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How to Fix Black Screen on a Samsung TV

Why does my Samsung TV have a black screen?

The main reason why your Samsung TV has a black screen is because of a faulty connection, the TV is in Power Save Mode or is running outdated firmware


A blank screen may indicate that the TV has been switched off, but if it is emitting sound, you know this is not the case.

When your TV displays a black screen even when it is turned on, it is likely caused by an external device rather than the TV itself. There are a couple more steps to troubleshoot if your TV is linked via a One Connect Box.


Possible Causes:

  • TV is frozen
  • Faulty connections
  • Input sources
  • Power Saver Mode
  • Firmware issues


Frozen TV

A gentle reset and reboot will frequently solve a frozen Samsung TV. A soft reset will not destroy any of your personal information or preferences, but it may temporarily enable some previously disabled apps.


Faulty connections

When connecting the smart TV to the smart hub, ensure sure all of the wires are correctly attached and secured by securely inserting them into their appropriate ports.

Nevertheless, if a connection is faulty or partially plugged in — even if it is not an HDMI cable — you may get the black screen of death.


Input sources

It is more likely that your Samsung TV’s input source is contaminated. You may troubleshoot and resolve the problem by following a few easy steps.

Irrespective of whether you connect your TV to the smart hub or a DVD player, it may occasionally flash a blank screen or the “TV screen of death.”


Power saver mode

If you want to watch TV for an extended period, you may need to switch it off at some point. But what about all the programmes that are operating in the background?

There’s a smart way to switch off your TV and a smarter way to turn it back on. A clever sleep clock and power-saving mode will assist your TV in conserving energy and lowering your electric cost.


Corrupt Firmware

The display firmware setting is to blame for the Samsung black screen of death. Nonetheless, changing that setting with new firmware can resolve the issue.

Due to a fault in the firmware, which stops customers from seeing any material on their TVs, the black screen of death is a major issue for Samsung TV owners.

The only thing that emerges is a blank screen, which does not help television makers that want to instil affection and faith in their customers.


black screen on a samsung TV


How do I fix a Samsung TV black screen?

If your Samsung TV is stuck on a black screen you should disconnect all cables and turn off your Samsung TV for 3 minutes. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds while the TV is disconnected.  The turn the TV on and the black screen should  be fixed.


Possible causes:

  • TV is frozen
  • Faulty connections
  • Input sources
  • Power Saver Mode
  • Firmware issues


Frozen TV

If your Samsung Tv becomes unresponsive, you may restore it to life by conducting a fast reset. Disconnect the TV for 1 min before plugging it back in. This will resolve any difficulties that may have emerged as a result of a brief glitch.

A reboot may also be necessary to resolve the problem. Most people have never heard of a TV reboot, let alone know how to carry one off.

A TV reboot may resolve any troubles you may be experiencing with your TV, from little issues like poor WiFi to major concerns like a complete failure. Unplug the power cord and hold the power button on the controller for thirty seconds.


Faulty connections

When utilising a Samsung TV, you must connect the cords firmly and in the correct order. Look for a label on the TV that instructs you on how to connect the input cable, power supply, and any other cords. For instance, it may state “Input” on one side of the cable and “TV” on the other.

The signal is not working on the Samsung TV. It’s not that it’s broken; the problem is with the cable. First, make sure that all of the wires are correctly attached.

You may rapidly accomplish this by heading to Settings > Support > Device Maintenance > Self Troubleshooting > Signal Information. Examine the signalling history for any red flags.


Input sources

This can be a tough problem to handle, and you’ll be asked to reset your TV by removing the power connection from both the back of your TV and the wall. You may need to reset your Blu-ray player as well.

When you discover the screen stops operating, double-check your input source. However, if you are still unable to resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support staff, who will be able to provide you with further data on the input source issue.


Power saver mode

If your smart TV has a power-saving or sleep timer setting activated, deactivating it may fix the Black Screen of Death problem.


To Turn Off the Sleep Timer on a Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • To access the menu, press the Home button on the tv remote
  • Choose Sleep Timer from the Settings > Time menu
  • To turn it off, use the icons on the remote


Here’s how to disable your TV’s power-saving mode:

  • On your remote, press the Menu button
  • Go to Settings, then to Power Saving
  • Toggle the switch from On to Off


Outdated Firmware

Firmware upgrades for Samsung TVs may be accomplished via the settings menu. If the screen stays dark for a short period, you may quickly do an update.

Go to Settings > Help > Software or Firmware Update > Upgrade Now. During the procedure, the Smart sourcewould reboot instantly.


How to reset a Samsung TV with a black screen

The reason why you are seeing a black screen on your Samsung TV might be a momentary malfunction or glitch.


Have you ever had a dark screen on your Samsung television? Do you realise it’s a blank screen? Perhaps any weak connections are producing an issue, and your TV has just shut off. Or perhaps you did experience a black screen.

Additionally, executing a soft reset might assist you in addressing this issue. This step was rated as one of the most effective by several users.


Follow the instructions below to execute a soft reset.

  • Wait 60 seconds after unplugging the TV’s power cord from the socket
  • After that, reconnect the power cable to the outlet and see if the problem remains


Why does the Samsung TV screen goes black but the sound still works?

The reason why you are seeing a black screen on your Samsung TV might be a simple malfunction or glitch.


You must reset your Samsung TV if it has sound but no image. Unplug your Samsung TV and wait for at least 45 seconds. Hold down the power button for at least 40 seconds while the TV is disconnected. After the 60 seconds are complete, plug your Samsung TV again.

  • The goal here is to wait the entire 60 seconds. Please have some patience and wait at least one minute before plugging it back in
  • Tap and hold the power button on your Samsung TV for around thirty seconds while it is disconnected. Check that you’re holding the start button on your TV, not the controller


Why is my Samsung TV screen flashing black on and off?

The reason why your Samsung TV screen flashes black on and off and flickering could be because of the unstable broadcast signal, input source issue, and faulty connections.

The following factors can produce screen flickering:

  • It can occur when the broadcast signal is unstable
  • When the signal strength and quality are poor
  • When the linked input source device’s resolution is poor
  • While utilising inferior connection cables and connectors
  • When the cable connection between the TV and the associated source device is broken

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