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Why is My Apple Watch Not Turning ON?

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Turning On

The main reason why an Apple Watch is not turning on is because its low on battery, the watch is in Power Save Mode or the Screen Curtain setting has been enabled.


An Apple Watch that can’t even turn on is about as helpful as a pen that doesn’t have ink, except that the wristwatch is likely to cost you $180 or more.

But don’t panic – there are several explanations why an Apple Watch display could not be turned on, and most of them are straightforward to resolve.


Possible Causes

  • Battery Issue
  • Frozen
  • Power Saver Mode
  • Screen Curtain
  • Hardware Issues


Battery Issue

One of the most common reasons an Apple Watch does not turn on is that the battery is dying. Plug the Watch into its power adapter, and if that fails, try an alternative charging cord and charger to discover whether your charger is defective.

If your Apple Watch is still slow to react after trying many different chargers, proceed to the following step.


Apple Watch is Frozen

For 15 – 20 seconds, press and hold the two buttons (the bigger, round Digital Crest and the lower, rectangular Side Button).

Consider releasing the buttons and wait a few seconds when the Apple logo displays. When you switch the Watch back on, it should operate normally again.


Power Saver Mode

As the name suggests, the Power Reserve setting on your Apple Watch preserves power. Only the time will be shown in this mode, and the Apple Watch will not unlock.

You are pressing and holding the Side Button for 7 to 10 seconds to leave this mode. When you see the Apple logo, your Watch is resetting into its normal state.


Screen Curtain

Screen Curtain requires you to use your voice to carry out all orders. The Screen Curtain option keeps your Apple Watch’s face covered even while it’s turned on, enabling only voice interaction.

To disable the Screen Curtain, launch the Apple Watch app from the app store and navigate to the General page.

Then, choose “Accessibility,” followed by “VoiceOver.” Finally, turn off the Screen Shutter (the button will be on the left).


Apple Watch not turning on


How to Fix an Apple Watch That’s Not Turning On

To fix an Apple Watch that’s not turning on you should try charging its battery, hard reset it, turn off power saving mode or disable voiceover.


You’re not sure why your Apple Watch is still not powering on. You’re pushing down the Side control, but still, nothing happens!

I’ll clarify why your Apple Watch won’t switch and tell you how to resolve these issuespermanently.Several factors could influence this issue, and it would be better to get to its roots.



  • Low Battery
  • Hard Reset Needed
  • Power Saver Mode
  • VoiceOver Is Turned On


The troubleshooting steps and solutions listed below should address most of the Apple Watch turning Issues.


Let’s take a look at how you can fix each of these issues

  • When your Apple Watch isn’t turning on, try to charge it using a variety of magnetized charging cords and sources (your laptop’s USB connector, a wall station, and so on).

If your Apple Watch isn’t recharging with a certain power cord or charger, the issue is in that cord or docking station, not so much with your Apple Watch.

If the Apple Watch’s electrostatic charging cable fails, you could be able to get it fixed for free if AppleCare+ protects it.


  • Whenever your Apple Watch doesn’t switch on, the very first step you should do is conduct a factory reset.

You are pressing and holding the Digital Crown and the Corner button simultaneously for roughly 10-20 seconds. Discharge both buttons so when the Apple logo shows on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will restart quickly after that.


  • Press and hold the Side button until you’ve seen the Apple logo on the display if your Apple Watch is in Power Reserve mode. When you reset your Apple Watch, it will no more be in Power Reserve mode.


  • When Display Curtain is on, you can only use VoiceOver to manage your Apple Watch.


To disable Voice Over, return to your iPhone’s Watch app and select General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver. Then, at the top of the screen, deactivate the option next to VoiceOver.


Why Is My Apple Watch Black And Won’t Turn On?

The reason why your Apple Watch is black and won’t turn on is because it’s battery may have been completely depleted, requiring it to recharge until it has enough life for the battery to switch on.

