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How to make your Soundbar Louder (STEPS)

Why is my soundbar so quiet?

The main reason why a soundbar can be too quiet is because your room is too large, having poor room layout, or using wrong equalizer settings.

  • Room size is too large
  • Poor room acoustics
  • Incorrect soundbar choice
  • Low-quality cables
  • Wrong equalizer settings adjustment
  • Turned ON TV speakers


Using low-quality cables, wrong equalizer settings and having TV speakers turned ON can also make your soundbar volume very quiet.


Room size

The room size and the size of the soundbar may not match each other. If you have a large room but a small soundbar such as a 5.1 channel soundbar, it’s quite likely that the soundbar appears quiet if you don’t have rear speakers.


Room acoustics

If the acoustics of the room isn’t as desired, it can have an adverse effect on the audio quality and in turn the sound produced from the soundbar. The room layout along with inappropriately placed furniture, floor material and rugs can make the soundbar quiet.


Incorrect soundbar choice

The soundbar may appear quiet if it’s not chosen according to the space. If the soundbar has a few speaker channels and is used in a large room or the soundbar has no up-firing drivers, you may not get the desired sound effect from the soundbar.


Low-quality cables

Using low-quality cables to connect the soundbar with the TV can make the soundbar appear very quiet. Opting for ordinary cables instead of HDMI ARC cables can also cause the soundbar to have no sound.


Wrong equalizer settings adjustment

The soundbar may not feature optimal programming for the desired audio source if the equalizer settings haven’t been adjusted appropriately. This can result in a quiet soundbar.


Turned ON TV speakers

If the internal speakers of the TV connected with the soundbar are turned ON, the soundbar will appear quiet and you will hear the sound only through the TV speakers.


make your Soundbar Louder


How to make the soundbar louder?

You can make your soundbar louder by choosing the right soundbar, turning OFF the internal speakers of the TV or adjusting the equalizer settings.

  • Choose the right soundbar
  • Turn OFF internal TV speakers
  • Adjust the equalizer settings
  • Use high-quality or HDMI ARC cables
  • Opt for a soundbar supporting modern technologies
  • Modify the room acoustics
  • Add speakers and subwoofer


As mentioned earlier, using high-quality or HDMI ARC cables, opting for a soundbar that supports modern technologies, modifying the acoustics of the room and adding speakers can also produce louder sounds from the soundbar.


Choose the right soundbar

Opt for a soundbar based on the acoustics and size of the room. You may want to invest in a soundbar with more number of channels if you plan to use it in a large room or a room with a lot of furniture and accessories like floor material and furniture. On the other hand, a soundbar with few channels is likely to work great in a room of small size or with minimum furniture and floor material.


Turn OFF internal TV speakers

Check the settings of your TV to see if its internal speakers are turned ON. If they are ON, you must turn them OFF to get a louder sound from your soundbar.


Adjust the equalizer settings

Check the settings of the equalizer and adjust them so that the soundbar is programmed to match the exact audio source.


Use high-quality or HDMI ARC cables

Check the cables used for the soundbar connection and replace them with high-quality or HDMI ARC cables if you’re currently connecting the soundbar with low-quality or ordinary cables.


Opt for soundbar supporting modern technologies

If the present soundbar doesn’t support modern technologies like Dolby Digital and Digital Atmos, you can consider using another soundbar that supports them in place of the old one.


Modify the room acoustics

Change the acoustics of the room and see if that helps. Sometimes, a simple rearrangement of the furniture or moving the floor rug to a different space can cause a lot of difference.


Add speakers and subwoofer

Consider adding two more independent rear speakers as well as a subwoofer to your existing soundbar setup. Including the extra speakers and the use of two subwoofers in place of one is sure to make the soundbar louder. This option is best chosen as the last alternative if all the above methods don’t work as it can turn out to be an expensive deal.


Use a receiver only if needed

Connect a receiver only if it’s needed to do so. Often, simple subwoofer and TV configurations don’t need a receiver to be included.


Do sound bars make a TV louder?

