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How to Change the Input on My TV? (STEPS)

Changing the Input on a TV

How to Change Input on My TV?

You can change the source of the input using the TV remote. Depending on which brand of TV you’re using, you can find a button on the remote that says Source or Input.

Your TV can be connected to multiple devices through the HDMI ports. Input on your TV is the source from which the content is displayed on the screen. It could be from an OTT platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime using a gadget like the Fire TV stick, Roku, or via the cable network.

When you press this button, the TV screen will display the available options from which you can choose the one you wish to view. Use the up and down arrow keys or buttons on the remote to move between these options.

Once you reach the option of your choice, press the OK button to confirm it. The TV screen will ask you to confirm if you have chosen the right input.


How do You Change the Input on a TV Without a Remote?

Depending on which brand and model of TV you are using, there is a small console with some buttons on the rear of the TV set. This can have a power ON/OFF switch, channel change, and volume increase/decrease buttons.

There will also be a button for changing the input. The respective icons below each button will indicate what each one does.

You can use this button to change the input on your TV without a remote. When you press it, you can see on the TV screen the input selection drop-down menu. The options like the numbered HDMI ports, then the video inputs, or screen mirroring will all be there.

Select the input you plan to use by pressing the button on the rear repeatedly. Once the chosen input option is highlighted, leave the button.

After a few seconds, the TV screen will display that input. The menu will disappear from the screen.


How to Change Input on Samsung TV?

Samsung had a different method or design for changing input on its TVs till 2015. Whether new or old, the remote can be used to change the input on the TV.

For older models made before 2016:

  1. The remote has a Source button on the top.
  2. When you press that, the different input sources will show up on the screen.
  3. You can use the up-down arrows to select the input you want.


In the Samsung TV models made after 2016, the remote has a Home button.

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote.
  • This will bring up the Smart Hub on the TV screen.
  • The Smart Hub has several menu options; navigate to Source and click the OK button.
  • All the options will come up on the screen.
  • Keep moving till you reach the source you want.
  • Press the ‘Up’ arrow button once to confirm this; a popup will have ‘Information’ and ‘Add to Home’ options.
  • Press the ‘Add to Home’ option.
  • You can move and place this Source wherever you want on the Smart Hub.

You are now good to go.


How to Change Input on Samsung TV Without the Remote?

If you lose the remote of your Samsung TV, worry not. The manufacturer has provided an alternative arrangement on their television sets, at least in most models. The position of this Control Menu varies according to the model.

One position is on the rear panel, possibly the bottom left. You will find a small square module with 5 buttons on it. One button is to switch the TV ON/OFF. The other four are for Home, Settings, Return, and Source.

The Source button allows you to directly change your Samsung TV’s input source without using the remote.

Some Samsung TV models have a Control Stick that gives you the options to make changes to the TV’s settings. This has to be done by looking at the screen.

The Control Stick’s central button has to be pressed multiple times to change the menu and reach the input menu that you wish to alter.

The manufacturer changes the TV’s design from time to time and you should refer to the user manual supplied along with the TV to know where the manual controls on your model are located.

Things have also been made a lot easier with the introduction of mobile apps to control the settings on the TV. These apps are available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.


How to Change Input on an LG TV?

The LG TV remote has a dedicated button to change the input source. When you press the input button which shows the universal icon, the screen will show the options. If there is no connected device on the HDMI ports, the options will appear in grey. If there are connected sources, then they will be displayed brightly.

You can toggle between the sources and select the one you need. If you are not familiar with the input icon, it has a rectangle with a line entering from one side and going through three-fourths lengthwise. This method of highlighting the icon is commonly used by almost all TV brands.

There is an interesting feature to assign specific names to the inputs also if you so desire. Some people feel more comfortable with the inputs carrying names they are familiar with. This is done using the remote by reaching the Input menu and selecting All Inputs and then selecting the particular input you wish to rename.

You will find the options to change the name and icon of the input on the right-hand side. You can use it to make the changes.


How to Change Input on an LG TV Without the Remote?

It depends on the LG TV model you have. Many models from this manufacturer have a button on the bottom left corner on the front of the TV. You should be able to change the input source using this if you have misplaced the remote or if it has stopped working.

The other option you have in the latest LG TV models is to connect a mouse via the USB port and operate. This is possible if it is an Android TV. You can also try for apps that may be available online, to alter the settings on the LG TV through your mobile.

There are generic apps available that can operate any TV with. The main requirement is that it should be able to recognize your LG TV and add it as the device to be controlled by the app.


How to Change Input on Vizio TV?

If you have a Vizio TV that has HDMI ports and allows you to add devices like Fire TV stick etc., the remote accompanying the TV can be used to change the input source. You may find separate buttons like Netflix, Amazon, etc. on the remote. You can select the input of your choice with these.

