whether the problem is a software or hardware concern. Here’s a comprehensive guide to repairing your lines on your LG TV screen –

  1. Run a Picture Test from the Picture Menu in Settings.
  2. If the lines appear, you may want to conduct a factory reset and set up the TV again.
  3. If the issue is with channels and not apps or other inputs, the problem lies with the input cables or antenna.
  4. Inspect the Coaxial (from the wall to the TV) and the HDMI cable (connecting the signal to the TV).
  5. If the issue persists across channels and input, the problem may lie with the driver. Here it is advisable to seek professional assistance.


Sony TV horizontal lines on the screen

Sony provides an in-built diagnosis tool that could help you assess where the problem lies with the horizontal lines. You can move on to conduct a more in-depth analysis with the following steps –

  1. Unplug the AC power cord and let the TV rest. Then put it back in and turn it on.
  2. If the problem persists, this could mean the issue is with the signal, cable or satellite box, IPTV, or other peripheral devices.
  3. Inspect the analog cables and the HDMI cable. You can also try connecting the main power cord to a different supply.
  4. Sometimes an external device can also cause radio frequency interference.

If you were unable to troubleshoot the problems, I would recommend moving on to professional help or replacing the set for cost-effective measures. The same approach applies to the Bravia OLED/LED Android TVs and the LCD TV range.

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Vizio Smart TV horizontal lines on the screen

If you have a Vizio E-series sitting at home with horizontal lines bothering you, here are some simple steps that help you fix the problem –

  1. Start with restarting the TV after unplugging and plugging back the power cord.
  2. Some models also have a “Soft Power Cycle” option in the settings to reset the TV.
  3. Check for loose connections with the cord.
  4. Inspect if the display problem is consistent with all channels and inputs from other devices. If not, it may be a signal issue.
  5. Try toggling between picture modes from the ‘Picture’ menu. Some Vizio remotes come with a PIC button to change them.
  6. You can always resort to a Factory Reset from the settings to ensure the lines are not software related.
  7. For hardware support, you might want to seek professional help and authorized technicians to deal with replacements.


TCL TV horizontal lines on the screen

Horizontal lines on the TCL TV sets can arise for numerous reasons depending on the model, age, and maintenance.  For instance, a TCL 50″ Roku 55S525 could have lines only while running streaming apps or during channels. Inspect the power supply, connections, and settings. The problem may often lie with the T-Con board, which would then require replacement with the appropriate model.


Sharp TV horizontal lines on the screen

The horizontal lines on a Sharp TV may arise from cable service outage, loose connections, or faulty modules. Like most LCD TVs, you can start your repair efforts by replugging the power cord after resting the TV. If the problem persists, here’s how you can proceed –

  1. Remove the coaxial cable from the wall. Ensure the ends are clear of any copper deposits.
  2. Inspect the connections of peripheral devices to the TV and ensure they are tight.
  3. Notice whether the banding problem arises in exclusive channels. You may want to inspect the signal cables and antenna and bring up the issue with your network provider.

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