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How to Fix a TV Light Blinking Red & Won’t Turn On (STEPS)

Why is my TV light blinking red and won’t turn ON?

Your TV may be blinking red and won’t turn ON because of a damaged power strip or a failing power board. Wrong input source selection or an HDMI glitch can also cause the issue.

  • Damaged power strip
  • Failing power board
  • Wrong input source
  • HDMI glitch


Damaged power strip

There may be a blinking red light in your television without the TV turning ON if the power strip in the surge protector is broken. A failing surge protector can cause a blinking red light.


Failing power board

The power board of the television is failing or has failed because it has blown-out capacitors. This will trigger the red light blinking action but the TV won’t turn ON.


Wrong input source selection

One of the most basic reasons why the TV light blinks in red color without turning ON is the choice of wrong inputs. Alternatively, the problem occurs when the inputs are connected improperly.


HDMI glitch

If there is an HDMI glitch, the television won’t turn ON but the red light will keep blinking. The ON/OFF action of the TV will depend on the ON/OFF state of the connected console.


Why is my TV power light blinking?

Your TV power light is usually blinking due to a problem with the power supply connected to the TV, an incompatible firmware or a remote control issue.

The power light blinking issue can be addressed by checking the power supply of the television, doing a firmware upgrade if available and/or checking if the remote control and its batteries are in good condition.


TV red light blinking and not turning on


Why is my TV standby light flashing?

Your TV standby light is often flashing because the television has identified an issue or problem. This can be because of a power supply fault or a defective HDMI cable.

Aside from a power or factory reset, you can try removing other external devices connected to the TV.


What does it mean when your TV blinks on and off?

A TV is likely to blink ON and OFF if there is a missed or loose connection, Wi-Fi router signal interference, a pending software update or faulty connected input devices.

An activated energy-efficiency function, dying LED bulbs, overheating or internal disconnection can also trigger the blinking problem. The fixes are generally straightforward and can be done in minimum time.


What does it mean when the red light is flashing on my Samsung TV?

The red light flashing on your Samsung TV could mean that the television has encountered an HDMI port or hardware defect, a power supply failure or a software glitch.


At times, the problem can be due to more than one of these reasons. You will have to do a bit of troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of the flashing red light and take the appropriate action to fix the problem.


Samsung TV blinking light codes

The table highlighted below indicates why the standby red light in your Samsung TV blinks various times and what you can do to resolve this problem.


Light Code Description Solution
One Blink A mainboard failure Replace the mainboard with a new one of the same specifications.
Two blinks (Five Times) ·A pending firmware update

· A faulty power supply board because of swollen


·Check if any firmware update is pending and do the update.

·Replace the power supply board and take care that the specifications of the new board match that of the old one.

Three Blinks Short circuit in the digital mainboard Substitute the faulty digital mainboard with a new and working board.
Four Blinks ·Bulging filter electrolytic capacitors and/or a low voltage regulator in the power supply

·Bad backlight inverter

·Fan is not running properly

·Inspect the power supply for bulging or leaky bulging filter capacitors and a low voltage regulator in the power supply and change the defective components. Also, check the mainboard for the regulator problem and take the appropriate action.

·Replace the backlight inverter of the TV.

·Make sure that the fan connectors are cleaned and plugged in tightly in place.

Five Blinks ·A pending reboot

·A faulty power cable

·A defective power supply

·Reboot the TV by holding down the Power button and disconnecting the cable. Wait for a while, reconnect the cable and turn ON the television again.

·Try connecting another power cable in place of the old one. If the problem goes away, change the old power cable.

·Get a new power supply connected by ensuring that the power requirements match the old one.

Six Blanks ·A faulty power supply board

·Incorrect source selection

·LED backlighting problem

·HDMI glitch

·Get the power supply board replaced by an authorized technician.

·Check if the input sources have been selected and connected correctly. If not, make the required changes.

·Get the faulty LED backlights replaced with working counterparts.

·Remove all external devices that are connected to the HDMI source.

Seven Blinks A pending reset Unplug the TV connection and keep the Power button pressed for a minute. Redo the connections and turn ON the television.
Eight Blinks ·A bad fan

·A failing power supply board

·Clean the fans if they are clogged with dirt or change them if the blades are broken.

·Replace the entire power supply board or look out for capacitors that show signs of bulging or leaking and replace them.


Standby light flashing on TV when turned off

The standby light tends to flash on the TV when it’s turned OFF because the television is still connected and receiving power.

  1. Try turning ON the TV using the Power button on the television. The position of this button varies depending on the television. If you’re still finding it hard to locate this button, you can look up the user manual for a clear understanding. If it turns ON, you may have to get your remote serviced or change its batteries.
  2. If the TV still doesn’t turn ON, you will have to seek the assistance of the manufacturer’s support center to request a service.


Why is my Samsung TV’s standby light flashing but won’t turn on?

Your Samsung TV standby light is flashing but the TV won’t turn ON because of a bad power supply, a failing surge protector, wrong input source selection or an HDMI glitch.

  1. Check if the power supply has gone bad and do a replacement. Electric shock and lightning are two main reasons for a power supply to go bad. You can claim a replacement for free if your television is within the warranty period.
  2. Watch out for a failing surge protector and change it if needed. You can confirm this by plugging the TV directly into the wall outlet and checking if it turns ON. If it does, the problem is with the surge protector.
  3. Look out for the wrong selection of input sources and choose the right sources. You must also make sure that these sources are connected properly.
  4. Check if the HDMI port is functioning properly and get it set right if needed. Sometimes, identifying and replacing a faulty HDMI cable also solves the problem. As a last resort, you can disconnect all HDMI devices connected to the TV.


Why is my Samsung TV red light blinking 2 times?

