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(SOLVED) How to Consistently Get 360 FPS on PC Games?

Why am I not getting 360 FPS while playing games?

The main reason why you’re not getting 360 FPS while playing PC games is  because of too many background processes running, a pending game update, or outdated graphics drivers.

  • Too many background processes
  • Pending game update
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Disabled games mode
  • High screen resolution
  • Old version of Windows
  • Incorrect Windows power plan
  • Default games settings

An old version of Windows, high screen resolution, incorrect Windows power plan, and default game settings can also stop you from getting 360 FPS while playing games. 


Are 360 FPS monitors worth it?

360 FPS monitors are worth it only if you plan to play competitive fast-paced games and have a PC that renders at least 300 FPS consistently.



  • Very smooth gaming experience
  • Improves overall game performance
  • Respond faster to on-screen changes



  • Don’t play at 360 FPS often
  • Chances of inverse ghosting


You may notice a remarkable change when you do an upgrade from a low FPS monitor such as a 60 FPS monitor. But if you’re planning for an upgrade from a higher-end monitor like a 144 FPS monitor or a 240 FPS monitor, the changes are very little and would be of concern to only pro gamers.


How to consistently get 360 FPS

You can consistently get 360 FPS by closing unwanted background processes, updating the game, updating the graphics drivers, and decreasing the screen resolution. Updating the Windows operating system, choosing the correct power plan, and turning OFF game settings can also help.

  • Close unwanted background processes.
  • Update the game.
  • Update the graphics drivers.
  • Decrease the screen resolution.
  • Update the Windows operating system.
  • Choose the correct power plan.
  • Turn OFF the game settings.


Close unwanted background processes

Press the CtrlAlt and Del keys on your keyboard in unison to open the Task Manager window. This window lists all the processes running on your PC or laptop. Select the unwanted processes one by one and click the End Task button.


Update the game

Check for game patches that have been released and have a crucial impact on the game and incorporate those patches. You can consider enabling the automatic updates feature in your game launcher.


Update the graphics drivers

Right-click on the Start icon and choose Device Manager from the context menu to open the Device Manager window. Expand the Display adapters node and select the graphics driver listed under it. Right-click on the driver name and select the Update driver option.


Decrease the screen resolution

Click the Settings icon. Click System followed by Display in the left panel. In the Scale and layout section, lower the screen resolution from the existing value in the Display resolution field.


Update the Windows operating system

Click Settings followed by Update & Security and then Windows Update in the left panel. Click the Check for updates button to proceed with the update.


Choose the correct power plan

Open the Control Panel window and select the Hardware and Sound option. Click the Power Options link. Choose the high-performance option for the Windows power plan.


Turn OFF game settings

Consider turning OFF game settings that don’t offer the desired frame rate. Some such settings are shadows, anti-aliasing, motion blur, dynamic reflections, volumetric lighting, and ambient occlusion.


PC game running at 360 FPS


PC system requirements for 360 FPS

The following table highlights some PC system requirements that can help to achieve 360 FPS.

System Component Specifications
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1500X @3.5GHz

Intel Core i7-4770K @3.5GHz

Graphics Card NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080

NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1060

Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher
Memory 16GB RAM
Operating System 64-bit Windows 10


What do I need to run a game at 360 FPS?

You will need an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel Core i7-4770K processor clocking at 3.5GHz and an NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080 or NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1060 graphics processor to run a game at 360 FPS.

You will also need at least a memory of 16 GB RAM, a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and a display resolution of 1920 x 1080.


AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel Core i7-4770K processor

The AMD Ryzen 5 1500X processor is a quad-core processor with eight threads and can clock from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz. It is designed to support high gaming performance. The Intel Core i7-4770K processor essentially has the same configuration as the AMD processor but a slightly higher turbo frequency of 3.9GHz.


NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080 or NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1060 graphics processor

The NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080 graphics coprocessor supports GDDR6X type memory interface with a boost clock frequency of 1.71GHz and minimum power of 320 W. The NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1060 processor features 6GB memory, 1.7GHz clocking frequency, and 400W maximum system power.



Make sure that your system has at least 16GB RAM if you wish to enjoy a seamless game at 360 FPS without any stutter. The performance will be smoother as the RAM capacity increases. 


