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How to Fix TV Noise (Static, Clicks, Buzzing, Beeping)

TV making noises

Why do TV’s Make Weird Noises?

The weird noises you hear from your TV after you switch it OFF may be due to some of the internal components’ thermal contraction.

The material of construction of these components could be metal or plastic. When the TV is turned ON, they tend to expand slightly due to the heat. When you switch it OFF, they contract. These noises need not be a cause of concern.

There may be other reasons why your TV may be making weird noises, like buzzing or beeping.

  • Noise distortion can occur if the cables connected to the TV’s different ports are not properly plugged in or if they are damaged.
  • The noise could be from the TV speakers.
  • There could be broadcasting issues with the program you are watching.
  • If any defective device is connected to the TV, you may hear a strange noise.
  • There could be a genuine issue with the TV that calls for a repair.


Loose Cables

You may have connected some devices to your TV using cables, such as external speakers, a DVD player, or other audio-video equipment. If any of these are loosely connected or inserted into the wrong port on your TV, then it can create some noise.


TV Speakers

If you want to be sure that the speakers of your television are not the reason for the noise, press the mute button on the TV remote. If the noise has stopped, the speaker could be the culprit. If the noise continues, then it could be due to other external interference.


Other Connected Devices

If you find that after muting the TV speaker the noise continues, then it could be due to any other device you may have connected to the TV. Remove all such connected devices and if the noise stops, you can rest assured that the TV is alright and the noise is not coming from it. Now you may reconnect the devices one by one and find out the device that is causing this problem.


Noise from the Channel You are Watching

Sometimes the program you are watching could be the reason for the noise coming from the TV. To check this, you can do this simple exercise. Use the remote to change the Source. If the noise stops then it could only be some broadcast issue.

Noise from TV

If the noise is due to some defective component inside the TV you should call the Service Center and ask to send their technician to sort out the issue.


Types of TV Noises

Noise: Cause:
Loud humming or buzzing noise through the speakers Could be due to a minor adjustment issue; a power reset may solve it.
Cracking or popping noise Due to thermal expansion/contraction (no serious issue).
Constant buzzing sound Connected devices or improper cable connections.
Other noises Brightness settings on TV (capacitors).
Intermittent noise Other electronic devices running in proximity.


Why is My TV Making a Static Noise?

The static noise coming from your TV could be due to the cable TV connection you have. To confirm if this is the case, do the following:

  • Bring the volume to zero by using the buttons on the TV set (do not use the remote control).
  • Now use the volume control buttons on the digital cable TV box to raise it to maximum volume.
  • Go back to the TV and increase the volume to the level you are comfortable with.
  • This should eliminate the static noise from your TV.

The audio settings between the digital box and your TV have to be optimized. If it is not done, then the static noise will be heard.

If this did not eliminate the problem and the static noise is still being heard, you will have to call in the technician from the company to check the TV.


Why is My TV Making a Buzzing Noise?

Buzzing sound from the TV can be due to brightness settings. If you have mistakenly or knowingly set the brightness level on your TV high, then it can cause this buzzing sound.

In some plasma TVs, the buzzing sound may be due to the TV being too close to a wall. Ensure that there is enough distance between the wall and your TV while installing it.

If the buzzing sound continues, then you have to call Customer Support to look into it.


Why is My TV Making a Clicking Noise?

Here are a few reasons for the TV making a clicking noise.

It could be an issue with the power supply. It may not cause any damage but the clicking noise could irritate you.

In some models of certain brands of televisions, the clicking noise could be a design defect and it could be a common problem. If you bought the TV recently, you can check with the dealer or the company to get it repaired or have the TV replaced.


Why is My TV Making a Humming Noise?

Leading television manufacturers such as Samsung claim that the humming noise is normal in some of their TV models and customers should not be overly concerned with this.

The company responded to a complaint by a user with this logic:

There are high-speed switching circuits and high levels of electrical current in some of their TV models that are quite different from the earlier generation television sets. Samsung have also mentioned that the user’s brightness level could lead to a buzzing or humming sound and that there is really no way they can control/eliminate this humming sound.