Your Samsung TV red light is blinking 2 times mostly because of a pending firmware update. In some cases, swollen capacitors in the power supply also trigger this issue.

  1. Check if the firmware for your television has been updated and is of the latest version. If not, an update to the most recent version should serve as a fix.
  2. Inspect the power supply board for swollen capacitors. Depending on the number of such capacitors, you can do an entire board replacement or change just those capacitors.


Why is my Samsung TV red light blinking 5 times?

A Samsung TV red light will blink 5 times usually because of a defective power supply, a faulty power cable or a pending reboot.

  1. Check the power board of the power supply to ensure that there are no loose connections. Tighten such connections, if any. You must also replace bulging capacitors in the board.
  2. Watch out for faulty power and/or HDMI cables and do a replacement. You can check for faults by using another set of power and HDMI cables and confirming if they work.
  3. Do a reboot of your television. This is the simplest option and can sometimes resolve the problem.
  4. Check for LED backlighting issues because of lack of continuity. Such LEDs have to be changed. Since this involves removing the back panel, you can avail the service of the manufacturer’s support team to help you with this.


Samsung TV standby light flashing but won’t turn on

A Samsung TV standby light can keep flashing but the television won’t turn ON if there is a hardware problem, firmware installation issue or stuck power button.

  1. Check for the possibility of internal hardware damage and get it rectified. Hardware components tend to malfunction due to liquid penetration. It’s best to get this check done by professionals.
  2. Check for software issues such as the firmware missing a pending update and do it at the earliest. This missing may happen because you turned the television OFF accidentally while the installation was taking place.
  3. Watch out for a stuck power button on both the TV and remote. Sometimes, the button gets stuck due to accumulated dust. When the dust is cleaned, the power button gets released on its own.


How do I fix the blinking red light on my Samsung TV?

You can fix the blinking red light on your Samsung TV by replacing the broken power strip, changing the failing power board, eliminating the LED backlight strip shorting or rectifying the HDMI related problem.

  1. Check if there are chances of the power strip in the surge protector to have broken accidentally. This is likely if the TV works fine with another surge protector. In this case, you must replace the surge protector.
  2. Inspect the power board to check if it has swollen or leaking capacitors that cause it to fail. If there are just a couple of such capacitors, replace them with ones of matching specifications. If there are many, it’s better to change the board itself.
  3. Check if the LED backlights inside the rear panel have shorted by using a voltmeter. If so, you have to get a new strip fitted. Since this replacement involves removing quite a few parts from your TV, you can consider getting help from a professional.
  4. Remove the HDMI cable and check if the problem goes away. If so, you can just turn OFF the Anynet+ setting. You can also make sure that all HDMI devices are turned ON when you power ON your TV.

The tools and accessories that you may need to solve the problem depend on what actually caused the blinking red light issue.


Samsung TV not turning on red light blinking on remote

Your Samsung TV is likely to be not turning ON and the red light is blinking because of dying or weak batteries, physical damage, stuck buttons or IR sensor obstruction.

  1. Put new batteries in place of the old ones inside the remote. If they work, the old batteries were problematic because they were either dying or had become weak.
  2. Check for physical damage to the remote and get a new one appropriate for your model. Dropping the remote too often can cause it to break or lead to the circuit connections on its motherboard getting cut.
  3. Clean the remote buttons thoroughly to free them of grime, dirt and dust build-up around them and release the stuck buttons.
  4. Look out for any obstruction between the TV and the remote as this can hinder the transmission of the required IR signals to turn ON the television. Removing such obstructions will solve the problem.

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What does a flashing red light mean on a Sony TV?

A flashing red light on a Sony TV means that the television has detected a problem or issue that needs to be attended to immediately. This is usually an internal hardware problem with the associated power management system.


How to fix flashing red light on a Sony TV?

You can fix the flashing red light on a Sony TV by doing a hard or factory reset, carrying out a firmware update or plugging the TV connector into the wall outlet directly. Clogged rear outlets can also cause the flashing red light problem.

  1. Turn OFF the television and remove the plug from the wall outlet. Leave it in this state for a couple of minutes so that the components get powered down completely. Plug the connector back into the electrical outlet and turn on the TV once again.
  2. Update the firmware of the television to its latest version. To do this, press Home or Menu on the remote and Settings or Help based on the TV. Select the Customer Support, Setup or Product Support option followed by Software Update and click Ok or Yes to proceed with the update.

You can also activate the function for an automatic update.

  1. Disconnect the TV from the surge protector and wait for a few minutes. You must also remove the surge protector from the wall outlet. Plug the TV connector directly into the wall outlet instead of using a surge protector.
  2. Check if the outlets at the rear of the TV are blocked because of dirt and clean them. You can use a blower to remove the dirt.
  3. As a last alternative, you can do a factory reset. This will reset the television to its original settings.


What does a flashing red light mean on an LG TV?

A flashing red light on an LG TV means that there is likely to be an internal malfunction with the hardware and is most likely to be the power board. You will not be able to turn ON the TV until the problem is rectified.


How to fix flashing red light on an LG TV?

You can fix the flashing red light on an LG TV by doing a hard reset, ensuring that the television is not overheated or executing a factory reset.

  1. Do a hard reset by turning OFF the television and unplugging all the externally connected devices. Make sure to remove the TV from the power outlet as well. Keep the Power button of the television for thirty seconds and then switch ON the television after about 10 minutes. Make sure that it’s working properly and reconnect all that was disconnected earlier.
  2. Make sure that the vents at the rear of the television are free of dust and open. You can also keep the TV in a place where it’s not directly affected by sunrays.
  3. If both the above methods don’t work, consider doing a factory reset. You may have to enter a code to execute this reset. However, keep in mind that this reset will erase all the saved preferences and downloaded content.

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