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Why TV Volume Keeps Going Down

Why does the volume on my TV keep going down by itself?

The reason why the volume on your TV keeps going down by itself is because you may be dealing with a faulty remote control, IR sensor issues, or a software fault.


Faulty Remote Control

The first suspect when you face a technical problem with your TV is your remote control. Your remote control might bring on the volume change.

If the remote control has a problem, it may have an impact on settings like brightness, channels, and volume, which may cause the TV’s brightness to fluctuate erratically.

It may also cause the sound on your TV to move up and down without warning.


IR Sensor Issues

An electrical gadget known as an IR sensor emits light to detect nearby objects. Both an IR and light sensor are often seen in TVs.

If a TV reacts to a working remote control, the IR sensor on the device is operational. You can use an operable remote control made specifically for the TV set or a universal remote control to test an IR sensor on a TV set to see if it works.

If it’s broken, you’ll notice problems like the volume fluctuating on its own.


Software Fault

Your TV may indicate that there is a software problem in several different ways. However, one of the most frequent is changing TV loudness.

Most TVs come equipped with software that is intended to control and improve performance. This will often override any commands you give using the TV remote or buttons.

There is a good possibility that you are dealing with a software issue if the problem is not with your remote control or IR sensors.


TV volume keeps going down


How to Fix TV volume randomly goes down by itself.

To fix your TV volume randomly going down by itself, you should replace your remote control, fix IR Sensor, or reset the software.


Replace Your Remote Control

The easiest approach to determine the source of the issue is to turn off your remote control, remove the battery so it can’t communicate with your TV, and then observe what occurs.

Once your remote control has been repaired, these issues ought to disappear. A universal TV remote is strongly advised if the issue still exists.


Fix IR Sensor

If the remote does not need fixing, but the issue persists, you should now open the back panel to access the IR Sensor of the TV.

Always use caution when working on the TV’s electronics since these parts tend to build up charge on their capacitors.

  1. Start by turning off, unplugging, and removing your TV from the TV stand
  2. After that, remove the rear panel
  3. An IR sensor will be located in the TV’s base
  4. If you can locate it, see if the wire connecting the TV’s main motherboard to the IR sensor is broken or not
  5. If it is broken, a quick wire swap and soldering can cure the problem


Reset Software

To get rid of any software issues on your TV, you will need to factory reset it. This will not affect the availability of channels and shows and will only reset all the settings on your TV.

  1. Select user settings on your TV to resolve this issue
  2. The factory reset option should be available there
  3. Your TV will likely be in perfect working order after a factory reset if the volume slider is the source of any problems


How To Fix TV Volume Randomly goes down to zero

To fix the TV volume randomly going down to zero, you will need to fix the automatic volume levels on your TV.


You might hear sudden volume adjustments if your TV’s AVL is configured improperly. The guidelines to assist you with your AVL are as follows:

  1. You should select your remote control’s “Home” or “Menu” button
  2. Select “Settings” or “Installation” from the menu
  3. Choose the “Sound” or “Audio” options
  4. Click AVL. Turn off the setting if it is already enabled
  5. Try clearing the menu before switching TV channels repeatedly. You have found a solution if the volume level stays the same


Why does my TV suddenly have no Sound?

The reason why your TV suddenly has no sound could be an issue with the headphone jack.

If there is something plugged into your headphone jack, your TV will not be able to play any sounds out loud. This may result in the TV suddenly having no sound and no easy fixes.


How to fix a TV with no sound but picture?

To fix a TV with no sound but picture, you should check the headphone jack and remove anything that is plugged into it.

Your TV won’t play audio that you can hear if there is something hooked into the port, as is only normal if you do not have headphones on not to hear anything.

 If you’re wondering, where is the television’s headphone jack located? Depending on the manufacturer and type of your TV, the port may be on the side or the back.

Make sure there is nothing inserted into the headphone socket on your TV; if there is, then remove it and see if the audio on your TV returns.


Why is my TV volume stuck on low?

The reason why your TV volume is stuck on low is because your remote control or control switch may be broken or stuck.

The buttons on your remote control may become jammed, turning on your TV automatically or preventing you from doing any activities.

One of the household items that get the most use is the TV remote. Sometimes dirt gets stuck in the remote’s crevices and causes it to malfunction.

To remove all that dirt, the remote would need to be disassembled.


Why does the volume keep going down on my Vizio TV?

The reason why the volumes keep going down on your Vizio TV is because of the TV’s advanced audio settings.

Conflicts between the program or device you are attempting to view and the advanced audio settings of the TV, notably SRS TruVolume, may be to blame.

  1. Utilizing the arrow keys and the Okay button, choose the “Audio” option by pressing the menu button on your VIZIO remote control.
  2. To turn the setting off, use the left and right arrow keys to get to the ‘Volume Leveling’ option and turn it OFF.


Why does the volume keep going down on my Roku TV?

The reason why the volume keeps going down on your Roku TV might be because of its advanced audio settings.

These settings may automatically adjust the volume, and a software fault may be turning down your volume. To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Three times press the Play/Pause button.
  2. You may also navigate to Settings, System, and Advanced System Settings.
  3. Select Factory reset, followed by Reset TV audio/picture settings.
  4. This option will not erase any of your apps; instead, it will reset the audio settings.
  5. Reset sound settings may be found on some Roku TVs by heading to Options and choosing Sound settings.


Why does the volume keep going down on my LG TV?

The reason why the volume keeps going down on your LG TV is because of a configuration error that you can fix with a factory reset.

So, if you accidentally specified something, a factory reset is a good solution to reverse these settings. To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your LG TV and then press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select Settings from the TV menu.
  3. Select Reset to initial settings from the General menu.
  4. After you’ve done this, your LG TV will prompt you to confirm the Reset.
  5. When you enter the reset password, this will reset your TV’s settings to their defaults.


Why does the volume keep going down on my Samsung TV?

The reason why the volume keeps going down on your Samsung TV is because the sound sensor automatically adjusts the volume.

  1. Typically, the flip button works in the left to the right direction, which means you may flip it to the left to turn on the sound sensor of your Samsung TV or to the right to turn it off.
  2. Another approach to see if your Samsung TV’s sound sensor is turned on or off is to look at the pop-up window on the screen.


Why does the volume keep going down on my Hisense TV?

The reason why the volume keeps going down on your Hisense TV is because of the volume control board malfunctioning.

The most common cause of TV automatically dropping volume appears to be a broken board volume control mechanism. To resolve the issue with your Hisense TV, disconnect the board volume control.


You can use the steps below to repair this issue:

  1. Please turn off your television and remove it from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove your TV’s back panel.
  3. It would be best if you now found the inbuilt volume controls over there.
  4. You may get help with this from the owner’s handbook for your TV model.
  5. After you’ve located the controls, disconnect them.
  6. After that, reconnect the back panel of your TV and reassemble the unit.
  7. Reconnect the TV and turn it on.
  8. Using the remote control, check the volume.

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