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PC Randomly Freezing While Gaming

Why does my PC keep freezing mid-game?

The main reason why a PC freezes midway during a game is because the computer is running on low RAM. An unstable internet connection or the low speed of the internet can also cause PCs to freeze suddenly.

There are so many factors that may cause your PC to freeze or hang when playing games.

  • Computer hard drive full or slow
  • Not enough disk space
  • Low RAM
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Outdated or incompatible graphic card
  • Automated PC updates


Computer Hard Drive Full or Slow

A computer’s hard drive, if almost full, will give the user a hard time when they are playing games.

Your PC needs some part of the hard drive to be free and clutter-freeto run the application seamlessly.


Not Enough Disk Space

Your computer has a memory card that stores all your programs and other applications. When it is full, your PC has a hard time running the existing programs.

Whenever you get “low memory storage” notifications on your PC, you should either free up your disk space or install a new memory card with even more storage.



Even when you are not using them, certain programs and applications on your PC are on standby, keeping its RAM occupied.

When your PC has low RAM, you will notice that its performance is low and it is unable to run any programs.


Unstable Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection or a low internet speed also causes your PC to freeze suddenly, disallowing you to have a real-time gaming experience.

Some games rely on fast internet, and any disruptions on the internet cause your PC to freeze unexpectedly.


Outdated Or Incompatible Graphic Card

Damaged or outdated drivers cause a PC to crash, especially when playing games.

These crashes usually result in a “blue screen” where your desktop suddenly shows a blue screen or goes in a condition called “lockup,” where even though your PC has frozen, it doesn’t show any blue screen.


Automated PC updates

Windows users know that Microsoft sends notifications about updates quite often.

Many users deliberately put off updating the version of Windows and schedule a later date for updates. This time may occur right in the middle of your game, making your PC freeze when you are playing games.


PC freezing while gaming


How Do You Fix a Computer that Freezes when Playing Game?

The best way to fix a PC that freezes while playing games is by updating drivers, disabling background programs and increasing your virtual memory.

  • Check your hardware
  • Disable background programs
  • Update the drivers
  • Check the thermals
  • Enhancing the storage of virtual memory


Method 1: Check your hardware

Not all PCs are compatible with high-quality games. The gaming world has changed drastically, and your computer will need to have certain features to run big games.

If you want to have an uninterrupted gaming experience, you must update your PC before installing a game.

If you are repeatedly going through the problem of having your PC frozen whenever you are playing games, you should:

  1. Check the power supply to your system. Sometimes, disruptions in the power supply also cause a PC to malfunction.
  2. Check the HDD health – the hard disk’s health. The most popular software for this purpose is Hard Disk Sentinel. It ensures that your system is not being run on faulty and outdated drives. The performance of your computer is directly proportional to the health of your hard disk.


Method 2: Disable background programs

The latest games come with their sets of requirements – one of them is sufficient space in a computer’s virtual memory. They also require considerable processing power for their smooth running.

There are many apps that keep running in the background, and even though they don’t cause any trouble for you, they create a nuisance when you have other important programs running.

These background programs use up a considerable portion of your computer’s memory, and it is best to turn them off before you play games. For that:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  2. Go to the Task Manager.
  3. See which program is hogging up a big chunk of memory.
  4. Disable them if they seem to be unimportant.


Method 3: Update the drivers

Outdated drivers often cause your PC to freeze all of a sudden. In most cases, your Windows updates update the drivers. However, sometimes, they are not updated.


This problem can be resolved by updating the drivers:

  1. Choose a third-party display driver uninstaller (DDU) to remove the previous installations.
  2. The DDU should be used in a safe mood, and you must turn off your WiFi when uninstalling the drivers.
  3. Once the installations have been removed, go to the website of your graphic card manufacturer and install the new drivers for your graphic card.


Note: for the last step, you can rely on third-party DDUs like DriverFix and Drive Easy to get the graphic card installed.


Method 4: Check the thermals

Most PCs remain on standby mode and keep running, causing your CPU to overheat.


To fix the issue:

  1. Use tools like Core Temp to read the computer’s temperature.
  2. Run stress tests to see if there are any stability issues.
  3. Your PC’s internal hardware may be covered in dust; clear it for optimal function of your CPU.
  4. Out-of-order PC fans may cause overheating. Getting them checked and see if they are working fine.