Yes, soundbars make the TV louder with no change to the existing clarity. A soundbar acts as an external speaker and is designed such that it amplifies the existing sound volume. This makes the existing sound more robust and enhances the listening experience.

The sound quality is based on the number of channels in the soundbar. A soundbar with a large number of channels will offer better and louder sound than one with fewer channels.


Why does my soundbar volume go up and down?

Your soundbar volume goes up and down because of the activated advanced audio settings of the TV such as the SRS TruVolume setting, a conflict with the device on which you are watching the program or a Bluetooth connectivity issue.

The problem may also be due to incorrect sound settings on the TV, a turned OFF auto volume setting, enabled audio leveling options on other devices and disconnecting the ribbon cable.

You can try to fix the problem of your Sony HT-S20R soundbar volume going up and down by following the steps given below.


  1. Turn OFF the SRS TruVolume setting of the television using the remote control.
  • Press Menu on the remote control.
  • Press Settings followed by Audio Settings.
  • Select the Advanced Audio
  • Select SRS TruVolume and turn it OFF.
  1. Look out for a Bluetooth connectivity issue with the soundbar and get it fixed. You can check if there is a Bluetooth problem by turning it ON and OFF using a smartphone.
  2. Change the sound output settings of the TV to Audio Out/Optical.
  • Press Menu followed by Settings on the TV remote.
  • Select Sound followed by Sound Output.
  • Choose the Audio Out/Optical If this option has already been set, change it to TV Speaker and revert to Audio Out/Optical.
  1. Change the present Digital Output Audio setting to a setting other than what has been currently set.
  • Press the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Press Sound and then Advanced Settings followed by Digital Output Audio.
  • Change the setting to a different option. For example, if the present setting is Dolby Digital, you can opt for DTS.
  1. Turn ON the auto volume setting of the television.
  • Press Menu and then Settings followed by Audio.
  • Select A.VOL and turn it ON.
  1. Check out for an activated audio leveling option in any other device and disable it immediately.
  2. Check if the audio setting has been set to HDMI Fixed if you’re using a satellite box or a cable. If so, consider changing the setting to HDMI Audio.
  3. Disconnect the volume ribbon cable of your soundbar.
  • Open the side panel of your soundbar by removing the screws.
  • Check out the volume ribbon cable with the blue tip.
  • Unplug the connection of this cable.
  • Turn ON the soundbar and check if the problem persists.
  1. Do a soft reset of your soundbar to see if the problem gets fixed.
  • Turn OFF your soundbar before proceeding with the reset.
  • Remove the power plug from its power source for a couple of minutes.
  • Connect the power cord back to its power source.
  • Turn ON the soundbar once again.

If none of the above options works, you can try doing a hard reset.

  • Press the On button on the remote control of the soundbar to turn it ON.
  • Keep the Power button pressed on the remote control or control panel of the soundbar until the INIT OK message is highlighted on the display panel.
  • Release the Power button and wait for the soundbar to get reset.


Why are the soundbar voices too quiet?

The soundbar voices are too quiet due to a preset sound setting, a deactivated night mode setting or the TV speakers.


The following steps can help you to resolve the soundbar voices too quiet issue with your VIZIO V51x-J6 soundbar.

  1. Change the preset Sound mode of your television to Amplify. You may face the soundbar too quiet issue with any other setting.
  2. Check if the Night Mode option has been accidentally deactivated on the TV and turn it ON. You can access this option through the General or Accessibility settings.
  3. Look out for turned ON TV speakers and turn them OFF. Turned ON TV speakers can at times override the soundbar settings.

If the soundbar voices continue to be too quiet after trying all the highlighted steps, you can use headphones to fix the issue.


Why does my sound bar keep muting?

Your soundbar may keep muting because no audio signal is generated from the HDMI ARC input to the output, an out-of-range subwoofer, a pending firmware update or loose cable connections.


You can check out the steps given below to solve the muting problem in your Panasonic SC-HTB15 soundbar.

