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(SOLVED) Why does my Acer Laptop Keep Shutting Down?

Why my Acer laptop keep shutting down?

The reason why your Acer laptop keep shutting down is that your battery may need a reset, you need to update your BIOS, or it is overheating.


Battery Reset

Nine times out of ten, the cause behind your laptop shutting down on its own is because of the battery. Batteries age over time, and all batteries will eventually need to be replaced or reset.

Especially if you use your laptop for long hours and very frequently, the battery will deteriorate faster, but that is because of no fault of your own.


Update BIOS

Unlike the reason above, you may have a hand in this being why your Acer laptop keep shutting down randomly.

BIOS helps laptops and devices run smoothly, and each update adapts to your battery more than the last, but depriving it of this will make it work ten times harder, worsening health.



This reason is a mix of the two, you may have a hand in, and you may not at the same time. It is common for the fans that keep your laptop cool to gather dust eventually.

It is, however, up to you to clean this out occasionally or ensure you are using your laptop in a way that will delay this process.

However, not to fret because all of these reasons have easy fixes.


Acer laptop keeps shutting down


How to fix an Acer laptop that keeps shutting down

To fix an Acer laptop that keeps shutting down, you should reset the battery, update your BIOS and clean out the fans.


Reset The Battery

If you have concluded that the battery is the problem, you can use the following steps to reset it:

  • First, switch your laptop off and on again
  • Locate the little hole near your battery using a needle or a paper clip
  • The little hole on an Acer laptop will be located in different locations depending on the model, and it is difficult to tell you where it will be here. But with a little additional digging, you can easily discover it
  • Insert the needle for 4-5 seconds
  • Allow the laptop to shut down before plugging it back and restarting it


Update BIOS

Suppose you haven’t updated your BIOS in a while. You can use the steps below to carry out the update:

  • Navigate to the support page for your motherboard on the manufacturer’s website
  • The most recent BIOS update should be available in the support and downloads
  • Download the BIOS update file and unzip it
  • Copy the update file to a USB flash device
  • Restart your computer to enter the UEFI control panel
  • Start the UEFI update or flashing program and backup your PC’s existing firmware to a flash drive
  • Select the new firmware image you saved on the flash drive using the same UEFI utility
  • Running the firmware update application should take a few minutes, but make sure not to turn off your computer during this time
  • Restart your computer after the flashing procedure is complete: Your PC BIOS has been updated


Clean out The Fans

We may be in for some engine issues if the vents are hot enough to give a burning sensation. You must immediately turn off your computer and unplug any charging wires.

  • Locate the fan on the bottom of the laptop
  • It is linked to the CPU. This area normally has a buildup of dust that has to be cleared
  • Remove the screws. Remove the fan by carefully disengaging a little connecting pin that links it to the machine
  • You may clean it with a towel or, much better, a computer vacuum cleaner
  • You do not need to open the bottom of your laptop every time you wish to clean it, only the first time


How to fix Acer laptop that shuts down when unplugged

To fix an Acer laptop that shuts down when unplugged, you must ensure its battery is intact.


Some Acer laptop models have external batteries, which can sometimes detach if not handled properly. This can cause your laptop to shut down unplugged as it loses its power source.


This is not a huge issue as it can easily be reattached by following the steps below:

  • Locate the external battery
  • If you pull it and it comes out easily, it is detached
  • Just push it back in place, and you should hear a click which indicates it is secure


How do I fix an Acer laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in?

To fix an Acer laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in, you should run a check on the charger cable.


Sometimes the issue may not be with your laptop but rather its charger. You can diagnose the problem by following the steps below:

  • Turn on your laptop
  • When it is turned on, plug your charger in
  • If your laptop does not indicate that it is charging, that means the charger is defective


Alternatively, if your laptop won’t turn on:

  • Plug your laptop charger into your powered-off laptop
  • Keep an eye on the sides of your laptop, where there is typically a light that detects a power source
  • If there is no light, that means the charger isn’t working
  • You will need to replace the charger cable


Why does the Acer laptop shut down even with 100% battery???

