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How To Stop HDMI Input Popping Up on my TV Screen?

Why does HDMI keep popping up on my TV screen?

The main reason why HDMI keeps popping up on your TV screen is because the streaming device is turned off, native resolution power issues, SimpLink is enabled or because you’re using an incompatible HDMI cable.



  • Native resolution power issues
  • Faulty and/or damaged
  • HDMI cable
  • Outdated TV firmware
  • SimpLink is turned off
  • The HDMI handshake issue


Native resolution power issues

The native resolution provides high-quality video outputs. However, a problem may arise when your TV cannot support the high resolutions. In that case, HDMI pops up frequently on your screen. Turning it off will help you get rid of the problem.


The peripheral device is on sleep mode, not powered off

When the streaming device is turned off, it goes into sleeping mode. And since the HDMI cable is already connected to the port, it keeps interfering and popping up on your screen, disturbing your TV experience.


Also, always ensure that you have set the device to a complete shutdown to avoid such interferences.


Faulty and/or damaged HDMI cables

Damaged HDMI cables cause lags in the transferring of data. Damaged cable wires usually cannot be fixed. It’s best to get your cables replaced for a better experience. It is best to ensure that your cable is not rubbing against the wall or other furniture items to avoid frequent damage.


Outdated TV firmware

Smart TV models run on operating systems. TV manufacturers routinely send updates-related notifications to help people get their devices updated timely. Such updates help the TV run smoothly over long periods.


But if your TV is not updated, it may cause several disturbances throughout. Some of these problems include HDMI pop-ups on your screen; such repeated appearances cause a great nuisance.


Problems with the SimpLink function

The SimpLink function is an important part of your TV system and helps you control several connected HDMI devices through your remote. If the function is erroneously disabled, you may see the frequent popping up of HDMI on your TV screen.


The handshake error

When a TV is connected to an input source such as a console or streaming device, it is called the HDMI handshake.Because of this, devices transfer HDMI signals between them. When there is a handshake error, the devices cannot recognize each other, and as a result, cause video or audio-related problems.


HDMI input popping up on TV screen


How do I stop HDMI input from popping up on my TV screen?

To stop your HDMI input from popping up on your TV screen, resolve the HDMI handshake issue, turn on SimpLink, replace the faulty HDMI cable or update the firmware.


Resolve the HDMI Handshake Issue [Method 1]

  1. Disconnect all the devices.
  2. Reconnect them to the TV.
  3. Ensure that the device’s output is compatible with the TV.
  4. Turn off the device.
  5. Turn it on again.
  6. Use other HDMI ports to check if the issue persists.


Turn on SimpLink [Method 2]

Toggle on the SimpLink function to ensure the smooth working of the TV.


Replacethe faulty HDMI Cable [Method 3]

  1. Test the HDMI cable on other devices.
  2. If the problem persists, know that the issue is with the cable and you need to replace it.
  3. Check if the cable is damaged.
  4. Replaced it with new ones.


Update the firmware [Method 4]

Many smart TVs run on OS. TV manufacturers send reminders for updates so that owners can update the firmware. If you face any problems with frequent pop-ups, you should update the firmware.


Turn Off Streaming Device [Method 5]

  1. Long-press the console’s power button.
  2. It will cause a shutdown.
  3. Open the power management settings.
  4. Change the setting.
  5. Set the device to get completely powered off.


How do I turn off HDMI on my TV?

To turn off HDMI on your TV, you should access the Settings menu on your TV, go to inputs button, select HDMI control, and toggle off control by clicking OK on it.


To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Now go to the Inputs button.
  2. Select HDMI control – it allows the TV to control HDMI devices.
  3. Toggle off the control by clicking on OK on the remote.


Why does the input menu keep showing up on my TV?

The reason input menu keeps showing up on your TV is because some LED and LCD TV models are set to the Store mode. It is because store owners put demo icons on the screen to help customers make well-informed decisions.


This issue, however, may cause inconvenience to home users. It can be fixed by:

  • Going to the Setup menu.
  • Scrolling down to Location.
  • Setting the TV to the Home menu.


What does HDMI 1 mean on a TV?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is used to support the transfer of a digital video signal (both high-definition or signal) over a single cable and with a two-channel audio signal. In simple words, it connects audio-visual devices together.


It provides high picture quality, making your experience even greater. People who have home theatres particularly enjoy this feature.


Why does HDMI 1 mean appear on my TV screen?

The reason HDMI 1 keeps appearing on your TV screen is because of an HDMI cable and HDMI port handshake error, which occurs due to damaged or bent cables. Since the cable doesn’t get properly attached to the firm port, it may cause a pop-up message.


What does HDMI 2 mean on a TV?

HDMI2 can handle more bandwidth than the standard HDMI. And while both can play high-quality 4k videos, HDMI2 can easily transfer up to 18Gbps – the HDMI can transfer only 10.2.


Why does HDMI 2 appear on my TV screen?

The reason HDMI2 may appear on your TV screen is because your cable is not properly attached. The best thing in this regard is to remove all the cables for a while and then reinstall them.


How to stop HDMI input from popping up on my Samsung TV?

To fix the issue of constant pop-ups, you should change to a different HDMI. But if the issue persists, take the device out of the Demo Mode.


It can be done through the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Select External Device Manager.
  4. Click Input Signal Plus.
  5. Toggle off the option.


What happens if you have a faulty remote? You can follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Bring up the volume adjustment on the TV.
  2. When the volume control pops up, turn the sound up or down; now press the Menu button for at least 12 seconds and don’t release it.
  3. You will see the words Standard Mode pop up on your TV.


How to stop the HDMI input banner from popping up on my LG TV?

To stop the HDMI input banner from popping up on your LG TV, you should set your TV in “HOME” mode instead of the store mode.


It can be done by:

  • Going to the “Setup” menu
  • Scrolling down to Location
  • Use the right or left arrows to change STORE to HOME


How to stop HDMI input from popping up on my Vizio TV?

To stop the HDMI input popping up on your Vizio TV, you should disconnect all HDMI cables and then reconnect them.


You can also try one of the following methods:

  • Reset your TV
  • Replace the HDMI ports with USB to HDM adapters
  • You can also change the settings and disable the store mode to avoid constant pop-ups


How to stop Vizio input from popping up on my Vizio TV?

The reason why Vizio input keeps popping up on your Vizio TV is a faulty remote; IR LED or the crystal fails often lead to this problem. Before you send your set for service, it is best to get another remote to test if the problem relates to the remote.


Another fix that you can try at home is as follows:

  • Go to the HDTV Settings menu
  • Choose Factory Default/Clear Memory
  • Follow the on-screen instructions


If you’re wondering how you will reach the Settings menu when your TV keeps acting up, here is how you can do it:

  • Hit the “Input” button
  • Select “TV” and click OK
  • Click on Menu



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