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How to Fix Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking (STEPS)

Oculus Quest controller losing tracking

Why is My Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking?

A Oculus Quest controller can lose tracking because of dirty senses, uneven lighting and low battery levels.

  • Dirty senses
  • Uneven lighting
  • Low battery levels
  • Unstable WIFI connection

At certain times, some issues in the hardware cause the Oculus controller to lose track. This issue can pop up out of nowhere while you’re playing a game using it.

Losing track can occur often while you’re using the Oculus Quest controller. There are other problems which may arise for the controller to lose track:

  • While putting on/off or adjusting the headset, your fingers are inevitably going to touch the sensors now and then. This transfers the oil and dirt from your fingers to the glass.
  • One may find it very difficult to make other connections. Pairing the Oculus quest headset and Oculus app can take a lot of time.
  • Sometimes a lower battery charge can make the Oculus quest controller lose tracking. But sometimes, if the hardware issues are major, charging the battery won’t help.

ADVICE- Usually, a factory reset helps to resolve this issue. But if it continues for many days, you must contact the service center at the earliest. They will come and make the necessary changes. But if the faults are major, they will replace it with a new one for you.


How to Fix Oculus Quest Controller Tracking

Resetting the factory setup of the Oculus quest controller can usually solve the tracking trouble. The sensors of the Oculus quest are on the actual body, and so resetting is possible easily.

  1. Uneven lighting can also cause the Oculus quest controller to lose track. Make sure all the lights are even in the room where you are using it.
  2. Take time and make sure that there are proper connections between the headset and the application of the Oculus quest controller.
  3. 5 volts of battery delivery charge are required for the Oculus controller to work properly. If not, they can lose track. If the battery drains, put them up to charge immediately.
  4. It is important to do a quick cleanup of the headset, especially the sensors and glass covering it. There must not be any type of oil/dirt clogged that may hamper the tracking process. A microfiber cloth must be used for cleaning.
  5. If the Wi-Fi connection is slow or unstable, tracking problems can increase. Make sure the connection is stable and excellent.


Many times these tips can fix the tracking issues along with the factory reset. But if it persists, return the defaulted controller and exchange it for a new one.


Troubleshooting Oculus Quest Controller Tracking Problems

Many physical issues with the tracking issue of the Oculus quest controller are:



Solution- Make sure all the connections between these two are properly paired. Also, check that you entered the correct code. If yes and the problems continue, contact the Oculus support team.



Solution- Adjust the headset and the straps carefully while putting it on. Even the take-off should be done cautiously. Do not apply too much force on the strap. Do not pull them too much. Tighten the straps one at a time.

Remember! The warranty does not cover any wear and tear or any physical damages caused to the Oculus quest controller.




  • The charging cable should be properly connected to the headset when charging. The cable should neither be too tight, not be too loose. If it is loose, unplug the cable and plug it back after ensuring the wire is properly connected.
  • The LED should be lit on the side of the headset while charging. It should either be orange or green in color. If it’s neither of them, then the headset isn’t charging properly.
  • The headset should be in sleep mode or turned off when it isn’t in use or charging.


Oculus Quest Tracking Lost Error

The Oculus quest controller can lose tracking while playing games like Sairento. This can happen if you haven’t updated to the latest firmware. The older versions may not be supporting the new updates from the game. This can crash the game horribly, and you may lose all your data. Fix this problem using the following steps:


  1. Check for the latest updates, like for the firmware. Usually, such an update can solve the issue in 70% of the cases.
  2. Reboot the headset and do a factory reset. This can solve any minute internal issues that may be responsible for causing the Oculus controller to lose tracking.
  3. Try different room setups with lightening effects. Sometimes the light in one room can be uneven. It can have a dark phase in one end and too much brightness at the opposite end.
  4. Check if the controller has lost tracking on both sides or only on one side. If one of the controllers is faulty, then you need to fix it carefully without damaging the other. However, if both have failed, then contact the service center.
  5. Make sure that the headset stays on all the time while making the required changes. The controllers should be on and connected too. The IR LEDs should be visible on the controller.


Why is My Oculus Quest Controller Not Working?

There can be many reasons why your Oculus quest controller has stopped working. Mentioned below are the reasons along with the solutions:



This problem is very common, and you find out accordingly when you receive an error indicating the same. It can be solved by-

  1. A web page can ask you for interaction before giving you access to the internet connection. Such a page is called a captive portal. Networks of public Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, and the like use these captive portals. The Oculus quest controller won’t work initially if your network is connected to a captive portal. Hence, make the necessary changes.
  2. If the Wi-Fi has a weak signal, the quest will not be able to function properly. Move closer to your router for better signal. If that doesn’t work, connect your controller with another Wi-Fi connection, which has a stronger signal.
  3. In case you’ve entered the wrong password of your Wi-Fi into the Oculus quest controller, an error will pop up. Disconnect from the network, enter the correct password and reconnect again.