  1. Turn the Control for HDMI option OFF for your soundbar to resolve the no audio signal problem. This option can be accessed through the Settings menu.
  2. If the connectivity between the sound bar and the subwoofer is through wireless signals, make sure that the subwoofer is within the sound bar range. The signal distance between both the devices should not exceed 33 feet.
  3. Check if the firmware of the sound bar is updated to the latest version by using its remote control. If not, doing the update is likely to address the issue.
  4. Check for loose cable connections from and to the sound bar and tighten them. Replace the cables if you notice signs of damage in them.
  5. Disconnect or remove the ribbon cable of the sound bar as mentioned in an earlier section. It’s recommended that you do this as the last measure.


Is a soundbar volume controlled by TV?

Yes, the soundbar volume is controlled by the TV if the audio output of the television is set up accordingly.


 The steps here offer a walkthrough of doing this setting in your Samsung UA32T4340 TV:

  1. Press Menu on the TV remote and scroll until you get to the Settings
  2. Select Sound and then Sound
  3. Choose the soundbar option.
  4. Click the Close


You can now control the soundbar volume by using the Up and down volume buttons on your TV or remote.


Do soundbars have their own volume control?

Yes, soundbars have their own volume control functionality. Soundbar manufacturers offer this volume control feature for their soundbars so that users can achieve a perfect sound balance according to the acoustics of the room and where they plan to place the soundbar.


Is it better to connect the soundbar with HDMI or optical?

Yes, it is better to connect a soundbar with an HDMI cable than an optical cable. HDMI cables are known to render better audio quality because of their ability to transfer audio in digital format.


In other words, digital transmission ensures that the audio is uncompressed and raw.

Another advantage of HDMI cables is that they work with all types of soundbars and can handle high-end soundbars that offer surround sound support. HDMI cables can also render video usage along with audio.


What does a subwoofer do with a sound bar?

A subwoofer can render low frequencies that a soundbar cannot do on its own. It also helps the soundbar in producing extra bass.


A subwoofer is an asset if you want a more robust and fuller sound with an immersive sound experience when you use the soundbar.

You can either buy a soundbar with an integrated subwoofer or a subwoofer that is compatible with your soundbar. If you’re considering the second option, it’s recommended that you choose the soundbar and the subwoofer from the same manufacturer.


How to adjust the volume on the soundbar?

You can adjust the volume on a soundbar by programming it to respond to the Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute buttons of the remote control of your television or cable box.


The steps highlighted here help you to increase the volume on a Boston Acoustics TVee 30 soundbar.

  1. Press the Power and Volume Up buttons on your soundbar simultaneously and hold them down for about three seconds until you notice a flashing orange light.
  2. Press the Volume Up button on the soundbar until the flashing light becomes steady.
  3. Press the Volume Up button on the television or cable box four times until you observe a flashing green light.

You can repeat the above steps with the Volume Down and Mute buttons to decrease or mute the volume of your soundbar.


How to fix a very low dialogue but very loud sound effects soundbar?

You can fix very low dialogue but very loud sound effects of the soundbar by turning on the Night Mode or setting the Amplify sound mode in the TV connected to the soundbar. You can also reposition the soundbar to match the acoustics of the room.


These steps tell you how to fix the issue of low dialogue but very loud sound effects on the soundbar with your Sony KDL-43W6603 TV.

  1. Activate the Night Mode setting of your TV if it has been turned OFF accidentally.
  2. Select the Amplify option for the preset Sound mode of your TV if it has been set to any other option.
  3. Change the position of the soundbar to suit the acoustics of the room where the TV and soundbar are installed.


How do I get more bass on my soundbar?

You can get more bass on your soundbar by using the Woofer button on the remote control of your soundbar. This button can adjust the bass to any level ranging from -6 to +6.


The following steps guide you on how to get more bass on your Hisense HS312 soundbar.

  1. Press the Woofer button on the soundbar remote control until the front display shows SW 0.
  2. Hold down the Skip forward button located over the Audio Sync button in the remote to increase the volume of the subwoofer. You can choose any option from SW+1 to SW+6.

