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How to Fix Vizio TV Blinking Lights (STEPS)

Why do my Vizio TV lights keep blinking?

Your Vizio TV lights keep blinking because there’s an issue with your TV remote, the firmware hasn’t been updated, or there is an issue with the TV’s power supply.


Possible Causes

  • Non-functional TV remote
  • Firmware that hasn’t been updated
  • Inadequate power supply


Non-functional TV remote

If your Vizio TV’s lights keep blinking, it is possible that there is an issue with your TV remote.It is either low on battery or faulty buttons.


Firmware that hasn’t been updated

Your Vizio TV’s light may keep blinking if its firmware/software hasn’t been updated to the latest version. Each upgrade brings solutions to bugs, and failure to update may result in those bugs becoming real problems.


Inadequate power supply

Your Vizio TV may not be plugged into the socket properly if its lights continue to blink. Or there is a chance that it mightnot be receiving the requiredamount of electricity to function.


Vizio TV Blinking Lights


How do I fix a Vizio TV Screen that keeps blinking?

You can fix your Vizio Tv’s constantly blinking screen by either unplugging your device and restarting it, replacing the batteries on your TV’s remote, updating your TV’s software, or by resetting your TV to default settings.


Possible Causes

  • Loosely plugged power cable.
  • Drained batteries on your TV’s remote.
  • Failure to upgrade your TV’s software.
  • Some other internal glitches.


Luckily, all of these issues can be fixed easily. Just follow these steps:


Unplug and restart

A lot of customers have reported that unplugging and restarting their TVs has resolved this issue immediately. All you need to do is:

  1. Unplug all connected cables from your device and plug them out of the power socket.
  2. Then, while your TV is unplugged, depress your TV’s power button for at least 30
  3. Now, wait for a minute before plugging your device back into the power socket, and your problem should get fixed.


Remove the batteries from your TV’s remote

This may sound unusual, but if you continue to face this issue with your Vizio TV, try removing the batteries from your remote. Then, with the batteries still removed, press down on the remote’s power button for at least 15 seconds, and then place the batteries back into it. Switch your Tv on using the remote and see if the issue is resolved.


Upgrade your TV’s software

Go to your device’s settings and see if there is a software update available. If there is, update it immediately.


Reset TV to factory default

As a last resort, you might also consider resetting your TV back to factory settings to resolve this issue. The downside of doing this is that all of your data will be wiped clean from your TV’s memory, but if your issue doesn’t get resolved, this may be your only option.


Follow these steps to factory-reset your Vizio TV:

  1. With your TV powered on, click on “menu.”
  2. Next, click on “systems.”
  3. Find “Reset & Admin” and click “reset to factory default.”
  4. When you restart your TV, the issue will disappear.


What do blinking power lights mean for my Vizio TV?

If your Vizio TV’s power lights are constantly blinking, it means that there is a glitch that you can fix in your TV’s power light settings or that you’re using the wrong remote.


Possible Causes

  • Internal glitch.
  • You’re using the wrong remote.



Sometimes, when the power button of your TV keeps blinking constantly, it means that there is some internal glitch that is causing this issue. You can resolve this issue by disabling your power light in the settings and then re-enabling them.


Wrong remote ­

you should always ensure that you’re using the correct remote for your Vizio TV. Sometimes, using the wrong remote by mistake can cause the TV’s power light to blink repeatedly – although the TV won’t respond to any of the commands you press.


Why is my Vizio TV blinking and not turning on?

A flickering, flashing, or blinking Vizio TV screen indicates that your TV is loosely plugged in to the power socket. To fix this issue, either conduct a power reset of your device or re-plug your TV into a different socket.



  • Insufficient power supply due to a loosely plugged power cable.


Here’s how you can fix this issue:

  1. Option A is to unplug your power cable from the socket, wait 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. If this fails to resolve your issue, resort to option B.
  2. Option B is also called a “hard reset.” You basically have to unplug your TV from the socket, wait for a minute, depress the TV’s power button for 30 seconds, and then try re-plugging the power cable.
  3. If even option B fails to resolve your problem, your last resort is to plug your TV into a different socket.


