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How to Mount a TV to your Wall (STEPS)

Is it easy to mount a TV on the wall?

Yes, it’s easy to mount a TV on the wall. The process is relatively simple. However, you must first determine if the wall is capable of withstanding the weight of the television.

You must choose the right place on the wall for mounting the TV. For instance, the television must never be mounted on the wall just over a hearth or a fireplace.


Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

There is no definite answer as to whether wall mounting a TV or putting it on a stand is a better option. Both options have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before making a final decision.


It’s better to wall mount a TV when the room size is small and the space is constrained.


This option saves you the hassle of having another piece of furniture in your room just for the TV. A wall-mounted TV can also increase the aesthetics of the room.

However, it must be ensured that the installation is done properly and the mount is secured against becoming loose. If this happens, there are chances of the television falling off. Moreover, the rear ports may not be easily accessible. This can make connecting other devices difficult.

Placing the TV on a stand is a good option if you want an easy and quick setup process with just the basic tools. This option is ideal when you have a large room and you want to access the rear ports easily.

On the flip side, you must make sure that the base or the legs of the television rest comfortably on the flat surface you plan to place the TV.

Furthermore, since the television is not fixed on to anything, there are chances of the television getting tipped even with a slight accidental push. The viewing height depends on the height of the stand or base and may not suit everyone alike.


Do I need a professional to mount the TV on the wall?

It’s best to seek the assistance of a professional to mount your TV on a wall although you can do it yourself or with the assistance of a friend.

You might need a professional to help you with installing the TV mount and mounting the TV on a wall if you don’t have the expertise or are not confident drilling the holes for the screws.


Is the wall strong enough to mount TV?

The wall will have to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV if you plan to go in for mounting the TV on a wall. A television usually weighs between 30 pounds and 100 pounds.

If you have drywall, it will often not be strong enough to support this weight. You’ll have to need to locate studs in the wall to fix the TV mounting bracket.


Mounting a TV to a wall


Can a TV be too heavy to mount?

No, a TV cannot be too heavy to mount. This is because there are readily available brackets to mount televisions of all sizes and weights.

However, it must be checked before mounting if the wall is strong enough to withstand the weight of the TV. This assessment will often need professional expertise.


How much does it cost to have a TV mounted on the wall?

The average cost to have a TV mounted on the wall varies between $100 and $300 depending on the type of TV and the amount of labor required if you hire professional help.

Some TV manufacturers render free wall mounting installation services with your purchase. However, you’ll have to be patient enough for their technicians to be free to come over to your place and do the installation for you.


How to mount a TV to a wall?

The TV mounting process is straightforward and involves just a few steps if you have the right set of tools with you. It’s best if you get someone to help you because the TV can be too heavy to lift on your own.


Tools Required

  • Stud finder
  • Painters’ tape
  • Power drill
  • TV mount
  • Drill and different drill bits
  • Pencil
  • Level



  1. Decide on a suitable wall on which you want to mount the TV. You will have to choose a wall that supports an eye-level viewing experience.
  2. Move the stud finder over the surface of the wall until it beeps indicating the presence of a stud.
  3. Put some painters’ tape over that point to help you remember the exact position when you mount the TV.
  4. Grasp the TV mount onto the wall.
  5. Use a level to ensure that the mount is positioned straight and not at an angle.
  6. Make small but visible marks on the wall using a pencil at the points where you plan to fix the mount.
  7. Drill holes on the marked areas with the help of a masonry drill bit.
  8. Place the mount on the wall once again like in Step 4 and drill the provided mounting screws into the holes made in the above step using a Phillips head drill bit.
  9. Take the stand off your television if it’s fitted onto it.
  10. Find the attachment holes for the mounting plate on the rear of the TV. These holes may sometimes be covered with screws or plastic pieces that have to be removed.
  11. Fix the mounting plate onto the TV through the holes using the hardware that comes with it.
  12. Lift the TV by holding it at the top and bottom with the help of a friend and align it with the wall bracket.
  13. Connect the TV as per the instructions given in its user manual. These instructions may vary from one manufacturer to another.


How do you hide the cords on a wall-mounted TV?

You can hide the cords on a wall-mounted TV by using a few simple accessories that are easily available. The tools that you will need to hide the cords depend on the method you choose to hide the cords.

