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How to Fix TV that has a Black Screen but the Sound Works?

Why is my TV screen black but the sound works?

The reason why a TV screen can turn black while the sound is still working, can be due to a faulty power supply, a backlight error or a broken TV panel.

  • Trouble with the power supply
  • Backlight error
  • Broken TV panel
  • Connections not working
  • Sleep timer
  • Capacitor issue 


Trouble with the power supply

Along with a T-con board and other internal pieces, TVs have more than just a power supply board. Connect your TV to a separate power source to see if it’s a power supply issue. If it works, the problem is with the power outlet, not the TV.


Backlight error

LCD TVs have this problem since they employ a backlight to illuminate the images on the screen.


Broken TV panel

If your TV panel is broken, your screen will go blank. 


Connections not working

It could be because of a bad connection or bad wiring that your TV screen doesn’t work at all. You can look at the connection cables to ensure that the power source, TV and other things are all plugged in the right way.


Sleep timer

If the TV’s sleep timer is ON the TV will go to sleep at the set time. The good news is that you can turn off the timer from your TV’s set up menu.


Capacitor Issue 

If the capacitor in the TV is poor, the TV won’t be able to switch ON or show any images.


What does a black screen on my TV mean?

A black screen on your TV may mean loose connections, a capacitor issue or a problematic TV panel. A backlight problem, a failed power supply board or a turned ON sleep schedule can also cause a black screen.

  • Loose connections
  • Capacitor issue
  • Problematic TV panel
  • Backlight problem
  • Failed power supply board
  • Turned ON sleep schedule


Loose connections

When your TV’s screen is unresponsive and blank, check the connection between the power supply and the TV, the DVD player, the cable box and any other auxiliary device.

A loose connection between the power supply and any device connected to the TV can cause a black screen.


Capacitor issue

If the capacitor in the TV is defective or damaged, the TV won’t be able to switch ON or show any images.


Problematic TV panel

There’s a chance your TV’s panel is damaged if the screen goes dark or blank. A broken or cracked panel can pave way for a black screen.


Backlight problem

If you have an LCD TV, a failing backlight could cause your dark screen. A backlight is used in LCD TVs to illuminate the images on the screen.


Failed power supply board

The most common problem of a black screen is a power supply board failure. A TV may feature multiple power supply boards, a T-con board and other internal components.


Turned ON sleep schedule

The sleep schedule in your television is sometimes activated, causing the TV to go to sleep mode at the set time. This can cause the TV to have a black screen. 


TV has black screen but sound is working


How to fix a TV that is black but the sound is working?

Some methods to fix a TV that is black but sound is working are a manual reset, turning OFF power saver mode or changing the HDMI cable.

Checking the TV setup or getting a new power board may also help.


Do a manual TV reset.

  1. Look for a small pinhole on the side or back of your television.
  2. Place a pin into the hole.
  3. Hold the Power button down for 30–60 seconds.
  4. Release the power button

Soon after you release the button, the TV will turn OFF and ON. A reset would have been done automatically. Proceed to set up the TV again and see if it works now.


Turn OFF power saver mode

Take a look at the settings on your TV to see if it is in power saver mode. In power saver mode, your screen will turn OFF while there is still sound. If your TV has this feature enabled, it’s recommended that you turn OFF the power-saving mode. 


Change the HDMI Cable

If your TV doesn’t work because of bad cable connections, it’s often time to change the HDMI cable on your TV. It may be damaged or show signs of fraying. HDMI cables are cheap and can be found in both offline and online stores.


Check to see if the TV is set up right

The TV’s power and installation connections should be checked to see if it has been properly set up and there are no loose wires. The cables should all be connected properly. Follow the steps given below to check this.

  1. Switch OFF the TV and the power supply and disconnect them.
  2. Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes and plug them again.
  3. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  4. Turn ON the TV.


Install a new power board.

You can call a technician to replace your TV’s power board or do it yourself. However, if you do it yourself during the warranty period, you may be nullifying the warranty.


Can a black screen on a TV be fixed?

Yes, a black screen on a TV can be fixed. You can contact the manufacturer’s service team to check your television and get the black screen fixed.

However, based on the age and condition of your TV, the best option might be to upgrade to a new television.


How much does it cost to fix a black TV screen?

It could can cost $200 to $400 to fix a TV that is displaying a black screen.

Besides, you might have a broken backlight or power board. That will raise the cost of the repair. A 4K TV could cost you up to $1,000 to fix.


Samsung TV screen won’t turn on, but the sound works

Your Samsung TV may not turn ON but the sound works for one or more reasons. This could be a failed power cycle or a faulty HDMI connection.

  • Perform a power cycle of your TV by unplugging its connection from the wall outlet, waiting for a minute and plugging the connection back again.
  • Check for a faulty HDMI connection by replacing a defective HDMI cable. If the cable is in good condition, try opting for another HDMI port instead.

You always have factory reset as the last option to resolve your problem.


How to reset Samsung TV with black screen

You can reset a Samsung TV with a black screen by accessing its settings using your remote control and then navigating to the expert settings menu.


Sometimes, it’s possible to access the Settings even if the screen is black. The process is simple and involves just a few steps.

  1. Press Settings on your remote control.
  2. Select the Picture option from the left pane.
  3. Select Expert Settings in the Picture
  4. Scroll down until you reach the Reset Picture
  5. Select Reset Picture and click OK to confirm your decision to reset the TV.


LG TV won’t turn on but sound works

Your LG TV won’t turn ON but the sound works because of a problem with the HDMI connection or a pending power cycle.


  • Try replacing the HDMI cable or swapping the HDMI port depending on which one is faulty. Sometimes, you may have to do both the changes.
  • Do a power cycle of the TV. Make sure that you do this only through the wall outlet that your TV is connected to and not the remote. The process will take only a minute to get done.

If none of the above methods work, you can opt for a factory reset.


Sony TV won’t turn on but the sound works

Your Sony TV won’t turn ON but the sound works because of an overdue power cycle or an HDMI connectivity issue.

  • Execute a power cycle by simply removing the wall outlet connection of the TV and putting it back again after a minute.
  • Look out for a damaged or faulty HDMI cable by doing a cable replacement check. If the cable has no problem, it’s likely that you have to choose a different HDMI port.


Try a factory reset if both the methods mentioned earlier don’t work for you.


Vizio TV won’t turn on but the sound works

Your Vizio TV won’t turn ON but the sound works because there is a defective HDMI connection or a power cycle has not been done.

  • Check both the HDMI port and cable for their proper functioning. This can be done by opting for a different port and using another working HDMI cable.
  • Carry out a power cycle by removing the power connection through the wall outlet and establishing this connection again. This power cycle must not be done using the remote.


As the final alternative, perform a factory reset if you’ve tried the two methods mentioned but the problem still persists.

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