Vizio Smart TV blink codes

Color of blinking light Diagnosis
Flashes of Green When your device’s screen is showing flashes of green light, it could mean any of the following things:

·One or more of the cables plugged into your device is either faulty or loose (including the power cable).

·There is some form of magnetic interference disrupting your screen’s normal functioning.

Blinking Red lights Blinking red lights can be a sign that:

·There are faulty or loose cables attached to your device.

·Your device is receiving poor signal strength from either its remote or from the cable provider.


Flashes of orange light Flashes of orange light that eventually turn white indicate that there is some internal issue with your device. In such instances, you should immediately call a Vizio technician to find out what your options are.


Flashes of yellow light Flashes of yellow light from your device indicate a faulty main board. You can’t repair this on your own; call a Vizio technician immediately when this happens.


Flashes of white light Flashes of white light mean that your TV needs some repair. In most cases, though, it means that you need to buy a new one altogether, but you should always call Vizio’s customer support to be sure about the issue. Also, when this issue arises, it is best to check whether you’re still eligible for the warranty immediately.



Why does my Vizio TV Screen Keep flickering on and off?

A Vizio TV screen that keeps flickering on and off is causes by a fault with the power cable. If you use a Vizio Smart cast display with HDR settings turned on, but you’re using an old HDMI cable, you might also have this issue.


Here’s how to resolve both issues:



  • Loosely-plugged power cable
  • Using an older version of HDMI cable on your device.


Fixing the power cable problem

This problem usually gets resolved by simply ensuring that your power cable is firmly plugged into your power socket. If you can’t get this to happen, consider plugging your TV into another socket.


Fixing the HDMI cable problem

If you use the Vizio Smart cast display, and use the TV’s HDR picture settings, make sure you use an HDMI 2.0 cable – older versions of HDMI cables like HDMI 1.4 usually cause you to run into this problem.


Why is my Vizio TV power light blinking?

A constantly blinking power light is a sign of an internal glitch with your device, which you can fix by disabling and re-enabling the power light in the power button settings. If this problem doesn’t go away, it is a sign that your TV is malfunctioning, and it needs to be examined by an expert.



  • Internal Glitch
  • Malfunctioning TV


Here is how you can get this issue resolved.


Re-enable the power light

  1. Click “menu” on your remote.
  2. Locate “system” on the menu and then scroll to find “Reset &Admin.”
  3. Find the “power indicator” option there and disable it.
  4. Then, toggle to enable it again and see if your issue is resolved.


Call an expert

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, there might be some deeper issue with your TV. Unfortunately, such problems can’t be fixed at home; you need to call an expert (ideally a Vizio technician).


How do I reset my Vizio TV if it won’t turn on?

To fix a Vizio TV that won’t turn on, you need to do a hard reset, or reset your TV to factory default settings.


Hard Reset

This method is pretty simple and effective while solving this issue. The major plus point of conducting a hard reset is that you don’t lose any of your data – so there’s absolutely nothing to lose here. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Plug out your TV from the power socket.
  • Also, plug out any additional cables connected to your device.
  • Press down on the power button of the TV for about 30 seconds. This ensures that all residual power from within your device gets removed.
  • Now, after waiting a minute or so, plug your TV back in, and switch it on.


Reset to factory settings ­

This method should be used only when you’ve already tried the hard reset method and it has failed to resolve your issue. This option is considered a last resort because it involves wiping out all of your personal data from the TV’s memory- essentially making it brand new on the inside. Follow these steps to factory-reset your Vizio TV:


Go to Menu > Click System > Click Reset & Admin > Click Reset to factory default.


What causes a Blinking Vizio TV Logo?

The main cause behind a blinking Vizio TV logo is faulty firmware. But this issue can also indicate that your software isn’t updated or that the cables attached to your device are incorrectly plugged in.

To fix this issue, either conduct a hard reset of your device, check settings to see if any firmware updates are available, unplug and re-plug all cables, or reset your device to factory settings.


