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How to Fix a Blinking Laptop Power Button (STEPS)

How to Fix a Blinking Laptop Power Button


Why is my Laptop Power Button Blinking?

The most common reason for a laptop power button to blink is due to the laptop entering the standby mode.

Every model of a laptop has a different explanation for this but the common reason would be that you have not used the laptop for some time and hence the system has entered the standby mode.

So, what are the other reasons that cause your laptop power button to blink?

  • A laptop that has entered the standby mode can cause the power button to blink.
  • Battery faults can cause the laptop power button to blink. So, it would be a good idea to check whether the battery needs a replacement.
  • Hardware failure can cause the blinking of the power button on your laptop.


How to Fix a Blinking Laptop Power Button?

What can you do to fix this issue? It is very simple and easy to fix. Follow the tips given below.

  1. Check whether the power cord is damaged. Try using a different power cord of the same brand to rule out this problem.
  2. Check whether the laptop has gone into the standby mode. Press the power button once to bring the laptop out of the standby mode.
  3. If the LEDs on the front panel of your laptop glow when you switch on the laptop then there is some issue with the display. You will need to get the display checked.
  4. If the LEDs glow in some pattern, check for the error codes in the manual. These error codes will explain the type of error in the system which you can then fix.
  5. If the system connects on AC power but does not work on battery, then the problem lies with the battery. Try replacing the battery and the issue will be resolved.


Laptop Power Button Blinking but not Turning ON

A laptop power button can keep blinking but not turn on because of a BIOS or CPU failure.

  1. One reason for the laptop power button blinking but not turning ON could be due to a battery that is about to die. If the battery is working below the required level, then the system will not power ON completely. Replace the battery to sort this issue.
  2. If you notice that the caps lock key has a light turned on then the issue could lie with the internal hardware. A BIOS failure or a CPU error could cause this problem. You will need to get the laptop checked by a service center.


Laptop Power Button Blinks Once

Charging your charger at the correct voltage can resolve the issue of a laptop power button blinking once.

  1. If you have been using a charger or adapter with a lesser voltage than the original one, that can cause the laptop button to blink once.
  2. If your original charger is for 150V but you have been using a 75V charger, then you may notice that the laptop does not turn ON. This is because the 75V charger would have supplied some amount of power to the system but not enough for it to run consistently.
  3. Changing your charger to the correct voltage specification will resolve this problem.


Laptop Power Button Flashes 3 Times

If your laptop does not turn on despite pressing the power button but flashes 3 times, then the issue could be due to the build-up of static electricity in the system.

This is not such a common issue and does not occur frequently but if you are facing it, you can follow the steps mentioned below to rectify the problem.

  1. Remove the battery and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  2. The AC adapter will also need to be removed and cleaned.
  3. Try to open the back case carefully and remove the RAM chip.
  4. Exercise caution while removing the RAM chip as even the slightest mishandling can damage it.
  5. Now keep the power button pressed for about 2 minutes continuously.
  6. Replace the RAM chip and the back cover.
  7. Place the battery back in the slot and connect the AC adapter.
  8. Any static electricity build-up on the laptop would have dissipated and the laptop should work properly now.


Laptop Power Button Blinks 5 Times

Does your laptop power button LED blink 5 times when you try to start it?

Try the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Remove the battery from the laptop.
  2. Connect the laptop to the AC adapter and try switching it on.
  3. If your laptop boots correctly and you are able to work properly, then the issue most likely is with the battery.
  4. Replace the battery with a new one and the issue will likely be resolved.
  5. If the laptop does not boot correctly when you connect it to the AC adapter, then the issue lies with the adapter.
  6. Replace the adapter to fix this issue.
  7. Sometime the problem could be the electrical power outlet. If the outlet has some voltage fluctuation or is not working properly, this problem could arise.


Laptop Power Button Flashing When Plugged

Replacing the power cord with a higher voltage cord can fix a laptop power button flashing when plugged in.

This type of issue is characterized by the power button flashing once or several times when you connect to the power supply. The laptop most likely won’t switch ON or start but the flashing may continue.

In most cases, the laptop power button will stop flashing when you unplug from power.

If you are facing this problem, you can try the following tips to identify and fix the issue.

  1. Try using another charger of a higher voltage. Sometimes replacing the power cord with one of higher voltage specifications might solve this problem.
  2. If you have replaced the original charger with another one, then the issue could be caused by the duplicate charger. Try to get a charger of the same brand and also one that is suitable for the model. This can help you resolve the problem.
  3. If all of these techniques fail, you may have to consider getting your laptop checked at a service center.


HP Laptop Power Button Flashing

How to Fix a HP laptop that has a flashing power button.

  1. If the battery is incorrectly charged, then the laptop might refuse to start. Make sure that you drain the battery fully and let it sit for some time. Charge the battery again and try to power on the laptop. This will most probably help to solve the problem.
  2. Connect the laptop to the AC adapter. Switch on the laptop while the adapter is connected. This will make your laptop work on the AC power rather than on the battery backup. If the laptop starts normally then the fault lies with the battery. Changing the battery will solve this issue.
  3. Check the AC power cord for any defects. A defective power cord can prevent the laptop from getting fully charged.


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Dell Laptop Power Button Flashing

If your Dell laptop is flashing but refuses to turn ON when you click on power button, it means that there is an internal system hardware issue.

The following list covers some of the probable issues.

  1. It could indicate that the memory modules are not able to get initialized or recognized correctly. This could also happen if the memory format is not supported by the system.
  2. If you have recently installed a new graphics card this could be causing the issue. A graphics card that is incorrectly installed may cause this type of problem.
  3. If the ROM initialization fails or is interrupted, you will notice that the LED keeps blinking.
  4. Another possibility could be the system board failure. If the main system board fails, you may have to replace it with a new one.


Lenovo Laptop Power Button Flashing

Some Lenovo users have complained that the laptop sometimes refuses to switch ON but the power button keeps flashing. This issue can occur due to a drained battery.

  1. Power button flashing can be caused due to an incorrect battery charge on the laptop.
  2. It could mean that the battery is not fully charged or some voltage drop has occurred while charging.
  3. Drain the battery completely and charge it again.
  4. To drain the battery fully, press and hold the power button for about 15-20 seconds.
  5. Now remove the battery and then put it back again.
  6. Connect to the charger and charge your battery fully before powering it back on. This should help resolve the issue.

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Acer Laptop Power Button Flashing

Sometimes an Acer laptop will stop charging even when the adapter is plugged in.

The power butto LED light on a Acer laptop can keep if the laptop is several years old.

You can try the following techniques to overcome this problem.

  1. You need to identify whether the fault lies with the battery or the adapter.
  2. Remove the battery and try running the laptop while connected to the AC adapter.
  3. If the laptop works properly then the issue lies with the battery.
  4. Replacing the battery will solve the problem.
  5. If the laptop does not work while the battery is removed then the issue could be a faulty charger.
  6. Replace the charger with a new one and the issue might get resolved.


MacBook Pro Power Button Flashing

If you are experiencing a start-up failure in your MacBook, where the laptop refuses to start but shows a blank screen, then you can try out some easy DIY techniques to solve it. You will also notice that the power button keeps flashing when this happens.

  1. Reset the PRAM.
  2. To reset the PRAM, hold down the power button along with the command button, option button, and P and R keys.
  3. Keep holding these buttons until a chime sounds. Release the buttons.
  4. Now restart the system and check whether the issue is solved.
  5. If this fails then it could be due to a logic board failure. You will have to get the laptop checked by the authorized service center.

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