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How to Fix eGPU Crashing Under Load and Freezing (STEPS)

eGPU crashing under load

Why Does My eGPU Keep Crashing?

A eGPU can keep crashing because of overheating to 176°F, or too much dust inside the eGPU.

If you receive any messages regarding your graphics driver that it was crashed or restart, you have to look for a new driver.

You must check that there is any new driver available through graphics manufacturers’ websites. There are some causes for which eGPU keeps crashing.


Causes of eGPU crashing

  • Overheating
  • Dust and grime
  • Voltage is too high


  1. Overheating: 

If you want to check the heating, then you have to download the GPU-Z, which mostly works with AMD and Intel graphics. There is a sensor tab which measures the temperature of the GPU. If it shows that the temperature of eGPU is around 80c, then it means it is overheated and crashed.


  1. No dust: 

Another thing that plays an important role in the crashing of GPU is too much dust. Make sure that the inside of your GPU is cleaned properly using an air blaster.


  1. Extreme high voltage: 

Sometimes, you can notice click sound, and then your fridge will turn off. This is a notification for you that your eGPU is crashed for the extremely high voltage.


Do you know about eGPU? Do you have any idea about eGPU crashing and the related thing? Most of the people are unaware of the facts related to eGPU crashing under loading and freezing.

For those people here, we clearly discuss the facts and the related things about eGPU. After reading this article, you will learn more about eGPU’s and the related things about this.

Now for those who are a beginner and don’t have any idea about eGPU, here I first want to discuss what an eGPU is and how it works. eGPU means “external graphics processing unit.”

A eGPU is graphic processor that provides you a high graphics processing power. It provides you the benefits which your GPU can’t do. 

EGPU is useful for those people who play a lot of graphics games in their system. This is helpful for those people who are working as an image and video editors. It is known as a high-end photo editing tool used by the people who are working with VR diagrams and all.

There are many eGPU’s available in the market of different companies. If you have a low budget, you can buy an OWC Mercury Helios FX650, which provides 650-watt power supply.

If you’re a professional video editor, you can try to buy an AMD Radeon pro W5700.


How to Fix an eGPU that crashes?

When your display adaptor is not working properly, or there is a problem in your eGPU, it shows some symptoms such as crashes, hangs, freezes, etc. There are a few ways through which you can fix it.


Steps to fix your eGPU that crashes

  • Uninstall your old display drivers: 

You can uninstall your old display drivers and install the new one. Through this, a lot of problems are disappearing from your PC.

You should make sure that your installed display drivers are fixed properly.


  • Check your power supply: 

You should also check your power supply. Sometimes high voltage or high power transmission can crash your eGPU and put you in trouble.


  • Rig a desk fan to blow into your computer: 

If your eGPU is crashing many times, then maybe it is happening because of overheating. If you play games for a longer period, then the inside of your case may be overheating.


How to Fix eGPU crashing underload?

To fix a eGPU, check your power supply and clean the inside of your PC or laptop with compressed air.

Most of the time, our GPU crashes because of underload for many reasons, and here we discuss the steps you can use to recover your issues related to eGPU.


  1. Clean your PC from inside: 

Most of the time, it’s occurred because of humidity and all. You have to try to clean the inside of your pc with compressed air. You can remove the graphic card and reseat it properly. You can also do the same for your RAM. You can try to blow compressed air inside the PSU and now restart your BIOS and try again.


  1. Check your power supply: 

Check your power supply and all. Check whether your graphic card is correctly put in the Slot or not. If your port isn’t in good condition, then you can try another port or cable.


  1. Download software: 

As you know that as technology changes the more and more software developed. There is much software available on the internet that you can use to fix each problem.

Similarly, to get rid of this issue, you can download the MSI afterburner check if the GPU is getting hot, then you can lower the core clock and check whether your eGPU is fixed or not.

For more information, you can take help from the experts who are working in this field for years. They will help you to fix your problem quickly.


eGPU crashing Windows 10 Laptop

There are hundreds of ways through which you can save your eGPU crash in windows ten Laptop. Here I try to discuss a little bit of information with you.


Steps to fix the eGPU crashing in windows 10:

  1. Remove your currently installed drivers and install the latest version

First, you have to remove your currently installed drivers in your system and install the latest one to recover these crashing issues. You have to download the DDU and run it. After uninstalling the driver completely install the latest drivers for your graphic card.


  1. Install display drivers 

If you’re eGPU crashes on your system regularly, then uninstall your current drivers and download the latest ones from the internet.


eGPU crashing Macbook Pro

Like windows 10, you can also fix the eGPU crash in Macbook pro. Here I discuss some tips through which you can clearly recover your issues.