When the volume of the subwoofer increases, the bass of the soundbar becomes lower. If your soundbar doesn’t have a Woofer button, you can check the user manual on how a bass increase can be done.


Can I get more speakers to my soundbar?

No, you can’t get or add more speakers to your soundbar most of the time. Some soundbars allow the connection of additional speakers through a roundabout process with an AV receiver or a rear speaker kit.

You must check the user manual if there are instructions on how you can do it. If you find these instructions, it means your soundbar supports a direct connection to extra speakers. The instructions will guide you on how to do the connections as well.


Do you need a soundbar with a 4K TV?

Yes, you need a soundbar with a 4K TV. This will help you to get the best audio experience and powerful sound separation compared to the inbuilt speakers of the TV.


The soundbar can help to get rid of the thin and muffled audio from the television and render a theater-like experience with richer sound and greater clarity.


How to make Samsung soundbar louder

You can make a Samsung soundbar like the HW-Q60T soundbar louder by checking the audio output of the TV, checking the audio settings of the TV and updating the firmware of the soundbar. You can also remove items near the soundbar and reposition the soundbar.

  1. Check the Sound Output setting of your TV and make sure that the Samsung soundbar option is selected.
  2. Check the Sound Settings or Audio Settings option of the television and select the Dolby Digital option for the Audio Out setting.
  3. Check if the firmware of the soundbar is outdated and update it to the recent version. As a prerequisite, you must ensure that the soundbar is connected to the Wi-Fi network. You will also have to disconnect it from the power for a minute and connect it again.
  4. Move the items that are in proximity to the soundbar to another location as they may absorb the sound produced.
  5. Relocate the soundbar to a position where there is a uniform distribution of sound.


How do I make my LG soundbar louder?

You can make your LG soundbar like the SN6Y soundbar louder by replacing the remote batteries, checking the device connected to the TV, checking the TV settings and changing the room acoustics.

  1. Remove the batteries in the remote, insert new ones and try to increase the soundbar volume. If it becomes louder, the old batteries were faulty.
  2. Check the devices such as Blu-Ray connected to the television. You can confirm this by checking if the problem no longer exists when you swap to a normal TV channel. If there is no problem, you will have to change the audio settings of the device.
  3. Select the Sound Mode setting and toggle between the Standard and Clear Voice
  4. Select the Volume Mode setting and turn OFF the Auto Volume
  5. Make sure that the HDMI port is selected in your television if you’ve connected the soundbar using an HDMI cable.
  6. Modify the room acoustics to get the maximum sound from your soundbar.


How do I make my Sonos soundbar louder?

You can make your Sonos soundbar such as the SNS-BEAMS14G2 soundbar louder by modifying the room acoustics and changing the TV sound settings.

  1. Modify the room acoustics by installing new furniture or repositioning the existing furniture. You can also consider using a floor rug if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Change the Sound setting of your TV to select the soundbar as the speaker choice and turn OFF the default TV speakers.


How do I make my Klipsch soundbar louder?

You can make your Klipsch soundbar like the Cinema 400 soundbar louder by ensuring correct programming of the TV settings, adjusting the room acoustics and adding more speakers.

  1. Make sure that the TV settings have been correctly programmed with the soundbar as the preferred speaker option. You must also ensure that the default TV speakers are disabled.
  2. Adjust the acoustics of the room by doing some furniture readjustment and including new items like additional rugs or curtains.
  3. Include more speakers to the sound system after checking the manual if the soundbar supports the addition.


How do I make my JBL soundbar louder?

You can make your JBL soundbar such as the Bar 5.1 soundbar louder by changing the existing room acoustics and programming the TV settings correctly.

  1. Improve the room acoustics by trying out a few simple suggestions like covering the windows, hanging a few things on the wall or repositioning the speakers of the soundbar so that they are neither too close to the furniture nor the wall.
  2. Program the TV settings such that the soundbar is reflected as the speaker option and the TV speakers aren’t activated.

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