Method 5: Enhancing the storage of virtual memory

If you are a gamer, you will need a significant amount of space on your PC. Increasing your computer’s virtual memory is a good step in fixing the issue of PC freezing permanently.

  1. Go to the View Advanced System Settings option.
  2. Click on the Setting button under the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Performance Options option, you will find the Advanced button. Click it and then choose Change.
  4. Choose Custom Size.
  5. Enter the sizes you want for the paging file.
  6. Hit Set.


Why does my laptop keep freezing mid-game?

Bad hard disk health, malware threats, overheating, or CPU intensive apps are the main reasons why a laptop freezes mid-game.


Using different tools to ensure that your laptop remains problem-free is better.


Applications like CoreTemp help you keep a check on your laptop’s temperature. To avoid the problem of overheating, it is best to keep the internal hardware free of dust and debris.


RAM problems also cause freezing problems mid-game. Windows users can select the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to test their laptop’s memory and find out if there are any issues.


Running malware scans may also help in fixing the problem. Any viruses in the computer also cause lags and result in a blue screen.


Games require updated drivers for their smooth running. If a laptop crashes mid-game, it does tell that its drivers are not updated. Reinstall recent drivers and see if the problem is fixed.


There is still hope for users who find that even after following all these steps, they are unable to fix the issue. If your laptop’s warranty hasn’t expired, you can take the system to the manufacturer and get the issue fixed with the help of professionals.


Why does my PC freeze when launching a game?

Low PC specs, delays in updates, third-party overlay incompatibility, and using a VPN may cause your PC to freeze every time you launch a game.


This issue can be resolved through the following steps:


  1. Uninstall all GPU drives
  • Go tothe Add/Remove programs option and uninstall
  • Restart your PC
  • Use a DDU to remove all the previous installations
  • Restart
  • Install the new drive


  1. You can also log in with an administrator account and launch the game as an administrator.
  2. Set your game to the highest priority in Task Manager for its smooth running.
  3. Update your graphic card.


Why does my PC freeze and crash when launching a game?

CPU overclocking, low specs, slow network, and your system’s antivirus program may cause frequent PC crashes and freeze when launching a game.


  1. Update your PC according to the requirements of the game.
  2. Reset your processor to deal with overclocking. Good ventilation also plays a big role in enhancing the performance of your system.
  3. If the issue occurs when you are launching an online game, the problem may be slow internet. Disable other internet connections and check if the game is being run smoothly.
  4. Antivirus software is always active and keeps scanning files for potential viruses. Disable the software for the duration of gaming.


Why does my PC freeze when closing games?

Viruses in the system, background programs, outdated drives, etc., are some of the main causes of PC freeze.


Here are a few steps that may help you fix this:

  1. Set your desktop colors to the 16-bit high color.
  2. Scan the system for viruses.
  3. Closed all programs in the background and then restart the game. This time, the PC won’t freeze when you exit the game.
  4. Pay attention to the maintenance of your hard disk to remove all errors, if any.
  5. Defrag your computer to help organize the data even more efficiently.


Why is my computer freezing and crashing when installing games?

The problem of your PC crashing when installing games can arise if your system is going through a driver issue or a memory problem.


It can be resolved if you:

  1. Run system file checker to repair system files.
  2. You can also run an administrator account to fix the issue.


Why is my computer freezing when downloading Steam games?

Steam is the world’s leading game source, and it irritates users when they find that their PC lags every time they try to download Steam games.

Adding the game folder as a security exception to the antivirus software also helps resolve the issue.

If it hasn’t been fixed, you can try resetting the credit value, and this can be done by:

  1. Opening the Win-X menu by right-clicking on the Start button.
  2. Choose Command Prompt.
  3. Now type “bcdedit/set useplatformclock false”.
  4. Restart the computer.



It is irritating to see your game getting stuck and your PC freezing, resulting in the loss of unsaved progress. The key to avoiding any inconveniences is to keep your operating system and the drivers updated.

Also, it is better to check the requirements of different games before installing them to see if your PC is compatible with these games.

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