Steps to follow through which you can recover your issue

  1. Remove your currently installed drivers
  2. Install the latest drivers eGPU drivers

To recover from this, you have to uninstall the drivers and download and install the newest one. Through this, you can get rid of this.

If you want to know more about this, you have to ask from a Mack expert who can provide you with the information related to this.


eGPU crashes mac mini

Like windows ten and Macbook pro, you can also fix the eGPU crash in Mac mini. Here I discuss some tips through which you can recover your issues.

  1. You can repeat the same process for Mackbook pro as there are some changes in the interface of Windows 10 and Macbook pro. So, you can try to follow the same instruction, which is applied for Mac book pro.


Why is my egpu not detected?

There are many reasons for which your eGPU not connected. Here I discuss Lenovo G500s, which has two internal GPUs named Intel HD Graphics 4000 and GTX 720m. It doesn’t have a slot for the express card.

Some steps which you should follow to recovering your issue

  1. Visit the device manager and try to connect GTX 750 Ti with your PCI-E Slot now; you can see that your GPU is running smoothly. Now try to boot it with PCI-E/HDMI Connector and if it doesn’t work, then try to boot without the EGPU first and then put the Laptop to sleep mode or turn off and then restart your system and you can see that your eGPU is connected.
  2. You can try to boot up with the Wifi card. You can try to Switch the Wifi card to the MPCI-E and check whether your eGPU is detected.
  3. According to some experts, there is much software available on the internet which you have to buy. Through the software, you will be successful in solving your issue.


How to fix eGPU not detected in the device manager?

eGPU is one of the important hardware components which should be working properly. Sometimes it may not be detected in systems device manager. It is necessary to diagnose eGPU for the smooth running of graphical experience.

There can be a lot of reasons like faculty graphic cards and GPU Slot system etc. Following procedure should be adopted if it won’t be detected.


  1. Verify the graphic slots

These slots are connected with the motherboard. Firstly we have to open the back cover of the PC and check whether the graphic card is working or not.

If it is not turn on graphic cards, then the issue arises with slot faculty. In this case, turn off the PC and take out the graphic card and insert it into another slot. The problem will fix it.


  1. Re-installation of Graphic Drivers

Graphic drivers should be updated at regular intervals. It should be recycled and re-install often to avoid future graphic related issues.


  1. Epitome Control panel to defaults

In this case, the problem can be solved in settings. First, go to the NVIDIA control panel by right-clicking. Then click on 3d settings and manage 3d settings from the left pane.

Now select the program setting tab and choose and customize the current graphics card.

Once it has done, close the control panel and run the program.


  1. Check out the power supply

eGPU needs more power supply than others. Make sure the graphics card powered adequately. Sometimes it partially powered, which creates this problem. So we have to get a power supply from a good manufacturer to negate this problem.


  1. Formatting windows updates

Many times updated versions are created bugs that are leads to various problems in eGPU drivers.

First, hold Windows key and press I. Then select update and security. After then go to recovery from the left pane and click gets started.


Why does my eGPU keep disconnecting?

There may be some reason behind this. Many people have this problem in their system while playing a high graphics game and all. There may be some reasons which vary from system to system. I can’t say which step will help you.

Each system has different issues and different display manager interface, so it will be better if you ask it to the experts.


Steps which you can try to recover from this

  1. When I play any high graphics game, I notice that my eGPU is disconnected and connected with a beep sound, and after some time, my system will freeze. At this time, I usually used the internal display when this happens.
  2. You can also try some new versions of eGPU if it’s happening with you whenever you are doing any gaming session or editing. You can also ask the experts to know more things about this.


Why does my eGPU keep freezing randomly?

I have an HP ZBook G4 and a GTX980Ti in a Node Pro, and whenever I opened any software like HW Monitor, MSI Afterburner, etc. then my system keeps freezing for some time, and it continues for a long time period.

It’s very irritating when you work something important, and your system is freezing. There are the different causes of eGPU freezing for different systems, and here I discuss the steps in which you can try to fix this.


Fix your eGPU if it freezes for sometime

  1. If your system has NVidia GPU, then go to the device manager and disable it. Now come back and open HW monitor. If still your problem is not solved then try another step.
  2. If your eGPU is disconnected, you should visit your device manager, re-enable the eGPU, and then come back. Try to check for some time, and if it continues to freezing, then move to the next step.
  3. Another solution is to disable your Hybrid graphics and the GPU in the CPU entirely. This affects the life of the battery of your system. I’m sure that this step will surely help you.

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