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How to Turn Off the Buzzer on a Dryer (Complete Steps)

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Can I Turn Off the Buzzer on my Dryer?

You can turn off the buzzer on your dryer. However, there is no switch on the dryer to turn it OFF permanently. You can disable the buzzer by disconnecting the wires that are attached to the buzzer. Most of the time, disconnecting just one wire will also turn OFF the buzzer.


How to Disable the Buzzer on a Dryer

  • Turn off the driver and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait 30 minutes to ensure there’s no power left in the dryer.
  • Locate the buzzer by opening the front panel using a screw driver
  • Unplug the wires connected to the buzzer.
  • Cover the exposed wires with electrical tape
  • Reattach the front panel back on to the dryer


It’s a very easy process to disable the buzzer on a dryer if you don’t want to be disturbed by its sound.

  1. Switch off the dryer and unplug it from the power supply so that you don’t get an electric shock. Turn the dial to ON setting to ensure that the dryer is fully powered down.
  2. Wait for half an hour to allow the capacitors to discharge and dissipate completely.
  3. Open the front panel of the dryer using a Phillips screwdriver and look for the buzzer. You may have to remove six screws. The buzzer is often a black box that is fixed to the timer and can be found behind the front panel.
  4. In some cases, the buzzer will be housed on the back panel and won’t have a knob connection.

You can refer to the dryer’s manual to know where exactly the buzzer is located.

  1. Remove the two wires connected to the buzzer. This can usually be done with just a careful but firm tug.
  2. Cover the exposed ends of the wires with tape so that there is no live electrical connection. It’s a good idea to tape the wires onto the side or top of the dryer panel.
  3. Clean up the dust or debris if any, using a compressed air canister or a damp cloth.
  4. Put the panel back in place and tighten the screws to secure it firmly.
  5. Test the machine to check if you have removed the right wires. If so, you’ll either hear a quiet whimper or no sound at all.

To disconnect the buzzer on a GE dryer, you can follow all the steps mentioned above with just one variation. You’ll have to remove the screws from the console or control panel present on top of the dryer. The dials of the dryer are present on this console.

If you have a Whirlpool dryer, there are tension clips in place of screws on the front control panel. You can use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove these clips.


Where is the Buzzer Located on a Dryer?

The buzzer is located behind the front panel in most dryers. In some cases, it’s housed on the rear panel. This is a small black box that is wired to the timer using two red and black wires.

The buzzer in a GE dryer is present inside the console that is on the top.

On the other hand, in the Maytag family of dryers, the buzzer is inside the dryer’s electrical control panel. You can access this panel via the upper back panel.

If you have difficulty in locating the buzzer on the dryer, you can look up the manual or wiring diagram of the dryer to identify its exact location.


Why your Dryer Buzzer Won’t Stop Making Noise

  • The buzzer switch is faulty
  • The push to start switch is faulty
  • The resistor is faulty
  • The door switch latch is broken
  • The motor switch is stuck


The following are some reasons why your dryer buzzer won’t stop and what you can do to resolve the problem apart from disconnecting the buzzer as mentioned above.

  • The buzzer switch is faulty. Once a replacement is done, the dryer buzzer will work normally.
  • The Push-to-Start switch is either stuck or has welded contacts. If the switch is stuck, moving it a little can help to release it. If the contacts are welded, you’ll have to take off the switch, remove the welding and put it back again. You can also check for broken wires and do a wire replacement if needed.

On a Maytag dryer, you’ll have to take off the rear of the console. You can lift the tab and then turn it to unlock and remove the switch.

  • The resistor that is connected to the timer could be malfunctioning. This is indicated by the timer switch making a ticking sound like a clock. Replacing the resistor solves the problem.
  • The door switch-latch assembly has gone bad. Getting a new one fitted in place of the old one will serve as a fix to the problem.
  • The motor switch is stuck. In this case, it’s advisable to replace the entire unit including the motor as a sticky motor switch is often a warning sign of a failing motor.
  • The buzzer is likely to have got shorted. Replacing the buzzer will help to sort out this problem.


