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How to Fix Sonos Speakers that Keep Disconnecting / Not Working

Why do my Sonos keep cutting out and skipping? 

The main reasons for Sonos speakers cutting out anad skipping is due to nearbye system inteference or  a weak WiFi signal.

  • Multiple devices connected to same WIFI signal
  • Weak internet connection
  • Interference from nearby equipment
  • Faulty router


The reasons why Sonos start skipping are:

  1. Multiple accounts aren’t allowed on specific speakers. Therefore, the speaker is having difficulties in maintaining the connection, then there must be a different device connected to it. Mobile phones tend to connect automatically sometimes, which should be stopped for uninterrupted music listening.
  2. Connection problems mainly cause interruption that can be solved by checking the router cable.
  3. If such problems continue, what would be best is to ring up the authorized operator from the company or check solutions on the Sonos app.


Sonos Speakers keep disconnecting


How to Fix Sonos speakers that keep disconnecting?

To stop Sonos speakers disconnecting from WiFi, it’s recommended to use Sonos Boost. 

As we all know, unlike regular Bluetooth speakers, Sonos speakers operate through the internet network at houses. 

If the problem is the internet and you don’t have stable WiFi at your house, the best solution would be to get the Sonos Boost.

Getting a Sonos Boost is helpful because it will eventually fix the repeated disconnection problem.

  1. At larger homes, the WiFi problem seems to be dominant. Still, if the Sono Boost is connected to the router, then the other Sono devices will automatically be connected to the Sono boost. 
  2. The rest of the devices that are already connected will not be affected and will run without interruption.
  3. The Sono Boost will automatically connect the rest of the Sono devices through a wireless network and form a link. Sono Boost is extremely useful in larger homes that face frequent WiFi problems.

If you’re worried about the availability of this product, let me tell you Sonos boost -the WiFi extension for uninterrupted listening is priced at 99 USD, comparatively priced lower than other sellers, and is available on sites like Amazon.


Why do my Sonos speakers keep dropping out?

Most people experience dropping out in Sonos speakers, which eventually lead to an interruption in their music listening. What causes these speakers to drop out all of a sudden? 

All apps have updates, and the same goes for the Sonos app.

If you are experiencing dropping out of the speakers who are dropping out but are still playing, then here’s your solution:

  1. A compatible router is a must to stop your Sonos speakers dropping out. Although many people tend to live in dense areas, multiple WiFi connections are bound to intervene, and your speaker may eventually lose connection.
  2. The Sonos app will provide you with further details about your System and the connected devices, also, if they are receiving proper connections or not.
  3. The next thing that needs to be done is setting up an IP address for your Sonos device, not just one but all so that the machine makes sure it shows that it is using the SONOSNET and not your regular WiFi. 

The problem may be solved up to a little after taking the following steps. Even though our house has thick walls, it can still cause a few disruptions.


Why Sonos speakers keep disappearing?

You may start wondering when your Sonos speakers start disappearing all of a sudden. The main reason for this would be an adequate charge or power loss. Even after starting the device, one may not find the power light being on.

Also, people tend to complain about the Sonos device disappearing from their Spotify and the Sonos app. Most of these problems can be solved in the following steps:

  1. The simplest step to be followed is going to the Sonos app from your iOS or Android device and going to Settings then click on System and click on Find Missing Product.
  2. Often, losing power connection results in the disappearance of the speakers most of the time. Checking the power cord and re-plugging it may do the job. You may also have to charge your speakers if the status is ‘offline’. 
  3. You may have to restart your Sonos speaker because it may automatically disappear sometimes. When the speaker is finished powering up for the second time you try, it will blink green light; that is the time it will be needed to add back to the System. 
  4. Router issues are often the typical reason; therefore, rebooting your router and re-checking it on the Sonos app will be the final thing you’ll have to do. 


Why Sonos speakers keep ungrouping?

Another problem that most people are always complaining about is the ungrouping of their Sonos speakers. If one of your speakers does not remain grouped with the other, the problem lies with the connection again.


