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(SOLVED) Why is my RX 6700 XT GPU Showing a Black Screen?

Why does my RX 6700 XT GPU keep showing a black screen?

Your RX 6700 XT GPU can keep showing a black screen because of a RAM mismatch or a GPU malfunction.


Possible Causes

  • Overheating
  • Component Failure
  • Faulty Drivers
  • Unstable Power Supply



Overheating is a big issue with all computer components. Overheating is caused by a variety of factors. The most common reason for graphics card overheating is dust accumulation. Because the graphics card is inactive in the System, dust might accumulate.

There might be manufacturing flaws in the goods, which would potentially cause issues. Improper cooler installation or dried-up thermal paste directly contribute to graphics card overheating.


Component Failure

A GPU component breakdown is not highly unlikely. A component in the graphics cards might fail due to various circumstances. 

A manufacturing flaw in the graphics card also causes the graphics card to fail. The likelihood of receiving a faulty graphics card is quite low.


Faulty Drivers

You might be a victim of freshly introduced graphics cards with defective drivers. During a fresh driver update, not everything goes as planned. Faulty discs will reduce graphics card efficiency or cause it to fail, resulting in a boot loop. For the record, Nvidia has fewer bad drivers, but AMD has a high driver failure rate.


Unstable Power Supply

The major cause of component death is unsecured power cables or an unstable power source. A power spike or overload might lead the graphics card to fail. In the worst-case scenario, you may even fry your GPU, resulting in BSOD or possibly the death of your graphics card.


RX 6700 XT GPU showing a black screen


How do I fix a black screen on my RX 6700 XT graphics card?

To fix a black screen on your RX 6700 XT graphics card, you will need to boot your system in safe mode or remove malware.


There are several causes of graphics card failure. In most circumstances, the graphics card does not generate video. You’ll be met with a black screen. In some instances the boot loop continues until the machine is forced into safe mode.


Low frame speeds or stuttering when playing games are warning signs that your RX 6700 XT graphics card is failing


A low framerate in a game or screen freeze indicates an issue with the graphics hardware. However, in-game stuttering can also be triggered by malware or RAM issues. You must continue to consider declining efficiency as a potential graphics card issue.


Why does my RX 6700 XT suddenly have no display?

The reason why your RX 6700 XT suddenly has no display is because either the monitor is delivering incorrect EDID, and an AMD driver flaw is causing it to fail to load with the incorrect EDID or the faulty visual card.


The monitor’s on-screen menu should include an information area that indicates the quality and refresh rate. While using the Microsoft Basic Display Driver, how much resolution does the monitor indicate?


How to check:

  1. Did you install the most recent AMD driver after you used DDU?
  2. Disconnect the monitor’s power cord for a few moments. It can often reset firmware issues.
  3. If you already have an alternative HDMI cable, try it. A faulty cable might create EDID transmission issues.
  4. If the EDID of the display is corrupted on the HDMI connector, it may be acceptable on the DVI port.
  5. If number 4 does not work, it might be a faulty video card.



How to fix RX 6700 XT GPU black screen on boot

To fix RX 6700 XT GPU black screen on boot you will have to conduct a thorough check of your computer system.


Suppose your 6700x appears to boot correctly but simply displays a black screen on the monitors. A few black screen flickers/crashes might occur when utilizing specific programs. You would see that the Black Screen Boot (BBS) would occasionally occur after a complete shutdown.

  • Check or restart the System; tower lights/fans are all functioning as usual, but there is still no display on an either monitor, and the System is unresponsive to keypresses.
  • The displays would enter standby mode and not wake up. If you completely disconnect the cords, the display will detect “cable not connected” rather than “no signal” before entering standby mode.
  • This might be resolved by just power cycling the tower once more.


Why is my RX 6700 XT crashing and showing a black screen

The reason why your RX 6700 XT keeps crashing and showing a black screen is because your system’s software may be out of date and incompatible with your drivers.


To accomplish this:

  • Launch the Radeon Software Application
  • Go to the settings tab (upper right of your display)
  • Select System and then confirm for updates (the most recent version is from 1/25/22 for the 22.2.1 edition)


If the problems continue, remove all of the chipset drivers.

  • Following that, reboot your computer
  • Finally, reinstall all applications and drivers
  • Remember that if you reinstall drivers or software, you might have to update the software again


Why is my RX 6700 XT driver crashing with a black screen?

The reason why your RX 6700 XT driver is crashing with a black screen is because of a RAM mismatch or a GPU malfunction.


POST codes are now included on newer motherboards, making it easier to identify the failed component.

  • It is the first and most fundamental step before inspecting the card for physical errors. A malfunctioning or corrupted driver might be creating issues in your PC. A complete reinstall of the graphics card should resolve any issues
  • Try downloading DDU from the internet first, and then reboot your computer in safe mode. We recommend that you boot your computer into recovery mode if you are uninstalling a prior driver
  • Open the DDU program after entering safe mode and removing the previous driver and associated traces. Reboot the computer normally and reinstall the driver


How do I fix RX 6700 XT GPU black screen flicker?

To fix an RX 6700 XT you must determine what is producing the flickering screen. To do so, launch the Task Manager by holding Ctrl + Shift + Esc altogether.


  • In Windows 10, you can also right-click your taskbar and select Task Manager. You do not need to utilize Task Manager, but it must be open
  • Keep an eye on your screen to check whether Task Manager flickers
  • If it does, alongside everything else on the screen, the issue is likely due to malfunctioning hardware or a display driver
  • If, on the other hand, everything but Task Manager flickers, a program most likely causes the problem


The Best RX 6700 XT settings to fix the black screen issue

The best RX 6700 XT settings to fix the black screen issue is by keeping your drivers up to date and allowing your system to automatically update them, as and when needed. 


AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Dell, and other popular graphics driver manufacturers are listed here. You can visit the official websites for updates.

Alternatively, use the automated driver updater. It checks the graphics and audio drivers on a regular basis to improve PC performance.

  1. Install and run an app for driver updates.
  2. Select “Driver” to verify your driver status.
  3. With a single click, update all obsolete drivers.

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