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How to Fix Soundbar Noises (Crackling, Popping, Buzz, High Pitched)

Why is my soundbar making a crackling noise?

The reason why soundbars make crackling noises is because of a poor connection, interference from other devices, or broken down solders inside the soundbar.


Poor Connection

 It is the most common cause of the soundbar’s crackling noise. Your amplifier and speaker driver are connected via multiple wires. If any wire is making the driver move abruptly, it can lead to a poor connection and crackling noise.


Multiple Connection Problem

 The interference caused by the connection problem isn’t always easy to address. Sometimes, a bad connection occurs with multiple wires or parts of the device. While connection problem from a single wire is easier to find, others are really difficult.


Problems Inside the Soundbar

 Another common problem causing a crackling noise of the soundbar is poor connection inside the device. Due to regular wear and tear, solders can break down and need repair. Once you identify the problem, the fix is as easy as reconnecting cables.


How do I get my sound bar to stop crackling?

You can try to get your soundbar to stop crackling by checking for poor connection and inspecting for internal problems.


Check for Poor Connection

The first thing that you need to do is check for loose wires by turning OFF the device. You need to check the wires of both your speakers and soundbar. To ensure a secured connection, remove all the wires and reconnect them to the right ports.


Inspect for Internal Problems

 If the above method doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall your soundbar and speakers. You need screwdrivers and other tools that are recommended on the user manual to open your soundbar. Thoroughly check its internal parts and see if any solder is burnt or has broken down.


Soundbar making noises
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Why is my soundbar making a buzzing noise?

Humming or buzzing noise from soundbars can give you a terrible listening experience. Here are the most common reasons for your soundbar making a buzzing noise:

  • Connection problem
  • Damaged cords
  • Problem in other devices
  • The content


Connection Problem

There are multiple wires and ports in your soundbar that should be properly connected to deliver an uninterrupted experience. If any wire is loosely connected to your soundbar, it can create a buzzing or humming sound.


Damaged Cords

Sometimes, the old cords get frayed due to long usage. If any cord of your soundbar is mildly damaged, it will deliver sound but will create a constant buzzing sound.


Problem in Other Devices

 If your soundbar is connected to your TV, maybe your soundbar is not the device that’s creating the buzzing sound. It could be a sound problem in your TV that’s leading to the buzzing noise.


The Content

 Whether you play an audio or video, the content can also be the cause of the humming noise in your soundbar. If the file is corrupted or poorly recorded, it can lead to a humming noise.


How do I get my sound bar to stop buzzing?

You can try to make your soundbar stop buzzing by checking for loose connection, trying alternate cables, replacing the cords, doing a factory reset, checking other devices or playing different content.

  • Check for Loose Connection
  • Try Alternate Cables
  • Replace the Cords
  • Factory Reset
  • Checking Other Devices
  • Play Different Content


  • Check for Loose Connection You need to turn your soundbar OFF and then unplug all power cords. Clean the cords and then reconnect all of them to see whether the issue is solved.
  • Try Alternate Cables: If your soundbar has an alternate cable such as an HDMI, you can replace the used cord with the new cable and check whether the buzzing sound is still there.
  • Replace the Cords: If any of the cords are damaged, you need to replace them with a new one. You will get soundbar cords in most online stores as well as the nearest electronic stores.
  • Factory Reset: Sometimes, technical settings can lead to a humming or buzzing sound in your soundbar. To solve this issue, you can follow your user manual to factory reset your soundbar.
  • Checking Other Devices: As I’ve mentioned above, your TV connected to your soundbar can be the source of the problem. You can try connecting your soundbar to other devices and see if the buzzing sound has gone.
  • Play Different Content: As the content you are listening to can also be the cause, you can try playing some other content to see whether the issue is resolved.

If none of the other methods are working, you can consider contacting the customer support team of your soundbar brand. Depending upon the model number of your soundbar, they will assist you in solving this issue.


Why is my soundbar making a popping noise?

The popping noise of your soundbar can occur due to multiple reasons. Here are the most common reasons that you need to look for:

  • Loose connection
  • Internal issues


Loose Connection

If a wire connecting your soundbar is loosely set, it can lead to a popping noise as you play any sound.


Internal Issues

 If your soundbar’s internal part is damaged or some components are loose, it can create a constant popping noise.


How do I stop the popping sound of my sound bar?

To stop the popping noise on your soundbar, you can try reconnecting the cables, factory reset or replacing the wire.

  • Reconnect the Cables
  • Try Factory Reset
  • Wire Replacement


Reconnect the Cables

This is the most simple hack that anyone can try at home. To reconnect the cables of your soundbar, you need to switch OFF the device first and then disconnect all the cables. Connect all of them again at the right ports and check if the popping sound has gone.

