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How to Fix Ecovacs Deebot that keeps Beeping (STEPS)

Why is my Ecovacs Deebot beeping?

The Ecovacs Deebot cleaning robot will start beeping because of jammed/blocked brush rollers, a malfunctioning wheel motor, or a full dustbin.

  • Jammed/blocked brush rollers
  • Malfunctioning wheel motor
  • Full dustbin


Debris in the main brush rollers

The brush rollers tend to accumulate a lot of debris which causes them to get jammed or blocked. You can remove the debris from the brush rollers with a pair of scissors.


Malfunctioning wheel motors

Hold the device upside down while it is still running, and check the motion of the wheels. If neither wheel is moving, the wheel motors must be replaced to end the beep noises.


Full dustbin

If the dustbin of the Deebot is full, it won’t pick up any debris and will make a beep sound. Once you empty the dustbin, the Deebot will stop beeping.


Why is my Ecovacs Deebot constantly beeping?

Your Ecovacs Deebot is constantly beeping due to a fully discharged battery or inability to connect to the mobile’s Wi-Fi network. The constant beep may also be because the anti-drop sensors at the bottom of the robot have accumulated dust. You can re-activate or replace the battery, check the Wi-Fi settings and credentials, and use the multi-function cleaning tool to clean the anti-drop sensors.


How to stop my Ecovacs Deebot from beeping?

You can stop your Ecovacs Deebot from beeping by checking if the Deebot dust bin compartment is full, examining the motherboard for defects or damage, and checking if the front bumper is stuck.

These issues can be overcome manually with some very simple solutions given below.


  • Full dustbin compartment
  1. Open the dustbin compartment.
  2. Empty the dustbin of all its contents.
  3. Close the dustbin.


  • Defective/Damaged motherboard
  1. Turn OFF the Deebot.
  2. Check the motherboard for any liquid spillage.
  3. Clean the liquid spillage gently with a dry cloth that absorbs the spillage completely.
  4. Allow the Deebot to dry completely.

You can also seek technical assistance to get the defective board replaced.


  • The front bumper is stuck
  1. Check the motors and wheels.
  2. Check if the front bumper is stuck by pressing the front inwards.
  3. If the bumper does not pop back, replace it.


Why is my Deebot beeping and blinking red?

Your Deebot is beeping and blinking red because of a low battery charge, or the Power switch on the bottom of the robot has been turned OFF while charging.

Follow the instructions given below to overcome these issues.


  • Low battery charge
  1. Place the robot on the charging dock.
  2. Ensure the charging contacts on the deebot and the charging dock pins connect.
  3. Turn ON the Power switch.
  4. Allow the Deebot to charge.


  • The Power switch has been turned OFF while charging
  1. Check the Power switch on the bottom of the robot.
  2. If it has been turned OFF accidentally, turn it ON.


Why does my Ecovacs Deebot keep beeping while charging?

Your Ecovacs Deebot keeps beeping while charging because of a faulty power source, a malfunctioning adapter, or a damaged battery.

You can resolve these issues in the following manner.


  • Faulty power source
  1. Check the power outlet.
  2. Plug some other device into the outlet to check if it’s functioning.
  3. If it does, there is something wrong with your Deebot, and you have to get it checked.
  4. If it doesn’t, get the power supply outlet rectified by an electrician.
  5. Connect your Deebot to another power supply outlet.


  • Malfunctioning adapter
  1. Plug the adapter into any power outlet in your surroundings.
  2. If the Deebot continues to beep, replace the adapter with a new one.


  • Damaged battery
  1. If your battery beeps more than 3-4 times while the robot is being charged, the batteries are damaged or dead.
  2. Replace the batteries with new ones.


Ecovacs Deebot keeps beeping


Why does my Deebot keep stopping and beeping?

Your Deebot keeps stopping and beeping because of tangled hair, debris in the driving wheels, or a malfunctioning brush motor.

These are commonplace glitches that can be easily resolved by following the instructions below.


  • Tangled hair or debris in the driving wheels
  1. Check the wheels properly.
  2. If you see any tangled hair, snip them away with scissors.
  3. Use a soft brush to remove the hair tangled in the wheels.           


  • Malfunctioning brush motor
  1. Flip the Deebot over while it’s running.
  2. Examine the brush motors and check if both are running.
  3. If the motors are running sporadically, replace them.


How do I reset my Ecovacs Deebot?