Possible causes

  • Faulty or un-updated firmware
  • Incorrectly plugged-incables


Here are some quick workarounds:


Time for a Hard reset

Hard resets help remove any corrupt internal data, glitches, and internal memory clogs from your TV, and the best part is, you don’t need to be afraid of losing any content that you might’ve downloaded on your device; it doesn’t get deleted.


Follow these steps to perform a hard reset of your Vizio TV correctly:

  1. Switch your Vizio TV off alongside any other devices plugged into its ports.
  2. Detach your TV from the power socket.
  3. Now, press the power button and hold it down for 30 seconds (while the TV remains disconnected).
  4. Wait for 10 minutes before plugging your device back into the power socket and switching the TV on.
  5. You’ve successfully conducted a hard resetof your Vizio TV.


Unplug all cables

Another reason why your TV’s logo might be flashing repeatedly is to indicate that one or multiple of the cables connected to the TV’s ports are either damaged or not working correctly.

To fix this issue, check the ports for any signs of damage. If the port seems damaged, replace it. If the cables are damaged, try using different ones. A good way to know whether it is the cable that is damaged or the HDMI port(s) itself is to use a different cable to plug in your supplementary device(s).

If the logo stops flashing, your old cable was faulty; if it doesn’t, you might need to get your TV’s ports replaced.


See if there are any firmware updates

other than faulty firmware, another reason why your TV’s logo might be blinking repeatedly is if its firmware is not up to date. Now, most times, your TV will automatically update its firmware whenever it is available.

However, sometimes, due to glitches, it fails to do so. In such cases, you should go to your TV’s settings, check if there are any updates available, and update your TV manually.


Follow this path to update your TV manually:

Menu > System > Check for Updates > Install Update.


Factory Reset your TV

If neither of the three options outlined above proves to be effective, you should consider conducting a factory reset of your TV. Unlike hard resets, factory resets will delete all of the data saved on your device –it will be as though you’re opening your TV for the first time.


Here are the steps you should follow to reset your Vizio TV to factory default successfully:

  1. Click “Menu” on your remote.
  2. Scroll down and click “system.”
  3. Then, select “reset and admin” and finally press “Reset TV to Factory Defaults.”
  4. Your Vizio TV will reset to factory settings, and all of your saved data will be wiped out from your device.


How to fix Vizio TV flickering horizontal lines?

Horizontal lines flickering on your a Vizio TV screen is an issue with the picture settings on your TV or any of the plugged-in devices. To resolve this problem, hard reset the TV or change the picture settings on your device.



  • Altered picture settings
  • Loosely plugged-in cables (especially the power cable)


To solve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Give your TV a hard restart –unplug your TV from the power socket, wait for about a minute or so, depress your TV’s power button (not on the remote) for about 30 seconds, and then restart your TV.
  2. Next, ensure that your power cable is tightly plugged into your power socket – if you can’t get the socket to hold the power cable, plug your TV elsewhere tightly.
  3. If the problem persists, then the issue probably lies in your picture settings. To resolve it, go to the menu button on your TV’s remote.
  4. Then, choose “picture.”
  5. After that, go to “picture mode” and choose among the many options you have for pictures.


Why Does my Vizio Tv Blink a Blank Screen?

If your TV blinks a blank screen each time you turn it on, it is a sign that there is either a display issue with your device or a power issue.



  • Issues with the display
  • Issues with power input


Issues with power

When your TV is blinking a blank screen, conduct a power reset of your device by unplugging your Tv from the main power, waiting for 60 seconds before depressing the device’s power button for about 30 seconds (while the TV is still unplugged). Then, plug your TV back into the power socket firmly and turn your TV on.


Issues with the display

If power resetting your device doesn’t fix this issue, and the power light of your device turns on, it means that there is a problem with your display. You will need to call a Vizio technician to resolve this issue.


Why does my Vizio TV Flash a green screen?

When your Vizio TV continually flashes a green screen, it is a sign that there are either some cable issues with your device or there is some internal malfunction. In some cases, this may also be due to some magnetic interference with your screen.


You can resolve these issues by removing and re-plugging all cables, putting some distance between any speakers nearby, or calling Vizio technicians for help.