The reason why your Acer laptop shuts down even with 100% battery could be because of hardware failures.

To fix this:

  • Enter “Device Manager” into the search bar. You should see a list of hardware devices that are used by your laptop
  • The device status should read “this device is operating properly”
  • If you recently added any new hardware, it may be time to remove it and see if it isn’t the source of the shutdowns


Why does the Acer laptop suddenly shut down and won’t turn on?

The reason why your Acer laptop suddenly shuts down and won’t turn on is because of malware or virus on the laptop.

To fix this, use a reputable anti-virus program such as Avira or Malwarebytes to diagnose the issues.

A virus can hijack your laptop’s system, cause it to crash, shut down, and refuse to turn on. But don’t worry, you can take your Acer laptop to a trained professional who can rectify this.


Why does my Acer laptop randomly shut down after a few minutes?

The reason why your Acer laptop randomly shuts down after a few minutes could be because of outdated drivers being unable to keep your laptop running.

You can easily fix this issue by updating the drivers. These drivers are required to guarantee that the PC’s hardware components function correctly.

You only need to identify the old driver and download the most recent version. Acer provides simple-to-use driver update software that can resolve practically any driver issue.


Use the following steps to update the drivers:

  • Go to Settings and Updates
  • Select Automatically search for updated driver software
  • Choose Update Driver
  • You might need to restart your laptop for the changes to apply


Why Booting Acer laptop shows logo then has a black screen?

To fix a booting Acer laptop that shows logo and black screen, reset your laptop’s system.


To do this:

  • Press the Windows key, Ctrl, Shift, and B together
  • You should hear a beep and see the display flicker as it attempts to refresh the screen
  • If it does not reply or turns on.
  • To turn it off, press the power button for 10 seconds, then disconnect your adapter for 30 seconds before plugging it back in


Why does my Acer shut down instead of going to sleep?

The reason why your Acer shuts down instead of going to sleep is because you may have Power Saving Mode or certain Power Settings turned ON.

Over time, as your laptop ages, some functions will no longer work as they used to. One of these is advanced power settings, which can cause your laptop to shut down instead of sleep.


You can use the following steps to rectify this:

  • Go to Settings
  • From the “High performance” menu, choose “Change plan settings”
  • “Change advanced power settings” will appear
  • “sleep” should be expanded
  • Expands all sleep settings and ensures that all are turned off or marked “Never”


Why does my Acer Swift 3 keeps shutting down?

The reason why your Acer Swift 3 keeps shutting down is that you may be placed on a surface that it is not compatible with.

In other circumstances, the laptop overheats because the vents are obstructed, preventing hot air from escaping.

You may fix this by purchasing a new laptop table with air vents. This ensures that the air is effectively vented and that the surface is not obstructing airflow.

In addition to tables, you may place extra shelves on the tables. However, those racks will likely slant your laptop somewhat, so plan accordingly!


Why does my Acer Enduro Urban randomly shut down?

The reason why your Acer Enduro Urban randomly shuts down is because its battery may have gotten weak.

Changing the battery settings might directly impact the overheating and shutting down the problem. The optimum option is to get the battery changed.

It is also recommended that you adjust the battery plan and activate the power saver mode. This is because the laptop’s operations are restricted when in power saver mode, which keeps it cool.


Why does my Acer Aspire 3 randomly shut down?

The reason why your Acer Aspire 3 randomly shuts down could be because of a poor power supply.

A malfunctioning power supply can result in insufficient electricity reaching the motherboard, leading the computer to shut down or not turn on.

In the event of a faulty power supply, the only solution is to replace it. Repairing a power supply is not an affordable solution, assuming it is possible.


Why does my Acer Aspire 5 keep shutting down

The reason why your Acer Aspire 5 keeps shutting down is because of an outdated BIOS.

The BIOS is the computer’s firmware in charge of starting it up. Changing it is usually unnecessary; however, an outdated BIOS might create shutdown troubles.

To learn more, type “system information” into the search field. You may find the BIOS version/date for the machine here.

Next, go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the BIOS version/date. Download and install the necessary file on your PC.

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