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RTX 2070 Crashing/Freezing/Overclocking (Troubleshooting)

RTX 2070 crashing
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Is the RTX 2070 worth it?

Many computer users feel the RTX 2070 is worth the cost. RTX 2070 offers ray-tracing and outstanding gaming performance at an affordable price. You can enjoy a 4k gaming performance with an imposing transistor count.



  • It provides faster performance than GeForce GTX 1080
  • It has an impressively designed Founders Edition
  • It has an excellent entry-level playable 4k gaming experience and 1440p
  • Cool real-time ray-tracing and deep learning super sampling technology
  • It has impressive turing features
  • Great design at a mid-range price
  • It consumes lower energy while gaming
  • Splendid synthetic performance
  • It has almost similar features as RTX 2080 but at an affordable price
  • It has a smooth frame rate for 1440p gaming
  • It has handling capabilities of the latest games with full graphical effects and high resolutions.



  • No option for SLI
  • Not affordable for a mid-range GPU
  • Faces overclocking issues
  • Upgrades are minor over 1080
  • No new features
  • Average generational game performance concerning its bloated price

RTX 2070 has outdone the performance of GTX 1080. You can enjoy 4k gaming performance without any tussle. It is not at all a bad deal to go for this powerful gaming card with advanced Turing features.

It will give you a performance boost if you previously owned a GTX 2070.


Is the RTX 2070 good for streaming?

If you want something over and above plain gaming, then you should go for RTX 2070. Graphic cards are the brain of our system, and RTX 2070 offers impressive streaming and content creation.

  • RTX 2070 offers better streaming performance than GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti. It has additional cores utilised for encoding, which lifts the massive pressure from your processor.
  • It prevents your GPU from getting bottlenecked, which ensures a better streaming performance.
  • It provides an improved FPS for game streaming. In games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, the frame rates are enhanced by about 48%.
  • It enables you to stream with superior and impressive image quality, even in high motion scenes compared to GTX 1080.
  • Streaming is more viable on RTX 2070 because of its sharp texts, detailed texture, and superior viewing experience.
  • The Tensor and RT cores of RTX 2070 add stability to game streaming.



  • It lacks game performance while providing a visual fidelity
  • It is expensive and offers a similar streaming experience as 5700XT
  • RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti outperforms RTX 2070 in terms of streaming performance.


Is RTX 2070 good for gaming?

RTX 2070 is a mind-blowing graphics card with 4k gaming experience within the zone of midrange cards for gaming. It can handle 1440p with 60fps.

The RTX 2070 has cutting edge features of Turing architecture to provide you with incredible realism and impressive game performance. You can enjoy the latest games at 4k resolution.



  • It is often unstable at the maximum power limit.
  • If you try to overclock it to boost your performance massively, your system will freeze or crash.
  • RTX 2070 limits your power boost to 16%


Games that run on RTX 2070

  • Project Cars 2
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • The Witcher
  • Rainbow six siege
  • Csgo
  • PUBG
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Far Cry 5
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Battlefield 1


Games that don’t run on RTX 2070

RTX 2070 support almost all the latest games excepting a few like:

  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Star Wars Jedi


RTX 2070 idle temperature

The RTX 2070’s idle temperature ranges between 45-50C. It often runs at 55C in case of high-end games. 

If your temperature rises way above 50C, try checking your fans. You can reapply thermal paste, which would lower down the heat even more. If you are reaching 80C, you need to seek a service provider as such extreme temperatures will damage your components.

You can also enhance your fan speed with different programs like MSI Afterburner. Your fan will run out if you keep on bumping up the pace. You can create a custom curve to idle down your card at a lower temperature.



The thermal limit set for RTX 2070 ranges from 80-88°C. You don’t need to worry about temperatures below that range. 



  • EVGA RTX 2070 idles down at 49°C.
  • MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z idle down at 51°C
  • NVIDIA RTX 2070 Founders Edition idles down at 37°C


RTX 2070 Super temperature limit

RTX 2070 Super temperature ranges from 158-176°F. If the temperature rises above 176°C, you can try the following:

  • Blower style GPU cooler can get more get than any other type of CUSTOM AIB models
  • You can put some exhaust/intake fans on your ATX cabinet
  • You can set a custom fan curve to lower down your card temperature
  • You can try MSI Afterburner and change your fan curve settings to 100%
  • The default fan curve settings are often unable to lower the card temperature


Reasons for high graphics card temperature

  • The card stabilizes typically around 70°C under heavy game stress
  • Your airflow settings may be wrong, or the air is not circulating correctly
  • External programs like overclocking tools may be limiting your fan settings
  • Your fans or radiators have been layered up with dust
  • Thermal paste was not applied properly
  • Your system has been infected with a bitcoin mining virus.


