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Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Freezing?

A freezing Lenovo laptop
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The main causes of a Lenovo laptop freezing is the HDD is overheating, or because of outdated drivers and malware on the system.


Computer is Overheating:

Overheating is causes freezing while working on the machine. We need to check out the user manual to know it’s a requirement. When the laptop is not in good condition it starts to overheat.

Using a laptop for hours, fan not working correctly and not having proper ventilation causes overheating of the machine, due to which it keeps freezing.



Malware and viruses are common causes of a laptop freezing. Check recently installed programs with malware scanning software to identify any issues.


Software updates:

Sometimes working with software especially third party software cause freezing when it needs recent updates. Using an old version of software make the system slow and hang in the middle of work.


Why does The Lenovo laptop freeze on startup?

Laptops freezing during the startup are an indication of internal issues, usually in the hardware.

Insufficient memory can cause freezing during startup, or it could be a malware problem. There could be various system failures causing laptop freeze.


Interface of The startup

Laptops boot from CD or USB drives. It needs boot files for further movement. When it gets a CD or USB drive that has no operating system in it, it freezes making a black screen.



It is essential to take good care of the system, especially to check that the hardware is in good condition, when it is in not in one, it starts to freeze. Malware corrupts RAM after a long period of use, which causes boot problems.

Any problem with hard drives can cause several bad things to the laptop as it stops the operating system from booting and also damages data, malfunctions and malware corrupt the hard drives over the years.

System failures are the main reason behind freezing, and it could be because of CPU unable to supply sufficient power.


Operating System

It is possible to identify if it is the operating system failure causing freezing in laptop. Sometimes laptops run through POST but immediately freezes on a black screen, and it may be because some error or malware is damaging the system files.


Running Programs

If there is a freezing problem before booting the system, it may be because of the program that runs on startup. Sometimes the program enabled for startup consumes a lot of memory. There could also be malware that starts immediately with the startup program.



  • For problems regarding the startup interface, it is easy to stop freezing by removing the CD or USB drive and then reboot.
  • If there is a problem with hard drives then the easiest fix is to take the laptop to a professional
  • If there is a problem with the operating system, it will help to access the partition while starting up to reinstall the system. For some of the laptops pressing del works whereas for some F10 or F2 works.
  • For program-related issues it will help when shutdown and reboot to start the safe zone.


Lenovo laptop freezes after login windows 10

Lenovo laptops, especially in yoga 2 it is quite a common problem that it freezes with windows 10. There are some quick fixes to such freezing problems of Lenovo

  • Removing Unwanted Programs: Check if there is any unwanted program. If found, remove it.
  • Disconnecting Devices: Disconnecting devices connected to the laptop.
  • New Account: Create a new user id to login.
  • Troubleshooting: Running system maintenance troubleshooter might help


Steps for troubleshooting

  1. Type in troubleshooting in the search bar and select troubleshooting
  2. Select view all and click on the System maintenance option shown there.
  3. It will show the instructions on screen, follow them and run the troubleshooter

Clean Boot

Before taking any step, it is essential to find what causes the problem. The clean boot works as the all in one tool. It finds out the problem in software and removes it.


Steps for clean boot

  1. Create an administrator account and sign in with it
  2. Type in MSConfig in the search bar and select System configuration
  3. Now, go for service tab, the select Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Now click the disable option
  5. Move to the startup tab and select open task manager
  6. Open startup and keep selecting items and then disable them then close task manager.
  7. Go to the startup tab of system configuration and click on ok.



Lenovo laptop freezes after going to sleep

Lenovo laptops tend to freeze while keeping them on sleep; it may be because of some software issue. Using old versions of software can cause freezing in sleep mode. It becomes essential to check if the system is up to date and works on the latest version.


Steps to fix freezing Lenovo ThinkPad E480:

  • Visit Lenovo’s support website
  • Look for ThinkPad Monitor INF file and install
  • Search Lenovo Power Management Driver and install
  • Again look for Lenovo Power Management Driver and install
  • Reboot after installation.


Lenovo laptop freezes when plugged in

It has become a common problem for users of Lenovo IdeaPad 120s that the laptop freezes after plugging in the charger. The only option remains to force press the power button till it gets off and start it again.

Updating the BIOS by downloading the update from the website might help. If it doesn’t work after updating the BIOS, it will be better to take it to a professional.

If there is any error while downloading the update for BIOS, it will help if you install the Lenovo Vantage.

Check if the driver is up to date; if yes perform a clean boot.


Lenovo Laptop Freezes when connecting to WI-FI

It has become common for the laptop to lose connection and freeze midway. Sometimes it could be a minor issue, but sometimes it can be a severe issue.

  • Now, Disable the adapter from the network adapter then enable it. Check if it works or the same problem occurs.
  • Safe mode with network or troubleshooting:

Fixing the freezing problem while connected to a Broadcom is easy; it is an excellent method to place the computer in safe mode with networking. Visit the manufacturer website to install the wireless drivers.