The tips given below provide some ideas to hide the cords on a wall-mounted TV without making any cuts on the wall.

  • Use a wall cord concealer kit to keep the cords of your connected TV out of sight. This is essentially a raceway that can be opened for you to place the cords inside it. It comes with an adhesive backing that you can fix onto the wall without causing any damage. You can also consider painting the raceway the same color as your wall so that it’s not noticeable.
  • Opt for a fabric cord cover to keep the cords out of sight, especially from pets and children. It’s worth considering a cover with zips that can be opened to include additional cords if needed. However, you may have to use multiple cord covers one below the other depending on the length of the cords.
  • Position the cords behind a piece of décor. This method can be helpful if you’re placing your TV just above a table. Place a flower vase or some books in front of the cords and you’re done. Alternatively, you can keep a panel board between your TV and its cords.


There are other options that you can look up online such as using a recessed cable plate or using an in-wall power extender if you don’t mind cutting your wall.


Can you mount a 60-inch TV on drywall?

Yes, you can mount a 60-inch TV on drywall. However, you must do so only after considering some basic precautions. The points mentioned here guide you on safely mounting a 60-inch TV on drywall.

  • Don’t use any fastener to mount the TV onto the wall. You must drill the television into wooden studs that are present behind the wall to fix it to the wall at the structural part. The screws being drilled should go into the stud by at least a little more than half an inch. The mounting bracket must be screwed well into the studs on the wall.
  • If you cannot use studs for some reason, your best option would be to make use of toggle bots to get done with the mounting process.


How to mount a TV to a wall without studs?

You can mount a TV to a wall without studs with the help of some basic tools and a friend to assist you. The steps are easy to follow although it may take some time if you’re doing it for the first time.


Tools Required

  • TV mount
  • Included mounting hardware
  • Hammer
  • Phillips or flat head screwdriver
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape or pencil



  1. Align the wall mount on the wall in the preferred position.
  2. Use the hammer to drive in a nail at one end of the TV mount. Make sure you place one hand in the middle of the mount to keep it steady.
  3. Ensure that the mount is straight and not tilted at an angle with the help of the level.
  4. Hammer in the other nails through the respective slots in the mount. The nail at the other end of the mount must be hammered first.
  5. Fix the mounting bracket onto the TV.
  6. Decide the tilt for the television by fixing the spacers in the provided mounting hardware on the holes of the television.
  7. Release the spring lock mechanism.
  8. Align the TV with the mount by getting a friend to hold one end while you hold the other.
  9. Tighten the spring lock once again to hold the television into place.


You can use anchors such as toggle anchors or molly bolts, mounting plates or ceiling mounts if you don’t have studs to do the mounting.

However, you must remember to take the condition of the wall and TV weight into consideration. You must also choose the appropriate mount for mounting without studs.


How to mount a TV to a wall bracket?

You can mount a TV to a wall bracket by following just a few simple steps. The tools you will need are essentially the same as mentioned above for mounting a television to a wall.



  1. Locate the studs in the wall using a stud finder to mount the wall bracket.
  2. Note the mounting points on the wall bracket and TV to analyze how many studs will be needed.
  3. Mark the position on the wall where you have to drill the screws using a level and a pencil.
  4. Keep the wall bracket against the wall taking care to align one end with the hole marked for the first screw. Similarly, align the other end with the second hole.
  5. Drill holes into the studs in the correct positions through the wall.
  6. Position the wall bracket in place on the wall and secure it firmly with the wall screws using a hammer, drill or screwdriver.
  7. Fix the mounting plate in place at the rear of the TV using the screws that came with the mount.
  8. Check the user manual and follow the instructions given to connect the mounting plate and wall bracket.


How to mount a TV to a wall with metal studs?

The steps to mount a TV to a wall with metal studs are almost identical to installation on a wall with wooden studs. The differences are in the way the bracket is fixed to the wall and the hardware needed to attach the wall bracket.


