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What is the Average Laptop Screen Size? (with Chart)

average laptop screen size

What is the Average Laptop Screen Size?

The average laptop screen size in the market is 13.3 – 15 inches. Laptop display sizes start from 13 inches and increase up to 17.3 inches.

  • At the lower end, you have 13.3-inches that are preferred by students.
  • The next higher size is 14inches, quite common among regular laptop users.
  • 6inches is also a popular size among laptop users.
  • Gaming laptops have larger displays, up to 17.3 inches; these are used more like PCs, not carried around much.
  • For the record, you may find laptops with screen sizes of 11.6 and 12.5 inches also. You can find tablets of these sizes and some people prefer them.


Average Laptop Screen Size Chart

Laptop ModelScreen Display Size (Inches)Screen Size (CM)
ASUS Chromebook C42514"35.6cm
Samsung Chromebook Plus12.2"30.1cm
Surface Laptop 313.5"34.3cm
HP ProBook 450 G715.6"39cm
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 14"35.6cm
Asus Zephyrus G1414"35.6cm
Apple MacBook Air i313"33cm
Acer Aspire 3 Notebook15.6"39.6cm
Lenovo 14" ThinkPad X1 Yoga14"35.6cm
HP Envy 17t17.3"43.9cm


What is the Most Popular Size for Laptops?

Surveys conducted indicate that 14 inches and 15.6 inches are the two most popular laptop screen sizes. The choice of the screen size is largely linked to laptop usage.


Tips on Choosing the Correct Laptop Size

There are two or three key factors that will determine the correct screen size for the laptop you plan to buy. These include the purpose you are buying the laptop for, the usage pattern, whether you will be carrying it around often, and so on.

Here are some useful tips on choosing the size of a laptop:

  • If you are a college student and you need to carry the laptop to the classroom and back, a 13.3-inch size or even less than that should be ideal.
  • If you’re going to use the laptop at home to check emails, create documents or spreadsheets occasionally, then the 14-inch or 15.6-inch will be the ideal size.
  • If the laptop is to play high-end games with all sorts of accessories connected to it, then a 17.3-inch screen will be your ideal choice.
  • The factors to be borne in mind are that as you choose a laptop with a smaller screen size you may have to make some compromises. The laptop may not have space for many components or ports.


Pros and Cons of Laptops with Smaller Screen Size

One key element in the laptop that distinguishes it from a tablet is the keyboard. A normal keyboard has 101 keys. You may feel handicapped if some keys are missing or if the size of the keys is too small for you to type comfortably.

When the laptop manufacturers have to accommodate all the keys while maintaining the appropriate key size, the laptop’s size cannot be shrunk beyond a certain point.

Then there is the display screen size. You cannot have a wide bezel either.

Once the keys and screen size is taken care of, there can be other space issues as well. The battery size, the provision for the rest of the components inside the laptop, and the ports on the laptop’s sides also have to be considered. These are the underlying reasons for the laptop’s screen size.

Portability is a Consideration

You choose the laptop over the PC mainly due to the convenience of portability. You can carry the laptop to your college, for a meeting, for making presentations, and so on. It allows you to sit comfortably on your couch or the bed and do your work.

The portability factor also brings to the fore the size of the laptop. The larger the screen size of the laptop, the larger the overall size. The laptop will weigh more too.

The screen size determines the level of comfort in carrying the laptop. Specific situations can change the decision.

If you are carrying the laptop bag in your car from home to your place of work and back, you may like to go for a 15.6-inch laptop over a 14-inch one.


Gaming Laptops with Larger Screen Sizes the Norm

Those who buy laptops with the primary intention of playing games on them will find the 17.3-inch laptops to be very comfortable. The larger screen aids to enjoy the graphics better and make the gameplay more immersive.

The laptop’s larger size also means it can accommodate additional components like cooling fans and ports to connect devices. These could include gaming consoles, speakers and gaming keyboards, etc. Laptop brands that specialize in making gaming laptops consider all these aspects.

It is rare to find the 17.3-inch laptops being carried around.


Average Laptop Size in Inches

The size of the laptop is usually the size of the display screen, though the actual dimensions of the laptop could be different. The universal practice is to mention the laptop screen size in inches only.