You can reset your Ecovacs Deebot by pressing the Reset button or performing a hard reset.

These issues can be manually resolved by following the instructions given below.


Press the Reset button

  1. Hold and press the Reset button for more than six seconds.
  2. Release the Reset button when you hear a musical sound coming from the Deebot.


Perform a hard reset

  1. Switch ON the Power switch to the I position.
  2. Open the top cover and locate the Reset button adjacent to the right hinge.
  3. Click and hold the Ecovacs Vacuum Reset key for about 3 seconds.
  4. Once you hear short-duration sounds, the Wi-Fi LED indicator starts blinking.
  5. Close the cover firmly and give the Deebot some time to reboot.


Deebot beep error codes

Number of beeps Reason Solution
One Dust accumulation or malfunctioning driving wheels. Examine the entire robot to understand where the dust has accumulated. Check the wheels for tangled hair and snip the hair with a pair of scissors.
Two The main brush isn’t functioning properly due to some debris, dust or tangled hair, or could be damaged. Examine the Deebot to check for any progressive damage and prevent it from getting more defective. Remove the debris, hair, and dust from the main brush.
Three Driving wheels are malfunctioning because of accumulating debris or tangled hair. You can remove the hair with a pair of scissors. Place the Deebot on a safe surface and press the driving wheels to hear the clicking sound. If you don’t hear it, you need to seek technical assistance from an authorized dealer or outlet.
Four Malfunctioning or full dustbin. Empty the dustbin and reinstall it. If it is malfunctioning, seek technical assistance.
Five Disruptive anti-drop sensors, low battery condition. Place your Deebot on the charging dock and allow the battery to get recharged for at least 3-4 hours.
Six Side brush functioning erroneously due to tangled hair, dust or debris. Ensure you maintain the Deebot properly at all times. Clean each side brush thoroughly for it to function seamlessly.
Seven Anti-drop sensors have become dirty. Clean the anti-drop sensors by wiping away the dust from the sensors.
Eight Your robot has been powered OFF while charging. Turn ON the Deebot Power switch before charging the robot.


Why does my Deebot beep 3 times?

Your Deebot beeps 3 times due to an unstable voltage or a pending power cycle. The three beeps can also indicate that the cable in the charging dock has stopped providing power.

These are not big problems, as they can be resolved easily with the steps given below.


Unstable voltage

Incorrect wiring can cause irregular electric supply and voltage fluctuations.

  1. Check the wiring in your premises.
  2. Seek professional assistance to rectify the same.


Cable in the charging dock has stopped providing power

  1. Turn OFF the power supply to the deebot.
  2. Unplug the power cable of the charging dock.
  3. Reconnect the power cable after 10-15 seconds.
  4. Turn ON the power supply.

You can also contact the customer service of Ecovacs to check the cable and charging dock.


Why does my Deebot beep 4 times?

Your Deebot beeps 4 times because of an incorrect installation, a dirt-filled compartment, or some loose-fitting screws on the bottom of your Deebot.

These minor issues can be resolved with ease by following the steps given below.


  • Incorrect installation
  1. Check the positioning of the dustbin in your device to ensure it has been installed correctly.
  2. If it is positioned incorrectly, remove it and reinstall it properly.


  • Dirt-filled compartment
  1. Remove the dustbin and empty it of all its contents.
  2. Reinstall it again.


  • Loose-fitting screws
  1. Check the screws on the bottom of your unit.
  2. Ensure they are firmly fixed in their positions.


Why does my Deebot beep 5 times?

If your Deebot beeps 5 times, it’s a sign of a very low battery charge, a poor connection between the charging contacts on the robot and the charging dock pins, or an unplugged charging dock.

These power-related issues can be solved within minutes. Follow the instructions listed below.


  • Low battery charge
  1. Ensure the Deebot is switched ON.
  2. Recharge the battery completely before using the Deebot.


  • Poor connection between the charging contacts on the robot and the charging dock pins
  1. Check the connection between the charging contacts of the robot and the charging dock pins.
  2. Ensure the connection is established correctly.
  3. Make sure the charging contacts on the robot and the charging dock pins are always hygienic and free of dust and debris.


  • Unplugged charging dock
  1. Make sure the Deebot is switched ON.
  2. Connect the charging dock to the wall outlet.
  3. Keep the Deebot on charging dock at all times to ensure that the battery is fully charged to function consistently.

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