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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen (STEPS)

What causes a laptop screen to crack?

The main causes of a cracked laptop screen are excessive pressure applied on the screen, rough handling, temperature variation and internal faults.

  • Excess pressure due to heavy objects
  • Pressure due to prolonged storage in bags
  • Rough handling
  • Temperature changes
  • Internal issues


Excess pressure due to heavy objects

Sitting or stepping on the laptop or dropping very heavy objects on the laptop may lead to a cracked laptop screen as the screen is very delicate and extremely prone to damage due to pressure.


Pressure due to storage

When a laptop is stored inside a bag for a prolonged period or kept on the floor, there can be cracks in the laptop screen due to pressure.


Rough handling

Opening or closing the laptop very fast and holding the laptop by its screen are some of how a laptop is subject to rough handling and can result in cracks in the laptop screen.


Temperature changes

High-temperature variations cause the laptop screen to crack. Hence, it’s usually advised to work on your laptop at a normal room temperature. However, it happens very rarely that a laptop screen cracks because of changes in the surrounding temperature.


Internal issues

Issues in the graphics card of your laptop or other electronic errors can result in issues with the laptop screen and cause it to crack. Many computer hardware problems are interlinked with the working of the screen.


Can a computer screen crack on its own?

Yes, a computer screen can crack on its own. It happens because of temperature variations in the surroundings. However, it’s highly unlikely for a computer screen to break on its own.

To avoid such occurrences, it’s recommended to use your computer at a normal room temperature.


Can a cracked laptop screen be fixed?

Yes, a cracked laptop screen can be fixed. However, it needs a lot of precision and attention because a lack of precision may worsen the situation and cost you much more than just a screen replacement.

In addition to this, if you accidentally drop your laptop, it is important to look for other damages as well.

On the other hand, in the case of a dead graphics card, there is no point in replacing a good screen. Therefore, it is important to double-check everything before moving on to fixing a cracked laptop screen.


Fix a cracked laptop screen


How to fix a cracked laptop screen?

You can temporarily fix a cracked laptop screen by applying adhesives that are used to hold optical components in place. You can also use baking soda, a plastic bag and sandpaper to solve your cracked screen issue to some extent.

Alternatively, you can replace the cracked laptop screen at home to cut the extra expenditure of getting it done by a professional.


How does a laptop screen crack internally?

The laptop screen may crack internally because of excessive pressure on the screen, or forcefully closing the lid of the laptop while something is stuck between the screen and the keyboard.

Holding the laptop by the screen or heavy objects hitting the screen of your laptop can also cause the screen to crack.

  • Excess pressure/force on the screen
  • Forcefully closing the lid of the laptop
  • Holding the laptop by the screen
  • Heavy objects hitting the screen


What happens when you crack your laptop screen?

When you crack your laptop screen, it not only results in damage to the glass of the screen but also damages numerous transistors in the screen beyond repair.

In addition to this, there are chances of losing access to important files and documents on your laptop.


My laptop screen looks cracked but isn’t

When your laptop screen looks cracked but it isn’t, you must try plugging a different monitor and see how it works. For this, you will need an external monitor, output ports and the right kind of cables according to the manufacturing style of your laptop.

Sometimes, there can be hairline cracks on your laptop screen. In that case, it’s advisable to use your laptop carefully and pay attention to avoid any kind of pressure on your laptop screen.


How do I prevent a laptop screen from cracking?

You can prevent a laptop screen from cracking by taking additional care in terms of handling and placing your laptop.


Here are five ways to prevent your laptop screen from cracking:

Use a padded laptop sleeve

A padded laptop sleeve is an extremely safe way of carrying your laptop to different places. It not only protects your laptop screen from excess pressure but also keeps scratches and dust away from your laptop’s hardware.


Keep heavy objects away

Heavy objects kept near your laptop may fall on it and shatter the laptop’s screen into pieces. Therefore, it’s advised to keep heavy objects away from your laptop.


Keep it at the right place

It’s important to keep your laptop in a safe place to prevent excess pressure on the laptop screen. If you keep your laptop on the floor or your bed, it’s prone to be stepped on or sat upon.


Keep liquids away

It may be very tempting to enjoy videos on your laptop while sipping some drinks. But if the liquid spills on your laptop, it can cause severe damage to your laptop’s electronic components while damaging your computer screen.


