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How to Turn On your TV without the Remote (STEPS)

Turn On TV without remote

How to Turn On my TV without a Remote?

Even if using the remote is very common while navigating through your TV channels, there are ways in which you can continue doing so even without the remote.

Follow the below steps to use the TV without a remote:

  • Walk towards your TV and stand in front of it
  • Look for the power button.
  • Please press the power button fully and release.
  • The television set will now turn on.

Most televisions have the power button located in the lower panel. Newer TV models may have the power button at the top or sides of the television set


Smart TV’s

The smart TVs have been a revelation in the technological sphere. Operating a Smart-TV without a remote is also a very easy exercise, as illustrated below:

  • There are various applications available on Play Store or the ios platforms which are recommended to be used with Smart TVs.
  • Applications like “Sure” help you to choose the Model Number and Brand from the list of available devices. You can also use voice commands to turn on the television and operate it like changing channels, increasing or decreasing the volume etc.


How to turn on Samsung TV without remote?

Lost your remote/ Unable to find new batteries to start using your remote once again? Not a worry, follow these simple steps to get going immediately:

  • Find the TV controller on the back side of your Samsung TV. Most users have said that it is indeed a cumbersome exercise to find the panel. Find the red light and that is where you would find the panel.
  • The central button has to be long pressed to turn on the TV. If you press it singly, some toggle options will appear which will help you to make a selection according to your choice.

The Latest models launched by Samsung in the year 2020 have the controller in the back side of the television sets. Models include  Serif (QA55LS01TAWXXY) and Serif (QA43LS01TAWXXY).

Models which were in circulation in the year 2018 have a different layout. These television sets had only one button which acted as the controller in the front panel of the set. These TV’s require a long press the button to turn on the TV and move the focus to select one of the modes.QA65Q9FNAWXXY and UA65NU7400WXXY models had such features.

Certain models had the controller button along the sides under the front panel. Three easy steps to set up:

  • The button to be single pressed to get the menu displayed
  • Use the button to move along the menu
  • The central button to be long pressed to select along to your preference


How to turn on Vizio TV without remote?

Most televisions manufactured by Vizio have important toggles in the TV itself. Now if the remote of the television set is suddenly misplaced, it may be difficult to find the buttons.

Please go through the following steps to get it sorted:

  • The buttons may be placed either on the bottom right or left or on the backside of the TV, depending of the exact model of the Vizio TV.
  • Locate the power button, long press it and you are ready to get yourself immersed in unlimited entertainment.

Vizio has launched a user friendly application which will make functioning of the smart television an easy exercise.

Download the “Vizio Smartcast Mobile” from Play Store or ios platforms to use the V series and M series smart televisions in the best possible manner.

  • For first time users, syncing of the application is crucial. From the mobile device, go to Devices and then click on Add to complete pairing.
  • Choose “Controls” available at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Devices”, then select the type of type of Display from the list
  • All controls available in the remote are displayed in your smartphone


How to turn on LG TV without remote?

LG has made flagship products in both the smart television and television markets which has grabbed the attention of the customers at large.

The LG remote got lost, don’t be tensed. Follow below easy steps to turn on the TV without the help of any remote:

  • Find the power button below the “LG” logo
  • Long press the power button and your television set will get turned on


LG ThinQ App:

The LG ThinQ is an easy to use application that lets you have all the toggles of your smart TV like the LG GX Gallery Series OLED and LG B9 OLEDin your fingertips.

  • First things first, pairing of the device with your smartphone is a must
  • Press the + symbol
  • Read the information on the screen and click on “Ok”
  • Go to the option “TV” amidst the “Home Appliances”
  • Select LG TV when the application searches for devices
  • A verification code will appear on the TV, click on “OK”
  • An option to link the email ID will appear, fill it or click on “Skip”
  • Now all options will be visible as available in the remote, touch the power on button and you are done


How to turn on Sony TV without remote?

Sony is one of the most popular brands out there especially when the smart TV segment is concerned. There must have been situations when the TV remote got frozen and no buttons were working.

How to turn on a Sony TV without the remote:

  • Approach the TV and stand in front of it
  • Click on the big power button in the front panel and wait a while
  • The TV will turn on and your problem is solved in minutes

Applications like TV Sideview work great in various smart televisions from Sony like the Z8H, Z95H, X85H, X80H.

The process of connecting the TV via the application is illustrated below:

  • Hold on to the plus button to redirect to the title list. Choose “Connecting the Internet” for more details.
  • The mobile device to be connected to the home network in which the TV is set up
  • Start up the TV Sideview application and located the TV under “Available Networks”
  • Choose the TV from the list
  • Press the power button


How to Switch on Hisense TV without remote?

The Hisense range of products like the 126 cm Ultra HD Android Smart TV and the Smart Android LED TV 32A56E. Have been creating quite a stir in the market. Thankfully you don’t need to create one if you suddenly find out your TV remote is not working.

  • Most Hisense television sets have a power button at the back side of the respective sets.
  • The TV menu can also be accessed by pressing the power button.
  • The button needs to be pressed and the TV will turn on

Smart televisions can also be controlled from the safe heavens of your pocket!! Download the “Roku” application to get things sorted at earliest.

  • Both devices are required to be connected via the same network to avail this benefit.
  • Go to Network Settings, locate the device and get to “Connect”
  • Once connected, the screen will be turned into a on the go remote


How to turn on TCL Roku TV without remote?

Mobile applications have made our lives a lot easier and it is no different when you consider the new generation Smart LED TVs. The “Roku” application is a great solution, please go through the below:

  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions after you download the map and go through the tutorial to be shown up
  • Choose “Devices”, click on “Ok” to sync the Roku device
  • Select the Roku device from the available list of devices
  • Click on the plus shaped sign shown on screen
  • The setup is complete

Most users think that mobile applications are a one-time affair but once you get used to it, then the remote may get exchanged with the mobile devices.

The important point to remember while installing the application is that both the devices are needed to be connected via the same network. Thus it will help the application to detect the devices at one go as soon as its’ turned on.

Roku has an excellent range of products starting from the 4 series to the 8 series and introduction of the application strengthens the entire technology that has changed.

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