So, if you consider a 13.3-inch laptop, the average measurements on the outside will read 11.3-inches on the length and 7.1-inches in depth. The average thickness would be less than an inch in these laptops and when you open the laptop, it could go to a height of around 8-inches from the surface.

The same measurements for a 14.1-inch laptop will be 12inches and 8.4inches respectively. Please remember that the display screen size is measured diagonally and you may find 13.3-inch and 14.1-inch laptops with the same length. The depth may vary. These sizes can also vary with each brand and each model. These are the average sizes.


Width and Length for a 15.4″ and 17″ laptop:

15.4-inch: – Length 13.1″ / Depth – 8.2″

17.3-inch” – Length 14.4″ / Depth – 9″

The thickness or height, when closed, at the highest point, can vary between less than an inch to around 1 ½ inches.


Average Laptop Dimensions in (CM)

Measurements of laptop sizes in centimeters will be as below:
Laptop SizeLengthDepth
13.3 inch28.7 cm18.03 cm
14.1 inch30.48 cm21.34 cm
15.4 inch33.27 cm20.83 cm
17.3 inch36.58 cm22.86 cm


What is a Good Laptop Screen Size?

Though the 14-15-inch laptops (screen sizes of 14.1-inch to 15.6-inch) are the most popular ones among users, the correct size for your use may vary. It will depend on several factors as mentioned on the first page. You can however take the 14.1-inch laptop screen size as the good one.

The 14.1-inch size is recommended since it addresses most of the requirements the user would look for. It’s compact and lightweight, yet powerful enough to handle a variety of required tasks. If you did a proper search you should be able to find a good 14.1-inch laptop that has the required USB and HDMI ports.

These will enable you to connect devices like printers, speakers and to watch on TV or a large screen, etc. The latest models of laptops don’t come with the DVD drive. If you require this component, look for the models that include the drive.

So, the 14.1-inch laptop screen size should be your choice.


How to Measure the Laptop Screen Size?

The best way to measure your laptop’s screen size is to use a measuring tape to check the diagonal length.

You can hold the tape’s end to the laptop’s display panel’s left bottom corner and check how much it measures if you hold the other end of the measuring tape to the right-hand top corner. This is the screen size and therefore your laptop’s size.


Is a 13 inch Laptop Too Small?

The answer to this question can vary from person to person. When you consider that you have 6-inch odd smartphones on which people carry out so many tasks, a 13-inch laptop is double that size and should be more than sufficient.

If you are a school or college student and the laptop is used for light activities like browsing through the net for information, creating and storing your regular lessons and exercises, then you can do with a 13-inch laptop.

However, if you are doing programming or you are into developing graphic designs and such activities, then you may find the 13-inch laptop too small. In the same way, if you are an avid video gamer, you may not derive the same pleasure playing video games on a 13-inch screen as you would on a larger screen.


13inch Laptop Vs 14 inch Laptop

A majority of people promptly respond that the 14-inch laptop is better than the 13-inch laptop. There are reasons for this choice.

The immediate one that many come up with is that they can see the images, whether it is text or numbers better on a 14-inch screen than a 13 or 13.3-inch screen. Theoretically, the difference between the two should be insignificant.

There is also the aspect of screen resolution.

A smaller screen may offer a better screen resolution and some people prefer to stick to the 13-inch laptop.

Some argue that they are used to viewing the contents on the laptop screen in a particular size and don’t want to change this habit.

The other side to this is that once they see things on a 14-inch laptop placed adjacent to a 13-inch laptop, they see the difference and switch over.

Lastly, there is an interesting price angle. There are occasions when an HP 13-inch laptop will be sold for $999 whereas you can pick up a 14-inch laptop from HP for just $499. This would automatically mean that a large number of people would choose the larger-sized laptop at half the price.


13inch Laptop Vs 15 inch Laptop

When confronted with this choice between a 13-inch laptop and a 15-inch laptop, a large number of users vote for the larger 15-inch laptop. The only ones who believe the 13-inch machine is better of the two are those who stress the portability factor.

The arguments put forth by users who love the 13-inch laptop include its lighter weight (around 3 pounds compared to 5-6 pounds of a 15-inch laptop) and ease of use. When you are sitting in a crowded airport or while traveling by tube, the 13-inch laptop can be comfortably kept on your lap and you can work on it.