64-bit Windows operating system

Your desktop or laptop must have at least a 64-bit Windows operating system installed. This version of Windows OS helps to improve the processing power.


1920 x 1080 display resolution

The computer should have a minimum 1920 x 1080 display resolution. Some processors require the display to be of a higher resolution.


What is the best GPU for 360 FPS?

The best GPU for 360 FPS is the Ge Force RTX 380 graphics card from NVIDIA. This card is capable of rendering 360 FPS when the display resolution is set at 1440p.


Do you need a 360Hz monitor for 360 FPS?

No, you don’t need 360Hz for 360 FPS. This is because gamers have found the difference between a 240Hz monitor and a 360Hz monitor to be practically negligible.

The cost is considerably higher for the 360Hz monitor considering the very little difference it has to offer. 

When you use a game console, you will not be able to go beyond 120Hz, which means that there is no point in owning a 360Hz monitor.


360 FPS Vs 240 FPS refresh rate

There is not much of a noticeable difference between 360 FPS and 240 FPS refresh rates. The subtle difference has hardly affected most gamers. The image quality tends to be much the same in both cases. 

The key advantage is that you can be assured of a more responsive and better gaming experience with lower input lag and smoother performance with 360 FPS if the monitor is capable of matching the high refresh rate. The 360 FPS refresh rate also offers more free motion than the 240 FPS. On the flip side, the monitor supporting this refresh rate tends to be a more expensive deal than the 240 FPS refresh rate.

The 240 FPS refresh rate has a slightly more input lag than the 360 FPS refresh rate although the lag difference is minimum. The same applies to the performance level of the 240 refresh rate. The blur tends to be a little more than the 360 FPS, although it’s hardly noticeable. The 240 FPS refresh rate supporting monitor comes with a more affordable price tag.

The 360 FPS refresh rate option is best suited for serious gamers, whereas the 240 FPS refresh rate option does justice in meeting the requirements of casual gamers.


Is it safe to play a 240 FPS game on a 360Hz monitor?

No, it isn’t safe to play a 240 FPS game on a 360Hz monitor. It’s usually recommended for the FPS of the GPU to be higher than the refresh rate on the monitor. This will ensure that the graphics card is capable of delivering the desired output.


How to get 360 FPS in COD Warzone

It’s not possible to get 360 FPS in COD Warzone. The closest you can get is 300+ FPS using an AMD Ryzen 9 5900x processor and an NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3090 graphics card along with 720p display resolution. You can alternatively opt for an NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080 GPU and 1440p display resolution.

  • Choosing an AMD Ryzen 9 5900x processor, NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3090 graphics card, and 720p display resolution
  • Opting for an NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3080 GPU and 1440p display resolution

The game is not designed for running at very high frame rates and so using the above options to play the game at 300+ FPS may make it unplayable. Playing the game at the highest FPS supported helps to visualize things faster and hit your target before competitors.


How to get 360 FPS Fortnite?

You can get 360 FPS in Fortnite by setting the value of the FRAME RATE LIMIT field to 360 FPS. This field can be accessed through the Settings menu. You must also turn OFF the SHADOWS and ANTI-ALIASING functions through the same menu. Your system must support an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU andan MSI GeForce RTX 2080TI GPU.

  • Set the FRAME RATE LIMIT field.
  • Turn OFF the SHADOWS and ANTI-ALIASING functions.


Getting 360 FPS in Fortnite can help in minimizing input lags. This means you can process your actions faster and smoother if you get the frame rate consistently.

If you’re competing against someone playing with 360 FPS on a 360Hz monitor while you’re not able to achieve 360 FPS, the opponent may be able to make his/her moves faster than you and make better progress in the game.

The movements also tend to be less smooth than with 360 FPS.


How to get 360 FPS on Modern Warfare?

It’s not possible to get 360 FPS in Modern Warfare as the game supports a maximum of 240 FPS depending on the monitor refresh rate along with CPU and GPU configuration.

The optimum FPS when you play on a PC is 144 FPS. You can play the game consistently with this frame rate without any drop. 

The 144 FPS or 240 FPS setting can be done through the Custom Framerate Limit field when you click the GRAPHICS tab on the screen that opens when you open the Options menu of the game.


If you have a 360Hz monitor, you can cap up the FPS to around 240 FPS.You can also use the same screen to set the Display Mode option to Fullscreen.