Lift your laptop carefully

Many people lift their laptops by holding the screen. This is very dangerous as the screen may easily slip from your hands and the laptop may fall to the ground. This will not only damage the screen but also other components inside the laptop.


How much does it cost to replace a cracked laptop screen?

The average cost to replace a cracked laptop screen is between $40 and $200 USD.

The replacement costs for a cracked laptop screen may range from 50$ to 755$ depending upon the type of screen you choose, the manufacturing company of your laptop and whether you decide to get it done by a professional technician or by yourself at home.

If you decide to do it yourself, it will cost less as the labor costs will be cut in this case.

It’s recommended to get the repair and replacement of your cracked laptop screen done only from the authorized repair centers. This is because any mishandling can result in extra damage that isn’t covered under the warranty offered by the manufacturers of your laptop.


Here are the costs of screen replacement for different companies in the US:

Company Cost of Laptop Screen Replacement
HP $40 – $200
Dell $45 – $250
Asus $40 – $200
Acer $50 – $300
Lenovo $60 – $350
Toshiba $60 – $240
Samsung $60 – $200
Apple $60 – $500


Will HP fix my cracked screen?

Yes, HP will fix your cracked screen. Such damage comes under ‘Customer Induced Damage’. Therefore, HP doesn’t cover the cost of repairing it in the warranty. HP offers an ‘Additional Protection Plan’ that protects you against such hefty charges for screen replacement.

It costs around 300$ to get your HP laptop screen replaced by a professional if your laptop is not covered under any protection plan.

You can replace the cracked screen of your HP laptop at home in one or two hours. However, HP advises you to go ahead with the replacement process only when you are confident enough about it.

Any further damage caused due to improper handling or replacement can void the protection offered by HP.


Will Acer fix my cracked screen?

Yes, Acer can fix your cracked laptop screen. You will have to contact the Acer repair centers and leave your laptop with them for repair/replacement.

It takes 7 to 10 business days for Acer to repair your cracked laptop screen.

The long time period required for the replacement is because of restrictions in terms of availability of the product, availability of the technicians and other factors.

If you choose to get it repaired by a local technician, Acer doesn’t cover the cost of the replacement screen and labor charges. The laptop screen replacement may cost around 50$ to 300$. However, if your laptop is covered under the limited warranty period offered by Acer, you will not incur any charge.


Will Asus fix my cracked screen?

Yes, Asus will fix your cracked laptop screen. Asus offers one year of Accidental Damage Protection which can be extended up to four years at an additional price. The exact cost of screen replacement by Asus can be checked only by contacting their support center.

The replacement at the Asus repair center will take only a few hours because they have a team of experts in the field.

However, if you plan to buy a replacement screen for your Asus laptop and replace it on your own, it will cost from 25$ to 200$, depending on the type of your Asus laptop and the screen size. The cost may also depend on the quality of the replacement screen that you are buying.



Will Lenovo fix my cracked screen?

Yes, Lenovo will fix your cracked laptop screen in a day or two. The repair/replacement costs may vary from 38$ to 220$ based on whether you get it done by a technician or do it at home by yourself.

The Accidental Damage Protection by Lenovo is an add-on warranty of three years that protects you against accidental damage caused to your laptop because of accidental bumps, drops, electrical surges and so on.

Lenovo maintains a reputation around the world in terms of the quality of its products and additional services. Therefore, they guarantee to provide only the best solutions for any kind of damage caused to your laptop.


Will Apple fix my cracked screen?

Yes, Apple will fix your cracked laptop screen. The costs may differ depending on whether your laptop is still under the warranty of AppleCare+. During the warranty period, a cracked screen can be fixed by the Apple team for 99$. If there is additional damage, the costs may go up to 300$.

If your laptop is out of the warranty period, the repair and replacement costs may vary in the range of $455 and $755. An exact cost of repair cannot be determined as there are many factors considered by the Apple team before making the repairs. However, a labor charge of 100$ is fixed.

To get your laptop screen repaired or replaced, you will need to book an online appointment after speaking to their representatives. It takes a maximum of two days to fix your issue. Mostly, it is done right away as the technicians of Apple are highly trained and skilled.

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