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How to Fix a Broken Oculus Quest 2 Controller (STEPS)

What do I do if I break my Oculus Quest 2 controller?

A faulty Oculus Quest 2 controller can be replaced free of charge if it’s within the warranty period. Oculus has an excellent support team who can help you with the replacement process.

However, if it’s out of the warranty period, you can get a replacement for a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you think the controller is broken because you hear a rattle from inside after you accidentally dropped it, you can pop it open and check for loose cables and ribbons or other loose parts.


Types of Oculus Quest 2 controller problems:

  • Unclean cameras
  • Too dark or bright surroundings
  • Mirrors and LEDs
  • Low battery or rechargeable battery problem
  • Flickering LEDs
  • Blurry images
  • Pairing issue
  • Right/left controller not working
  • Wi-Fi not connecting
  • Controller lags
  • In-game drifts
  • Hanging issue


The following table highlights some key tracking problems and a few other issues associated with the Oculus Quest 2 controller along with what you can do to fix them.

Name of Problem Description Solution
Unclean cameras The headset cameras don’t offer a clear view. ·         Wipe the lens of the cameras with a microfiber cloth to make them clean and free of smears and fingerprints.

·         Remove labels or stickers stuck on the lens.

Too dark or too bright The surroundings are either too dark or too bright. ·         Use the controller in a well-lit place away from direct sunlight.

·         Use the controller indoors as it’s not designed for outdoor use.

·         Close the curtains to minimize the glare.

Mirrors and LEDs The controller follows a different track. ·         Move or cover nearby mirrors when the controller is in use or play in an area where there are no mirrors.

·         Turn OFF LEDs near the controller as the camera can confuse them with the tracking ring lights.

Low battery or rechargeablebattery problem One or both controllers are not detected. ·         Replace the battery of the controller.

·         Change to one-time use batteries if tracking problems occur with rechargeable batteries.

Flickering LEDs There is a problem with the tracking frequency. Change the tracking frequency of the controller through the Device menu in Settings. There are three options – Automatic, 50Hz and 60Hz.
Blurry images There is a problem with the IPD settings The IPD setting that determines the distance of one lens from another in the headset must be adjusted.
Pairing issue The controller doesn’t get paired with the headset Unpair the controller using the mobile app and try pairing again.
Right/left controller not working There is a pending firmware update or the battery terminals are corroded. ·         Do a firmware update.

·         Check for corrosion on battery terminals and clean it.

Wi-Fi not connecting The controller is not getting connected to the internet Restart the Wi-Fi connection or use a stronger connection and enter the correct password.
Controller lags There are large background processes in the phone or PC. Stop processes such as system updates and/or downloads and restart the device.
In-game drifts The controller is sticky or sweaty and/or the battery is not inserted properly. ·         Wipe the controller clean using soft wipes or tissues.

·         Remove the battery and seat it properly once again.

Hanging issue The controller fails to respond to any action. ·         Change the battery.

·         Carry out a firmware update.

·         Restart the entire setup.


You can first try a full reboot of the headset by accessing the Restart or Power Off option from the Power menu.

Alternatively, you can just keep the Power button pressed until the controller gets switched OFF and turn it ON once again.

Both methods perform a full power cycle and can help to address several unidentifiable and basic problems.


How do I fix a broken Oculus Quest 2 controller?

You can fix a broken Oculus Quest 2 controller by using glue or tape, wire and solder or aluminum foil based on which part of the controller is broken and the extent of the damage.

  • Glue or tape
  • Wire and solder
  • Aluminum foil
  1. If the ring or similar parts of your controller are broken, you can bring the two ends together and apply some superglue. Remember to keep it aside for some time so that the glue sets fully. You can also consider using an adhesive tape to join the broken pieces together.
  2. If you use superglue, you must make sure that the glue does not flow into the controller through the gap as this can stop the controller from working. You can use a nail file to spread the glue evenly. On the other hand, if you use adhesion tape, the tape may likely lose its adhesion after a period and you might have to use a new tape in its place.
  3. If it’s the ribbon cable that is broken, you can fix it easily by using some solder and wire to bring it to working condition.
  4. If the electrical circuit breaks because the AA battery being used is too small, you have no alternative but to get it changed. This usually happens when you do rapid hand movements. However, you can prevent this breaking by placing some folded aluminum foil on both sides of the battery contact. This will hold the battery tightly in its compartment without moving around and breaking the electrical circuitry.
  5. If you notice that the damage due to the controller breaking has an adverse effect on the calibration of its sensors, you must go in for a controller replacement.


Broken Oculus Quest 2 Controller


Does Oculus have a warranty?

Yes, Oculus has a warranty for its controller. The warranty period is for two years. It begins right from when the device is activated.

