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How to Fix a Samsung TV that Won’t Change Input

Why can’t I change the input source on my Samsung TV?

You likely reason why you can’t change the input source on your Samsung TV is because the HDMI connection is loose, or the batteries in the remote have low charge.


However, solutions are available to assist you in troubleshooting your television and resolving the issue.

  • Examine The Remote
  • Restart the Television
  • Restart Your Remote
  • TV Factory Restore
  • Examine the HDMI Connection


Examine The Remote

Firstly, you should test your control. The majority of the time, the problem is with the controller. This might be related to a fault or simply a low battery charge.

It would be best if you replaced the batteries in your controller. A new set of battery packs might help you avoid much more effort.


Restart The Samsung TV

One simple approach is to reset your Samsung TV with your control, mobile apps, or the switch on the TV.


To ensure that you actually reset your Samsung TV and not merely flip it on and off every few seconds, perform these instructions when resetting it:

  • Switch off your Samsung television
  • Take the power cord out of the plug socket
  • Give yourself at least 3 mins before actually starting to use it. The Television needs to calm down
  • Replace the extension cord in the socket
  • Switch on your Samsung television
  • Examine the source connections

If the problems persist, then we can try another technique.


Restart Your Remote

The Samsung remote may also need to be reset. You might try a fast reset using your remote to see if it solves the problem. Here’s how to correctly reactivate your remote:

  • Remove each battery from the remote’s battery compartment
  • For roughly 8 seconds, hold down the power button on your remote
  • Replace the batteries
  • Check to see whether the input changes after you remove the remote


TV Factory Restore

If everything else continues to fail, you might attempt factory resetting your Samsung TV. Understand that doing this will restore your Samsung TV to its pristine configuration from before you initially purchased it.

All credentials and apps will be deactivated. A few of the programs might well be erased from the Samsung TV and must be reinstalled.


Examine The HDMI Connection

If you can modify the input configurations, but nothing appears to be playing on just that device, you should double-check your cords.

See whether it works with a new HDMI connection or another wire. Connectors deteriorate after several years, or you might have received a damaged cable. If some other connection succeeds, you know what the problem was.


How to fix a Samsung TV that won’t change the input?

To fix a Samsung TV that won’t change the input, try restarting your TV or checking if any other device connected to HDMI is on.

The simplest approach to switch the Source on your Smart TV is to click the input icon on your control.

To switch the Source using the input icon on your Television remote, follow the following steps:

  • Using your Remote control, click the Source option. It’s located in the upper right-hand corner of your control
  • To navigate the different inputs, use the Up and Down keys buttons
  • Once you’ve highlighted the desired input, hit OK to choose it


How do you change the input on a Samsung TV?

You can change the input on a Samsung TV by picking the standard menu or changing the batteries. 

In brief, make sure the controller has both alive and high-quality cells. If the cells are expired, change them before attempting to turn the inputs over.

You may also change the default inputs by pushing the ‘Input’ key on the command plate behind your Samsung TV.

In several circumstances, particularly with contemporary televisions, you may pick the Source from the standard menu.

  • The menu is activated using your remote, or a sequence of consecutive button pushes on your TV
  • Again when the menu appears, browse to and pick Source
  • Following that, a popup will display all of the current outlets on your TV, as well as what links are lacking

If you like, you can name your inputs, which is simply an additional way of identifying them. It’s only handy when you have double of things, including the two-game controllers you utilize for whatever purpose.


How to change the Samsung tv input without the remote?

To change the input on a Samsung TV without the remote, check the TV’s bottom area on the right-hand side. This key serves simultaneously as a power switch and a command stick in all situations. This key will be required in both circumstances to access your menu.


All Samsung HDTVs contain a TV management feature that enables you to switch on the TV, adjust the brightness, and switch the video input.

Many Samsung TVs will also provide accessibility to the Smart Center, Options, and Configurations. The functionality is restricted despite the ability to switch on Samsung TVs without the need for control.

If you can’t locate it on the rear side of a TV underneath the logo, check the bottom area of the TV, just on the right-hand side, as you’re viewing the TV normally.


There are two ways to use it:

  • Initially, find it on the Smart TV from Samsung in the mentioned areas
  • Next, to switch on the Samsung TV, tap it only once
  • If you own a Smart TV, use the controller to navigate to that input section on your main screen after turning on the display. If you’re using an alternative UI, try pressing the icon once or holding it down to reveal the menu. The identical tab may be found there. Hit it using a cord as well
  • Finally, using your analog stick, select the required input


Samsung TV not changing input


How do I change the default input on my Samsung TV?

You can change the default input on your Samsung TV by going to the toolbar and locating the menu for configuring input connections in the TV’s configurations. 

This menu displays all linked sources on the Smart Tv, which includes the one presently selected as the default. 


You may also alter the title of the input source from that. To alter the default link, perform the following steps:

  • To begin, locate the input key on your Samsung TV
  • It might be on the back of the TV, near the power switch
  • If you’re using a Samsung Smart TV, the source icon is located within the same location
  • Unless you’ve missed what else this key does, click it once to bring up the menu
  • When you click the “Input” tab, a range of both inputs and outputs will appear
  • Select the Source that you wish to utilize


Why is my Samsung TV input source stuck?

Your Samsung TV input source is stuck because some other device connected to it is on or because the cable is faulty. 

If you are constantly experiencing issues with the inputs of your Smart Tv, this might not be a one-time occurrence and needs to be rectified to guarantee improved device operation. There are numerous solutions for difficulties regarding Samsung TVs and connections.

TV inputs act as a connector to connect your TV to various media clients, DVRs, gaming controllers, PCs, and other similar things. Furthermore, they are critical to your TV’s sound and image output, but without these, you would’ve been sitting in a silent and no-image TV room. If TV inputs malfunction, it may be a serious issue for your TV’s operation.

  • To troubleshoot a Samsung TV with non-working inputs, turn off all HDMI connections attached to the TV and detach all cords from the TV
  • Disconnect the TV first from the plug socket and press and retain the power switch for 20 seconds
  • When the timer goes off, reattach the HDMI cords to their respective TV terminals and attach the TV’s power line again to the wall socket


Why is the HDMI input not working on my Samsung TV?

The reason why the HDMI input is not working on your Samsung TV could be because of technical malfunctions, a defective HDMI port, or a broken HDMI cord or your Samsung TV not detecting the HDMI input. 


TV has programming problems, or outdated firmware will not identify the connected device. Improper TV signal input and unsuitable HDMI connection may also be the blame.

First, ensure that your external device is operational.

Whether it’s a camera device, a Computer, or a gaming system,

For the Smart Tv to identify the devices, it must be turned on.


Check to see if the external device is:

  • Switched on.
  • Connected to a power outlet
  • connected to the Wifi connection.


What is causing the HDMI input on the Samsung TV grayed out?

Whenever a menu choice is grayed out, it does not always indicate that something is wrong with the television.It signifies that the current Source, configurations, or linkages prevent the use of a function or specified settings.

For instance, if your Smart Tv or screen is not linked to the internet, the Firmware Update and Help Desk menus will be fuzzed out because those choices demand a connection to the internet.


Why does my Samsung TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

Your Samsung TV says no signal when HDMI is plugged in because the HDMI ports have dust buildup in them, preventing them from functioning properly or because the HDMI cord has stopped working.

To diagnose the issue, change your HDMI connection or link to a separate device.

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