You can resolve the problem with the following simple steps:

  1. If the issue frequently arises after shutting down your System, all you need to do is stop shutting the System off.
  2. If you see a Playbar or a Playbase involved in this matter, then you should stop checking ‘ungroup’ or ‘autoplay’ and further check if the problem goes away or not.


Why Sonos speakers keep stopping?

While wanting uninterrupted music for all day, what you get is an inconvenience with your latest Sonos speakers, it has to be checked. Is your audio repeatedly skipping? Are you tired of speakers stopping all of a sudden?


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Other devices in your home could interfere with the wireless channel of your Sonos speaker. The solution to this would be to change or replace the wireless network your speaker is using. 
  2. How would you change the necessary wireless network?
  3. After going into a web browser, you first enter your router’s IP address and then go to the settings page and fine-tune the stations that are used. Saving the changes that are made would be the next thing to do and reboot the router.


Why Sonos speakers keep going out of sync?

Most people have more than one Sonos speaker at their homes and eventually end up experiencing problems like the speakers go out of sync. The reason may again depend on the model or the network to which the speaker may be connected.

To resolve such problems, all you need to do is:

  1. One may have to change the wireless network that is causing such errors.
  2. After changing the router network, if such problems still arise, all you have to do is contact your Sonos operator and mention the dispute so that a diagnostic report can be made.


Sonos speaker making popping noise

Speakers are machines too, which sometimes make popping or crackling sounds. Minor connection errors can make such sounds to occur. Here’s what one needs to know;

  1. As soon as such popping sounds start, you should check whether the other channels have the same problems on the speaker or not. 
  2. If other channels have the same problem, there should be an immediate submission of the diagnosis of the System with a detailed description of the model.


Sonos speaker making crackling noise

Over usage of something leads to damage ultimately. It is the same with speakers. If you hear noises that are much like a crackling sound, then it is because of the following reasons:

  1. If the crackling sound is prevalent on certain volume levels, then it is because the speaker has blown out. 
  2. Clients have specific complaints on models like the Sonos One. It is evident that the speaker has cracked, but there is also a way to fix it right at home.
  3. Gluing tissue papers around your speaker cone can do the job temporarily, though it can’t be called repaired. 
  4. After the temporary repair, the crackling noise may certainly stop, but it will not be as good as prior damage.


Sonos speaker making static noise 

Not setting up electronic gadgets properly cause people to experience loud static noises that are very common. There is no need to panic if these noises continue as each piece of equipment that is set up takes time to adjust to when operational.

  1. Setting up wires properly and de-clustering them may help a lot.
  2. Cables that are broken, damaged, or are not in proper conditions must be checked before usage. 
  3. Keeping electronic speakers near other electronic gadgets also tends to cause static when turned on. One can also check the frequency by making uncovered wires act as antennas to catch frequency.


Sonos not working after update:

Updates are essential for any device for security concerns, bug fixes, or some cool improvements to suit the latest gadgets. Updates are periodic and can be set up to automatic and manual.

If a Sonos speaker is not functioning adequately even after updates, then here’s what you should do:

  1. If the Sonos speaker cannot take the recent updates, the reason can be that the device is not correctly linked or supporting the Sonos app.
  2. What needs to be done is to start updating again from the Sonos app or using another Sonos app.
  3. Restarting or rebooting the products involved in the download should also help. 
  4. Sometimes the distance between the WiFi router and the System is a lot, which can successfully help download the update required after reducing. 


Why Sonos is not connecting to my PC?

Computers also have the latest systems of connecting Sonos speakers. Not just PC’s but also laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It is quite simple to connect a Sonos speaker to the PC, by just clicking on the selected WiFi network and the name of the model that needs to be connected.


If problems still occur, then here’s what needs to be done:

  1. The device must not be connected to any guest network; this would cause interruption and stop from getting connected to the PC
  2. Disabling the router network and restarting it can help.
  3. A low battery or unstable power is another reason for disruptions like these.