Why Do I Get a Buzzer Sound When Starting My Dryer?

  • Motor bearings are faulty
  • Door switch is broken
  • Contacts on the timer are faulty
  • The drum is not turning freely
  • Start switch is stuck


Your dryer buzzer may make a sound when the dryer is trying to start because of the following reasons.

  • The door switch may be broken. If so, doing a replacement will help to fix the problem.
  • The timer contacts are stuck in the OFF position. Releasing them may help to stop the dryer buzzer from making a sound when trying to start the machine.
  • The start switch is likely to have got stuck. Moving the switch a little or tapping the start button to release it can be the solution.
  • The dryer motor or motor bearings may be faulty. In this case, you’ll have to go in for a motor replacement. You may want to first check for foreign objects on the motor housing and if any, remove them.
  • The timer contacts have gone bad and are malfunctioning. You can consider getting the timer replaced.
  • The drum is not turning freely because the slides or drum rollers have worn out. Replacing the drum can help.


Where is the Buzzer found on a Whirlpool Dryer?

You can find the buzzer on a Whirlpool dryer in the rear panel of the dryer’s control panel. You’ll have to remove the rear panel to gain access to the buzzer.


Whirlpool dryer Buzzer Beep Codes

The beep codes of a Whirlpool dryer with their explanations are given below.

Beep Code Explanation
End Beep/Cycle Signal This beep keeps you informed about the end of a drying cycle. Some dryers allow you to set the beep to either low, high, medium or off.
Damp Beep This is represented by a series of beeps that let you know the clothes in the dryer are damp and not fully dry. Like the end beep, you can set it to either low, high, medium or off.


The Damp Beep option is not supported by all Whirlpool dryers.


How to Disconnect the Buzzer on a GE Dryer

The location of the buzzer may be found in the wiring diagram of the dryer that is usually found in a plastic packet on the back of the dryer.

Once you locate the buzzer, you can disconnect it on a GE dryer by following a few simple steps given below.

  1. Turn the dryer OFF and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the screws that hold the console or the control panel with the dials in place.
  3. Open the console and locate the buzzer.
  4. The buzzer will often have a two-wire connection to the timer.
  5. Pull out one or both of the wires with a gentle but firm tug.
  6. Cover the open end or ends of the wire or wires with insulation tape.
  7. Close the console and fix it back in place by tightening the screws.
  8. Plug in the dryer to the power supply once again.


Why is My Dryer Buzzer Not Working?

There may be many reasons why your dryer buzzer is not working and they are given below. Depending on the reason, you can take the necessary action to fix the problem.

  • The end-of-cycle beep is not as loud as it should be. The sound adjustment may have accidentally been set to Low or Medium. Resetting it back to high will help.
  • The connectors on the control unit on top of the dryer have become loose. Turn off the power supply and reseat the connectors properly. Make sure to also tighten the wires that are connected to the controls on the front panel.
  • The end-of-drying buzzer gets activated after the drying cycle but will not stop. A malfunctioning Push-to-Start switch is often the reason. Replacing the switch will solve the problem.
  • The end-of-cycle buzzer does not work at all. This could be because the timer is faulty. Removing the old timer and getting a new one fitted in its place will solve the problem.


Why Is My Dryer Buzzer Not Loud Enough?

The following list highlights some reasons why your dryer buzzer is not as loud as it should be and what you can do about it.

  • The loud setting for the dryer buzzer may have changed.
  • Check if the setting has changed to low or medium and reset it to loud mode.
  • The loud setting is not enough to be heard in another room.
  • Consider replacing the present buzzer with another one that has more sound.
  • Set an external timer to give you an approximate idea of when to check the dryer.
  • The dryer chime of a Kenmore Elite dryer is hardly audible.
  • Pressing the Chime button continuously on the Options panel may help.


Whirlpool Dryer Buzzer is Not Working

Some reasons why your Whirlpool dryer buzzer is not working and what you can do to set it right are given below.