Why RTX 2070 keeps crashing

You can go for a windows update or try uninstalling your drivers and reinstall them again. Check your fan speed and see whether you are overclocking your graphics card.


Causes of crashing:

  • Your game may crash if you try overclocking it beyond a specific limit
  • Check if there is some issue with your Windows system
  • Bitcoin mining viruses can interfere with your gaming process
  • Your card may be dying
  • Your BIOS need to be updated
  • Any component of your computer may be broken
  • Your PSU may not have sufficient wattage


Steps on how to fix your RTX 2070 from crashing 

  • You can update your BIOS and graphic card drivers
  • You can also try the following steps:
  1. Clear your origin cache
  2. Uninstall origin
  3. Reinstall your latest drivers
  4. Clear boot
  5. Run origin and your games
  6. Use CCleaner to finish off the process
  • Run two separate VGA/PCI-E cables from your power supply to your graphics card


RTX 2070 keeps freezing

Try stabilizing your overclock and check for custom fan curve settings. Install the updated BIOS, and latest drivers to prevent your RTX 2070 from freezing.



  • If you are overclocking your card’s GPU and memory may cause the system or card to freeze
  • Test your memory
  • The power supply may interfere with the gaming process
  • Your system’s components like motherboard may have some technical issues


Steps on how to fix Freezing RTX 2070

  1. Try uninstalling all your files and drivers with DDU and Reinstall them
  2. Reset your BIOS to your stock settings and use a driver removal software or tool to clean the files
  3. Check the power settings of your system and go for performance option
  4. Navigate your files and clean all the folders. Reboot your PC and install chipset from the motherboard website
  5. You need to install all the drivers including your CPU drivers and Motherboard drivers


RTX 2070 low fps

You can put your graphics card in another PCI slot of your motherboard. Alternatively, you can install a new driver to boost your FPS.


Causes and advice:

  • Maybe your CPU is not getting sufficient power. Try cutting off the system power from the PSU switch. Check whether all cables and attachments are correctly connected.
  • Your BIOS version has been outdated. Try updating to the latest version
  • If you are using any third party fps caps.
  • Ray-settings can also hurt your FPS
  • It can be a game optimizing issue


Numbered steps on how to fix: 

  1. Turn off your GeForce experience if it is already enabled
  2. Uninstall all GPU drivers with the Display Driver Uninstaller with a complete reboot cycle and reinstall them
  3. Reset your BIOS and restart your computer
  4. Swap to full-screen mode while gaming
  5. Prevent your games from auto-optimizing
  6. Check for your memory usage and temperature readings


RTX 2070 low fps fortnite

You can try reinstalling the game and drivers. You can also adjust your desktop position and size. Enhance your scaling and GPU performance.



  • Epic settings can lead to low for fortnite.
  • Maybe your game settings are poorly optimized
  • Some background apps may be lagging the game


Steps on how to fix

  1. Change your game settings including sound
  2. Reduce your graphics
  3. Set your RAM priority to high while playing Fortnite
  4. Set your professor on high-performance power management
  5. Try Reinstalling the game and drivers


Advice and tips:

  • Open the task manager while you are gaming
  • Plug your computer monitor to your gaming card and not your motherboard
  • Install the right updated drivers
  • Reinstall your windows to prevent game lagging


RTX 2070 low fps Minecraft

Minecraft fps usually depends more on the CPU than on the graphics card. Install the latest Java version and check for thermal throttling.


Causes and advice:

  • Check for your render distance. If it is around 32 chunks, it will impact your fps
  • Minecraft uses one core on your processor’s CPU as it isn’t multithreaded
  • Your CPU may be lagging the game. Try overclocking your CPU to increase fps
  • Check your Minecraft settings
  • Check whether your fps is capped


How to fix

  1. Allocate less RAM while gaming
  2. Check your clock speed and thermal readings
  3. Change your global settings to enable default options while gaming
  4. End all background tasks
  5. Chance your PostFX settings
  6. Uninstall GeForce experience and reinstall it
  7. Ensure all your devices are securely connected and verify your CPU speed


RTX 2070 low GPU usage

You can play your games in ultra GPU settings and limit your RAM utilization. Alternatively, you can change the motherboard and CPU settings to increase your GPU usage while gaming.