Try Factory Reset

If a loose connection isn’t the problem, the second hack that you can try is the factory reset. Since the method might vary depending upon your soundbar model, all you need to do is follow the user manual and once done, check whether the popping sound is still there.


Wire Replacement

 Finally, if none of the above hacks work, you may need to replace the damaged wires of your soundbar. Before you go for a replacement, check which wire needs to be replaced by using an alternate wire.

All the above methods are really effective when it comes to stopping the popping noise of soundbars. However, if none of them work for you, the ultimate solution would be calling the customer care of your soundbar brand and letting them handle it. If your soundbar is under warranty period, you may get a free replacement or repair from the manufacturer.


Why is my soundbar making a high pitched noise?

High-pitched sounds are really disturbing and they can ruin your listening experience. Here are the most probable reasons leading to high pitched noise:

  • Ground loop
  • Incorrect setup
  • Poor connection
  • Reverberation


  • Ground Loop: It is one of the most common causes of high-pitched noises. The ground loop can occur due to any electrical component of your soundbar.
  • Incorrect Setup: Soundbars are set with functions such as base and high pitch sound. If your soundbar is poorly set up, it can cause constant high-pitched noise.
  • Poor Connection: It is another common cause leading to high-pitched sound. If any wire of your soundbar is loose, it can be the source of this problem.
  • Reverberation: When you are playing audio on your soundbar, the subwoofer’s low frequency can create a huge reverb in the other objects in your room. Though the shaking won’t be noticeable, the high pitch sound will be quite disturbing.

How do I stop the high pitched noise coming from my sound bar?

To stop the high pitched noise coming from your soundbar, you need to solve ground loop, factor reset, reconnect all cables and stop reverberation.

  • Solve Ground Loop
  • Factory Reset
  • Reconnect All Cables
  • Stop Reverberation


  • Solve Ground Loop: To begin with, you need to disconnect all the cables and then connect them back. If the high-pitched sound is still there and you are able to identify the cable leading to this problem, you can consider using a coaxial isolation transformer on that cable.
  • Factory Reset: If the cause of the high-pitched noise is an incorrect setup, you need to go for a factory reset, which is pretty easy. You can follow your user manual’s instructions to completely reset your soundbar and solve this issue.
  • Reconnect All Cables: If the problem is occurring due to a loose connection, you are lucky because the hack is very easy. All you need to do is turn your soundbar OFF and then take out all the cords carefully. The next step is reconnecting all of them and seeing whether the high-pitched sound has gone.
  • Stop Reverberation: To try this method, you need to remove everything that is balanced on the subwoofers. No objects should be placed on the top of your subwoofers because that creates reverberation. If the high-pitched noise is still there, you can move the subwoofers to another area.


How to fix Samsung soundbar buzzing noise

To stop a Samsung soundbar from buzzing, try doing a soft reset. If the soft reset doesn’t fix the noise, perform a factory reset.


  1. Try Soft Reset: If the buzzing sound is occurring due to loose wires, you need to reconnect them, which is also known as a soft reset. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Turn your Samsung soundbar OFF.
  • Disconnect all the cables carefully from the soundbar. Make sure you mark their locations well.
  • Wipe the ports and the cables with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Finally, reconnect all the cables and see if the buzzing sound has gone.


  1. Try Factory Reset: When your Samsung soundbar is incorrectly set, it can lead to a buzzing sound while the audio plays. Here’s how you can run a factory reset on your Samsung soundbar:
  • Switch ON your soundbar.
  • Hold the Power button on the control panel or remote controller. The INIT OK message will appear on the display panel.
  • Your soundbar will now restart after the factory reset.

How to fix Sonos soundbar buzzing noise

This is how you can fix Sonos Playbar buzzing noise:

  1. Check for Loose Connection:
  • Turn your Sonos soundbar OFF.
  • Disconnect all the cables and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Reconnect all the cables and check whether the buzzing sound has gone.


  1. Go for Factory Reset:
  • Unplug your soundbar’s power cord.
  • Tap and hold the Play button of the soundbar.
  • Reconnect the cord while holding the Play
  • Wait for an amber and white flashlight to appear on the front panel of your soundbar. This will turn green after some time.

Once the light turns green, your Sonos soundbar will successfully reset.


How to fix Sony soundbar buzzing noise

Sony is a premier brand that’s known for its quality soundbars. If your Sony ‎HT-A7000 soundbar is making a buzzing noise, here’s how you can fix it:

  • Reconnect all the wires to see if the problem is gone.
  • If the sound is still there, you need to identify the damaged cord and replace it.
  • Replace the Damaged Wires


How to fix Denos soundbar buzzing noise

Here’s how you can fix your Denos DHT-S316 soundbar making buzzing noise:

  1. Change the Cables:
  • Disconnect all the cables connected to your soundbar and reconnect them after a while and see if the issue is still there.
  • If the issue prevails, you need to locate the damaged cable and replace it.

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