  • There may be one or more loose wire connections at the end of the buzzer. Check for loose connections and tighten them after unplugging the dryer.
  • The buzzer doesn’t have a resistance between 1,000 and 3,000 Ohms. Unplug the dryer and check the resistance using a volt/ohmmeter. If it’s not in the specified range, replace the buzzer.
  • The computer board is faulty. Getting the board replaced is likely to fix the problem but it can be expensive to buy the board.


The following steps tell you how to replace a whirlpool dryer buzzer that is not working.

  1. Disconnect the dryer from the power source.
  2. Remove the six screws behind the control panel using a flat head screwdriver and take the panel off.
  3. Loosen the buzzer and lift it a little so that you can remove it easily.
  4. Disconnect the wires connected to the buzzer with a gentle pull.
  5. Put a new buzzer in place with a mild pushing action.
  6. Insert the buzzer back into its slot and tighten it so that it stays in place.
  7. Put the control panel back and fix the screws in position.
  8. Plug in the dryer and check if the new buzzer is working properly.


GE Dryer Buzzer is Not Working

Your GE dryer buzzer may not be working because the buzzer switch is faulty.

To check if the switch is malfunctioning, turn the timer to OFF mode and connect a multimeter to both ends of the switch.

If the reading isn’t 120 volts, the switch has a problem and needs to be replaced.

The following steps tell you how to replace a faulty dryer buzzer.

  1. Disconnect the dryer from the power source.
  2. Use a wire or string to detach the buzzer switch knob.
  3. Remove the screws on the rear of the control panel.
  4. Move the control panel sideward and remove it from the main top.
  5. Disconnect the wires from the switch of the old buzzer.
  6. Raise the tab and rotate the above switch in an anticlockwise direction to remove it.
  7. Insert the new switch inside the control panel and turn it in the clockwise direction to lock it in place.
  8. Connect the wires of the old switch to the new switch.
  9. Secure the control panel back in place by fastening its screws.
  10. Put the buzzer switch knob in its original position.
  11. Plug the power cord and check for the proper functioning of the buzzer.


Kenmore Dryer Buzzer is Not Working

If your Kenmore dryer buzzer is not working, you can check out for one or more of the problems given below.

  • The buzzer adjustment switch is faulty. Getting the switch replaced can fix the problem.
  • The buzzer does not have the required voltage rating. Check the voltage rating across the black and tan wires present at the end of the cycle buzzer. If it’s not within the specified range, the buzzer needs a replacement.
  • The buzzer continuously makes a sound until the door is opened. This could be due to a malfunctioning Push-to-Start switch. Unplug the dryer and check for continuity with a volt/ohm meter when the button is out. If there is continuity, it’s time to get the switch changed.


Maytag Dryer Buzzer is Not Working

Your Maytag dryer buzzer may not be as loud as it was before because of a loose wire connection, mostly on the timer.

  • Unplug the dryer.
  • Check for loose connections.
  • Tighten the connections and check the buzzer.


The following steps tell you how to replace a dryer buzzer that is not working.

  1. Unplug the dryer and take off the rectangular back panel by removing the screws connected to it.
  2. Locate the buzzer that is usually a small component on the left side of the warning sticker.
  3. Remove the mounting screw connected to the wire.
  4. Take off the wires from the connectors that are connected with two slip-over sockets fitted over two prongs.
  5. Reattach the wires by putting the connectors above the prongs of the new buzzer correctly.
  6. Put the new buzzer in place of the old one and fix the mounting screw in place.
  7. Fix the back panel in place by tightening its screws.
  8. Turn the dryer on and check if the buzzer works as desired.


LG Dryer Buzzer is Not Working

If your LG dryer buzzer is too loud and you want to reduce the volume, you can do one of these two things.

One option is to cover the grill over the loudspeaker using tape in a criss-cross pattern. This does not silence the buzzer completely but reduces its intensity.

Sometimes, pressing the Extra Rinse button for three seconds also reduces the volume.

Alternatively, if you want to cut off the sound completely, you can disassemble the timer setup and cut the wires connected to the speaker. Ensure that you unplug the unit before doing this.

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