  • Set the Custom Framerate Limit field to 144 FPS or 240 FPS.
  • Set the Display Mode field option to Fullscreen.


Getting the maximum FPS for the game will help the game to feature smoother animations and do away with ghosting, low system latency, ghosting, and screen-tearing to the maximum extent.


How to get 360 FPS Minecraft?

You can get 360 FPS in Minecraft by using a monitor with at least a 360Hz refresh rate. You should also set the display resolution on your PC to at least 1920 x 1080 and turn OFF the Shadow option.


To do this, click SETTINGS followed by PERFORMANCE. In the ENTITY OPTIONS section, clear the Shadow checkbox.

  • Set the display resolution to 1920 x 1080.
  • Clear the Shadow checkbox.

With 360 FPS mode for Minecraft, you experience highly smooth animations and enhance the overall gaming experience.

If your FPS is less than 360 FPS mode, there may be a latency lag, although this will often get compromised much only if the FPS is less than 240 FPS.


How to get 360 FPS in Valiant?

You can get 360 FPS in Valorant by using a monitor with a 360GHz refresh rate and using an NVIDIA Ge Force RT 3080 graphics card. You must also consider turning OFF content like blood and corpses through the General settings of the game.

  • Use a monitor with a 360GHz refresh rate and an NVIDIA Ge Force RT 3080 graphics card.
  • Turn OFF options like corpses and blood-related options.

Getting a high FPS like 360 FPS helps you have a better track of your targets because of low system latency and minimize distracting effects. While there is no big difference between 240 FPS and 360 FPS, a lesser FPS can make the targets appear blurry.


How to increase FPS in Halo Infinite?

You can increase the FPS in Halo Infinite by updating the GPU drivers, setting the GPU power to the maximum performance through the control panel of the graphics card, and disabling high-resolution textures.

You can also launch the game adjust the video settings to set the minimum and maximum frame rates at 60 FPS and the refresh rate of the monitor and turn OFF the V-Sync functionality.

Setting the graphics settings for the Shadow Quality and Reflections features to Low is a good idea.

  • Check if the GPU drivers are due for an update and do so if needed.
  • Set the GPU power to the maximum extent possible.
  • Disable high-resolution textures if your system has a low- or mid-range GPU supporting limited VRAM.
  • Adjust the video and graphics settings of the game.


How to get 360 FPS in Overwatch?

You can get 360 FPS in Overwatching by using a monitor featuring a 360Hz refresh rate along with a supporting graphics card and CPU.

Make sure that the power is set to the maximum value in the GPU control panel and power settings.

You can also lower the display resolution and cut down on the field of view.

  • Set the power value to the highest value possible.
  • Reduce the display resolution.
  • Keep the field of view as low as possible.


Getting a 360 FPS in the game helps in smooth transition of the visuals, with no stutter and minimum input lag. With a much lesser FPS, there are chances of missing out on the targets.


How to get 360 FPS onApex Legends?

It’s often not possible to get 360 FPS on Apex Legends as the maximum value set for the game is 300 FPS. But with a GPU like the NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3090, you may achieve a slightly higher refresh rate of 320 GPS.


You can also launch the in-game settings and set the aspect ratio and display resolution to the native values and turn OFF the V-Sync functionality.


  • Opt for the NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3090 in your computer to get as close as possible to 360 FPS.
  • Set the display resolution and aspect ratio of the game to match that of your monitor.
  • Turn OFF the V-Sync functionality.


When the FPS is close to 360 FPS, the game tends to be more responsive and you have extra time to respond to changes.

If this is not achievable and the FPS is much lower, your input responses will become slower and you will not be informed about the actions taking place in the game at the right time.


How to increase FPS in CSGO?

You can increase the FPS in CSGO by using low graphical settings, turning OFF the background applications, and changing the power plan of your PC. Installing the most recent game patch and upgrading the PC hardware can also help.

  • Reduce the video settings of the game.
  • Shut down all unwanted applications and processes working in the background.
  • Ensure that the power plan of the PC is configured to reflect high performance.
  • Turn OFF the vertical sync, triple buffering, antialiasing-gamma correction, and anisotropic features.
  • Check if there is an updated game patch that needs to be installed and do so if required.
  • Upgrade the hardware of your PC by opting for changes like a more powerful graphics card.

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