The warranty is also applicable to only issues and damage that stop you from using the controller the way it’s intended to be used. The warranty, generally, doesn’t cover accidental damages and/or normal wear and tear.

However, you may be able to avail an extended warranty as well if you buy the Quest 2 controller if you buy it from third-party manufacturers.


How much does it cost to repair a broken Oculus Quest 2?

The exact cost to repair a broken Oculus Quest 2 depends on which part is broken and needs to be replaced. The cost may also include the labor charges and the service center you take your controller for repair. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any repair services.

In some cases, it would be more economical to go in for a replacement part. For example, you can buy a left or right replacement controller instead of trying to get it repaired if it’s broken.

Both Meta Quest 2 controllers are priced at the same amount of $69 per controller on the manufacturer’s website. However, you may have to pay some extra amount as shipping charges. The exact shipping charges depend on your destination.


Can I order the Oculus Quest 2 right controller replacement?

Yes, you can order a replacement Oculus Quest 2 right controller. You can also order a replacement Oculus Quest 2 left controller. They can be bought as a pair or just as one controller.


Why is my Oculus Quest 2 controller not turning on?

A Oculus Quest 2 controller may not be turning ON because of a pairing issue. This problem can be rectified by unpairing the controller and pairing it again in the devices menu.


Unpairing the controller

  1. Open the Oculus app on your PC or phone.
  2. Press Devices in the bottom menu.
  3. Press the Oculus Quest 2 controller headset that you have paired earlier.
  4. Press Controllers followed by the controller to be unpaired.
  5. Press Unpair Controller.


Pairing the controller

  1. Turn ON the Bluetooth feature of your phone.
  2. Make sure that the headset and the phone have the same Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Open the Oculus
  4. Press Devices followed by the Oculus Quest 2 controller headset to be paired. The pairing will take place automatically. It’s important to neither turn the headset OFF nor close the app during the pairing process.

You can also consider replacing the AA battery in your controller and try turning it ON before you attempt the unpairing and repairing process. Make sure that you seat the battery properly.

Sometimes, a failing battery or an incorrect battery seating can stop the controller from getting turned ON.


How do I reset my Oculus Quest 2 controller?

You can reset your Oculus Quest 2 controller by doing a hard reset or a factory reset using your phone or the headset. 


Hard reset

This is a single-step process and involves keeping the Power button pressed for at least 10 seconds.


Factory reset using phone

  1. Open the Oculus app installed on the phone.
  2. Press Settings followed by the connected headset.
  3. Press More Settings, Factory Reset and Reset in the specified order.


Factory reset using headset

  1. Turn the headset OFF.
  2. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons together until you notice that the boot screen has loaded on the headset.
  3. Select the Factory Reset option using the Volume
  4. Press the Power button and select the Yes option with the help of the Volume


Why is my Oculus Quest 2 controller trigger not working?

Your Oculus Quest 2 controller trigger button may not be working due to incorrectly placed batteries or dirt on the controller trigger.

  • Incorrectly placed battery
  • Dirt on the controller
  1. Remove the batteries and reseat them again considering their polarities.
  2. Clean the controller thoroughly using soft wet wipes or tissue papers. Pay special attention to getting rid of the dirt specs clogged on the trigger button with the help of a cotton bud.
  3. Reset the app on your PC or phone. This can sometimes make the trigger resume its functioning once again.


How to fix sticky buttons on Oculus Quest 2 controller?

You can fix sticky buttons on an Oculus Quest 2 controller by cleaning them using a cleaning agent and a few cotton buds. Some good choices of cleaning agents are rubbing alcohol, WD-40 specialist contact cleaner.

  1. Turn OFF and unplug your Oculus controller.
  2. Remove the batteries from the controller.
  3. Dip the tip of the cotton bud into a little rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner. Make sure that the cotton bud isn’t dripping with the cleaning agent to avoid damage to the circuitry.
  4. Rub around the sticky buttons and inside the areas surrounding the buttons with the cotton bud several times. This will disintegrate the accumulated gunk build-up.
  5. Press the stuck buttons continuously to ease penetration of the cleaning agent and release the residual dirt, if any.
  6. Set the controller aside for some time so that it dries well.


How to fix a cracked Oculus Quest 2 controller?

You can fix a cracked Oculus Quest 2 controller by using some superglue and baking soda on the cracked area if its electronics aren’t broken. This combination works as an instant fix and seals the crack immediately.

  1. Bring the cracked portions of the controller together as it would be if it was not cracked.
  2. Apply some super glue over the cracked portion.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda powder on top of the glue. You can spread the baking soda powder an extra inch on either side of the crack.
  4. Blow over the powder gently to remove the excess quantity and retain only a thin layer. This helps to harden the superglue straightaway.

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