Connectivity and battery issues are two of the many reasons you aren’t able to pair your Oculus quest controllers. Try one or all of the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Wake up the controller by pressing any button while the Oculus quest is being used.
  2. The ‘Oculus’ button should be pressed and held down for about 20 seconds for reorienting the quest controller.
  3. Here, disconnect the battery. Then put it back into the oculus touch controller.
  4. The Oculus quest controller should be unpaired and re-paired by the following steps:



  • Tap the ‘Settings’ option from the Oculus app on your laptop/phone.
  • Select the headset, which is currently paired.
  • Tap ‘Unpair Controller’ option from the Controllers menu. The unpair will be successful, and you can log out.



  • Again select the ‘Settings’ options on your phone from the Oculus app.
  • Select the ‘Pair new Controller’ option from the Controllers menu. Choose either left or right, whichever you want to pair up.
  • Hold the menu button until the LED light blinks up and finalizes the pairing.



Sometimes the area in which you’re playing has a great distance from the guardian. There are chances that the pairing could break anytime. The touch controllers, if manhandled, can cause problems. Following steps can help sort this issue:

  1. Ensure that the area in which you’re playing is at least 2 feet by 2 feet (or maximum 3 feet).
  2. Place objects like a couch, table, sofa, and the like to define your boundary.
  3. While you set such boundaries, the trigger on your Oculus quest controller should be pressed and held.
  4. Make sure not to block the tracking fence of your controller using your hands, legs, or any body part while setting the boundaries.
  5. Make sure to charge or change the battery on your touch controller if it is low or dead, respectively.


Why Your Oculus Quest Controller Keeps Disconnecting

The controllers can disconnect due to various issues. Either the left or the right one can get disconnected. In some cases, both can get disconnected. The following steps can sort this issue:

  1. The controllers should be unpaired from the headset completely. If one of them is troubling (right or left), then only that one should be disconnected.
  2. Let the controllers rest completely by removing the batteries. This position should be maintained for the next 2 to 5 minutes. This is done to ensure that the controllers are reset properly.
  3. After the time is up, the batteries should be reinstalled. Make the necessary repairs of the controllers, and it’ll start working again.

ADVICE– It will be a good practice to check that the firmware and all the apps are up to date. Not installing some new changes can hamper with the working of the controllers.


Oculus Quest Left Controller Not Working

The people used to the left controller of the Oculus quest might find that it is not working properly after some time. The reason for the same can range from minor problems like a weak battery to major problems like software issues. Follow the steps to solve the matter if it’s minor:

  1. Make sure to check the version of the quest controller. You can easily check this up on the mobile application.
  2. The next step is to unpair the left controller. Let it stay in this position for about 2 minutes, after which you can pair it again. Replace if it’s weak.
  3. Remove the battery and insert it back after a minute or two.

ADVICE– The above should solve the matter in a few minutes. But if it persists, you should contact the Oculus customer support center.


Oculus Quest Right Controller Not Working

The right controller of the Oculus controller may stop and fail to work sometimes. This usually happens to people used to working with the right controller more than the left one. A weak or not-properly-placed battery can cause trouble. In some cases, it is the software glitches. The steps which can resolve this issue are:

  1. The latest version of the firmware should be updated. This version of the quest controller can easily be found on the mobile application.
  2. The right controller should be un-paired for about 2 minutes. Re-pair after that.
  3. The battery should be removed and inserted back after a few minutes. Replace if it’s weak.

ADVICE– The service center should be contacted if the problem persists.


Beat Saber Oculus Quest Tracking Issues

If Beat Saber is being played for many hours a day, chances are there you might lose the tracking at some point.

Playing big swings can cause this issue sometimes, and you may find it frustrating.

Switch off the Oculus quest controller for a few minutes to solve this issue. If it persists:

  1. Try to make small swings initially while playing. Then increase the speed. This will help the controller to gradually adjust without losing track.
  2. Clean the sensors with a clean cloth to remove smudges, fingerprints, and oil.
  3. Check the battery. If it’s weak, replace.

ADVICE– Keep track of the latest updates.


Superhot Vr Not Tracking Hands

This is an issue faced by many gamers around the world. Firstly, it is important to make sure that you have enabled the hand tracking in the settings. If it is already setup and the problem continues:

  1. Reconfigure the superhot VR. This may take a few seconds to a few minutes. Wait patiently.
  2. Open up the library of superhot VR. Right-click and go to properties to select ‘old-streamvr-patch.’ This option appears in the Betas tab’s drop-down menu.

ADVICE– Check the battery and replace it if it’s weak.


Recroom Not Tracking Hands

It becomes frustrating for many people when the controller isn’t able to track hands in the middle of a crucial game. Firstly, check the battery. Most of the time, a weak battery causes this issue. If the battery works well, then follow the steps:

  1. Reconfigure the Recroom VR. Wait patiently as this may take up to 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Recalibrate the controllers and the headset from the diagnostics menu.

ADVICE– Contact the customer service center if the issue isn’t resolved.

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