In some Vizio TV models, the remote may have buttons for the input sources like HDMI, AV, etc. Otherwise, the Input button is usually located right on the top left corner of the remote. Pressing it will bring up on the screen the various input options. Depending on what you have connected to your TV, you can select the input you want.


How to Change Input on Vizio TV Without the Remote?

Vizio TV models come with an alternate provision to change the input in the absence of the remote. It is a button on the rear panel of the Vizio TV. In the VizioD55-d2 model, for example, it would appear to be the power button.

The same button can be used to change the input. You have to press it only once. You must keep an eye on the screen for the display of the options and choose the input that you want.

In the Vizio TV Model No. VA26LHDTV10T, there is no button. The manufacturers change the design often and the location of the buttons on the TV may change between models. In the above model, for example, it is located along the side of the panel.

You may not have a direct input button, but you have to check with the user manual to understand how the input can be changed using the buttons on the TV in the absence of the remote.


How to Change Input on Hisense TV?

All Hisense TV models are supplied with a remote to control the onscreen display. If you purchased the H7C Series Hisense TV for, for example, the remote has a button on the top right corner that says ‘Input’. This button helps you change the input on your Hisense TV.

The H7C Series Hisense TV models come with four HDMI ports, numbered 1 -4 and 3 USB jacks, USB-1 to USB-3. All these options will appear on the screen when you press the Input button. You have to use the up and down arrow buttons to toggle between the options and then press the OK button in the center to confirm your choice of input.


How to Change Input on Hisense TV Without the Remote?

Depending on the Hisense TV model you are using, there must be a button on the rear panel to make changes without the remote. This could be a small module having a Menu button in the middle and the Ch+, Ch- and volume + and – buttons around it. There will be two more buttons – one for changing the input and the other one being the power ON/OFF button.

You can use these buttons together to change the input on your Hisense TV without a remote.


  • Press the channel button on the TV.
  • When you reach channel 3, press Source.
  • The input sources will appear on the TV screen.
  • Now, use the Ch+ and Ch- buttons to select the input source.
  • To confirm, you must use the volume button.


How to Change Input on a TCL TV?

TCL TVs are accompanied by a remote in the original pack. You should install the TV as per the instructions in the TV’s user manual. If you plan to connect multiple inputs to the TV you can do that. Most of the latest TCL TV models have integrated Roku TV in them.

The remote has the Input button on the top left corner of the remote. When you press that, the input options appear on the screen. You can select the input you wish to watch using the arrow keys and the Enter or OK button. These remotes usually follow a universal design and there are minimal variations between models.


How to Change Input on a TCL TV without the Remote?

The 50FS5600 series TCL TV models have buttons on the side panel. There are buttons for changing the channels, for volume adjustment, a menu button, and the input button. The last button at the bottom is the power ON/OFF button.

You can use the input button to change the input on your TCL TV without a remote. If it’s a TCL Roku TV you should consult the user manual for the steps to make changes to the input without a remote.


How to Change Input on Sony TV?

The process of changing the input on your Sony TV is no different from what is done on most brands and models of televisions. The remote-control unit supplied with the Sony TV has a dedicated Input button for this purpose.

  1. Once you press the Input button, the top left of the screen will show the options available.
  2. The input options can vary with each model of Sony TV.
  3. The options on the screen can be toggled up and down using the arrows in the round wheel-like button with the OK at the center.
  4. Once you have scrolled to the choice of input you want.
  5. Press the OK button and the display will change to that screen.

If you don’t have any device connected to a port the screen will be blank. A blank screen can also come if the connected device is not powered ON. The display will indicate no signal from the device.


How to Change Input on Sony TV Without the Remote?

You must have the user manual of your Sony TV handy for making changes to the input on the TV since the details of the buttons on the TV are given there. These change with the models.

If you don’t have the model number and wish to change the input without a remote, it may take a little longer to locate the buttons.

The other easier way out will be to download and install the appropriate TV remote app on your mobile. There are apps dedicated to the operation of Sony TV models and once you install such an app and sync it with your TV, you may not need the remote at all.


How to Change Input on JVC TV?

JVC TVs are supplied with a remote. Start by inserting the right batteries in the remote. Once your JVC TV is installed, you can start using the remote to change the programs and other settings.

For changing the input on the JVC TV, there is an Input button on the remote. This is nestled inside the cluster of buttons above the wheel-like arrangement with the Program and Volume buttons and the OK button in the middle.

The input button will directly provide you with the options on the screen to select the input that you want.


How to Change Input on JVC TV Without the Remote?

JVC TVs are usually provided with buttons either on the side or on the rear of the outer casing of the television. These buttons allow you to make changes like channels, adjust the volume, and change the input.

The Input button has to be repeatedly pressed to toggle between the different input options. To confirm the input option you have chosen, you have to hold the Menu button and the two Volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

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