  • Bottleneck CPU leading to low GPU usage
  • Game optimization issue
  • Video drivers often lead to GOU lag
  • Your GPU may be overheating due to a fan issue, inadequate airflow, bad thermal paste and overclocking
  • Overclocking your GPU will damage the gaming performance
  • Your graphics card VRM can get overheated and fail to provide adequate power to GPU
  • Underpowered PSU or faulty cable connector will give less power to your CPU and graphics card
  • Check for power management settings and Windows update
  • Any kind of bitcoin virus or malware


Steps on how to resolve it:

  • Upgrade your PC and change your motherboard and RAM settings.
  • Upgrade your CPU to 9700k and change your memory settings.
  • Set everything to maximum performance.
  • Reinstall your drivers using DDU
  • Prevent overclocking and check for proper thermal paste
  • Replace your faulty fans with new ones to reduce overheating and boost GPU usage
  • Set your power management optimization
  1. Go to the control panel—select power options.
  2. Change plan settings to a balanced plan
  3. Select ‘Change advanced power settings’
  4. Power options windows> expand PCI express> Link State Power Management> Dropdown box> Select Off> Tap on OK> Save changes


Can you SLI an RTX 2070

RTX 2070 doesn’t support SLI. You can’t chain two or more graphics cards together.

The RTX range has limited the SLI to only the higher-priced versions of the graphics card. The RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti supports SLI.

The reason behind the non-SLI feature of RTX 2070 is product differentiation. It is the least priced graphics card of the RTX family. It is a business move to push users into buying the high-end cards to meet their needs of running multiple gaming cards in SLI.

Enabling an SLI on RTX 2070 would have led users to spend on two cards and creating a setup that outperforms the functionality of a single RTX 2080 Ti.


How to overclock RTX 2070

You can automatically overclock your RTX 2070 by pressing the button of the OC scanner. You can run a software algorithm test and check voltage curves and intervals.

Overclocking can boost the overall performance of your game. You can tweak the memory clock voltages and frequencies. Increasing the rate of your card’s GPU and memory will enhance its clock cycles of calculation per second. Overclocking your core clock too hard will make your game crash or freeze.


Steps to overclock your RTX 2070


  1. Use an afterburner to overclock your GPU. Press Control+F and click on the OC scanner.
  2. Set your power limit at max.
  3. Set your voltage control panel at default.
  4. The scanner will present you with a stable overclocking curve. Apply the new curve.

You can automate the overclock or do it manually. The automated curve overclock is a more smooth tweaking method than manual forcing.


RTX 2070 overclock settings

Every card reacts differently to overclock settings depending on your cooling system and ‘factory lottery.’ Continuously check the stability, voltage, and temperatures as you keep overclocking and know when to stop.

Download the latest version of MSI afterburner. Swap to a UI that will enable the OC scanner methodologies. The OC Scanner will automatically search for a stable OC for your card and GPU. Check for voltage and memory usage.

The OC scanner will set an overclock curve depending on the power delivery of your system. Setting the overclock beyond a certain limit will increase the temperature and may lead to a game crash. You can boost your fan speed to force an airflow that directly hits your GPU.

Maintaining a lower temperature while overclocking will lead to better results. Set an OC curve that best fits your processor.


RTX 2070 Vs 2080

The performance improvement of RTX 2080 as compared to RTX 2070 is less than 30%. The price to performance ratio of RTX 2070 is better than RTX 2080.

  • The RTX 2080 comes loaded with 2944 CUDA cores, Tensor, and RT cores. The performance of RTX 2070 is slightly less than that of RTX 2080.
  • The 4k gaming in RTX 2080 is smoother and more powerful than in 2070.
  • The ray-tracing and fine-tuning features in RTX 2080 is way more than in 2070.
  • SLI is not supported on RTX 2070, whereas it is supported in the higher version of 2080.


RTX 2070 Super Vs 2080 Ti

The price of RTX 2080 Ti is not justifiable to its performance. The performance upgrade from RTX 2070 to RTX 2080 Ti is less than 30%.

  • The RTX 2080 Ti has a higher pixel rate, floating-point performance, higher Texels, and more memory bandwidth than RTX Super 2070.
  • The RTX 2070 Super has a better price to performance ratio than RTX 2080 Ti.
  • RTX 2080 Ti has a better power supply, an average 1080p, and an average 1440p performance than RTX 2070 Super.
  • Professional users and game developers may benefit from RTX 2080 Ti. Typical users will have higher benefits from RTX 2070 Super.
  • Both the cards have advanced Turing features, ray tracing, Tensor cores, and RT cores. Professional streamers will have a slightly better streaming experience with RTX 2080 Ti.
  • The RTX 2070 Super is a significant improvement over the RTX 2070. It offers a value for money and has advanced features to enhance the gaming experience. RTX 2080 Ti doesn’t provide many additional features to support the ridiculously high price.

The RTX 2070 is a pretty decent card for gaming loaded with new technologies and advanced cores. You can upgrade to higher versions if you are a professional gamer or streamer.

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