  1. Troubleshooting– It makes the laptop start in a limited and safe state and runs the necessary divers.
  2. Clean boot – It looks for the problem and eliminates it.


Download adapters:

The problem might be because of the improper adapter. It will be helpful to visit the manufacturer website and download proper wireless adapter drivers.


Lenovo laptop freezes when watching videos

Lenovo laptops such as IdeaPad 530 getting freeze while watching a video could be because of the malware corruption on RAM. The graphic drive could also be a reason behind the freezing.

  • Checking if the RAM is working fine.
  • Downloading drivers:

Visiting the manufacturer website and log in your Lenovo laptop model number and it will show the adapters appropriate for the device. The problem may be because of using an old version of drivers. To update drivers

  1. Press Windows key with X and then device manager
  2. Now Click the Display adapters.
  3. There will be graphic card option, right-click on it and select update driver.
  • Video playback troubleshooter: Windows 10 makes it more comfortable to find out the issue and solve it with troubleshooter.
  1. Go to the control panel and change the view by an option to large icons given there.
  2. Select troubleshooting and click view all in left
  3. Run video playback


Lenovo laptop freezes and makes a buzzing noise

Freezing and making buzzing noises is an indication of hardware malfunction. HDD might create a buzzing noise, or it could be a hard disk failure.

  • There could be some issue with HDD, changing it might stop the problem.
  • Corrupted file checker:

If there is any malware corrupted file, it might be the reason behind the buzzing sound. In such cases, it helps to run System File Checker and DISM as it finds out the problematic file



  1. Press Windows key along with X
  2. Select Command prompt
  3. Type commands –


dism /online /cleanup-image


After typing each command press enter key


Lenovo laptop freezes on the welcome screen

Lenovo laptops freeze on welcome screen after been used for a long time, if there is any problem with the software. Malfunctioning of RAM or any program that runs there might consume a lot of memory which could be a reason for the screen freeze.


External devices:

If there is any external device connected to the laptop, remove it because the laptop won’t boot while there are external connections.


Safe Mode

  1. Press the power button to switch on the computer
  2. Press shift along with F8 when the Lenovo logo is visible on the screen
  3. Select safe mode option and then press enter key


Lenovo laptop hangs on the Lenovo logo

Any software failure or malware corruption on any files or the BIOS causes the laptop to hang on the Lenovo logo. It could be due to any issue with the program that runs during the starting of the device. Here are some quick fixes to the problem


Factory settings change:

When nothing works factory reset can help but the problem with it that it causes data loss. Before heading to the option, it is essential to take the backup of the entire system.


Steps to reset factory settings

  1. Turn on the laptop, press the power button and F8 key all together to enter the interface displaying various boot options for windows
  2. Look for Repair your computer option and click on it and wait till the repair mode gets ready
  3. It will provide a question asking you to select ok, press ok from the keyboard.
  4. Select your account and click ok when asked.
  5. Give your password, and it will display system recovery options on the screen.
  1. Click on system restore.


Changing BIOS setting:

Resetting the BIOS setting might help if the screen freezes on the Lenovo logo

Steps to reset BIOS in default

  1. Restart the laptop and press F2 key to open the BIOS
  2. Once it is open, press F9 key and clicks on yes option
  3. Save changes in BIOS setting by hitting the F9 key and finally tap ESC to exit the setting page.


Lenovo Yoga laptop keeps freezing

Lenovo yoga 3 keeps freezing mostly after one year of use due to malware attack on software or sometimes hardware failure. It keeps freezing mostly during connecting it to Broadcom adapters or starting up the device.



  1. Go to the search bar and type troubleshooting
  2. Select troubleshooting then click view all and choose system maintenance
  3. Follow the shown instructions to run it


Clean boot

If troubleshooting doesn’t help to stop the freezing issue, it means it is the time to perform a clean boot. Windows have this unique option that looks for the problem itself and eliminates it.

  1. Sign in with an administrator account and go to the search bar.
  2. Type MSConfig there and click on system configuration
  3. Move to Service tab and click on Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Go to the startup tab and open task manager then keep selecting items and disable them
  5. Go back to the startup tab and press ok


Lenovo Thinkpad laptop keeps freezing

When the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops keep freezing after a specific time, it is because of several failures. It could be because of software or hard drives anything.

Overheating causes freezing screen, which indicates that the ThinkPad is not in a required environment.


Press required keys

Suppose the laptop freezes in the middle of some work try pressing Ctrl, Alt and delete. The laptop should unlock after this if it doesn’t, then it needs a check-up from a professional. For such cases, the necessary fix is to give it a hard reset.


Lenovo Ideapad Laptop keeps freezing

Lenovo IdeaPad users are familiar with the freezing problem. But it can be hard to find if it is the hardware or software causing the problem. Keeping backup of all system will be an intelligent step.

If the problem resolves after a factory reset, there will be data loss, but it is the confirmation that it was not because of any hardware failure. The best fix then will be to take the device to the Lenovo support.

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