Why is My TV Making a Popping Noise?

The reasons for this could be any one of the following:

  • The heating and contraction of the frame (if it is a Plasma TV) or other components in the TV.
  • If the noise is from inside the TV, it could be due to a faulty component.
  • A blown speaker could create such a noise.
  • Cables connected to the TV can also be the reason for this noise.
  • The Audio Out setting on your TV may be incorrect.

On their part, the leading TV manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and others assure the users that there is nothing to worry about these sounds and that they are normal.


LG TV Makes Static Noise

One odd feature noticed in LG TVs is the static noise that is produced when it is linked to YouTube. This problem has been reported by many LG TV users. The solution suggested for this is to switch the TV OFF and restart after a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can try uninstalling the YouTube App from your LG TV and then follow the same process of switching OFF the TV and restarting after about 5 minutes. You can download YouTube after this and start watching videos again. The static noise would have stopped now.


LG TV Makes Buzzing Noise

The buzzing noise on your LG TV could be due to these reasons. Some models of LG TV come with cooling fans and these do make some noise. Similarly, the power supply component can also give out some noise. However, these noises are very insignificant and will not hamper your TV viewing or the audio.

If the noise from your LG TV is quite loud and above the TV sound then you will have to take it up with Customer Care for resolution. It will be helpful if you can determine the source of the noise. Sometimes it can be an issue faced just in a particular model of LG TV.


LG TV Makes Popping Noise

LG claims its LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions may make noise and it is not something you need to be concerned about. However, there are times when you hear a loud popping noise that may not be associated with this regular noise referred to by LG.

The other reason for this could be the connected cables. Check all the cables you have used to connect devices like external speakers, the HDMI cable, etc.


Static Noise coming from Samsung TV

If you own a Samsung 50-inch DLP Slim TV, here’s a fix for the problem of static noise.

  • Switch OFF the TV.
  • Unplug the power cord and plug it into a different socket.
  • Now go to TV programming and press mute+1+8+2+power; this has to be done with the TV switched OFF.
  • Do a Reset.
  • Switch the TV ON.

These steps will fix the issue. There is no explanation of how the noise is eliminated, but it does. This has been tried and tested by users and found to be working.

The routine check of all cables should also be done.


Samsung TV Makes Buzzing Noise

While Samsung claims that a little bit of buzzing noise is common in most of its Plasma and LCD/LED TVs, some users have managed to overcome the problem by employing different methods. One interesting solution is to invest in a power protector.

A Samsung 42-inch TV user who faced this problem got rid of the issue by using a power protector. The power protector has two outlets for protection from any power surge in the AC supply. It comes with a pair of coaxial cables.

You can use these coaxial cables to connect your TV and it acts as a protector against surges in cable TV, HDMI, or satellite TV. Once connected through this power protector, the noises will stop. If you are facing this problem, then you can try it too.


Popping Noise from Samsung TV

Several Samsung TV users have reported the problem of popping noise. It could be in varying degrees. Though Samsung addresses this issue in its webpage and clarifies that it is due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the plastic and metal components, many users disagree with this justification.

Samsung says this noise is heard only when the TV is turned OFF. Users have reported it in various forums and they say that they keep hearing this noise from their Samsung TVs intermittently while watching it. Many have tried the usual solutions like checking the connected devices and cables, muting the speaker, and so on.

One user says Samsung has subsequently addressed this issue through an update patch and this can be downloaded from the support page on Samsung’s website. It is referred to as firmware version 1230.0. Now, this is a 2017 release and you may have to check if it is still the valid version. You should also verify if it will work on your Samsung TV model or not.


Samsung TV Makes Clicking Noise

One of the reasons for the clicking noise from your Samsung TV could be a bad capacitor. You have two choices, either to call in a service engineer or to replace the capacitor yourself. The former could cost you anywhere in the range of $100 to $200. If you do it yourself, you will spend only on the actual cost of the capacitor.