The overwhelming opinion in favor of the 15-inch laptop is based on the better specifications, power, and performance of the machine. You can get a better CPU and other components accommodated inside the 15-inch laptop. This group also recommends that you choose a 15-inch laptop that weighs less.


Should I get a 14 inch or 15 inch Laptop?

The strong recommendation here is to make a visit to a computer showroom and see the two laptops, 14-inch and 15-inch, side by side (they may be 14.1-inch and 15.6-inch respectively).

The weight factor can be important for some users. The larger screen will be critical for those into graphics or playing games.

Some claim that the larger laptops get heated up more and are uncomfortable to use keeping on the lap. You have to invest in some cooling pads that can be kept below the laptop or keep it on a desk like a PC.


Is the 15 inch Laptop Too Big?

The question of big or small is always subjective. It may even be different for people with different physical structures. A short-statured person may find it difficult to carry a 15-inch laptop while a well-built person may have no such issues.

However, many users consider the 15-inch laptop the ideal size for them for using multiple applications. If there is a comfortable backpack to carry the laptop, they don’t mind the weight either. It is the degree of usage that will finally determine if the 15-inch laptop is too big or not.


Is a 17” Laptop Too Big?               

A 17-inch laptop is not too big. Laptops with large screen sizes are manufactured and sold to a particular set of users. These users would be typically gaming enthusiasts or graphics designers or software programmers.

The gamers have a different need, like a large screen to play games and get more excitement. The graphics designers and the software programmers like to keep multiple windows open on the screen and it helps them get a better view while working on one of the windows.

If you are buying a laptop for some routine mail checking at home you don’t need a 17-inch laptop.


13inch Vs 15 inch Laptop for College

This debate can be better answered by recommending the 14.1-inch laptop for college. However, between the 13-inch and 15-inch laptops for college students, the choice may fall on the 13-inch laptop.

The reason for this is that if the student plans to use it for some light work like storing presentations and other files, then the 13-inch laptop will do.

Going further, female students may find the 13-inch laptop easier to handle and carry than a 15-inch laptop.

The selection of a 15-inch laptop for college will be only if there are activities like graphics involved. If a more powerful laptop is required for any reason, then too, the 15-inch laptop is the answer.


13-inch Vs 15-inch Laptop for Programming

The professional opinion on different forums is divided on this comparison. There are users, programmers among them, who think that a 13-inch laptop is good enough to do coding. Others prefer a larger display screen to make it comfortable for programming.

The other key factor that tilts the choice towards the 15-inch laptop is that you can get a more powerful laptop with the latest processors and higher RAM. If you are a frequent traveler and do coding work while on the move, then you may be happier with a 13-inch laptop.

In all other cases, the 15-inch laptop is better suited for programming. Depending on how large your fingers are, consider the size of the keys on a 13-inch laptop before making the decision.


15 inch Vs 17 inch Laptop for Gaming

If this choice is given to a gamer, he or she would prefer the larger 17-inch laptop only. However, there is no issue with playing games on a 15-inch laptop as long as the hardware specifications match the requirements.

For a better gaming experience, you may need a powerful CPU, a solid GPU, and at least 16GB RAM. It is possible to get these fitted in a 15.6-inch laptop as well. If the cooling arrangements are also accommodated, then you should be able to play all games on it.

The 17-inch laptop is positioned by the manufacturers as a gaming laptop and video gamers prefer it.


15” or 17” Laptop for College

This is a rare question. It is not common to suggest the use of a 17-inch laptop for college. A 17-inch is most suited for use by the college, not an individual student.

Colleges can use a 17-inch laptop while teaching a group. Four or five students can gather around a 17-inch screen. Some colleges choose PCs with monitors of this size.

For individual college students, the 15-inch laptop is more than adequate.


Does a 15.6” Laptop Fit in a 15 inch case?

A 15.6-inch laptop may fit into a 15-inch case but you may find it difficult to close the case or the backpack properly. It will also depend on the precise dimensions of your laptop including its thickness.


Will a 17 inch Laptop Fit in a Backpack?

Yes, there are backpacks available that will fit 17-inch laptops. A 17” laptop is too large to carry by hand, which makes a backpack perfect for carrying around a 17” laptop.

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