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How to Fix an AirPods Pro that’s Not Charging (STEPS)

Why is my AirPods Pro not charging?

Your AirPods Pro may not be charging because of a damaged cable, a defective charger, a faulty wall outlet, or dirt accumulation in the AirPods Pro or its charging case.

  • Damaged cable
  • Defective charger
  • Faulty wall outlet
  • Dirt accumulation
  • Low battery in the charging case
  • Outdated firmware


As highlighted above, a low battery in the charging case or outdated firmware can also cause the problem. 


Damaged cable

The AirPods Pro will sometimes fail to charge if the charging cable is defective with signs of cracking or bending at one or more points.


Defective charger

Like the charging cable, the AirPods Pro charging problem can also happen if there is a faulty charger. This can happen due to several reasons like problems in its internal circuitry because of falls.


Faulty wall outlet

The AirPods Pro may not charge if its charger is connected to a faulty wall outlet. If you’re sure that the wall outlet is in working condition, the problem may be that the charger is not plugged in tightly to the outlet. If you’ve connected the charger to the wall outlet through a surge protector, there are chances that there is a problem with the surge protector.


Dirt accumulation

If the AirPods Pro has become dirty over time, then that could be one reason why they are not charging. Dirt accumulation on the charger, charging cable, and/or charging case may also hinder the charging.


Low battery in the charging case

If their charging case has a low battery or has run out of juice, your AirPods Pro will most often not get charged as you expect.


Outdated firmware

There are chances that the firmware of your AirPods Pro is outdated. The problem can also be due to a bug in the current firmware that has been resolved in a later version.


How long do Airpods take to charge?

The AirPods, on average, take around 20 minutes to get fully charged when inside their charging case. With five minutes of charge in their charging case, you will have about one hour of talk time and listening time.


On the other hand, when the AirPods are charged for 15 minutes, you can experience a few hours of uninterrupted use.


AirPods Pro are not charging


How do I fix my AirPods Pro not charging?

You can fix your AirPods Pro not charging problem by changing the damaged cable, replacing the defective charger, and choosing a different wall outlet.


The charging problem can also be solved by keeping the AirPods Pro and its accessories clean, ensuring sufficient charge in the charging case, and keeping the firmware updated.


You will not have to use any tools for the fixing process.

The following steps walk you through the process of addressing the issue of your AirPods Pro not charging.

  1. Inspect the charging cable carefully; bends, cracks, or other signs of physical damage. If you notice any of these signs, you must change the cable.
  2. Disconnect the charging cable from the charger and connect it to another charger. If this works and you have unhindered charging, you will have to replace the original charger.
  3. Try connecting the AirPods Pro charger to a different wall outlet. If connecting the charger to a surge protector, consider connecting it directly to the wall outlet. This will solve the problem if the wall outlet or surge protector is faulty.
  4. Ensure that the AirPods Pro and its charging accessories are always clean. When they are dirty, there are chances of less contact between them, resulting in no or minimum charging.
  5. Ensure that the charging case has enough juice before you use it to charge the AirPods Pro. If it doesn’t have sufficient charge, the case will likely die out while the AirPods Pro are getting charged and stop the charging of the earbuds.
  6. Check for a pending firmware update of the AirPods Pro and do an update if needed. While a firmware update for the AirPods Pro isn’t common, it can’t be ruled out completely. The update usually takes place automatically, but a manual update will be needed if it doesn’t happen.

If none of the above steps works, you can always do a factory reset to solve the not charging problem. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to re-pair the AirPods Pro to your iPhone if you do a factory reset. You can always approach the Apple support team for help as a final fix.


Why is my left AirPods Pro not charging?

Your left AirPods Pro may not be charging due to dust in the charging case, dirt in the AirPods Pro connector or a loose cable connection. Outdated firmware or a pending reset can also cause this problem.


You can check out the following tips to get your left AirPods Pro to start charging once again.

  1. Clean the charging case thoroughly to free it from grime and dust accumulation. It’s a good idea to use some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab for the cleaning process.
  2. Remove all traces of dirt from the connector of the AirPods Pro as this can prevent contact from being established. While using the cleaning agents mentioned above, a simple blowing action may also help.
  3. Ensure that both ends of the USB charging cable are firmly connected to the adapter and the charging case. You may also want to ensure that the adapter is securely connected to the wall outlet.
  4. Check if the firmware of your AirPods Pro is updated to the most recent version. If not, doing this update should solve the problem.
  5. Reset your AirPods Pro. It’s a good idea to reset both the AirPods Pro at the same time. To do the reset, you must put them in their charging case and press the Reset button behind the case for about 20 seconds and release it. You must establish a reconnection once the reset is done.


Why won’t my AirPods Pros wirelessly charge?

Your AirPods Pros aren’t wirelessly charging because of overheating, an incompatible charging mat, overdue updates, a protective cover or a pending reset.