The process is not very complicated but you must be familiar with opening up a television set, soldering, etc. If you are up to it, you can follow the instructions. There are videos on YouTube that can guide you through the steps.


Samsung TV Makes High-Pitched Noise

Some users of the Samsung TV UE55-MU700 model had a high-pitched noise coming from their TVs. The issue was found to be a defective capacitor that required replacement after which the TV was found to work fine. If this action had not been taken, the TV would have stopped functioning.

Samsung has acknowledged the issue of their TVs making a high-pitched noise, but at the same time, they have no readymade solution for it.

The replacement process for the capacitor has already been dealt with in the previous section.


Vizio TV Makes Static Noise

There may be many reasons why your Vizio TV makes a static noise. The first place to check is the connections to the TV. If you have a cable TV connection or a satellite TV, the coaxial cable running from the source to the TV should be checked first.

Vizio TV offers you options within its Settings menu to reset the sound characteristics. There are options with names like SRSTruSurround, SRSTruVolume, and Lip Sync that can be turned ON or OFF from the Audio Settings menu.

As a simple method, just switch the TV OFF, remove the power cord, and plug it into another socket, and check.


Buzzing Noise from Vizio TV

The buzzing noise from your Vizio TV could be due to a defect in one or both of the speakers. One solution is to buy a set of external speakers and connect them to your Vizio TV. The internal speaker system can be turned OFF. There are out-speaker hookups on your TV that can be used to connect the external speakers.

Another solution is to reset your Vizio TV’s settings to default or factory settings. You can also try changing the power source from the currently connected wall socket to another one.


Vizio TV Makes Popping Noise

The first thing you must check on your Vizio TV if it is making a popping noise are the connected devices. You may also check all connections in general. You can remove all the connected devices and see if the noise goes away. You can then reconnect them one by one to identify the device that is causing the noise.

If the noise persists even after removing the external connections, you can try changing the input source. This may mean just connecting the HDMI cable back or the coaxial cable from the cable TV provider.

If none of these steps work, the power supply unit in your Vizio TV could have developed a snag. If this is the reason for the popping noise, you will have to call in the service engineer to attend to it.


High-Pitched Noise from TCL Roku TV

The easiest way to stop the high-pitched noise coming from your TCL Roku TV is to do a reset. The reset button is located on the side of the TV where you insert the cable TV and other connections. This button is right on top. Once you press this button you are taken through a series of settings and once done, the noise should stop.

The other reason for the high-pitched noise made by the TCL Roku TV could be the input panel and this will have to be replaced by a technician. This problem has been reported on the TCL Roku 75R615 model.

Roku TV Makes Clicking Noise

Most users of Roku TV mistake the clicking sound while making changes, for clicking noise coming from the TV. You can still get rid of this clicking sound by following the steps given below:

  • On the Roku TV remote, press the Home button.
  • You will see a Menu on the screen.
  • Click on Setting which is the last option.
  • You will now find a new set of Menu options on the right-hand side.
  • You will notice the option Audio under this; click on it.
  • This will take you to a new screen with many options; click on Menu Volume.
  • In the next Menu option, choose OFF.
  • This will get rid of the clicking sound.


Hisense TV Makes Static Noise

If you own a Hisense 46″ LED and you hear static noise coming from it, there could be a few reasons. If the static noise is heard while changing channels, then you can use the Menu option ‘Auto Volume Control’ and the static noise will stop.

If you find that the cable TV or the satellite TV connection is causing the static noise, then you should make a change in the settings from Dolby 5.1 to PCM.

If the above steps do not top the static noise, then you will have to contact Customer Service.


Buzzing Noise from Hisense TV

Hisense USA claims that it has a software fix for the buzzing noise made by their TV. The user has to contact the company and share the details of their model No., etc. and the software will be sent to them. It is not clear how the software can be installed and used by the customers to fix the noise issue.

One solution to fix the buzzing noise made by a 65-inch Hisense 65N7 model TV is to check if the power cables have been bundled with the video/audio cables.

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