  • Cable connection issues
  • Internal malfunction
  • Magnetic interference from electronic devices like speakers nearby


Remove and re-plug all connections

flashing green screens is often a sign that some of the cables attached to your TV’s ports are not plugged in properly. A simple way to resolve this matter, of course, is to physically detach all cables from your device and then re-plug them into the TV’s ports. If the issue persists, your device’s port may be faulty – get it replaced.


Put some distance between your TV and any supplementary speakers nearby

Green flashes are often caused by magnetic interference disrupting your screen’s regular functioning. The most commonly reported source of such interference is any attached speakers near your device. The easiest way to fix this issue is to place them somewhere far from your display.


What to do about internal malfunctions

If the methods mentioned above fail to resolve your issue, it is likely that the problem lies within some internal component of your screen. You can’t solve this issue on your own; call a Vizio technician for help immediately.


Why is my Vizio TV’s Red-light Blinking?

Flickering red light is usually an indication of a faulty (or loose) cable attached to your device, a faulty or loose power plug, or poor signal strength.



  • Faulty or loose connected cables (especially the power cable)
  • Your device is receiving poor signal strength


Here is how you can resolve these issues:


Faulty or Loose Cables/ power plugs

Resolving this issue is as simple as removing your power cable from the main socket and then re-plugging it firmly in place. As for the cables of other attached devices, remove them from your TV’s ports and then place them back in. If they still don’t work, the issue might be with your TV’s ports – call a Vizio technician for guidance on how you can replace your device’s port.


Poor Signal Strength

If you’re receiving poor signal strength on your device, check the batteries of your remote to see if it is working properly. If that doesn’t help, call your cable provider and inquire about this issue.


Why is my Vizio TV Flashing orange light?

If your Vizio TV’s power light has been flashing an orange color which eventually turns white, it means that your device has malfunctioned from the inside – you should immediately call a Vizio technician and check your TV’s warranty in such cases.



  • Internal Malfunction


You can’t fix this issue yourself. You should immediately get in touch with a Vizio technician to take a look at your device or to see if you’re still eligible for the warranty.


Why is my Vizio TV flashing yellow light?

If your Vizio TV’s logo starts flashing from white to yellow, it means that the main board of your TV is faulty and needs to be repaired (replaced in most cases).


It would be best if you never tried to fix such issues on your own; doing so can lead you to make your warranty void and increase the risk of you damaging more sensitive internal components inside your TV. As soon as you see this issue arise, contact the customer support center of Vizio to find out your options.


Why is my Vizio TV flashing White light?

A white light usually flashes through the power button of Vizio TVs to indicate that your TV needs to be looked at by an experienced Vizio technician.



  • Internal Malfunction


Your TV needs this care because something inside of it has malfunctioned – an issue that you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to fix at home. The safest bet you have of recovering your device is by calling Vizio’s team of experts immediately and checking if you’re still eligible for a warranty.


How to fix my Vizio Power light blinking (no picture)?

To fix this issue, you need to check for two things. First, whether your power cable is plugged into the socket properly, and second, by checking whether your TV’s remote has fresh batteries in it.



  • Insufficient power supply due to a loosely plugged power cable
  • Drained out batteries in your remote.


Here is how you can fix both these issues:


Checking the power cable

If the power cable is loosely attached to the socket, it might be the reason why you’re facing this issue. Unfortunately, simply re-adjusting the cable won’t do the trick; you have to hard reset your TV by removing the cable, pressing the power button down for 30 seconds, and then restarting your device.


Checking the batteries of the remote

When you come across the issue of a blinking power light with no picture on the screen, try taking the batteries out of your remote. Then, with the batteries still out, press the power button on the remote for 15 seconds, and then put the batteries back in (although it is recommended that you use new batteries this time). This should resolve your issue.


Why does my Vizio TV power light fade out

It is actually pretty normal for your Vizio TV’s light to fade out a while after you turn it on. These lights are designed so that the power light turns on with the TV. Then, this light stays on for a while before fading away.


This is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about it at all – in fact, if your power light doesn’t fade out, that’s when you should really worry. This is because an unfading power light is a sign that there is something wrong with your TV; you should immediately contact a Vizio technician in this case and check whether you’re still eligible for your TV’s warranty

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