Sonos not working with TV

The model Sonos One is technically not designed for standard television sets, even though one can surely use it with their Apple Tv.

What needs to be kept in mind is that it will support only through AirPlay 2, and tvOS 11.4 or even higher will help it run.

The other models, like the Sonos PlayBar or PlayBase, can be connected to regular tv set with a single optical cable chord.

If the Sonos is still not correctly connecting to the tv set, then;

  1. The tv’s output sound needs to be established over its optical port and not the internal ones. 
  2. A red light should be emitted from the end of the plug that would be put into the Sonos speaker.


Sonos not working with Alexa

Before opting to connect Alexa with Sonos, you should always find out if Amazon Alexa is obtainable in your area. Alexa has a separate app that helps it function; therefore, following these simple steps will solve problems:

  1. Before opening, one needs to make sure that the Alexa app is established upon the device and the Sonos System in the latest updated version.
  2. The Sonos skill must be enabled from an iOS or Android device.
  3. The Sonos device should be discoverable on the Alexa app.
  4. After establishing the device, try giving commands to Alexa to play the music of your choice. 


 Sonos not working with eero

Another WiFi device that makes a person’s home improved with its strong signals and suits any modern internet gadget.

With Sonos speakers or devices, the eero support is of no use as the Sonos will only get connected to the primary eero and will only connect once you are nearer to the master eero.

  • The only solution to fix problems with eero is to change the wireless router of your house entirely and enjoy uninterrupted music everywhere.


Sonos not working with Apple TV

The Sonos one supports an apple tv with its latest features and updates. If one still experiences interruption on music listening, then all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Restart the apple tv if there is any interruption.
  2. The audio settings need to be checked carefully.
  3. Last but not least, the audio mode on TV should be set to auto.


Sonos not working with Amazon Music

Like any other music streaming site like Spotify, Google plays music, members of Amazon Prime can also stream the music of their choice on Sonos devices with the help of the Sonos app. 

Problems are sure to arise in any form; therefore, if amazon music fails to connect to your Sonos, this is what you should look for solutions:

  1. Restarting the device is the first thing that needs to be done and then removing the stacked-up songs in your’ now playing’ list.
  2. Sometimes voice commands fail; hence, apps should do the job.


 Sonos not working with Google WiFi

After the installation of Google WiFi, the use of Sonos can be a little complicating to users. The necessity is updated WiFi software that will help you connect your speakers to the WiFi directly.


In case of connectivity issues, look for the following:

  1. One has to turn off the home WiFi connection. Google WiFi should be the only device that needs to be connected. 
  2. The wire from the Sonos device should then be connected to the port on the Google WiFi. 


Sonos not working with Netflix

Playing Netflix on your Sonos is possible if only you have an iOS device. With the help of AirPlay 2, playing Netflix on your Mac Computer, iPhone, or iPad is possible. 

If sound issues still arise in your Sonos speaker, some movies or series on Netflix flows in Dolby sounds that your Sonos speaker will not support. 

  1. A simple way to fix this would be to go to the setting on Netflix and change the sound to ‘stereo’ from Dolby.


Sonos not working with iPhone

Usually, Sonos devices are pretty friendly with apple gadgets that do not have any technical issues. If such problems still exist, it is probably because the latest update is not entirely familiar with the Sonos device.

  1. The device must be connected on the home WiFi network at all times for uninterrupted service.
  2. The same network should also be connected to the same Sonos app. 


Sonos not working on Samsung galaxy s10:

Not all android phones have the updates required for a Sonos device; therefore, it is evident for a person to face difficulties even connecting the device to the phone.

  • After the update, the Samsung Galaxy s10 tends to connect to the extended WiFi instead of connecting to the home router. 
  • The Sonos app needs to be launched, then tapping on the existing System would be the next step.
  • The welcome screen would be opened next, and the job will be done by tapping on done.


Sonos not working on Samsung galaxy s20:

Having the latest software support and an excellent connection, the only problem that may occur would be of the router, which on connecting or rebooting should solve all issues. 

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