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How to Fix a PC Monitor Screen that is Too Dark (STEPS)

Why is my computer monitor screen darker than usual?

A PC monitor screen can appear too dark because of an outdated graphics driver, a outdated LCD inverter or because the monitor has low voltage.

  • Windows 10 installation
  • Windows 10 updating
  • BIOS problem
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Outdated LCD inverter
  • Low screen voltage


Installing Windows 11

Most of the time, a computer monitor can get darker than usual when you install Windows 11 on your PC. Plus, it can happen when you install a new application on your computer as well.


Updating Windows 10

Sometimes, updating Windows 10 makes the PC monitor darker. It happens when the system needs extra voltage to complete the updating process. As a result, the screen gets darker due to low voltage.



In some cases, BIOS can be the primary reason for a dimmed computer screen. You have to find the current BIOS and update it.


Outdated Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics driver is one of the strongest reasons for a dark PC monitor. A simple uninstalling and reinstalling of the graphics driver can solve this issue.


Old LCD Inverter

An LCD inverter adjusts the backlight of the computer screen. You may have a dark monitor while setting 100% brightness when the LCD inverter gets old.


Low screen voltage

The computer monitor may appear dark due to the screen having a low voltage.


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Why is my screen so dark at full brightness?

Your computer screen can get dark at full brightness due to various reasons related to hardware and OS settings such as an old LCD inverter, an outdated graphics driver or BIOS problem.

A dark screen can even occur after installing the latest version of Windows 10/11.


  • Old LCD inverter
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • BIOS
  • Installation of Windows 10
  • Hardware issues


To fix this issue, you have to implement some methods listed below. Here are the top methods to fix a darker computer screen:

  1. Disable Adaptive Brightness Feature
  • Select Calibrate display color from the Start
  • Click the Next button to open Set basic color settings and then select Next to open the How to adjust gamma Using this window, you can select the color you prefer.
  • To adjust brightness, click the Next button to open the How to adjust brightness
  • Set the brightness and click the Next button twice.
  • Set the color balance before clicking the Finish


  1. Reinstall Graphics Driver
  • Press Win+R together and type mscin the Run box.
  • Click the OK button to open Device Manager.
  • Locate Display driver and right-click to uninstall it.
  • After uninstalling the Display driver, reset your computer.
  • To reinstall the graphics driver, you have to open the Display Adapter option and follow the steps mentioned.
  • Select the Update automatically option and click OK.


  1. Update BIOS
  • Press Win+R together and type msinfo32 to open the System Information
  • Select BIOS information and find the latest version.
  • After completing the download, you can restart your PC.


Why is my screen too dark on Windows 11?

The screen dimming issue can occur on Windows 11 due to automatic brightness level adjustment and other features. In this case, you have to disable some power-saving features to solve this issue.

Some reasons for a dark screen on Monitor running Windows 11 are:

  • Adaptive brightness
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Activated night light
  • Turned ON Game mode
  • Auto-dimming feature on the monitor


You can fix the screen dimming issue by following these methods:


  1. Disable Adaptive Brightness
  • Open the Run window and type edit power plan to open the Edit Power Plan
  • Click then Change advanced power settings link and double-click the Display
  • Double-click Enable adaptive brightness and turn OFF the Plugged in adaptive brightness and On battery
  • Click on Apply followed by OK.


  1. Disable Night Light
  • Click Settings followed by System and then Display.
  • Turn the Night Light setting OFF.


  1. Turn Off Game Mode
  • Press Win+I together to open Settings.
  • Click the Gaming
  • Slide the Game Mode toggle button to OFF position.


  1. Update Graphics Driver
  • Press Win+X together to open Device Manager.
  • Locate Display adapters and right-click to search for an update.
  • If an update is available, complete the process and restart your PC.



How to adjust computer monitor brightness?

The easiest way to adjust computer monitor brightness is using the F1 and F2 keys. You can find them on the keyboard.


If you want your PC to adjust brightness automatically, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu and click on System.
  2. Locate and select the Battery option.
  3. Enable the Lower screen brightness while in battery saver option and select the percentage as per your preference.


Why is my monitor too dark in games?

In most cases, a computer’s monitor can get too dark in games due to several reasons including an auto-dimming issue, low voltage or a recent Windows 10 update. Sometimes it can happen because of the GPU settings.

  • Auto-dimming feature
  • Windows 10 update
  • GPU settings


If you want to fix the screen dimming issue, you have to follow these steps:


  1. Install Pending Updates
  • When you update to the latest version of Windows 10/11, you have to update some apps as well.
  • Go to the Update & Security option from Settings and then Windows Update.
  • Select Advanced Options and then Optional Updates to find pending updates.
  • Update and reboot your computer.


  1. Graphic Card Settings
  • Go to the settings of your graphics card to find the issue.
  • After correcting the issue, you can change the brightness levels.


  1. Disable Adaptive Brightness
  • In the Control Panel window, choose Power Options.
  • Select the Change Plan Settings option and click the Change Advanced Power Settings
  • If the adaptive brightness feature is turned ON, you have to disable it.


Why is my monitor too dark after calibration?

Your PC monitor can get too dark after calibration due to several reasons. In most cases, it can happen when the calibration light option is set low.


To fix too dark PC monitor after calibration, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the display calibration tool and click Next.
  2. Reset the color calibration of Windows 10 and click Next.
  3. Adjust the right gamma calibration.
  4. If you want to adjust brightness and contrast, you can do so as per your requirement. Skip these options if everything is okay.
  5. Perform Windows 10 color calibration.



Why is my Sceptre monitor so dark?

Your Sceptre monitor can be dark if it has an ambient brightness feature. This feature automatically dims the brightness when the light is low.

  • Energy saver feature
  • Ambient brightness feature


If you want to fix the screen dimming issue for Scepte E275B-QPN168, you can follow some steps:

  1. Disable the ambient brightness feature as this can darken the screen in a low light setting.
  2. Disable the energy saver option as well to get a brighter screen.



Why is my Samsung monitor so dark?

A Samsung monitor turns dark when there’s an issue with brightness, color setting or contrast. It also happens if your monitor has low voltage.

  • Brightness, color or contrast setting issue
  • Activated eco sensor
  • Ambient light detection


  1. Turn OFF those features that prevent adjusting your monitor’s contrast, brightness and/or color tone. Adjust color settings, brightness and contrast as per your preference.
  2. Disable features such as Ambient Light Detection and Eco Solution.
  3. Run a self-diagnosis on your Samsung monitor.


Why is my LG monitor so dark?

In most cases, your LG monitor can turn dark because of the energy-saving mode. It can change the brightness automatically. A black level setting can also result in a dark LG monitor.

  • Auto energy saving function
  • Black level setting


Fixing a dark LG monitor is very easy. You have to follow some steps to fix this problem. Let’s find out how to do it.


  1. Select the Settings option followed by Advanced.
  2. Select Picture followed by the Energy Saving option and turn it OFF. Alternatively, you can also set the option to Medium.


The Picture option is also available directly under the Settings menu.

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