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How to Fix Vizio TV Screen that Keeps Flickering

Why does my Vizio TV screen keep flickering?

The main reason for a Vizio TV screen to start flickering is because of a loose HDMI connection, corrupt firmware or incompatible display settings.


Possible Causes:

  • Loose HDMI connection
  • Hardware issue
  • Incompatible display settings
  • Corrupt firmware
  • Foreign remote
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Poor cable signal
  • Inverter Issues


Loose HDMI connection

The most common cause of Vizio TV screen flickering is the loose connection to HDMI. Most new Vizio smart TVs support HDR capabilities. Older HDMI 1.4 cables may cause the screen to black out or flicker in that scenario.


Hardware issue

You cannot really rule out the possibility of hardware damage. Overheating can, sometimes, damage the hardware of your TV or cause the inside chip failure. Hardware issues might be rare, but they can certainly occur from time to time.


Incompatible display settings

Most smart TVs, including Vizio, come with multiple display settings. You can change their resolution and even frame rate. If you try to watch a 240Hz video on a 50-60Hz screen, it will certainly lead to flickering.


Corrupt firmware

You need to keep your Vizio TV operating system and firmware up to date. Moreover, it is necessary to clear the cache regularly. Otherwise, your system can experience errors and glitches, causing the screen to go black.


Foreign remote

If you’re using any other remote than Vizio, such as Xfinity remote, the screen might start to flicker. This is usually caused due to a bug in the firmware.


Advanced Video Settings

Your Vizio TV might have advanced video settings that are causing the screen to flicker. This problem is usually caused due to advanced adaptive luma, backlight control, and ambient lighting settings.


Unstable internet connection

To connect your Vizio TV to Vizio’s server, you need a stable internet connection. With this approach, you’ll be able to update the firmware and fix different bugs. If the TV is getting a poor connection, it won’t be able to connect to the server, causing the black screen error.


Poor cable signal

A poor cable signal from the satellite can also lead to screen flickering. Moreover, if you are using cable service, the TV box might be the culprit causing the black screen error or flickering screen issue.


Inverter Issues

Vizio’s master inverter offers a continuous source of energy to your TV. On the other hand, the slave inverter lights the lamp. If the Vizio inverters are damaged, your TVwon’t get enough electricity, which can cause your Vizio TV to flicker.


Errors & Glitches

When it comes to smart electronic appliances, you can never rule out errors and glitches. The more you use your smart TV, the more glitches it will face. Mostly, these glitches are fixed in the latest firmware. If not, they can lead to screen flickering issues.


Vizio TV screen flickering


How do I fix a Vizio TV screen that keeps flickering? 

You can fix the Vizio TV screen flickering issue by checking the HDMI cable connection, fixing the inverter, repositioning the satellite dish, and restarting your TV.


Restart Your Vizio TV[Method 1]

  1. Unplug your Vizio TV
  2. Let it rest for 60 seconds
  3. Hold the TV’s power button for up to 30 seconds
  4. Plug it back in


Check HDMI Connection[Method 2]

Most Vizio TVs come with an HDR option. If that’s the case with you, you should check the HDMI connection. To resolve the flickering screen issue on Vizio smart TV, you need an HDMI 2.0 cable. If you use 1.4 cables, you’ll face black screen or flickering screen issues.


Adjust Display Settings [Method 3]

  1. Click on the “Menu” button on remote
  2. Go to “Picture”
  3. Select “More”
  4. Open “Reset Picture Mode”


Resolve Signal Issues[Method 4]

The images on your Vizio TV are as strong as the signal the TV receives. If you are using satellite or cable service, make sure you are getting the signals. You can ensure that the satellite dish is aligned properly or reset the TV box.


Check Internet Connection[Method 5]

Vizio TV needs to be connected to a Vizio server with a stable internet connection. So, make sure you are using good-quality coaxial cable. If you are using WiFi, ensure that the TV is getting enough signals to attain a stable internet connection.


Check Inverter[Method 6]

  1. Remove the back panel
  2. Disconnect backlight connector
  3. Connect the inverter to a multimeter
  4. Make sure the reading shows voltage between 12 and 20
  5. If not, change the inverter


Update the Firmware[Method 7]

  1. Press the “V” key on the remote
  2. Select “System”
  3. Go to “Check for Updates”
  4. If there’s an update, confirm to install
  5. Restart your TV


Factory Reset[Method 8]

  1. Press the “Menu” button on remote
  2. Select “System”
  3. Find “Reset & Admin” option
  4. Click on “Reset TV to Factory Defaults”
  5. Enter “0000” if Vizio asks for a code


Vizio Customer Support[Method 9]

So, you have tried all the above-mentioned methods but still facing flickering – what should you do? Well, it might be time for you to contact the Vizio Customer Support center. If you still have a warranty, you can simply replace your TV or get it repaired by a professional.

The best thing about Vizio is that they even provide in-home services if you have an active warranty. Through this approach, you don’t have to put any effort and let someone else fix the flickering screen issue.


What does it mean when my Vizio TV is flickering? 

If your Vizio TV starts to flicker, it means you are using older HDMI cables, have poor cable signals, or the connection ports are damaged.


Why is my Vizio TV flickering on and off? 

If your Vizio TV is flickering on and off, it is probably caused due to picture settings. This problem is quite common in the Vizio V series due to SDR and HDR settings.


Here’s How to Fix It:

  1. Click on the “Menu” button
  2. Go to “Picture”
  3. Select “More”
  4. Choose “Reset Picture Mode”


Why does my Vizio TV screen keep flickering lines? 

Normally, loosely connected cables can cause the Vizio TV screen to flicker lines because the data is not transmitting as efficiently.


How to fix flickering horizontal lines on a Vizio TV? 

If your Vizio OLED or other model is flickering horizontal lines on the screen, you can check the power source and wiring to fix it.


How to Fix it:

  1. Make sure the inverter is not damaged
  2. Push all the cables firmly into the connecting jacks
  3. Replace damaged cables
  4. Ensure TV is getting enough power

How to fix flickering vertical lines on a Vizio TV?

Vertical lines flickering on a Vizio TV, including the Vizio P series, can be fixed by restarting the TV and fixing the cable connection.


Here’s how to Fix It:

  1. Power off your TV
  2. Firmly push all the cables into the connecting jacks
  3. Push the power button on the TV for 30 seconds
  4. Let the TV rest for 60 seconds
  5. Switch between sources
  6. Plug in the Vizio TV


Why is my Vizio TV screen black and flickering?

If you are using the Vizio SmartCast Display with TVs HDR capabilities, HDMI 1.4 cables can cause the screen to black out or flicker.


How to Fix It:

  1. Use HDMI 2.0 cables
  2. Turn off the HDR settings
  3. Reseat all the Cables
  4. Check the Cable Signal
  5. Make sure the firmware is up to date


Disable HDR Settings on Vizio TV

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote
  2. Click on “Input Settings:
  3. Select the activated HDMI port
  4. Turn off the “Full UHD Color” option
  5. Restart your TV

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