  • Attach your Apple Watch to its standard charger and recharge it for around 20 minutes. On the Watch’s screen, a charging signal should appear
  • Double-check if you can not see the charging indicator to ensure the battery charger is plugged into a power outlet
  • Because the Apple Watch uses induction to start up, anything trapped on the bottom of the Watch might create a serious problem


Why won’t the Apple Watch Turn On or Charge?

The reason why your Apple Watch won’t turn on or charge is because its battery may be dead, your charger may be faulty, or you may need to update your watch OS.


There are several fixable causes for your Apple Watch failing to turn on. If none of the issues listed below apply to you, it may be time to take your device to an Apple shop for a checkup.

  • A dead battery is the most obvious cause of your Apple Watch not turning on
  • If you left your Watch to charge and returned to a gadget that still won’t switch on, your charger might be the blame. Faulty third-party chargers, as well as worn-out Apple chargers, should be replaced
  • Apple Watches can occasionally stall or become stuck on a black screen. This is frequently caused by an out-of-date version of watchOS or a faulty program


Apple Watch Won’t Turn On After Charging.

If your apple watch won’t turn on after charging, then you will need to hard reset your Apple Watch.


The first step you should do is conduct a hard reset. You are pressing and holding the Digital Crown and the Corner button simultaneously for roughly 15-20 seconds.

Discharge both buttons when the Apple logo shows on your Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch will restart soon after that.

Among the most likely causes is that your Apple Watch can’t just turn on after recharging because the battery has become too low or has been fully depleted, and the batteries have not been adequately charged. As a result, your Watch will need to be recharged for an extended period.


Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Turning Off On Its Own?

The reason your Apple Watch keeps turning off on its own might be caused by one of the following apps.


All applications on your Watch should be updated. You may manually update your applications on your Watch by:

  • Navigating to App Store
  • Go to Account
  • Select Updates and then Update All


If you’re not using an app, close it. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Hold the side button
  • The list of open applications will be shown. To navigate through the applications, use your Seeker or Digital Crown
  • Slide to the left on each app individually
  • A huge X will appear in a red box. Check this box. Rep this procedure till there are no more open apps


Why Is My Apple Watch Stuck On The Charging Screen?

The reason why your Apple Watch is stuck on the charging screen then your charger may be faulty.


You should charge your Watch for up to 1.5 hours again. If doing so, ensure that:

  • The charger head is positioned correctly with the Watch’s rear, with the concave / curled side completely contacting it
  • Many watch ports, platforms, covers, and guards may obstruct this
  • If you’re using such attachments, try to charge the Watch without them by attaching it straight to the charging wire
  • If feasible, test with another authentic Apple Magnetic Charging Cable, such as one borrowed from a friend


What Do You Do When Your Apple Watch Keeps Restarting?

What you should do when your Apple watch keeps restarting is an incorrect operating system update or hardware problems.


There are several possible causes for this problem; we have listed the three most typical ones for you to consider:

Incorrect operating system update

This is a typical reason for your Apple Watch to restart. Ascertain that the iOS upgrade process is not disrupted.


Hardware problems

A hardware failure may result in a looping error while startup. Check that every component of your Watch is in excellent operating order.


How To Do A Hard Reset An Apple Watch?

You can do a hard reset an Apple Watch by using the buttons on your Apple Watch.

  • Push the side button down until you can see Power Down
  • Hold the Digital Crown button until you see Wipe all data and configuration
  • Tap Reset once, then again to verify
  • Wait for the procedure to complete before resetting your Apple Watch


Why Is My Apple Watch Not Turning On When I Lift My Wrist

The reason why your Apple Watch is not turning on when you lift your wrist is because you may be wearing it the wrong way.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t wake whenever you elevate your wrist, check that you have selected the correct wrist and watch position.

If the Apple Watch does not wake up when you tap the screen or push or spin the Digital Crown, it may need to be charged.

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