Tools Needed

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Socket set
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Painter’s and packing tapes
  • Snap toggles



  1. Identify the position of the metal studs behind your drywall. These studs are often 1.25 inches wide and you must drill them exactly in the middle.
  2. Mark both the edges of the studs using a pencil in various spots vertically.
  3. Align the TV mount with the marked spots on the wall.
  4. Ensure the straight mounting of the TV by using a level.
  5. Insert the snap toggles in a vertical orientation so that they are in line with the metal studs.
  6. Align the bracket with the bolts and tighten them so that they are secured against the drywall and the studs. It’s recommended that a snap toggle is put into each hole of the TV mount.
  7. Secure the mounting bracket in place and install the TV as per the specified instructions.


How to lift a heavy TV to a wall mount?

The best way to lift a heavy TV to a wall mount is to get the assistance of a friend so that you don’t accidentally drop it. However, if you must do so yourself, you can go about the process by positioning yourself appropriately.

  1. Stand as close as possible to the television with your feet apart so that they are in line with your shoulders. The distance between your feet and the TV should be no more than one foot.
  2. Bend down to the squatting position.
  3. Hold the television firmly by catching on to the bezel on either side at the bottom. You must take care not to touch the screen as much as possible.
  4. Lift yourself with your legs and take care not to use your back to do this as you may end up hurting your back if you do so.
  5. Walk slowly towards the wall mount.


Ideally, you place the TV at a short distance from the wall mount so that you will not have to walk much with a heavy television in your hands.


How to mount a TV to a concrete wall?

You can mount a TV to a concrete wall using a rotary hammer, a drill, a hammer and some basic tools.

  1. Attach the mounting bracket to the rear of the TV by keeping the television face down on a soft surface.
  2. Attach the mounting plate onto the concrete wall using the screws provided with the TV mount.
  3. Fix the template provided over the mounting plate using adhesive tape.
  4. Level the template out and use a measuring tape to determine how far exactly from the middle of the television you have to drill based on its size.
  5. Use a drill to drill a hole two to three inches deep into the wall.
  6. Place plastic wall anchors and tap them gently with a hammer so that they go inside and only their heads are aligned with the surface of the wall. This will allow the bolts to secure the mounting plate in place.
  7. Attach the television onto the mounting plate by following the instructions highlighted in your TV manual.


How to mount a TV to a plaster wall?

You can mount a TV to a plaster wall with some daily use tools such as mounting anchors, a cordless screwdriver, a power drill and a masonry drill bit.

You might also want to keep a drop cloth or clean towel handy to clean the mess because of the drilling action.

  1. Select the right spot where you want to mount your TV on the plaster wall. The ideal position is your eye level.
  2. Identify where the vertical wooden studs in the wall are present with a stud finder.
  3. Align the TV mount horizontally on the wall using a level.
  4. Mark the position of the screw holes of the mount using a pencil.
  5. Select heavy-duty plastic anchors that can withstand the TV’s weight.
  6. Drill pilot holes in the wall using a masonry drill bit making sure that the diameter of the drill bit is 0.125 inches small than that of the anchors.
  7. Screw the plastic anchors tightly into the drilled pilot holes by turning the screwdriver clockwise until the screwheads are in line with the wall.
  8. Fix the mounting bracket to the wall by sliding it through the anchor screws.
  9. Fix the mounting plate onto the back of the television.
  10. Align the mounting plate with the mounting bracket and proceed with the instructions as specified in the TV manual.


How to mount a TV on the wall with 24-inch studs?

You can mount a TV on a wall with 24-inch studs by using a ledger or plyboard behind the TV. Avoid using MDF or OSB for the board and lag bolts to help with the mounting. You may also need a drill bit to assist you with the mounting process.

It’s suggested that you use a board that is at least 25 inches long and has a thickness of more than that of the fasteners. The board should be wide enough for you to screw all the holes of the mounting plate through it. If the board you have isn’t wide enough, you can use two boards instead of one.

The plywood can be affixed to the studs using construction screws whole normal screws are enough to fix the plywood to the TV.


What to do if studs are too far apart for TV mount?

You can use a 3/4-inch plywood mounting plate on the wall such that it extends on either side of the studs. The width of the plywood should be such that it covers at least two studs. This board will give the best support for securing your mount.

You must screw the mount onto the plywood for a firm grip using 3-inch screws. The plywood must in turn be secured to the studs using strong wood screws.

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