One or more of the steps outlined below can help to resolve your problem of the AirPods Pros not charging wirelessly.

  1. Check for signs of the AirPods Pro getting overheated. If you notice this, allow them to cool down and resume the charging process. The overheating can be because of the accumulated dirt or dust.
  2. The charging mat in use may not be compatible with your AirPods Pros. You can consider opting for a Qi-compatible charging mat to fix this issue.
  3. Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed for the AirPods Pros. To do this, put them in their charging case and plug in the case for the charging action. Keep the connected Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone nearby. This will ensure that the AirPods Pros firmware is updated automatically.
  4. Remove the protective cover from your charging case if you use one. While this shouldn’t usually affect the charging, some people have found that doing so solves the problem.
  5. Reset your AirPods Pros, as mentioned later on after putting them in their case. After the reset, place the AirPods Pros and the connecting device near each other and do a reconnection.


Why is there no light on my AirPods Pro charging case?

There is no light on your AirPods Pro charging case due to a dead battery in the AirPods Pro. Recharging the battery should turn ON the light again on the charging case.


The steps mentioned here walk you through the process of recharging the case of your AirPods Pro.

  1. Connect one end of the charging cord firmly to the connector of the charging case and the other end to that of the charger.
  2. Connect the charger tightly to the power outlet in the wall.
  3. Turn ON the switch of the power outlet.

You can also opt to charge the charging case by using a compatible wireless charging mat if you don’t want to choose the wired option.


Why is my AirPods Pro wireless charging intermittently?

Your AirPods Pro wireless charging is intermittent because of overheating, a protective cover, or contact between the charging mat and the metal hinges of the case.

You can check out the following suggestions to stop the intermittent wireless charging problem.

  1. Check if the charging case or the charging mat tends to get overheated when it’s being charged. If the case is overheated, the only solution is to allow it to cool for a while and then resume the charging. If it’s the mat that is heating up, do a power cycle for the mat.
  2. Take off the protective cover from over the charging case if you have one of them. While the cover does safeguard your charging case from getting damaged, it may also cause the possibility of intermittent charging.
  3. Make sure that there is no direct contact between the wireless charging mat and the metal hinges of the charging case. This can be avoided by placing something like a card or a cloth between the mat and the case.


Why is my AirPods Pro case not lighting up?

Your AirPods Pro case is most likely not lighting up due to the AirPods Pro battery running out of juice. When the battery is recharged, the case will light up automatically.

You can check out the following steps to charge the AirPods Pro and light up its case after ensuring that the earbuds are in their case.

  1. Place the AirPods Pro case on a wireless charging mat so that the AirPods Pro gets charged. This can take a fairly long time if the battery is completely dead.
  2. Connect the charging cable to the case and the adapter. Plug the adapter securely into the wall outlet and turn ON the power switch to charge the earbuds.
  3. Plug the charger into the wall outlet and press the Reset button behind the case for a while. This will fix the issue of the case not lighting up due to an accidental reset.


Why is my AirPod case flashing an orange light?

Your AirPods case is flashing an orange light due to a pairing error. This can be resolved by doing a factory reset on the earbuds.

  1. Put the AirPods Pro in their case. 
  2. Wait for 30 seconds and keep its lid open to see the LED light status.
  3. Press Settings on the device with which your AirPods Pro is connected and then Bluetooth.
  4. Press the i button (inside a circle) near the name of your AirPods.
  5. Press Forget This Device.
  6. Press the Setup button behind the charging case until the orange light turns ON.
  7. Release the button after three blinks of the orange light. This is approximately 15 seconds.
  8. Close the lid of the case.
  9. Place the connecting device and the AirPods Pro close to each other.
  10. Open the lid of the charging case once again.
  11. Follow the instructions on the screen for the re-pairing process.


You can also try recharging the Airpods and installing a firmware update to solve the flashing orange light issue.


Why is my AirPod case not charging to 100%?

Your AirPod case is not charging to 100% because of a faulty charging cable or adapter, a loose connection, dirt in the charging accessories or a pending firmware update.

The fixes to your AirPod case not charging completely are illustrated below.

  1. Look out for signs of any defect in the charging cable. There is also the probability of the adapter being affected by a short circuit. Replacing the charging cable and adapter with a new set provided by Apple or your iPhone should help.
  2. Ensure that the USB cable is inserted firmly into the power adapter and the case. The adapter should also be plugged in securely to a properly working power outlet.
  3. Ensure that the charging case and the AirPods Pro are always clean. The port of the case tends to accumulate dirt from time to time and will have to be cleaned with a compressed air can, a micro-fiber cloth, or a small toothbrush.
  4. Keep your AirPods Pro updated with their latest firmware all the time. The update often takes place automatically, but at times you will have to do it manually.

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