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How to Fix a Dell Laptop Freezing (STEPS)

Why does my Dell laptop keep freezing?

The main reason why your dell laptop keeps freezing is because of overheating CPU and fans.


The much more usual issue is triggered by possessing a VLC media player running. According to laptop repair experts, this is the most typical problem, and it should be removed and replaced with a new media player.


There are also several fixes detailed below:

This article will go over five things why Dell machines are seizing and what to do when this happens to you.

  • Excessive heat is the most prevalent reason for Dell laptops freezing often. The problem could be caused by a malfunctioning cooling system or by dust and debris from the fan obstructing the airflow route
  • It’s also conceivable that your laptop can’t withstand the heat since it has a poor-quality CPU
  • If your Dell laptop freezes after downloading a huge file, it might be due to a defective cooling system in your laptop.It is conceivable that your laptop could cope with the temperature it is experiencing, causing it to freeze
  • It’s also conceivable that your device lacks RAM or has insufficient conditioning elements
  • Your Dell could be contaminated with a virus. Infections might cause your gadget to slow up or freeze. If you suspect a virus has contaminated your laptop, look for an antivirus tool online
  • Don’t hesitate to contact Dell to request a new device if you do not have a working computer


How do I fix a Dell laptop that keeps freezing?

To fix a Dell laptop that keeps freezing, make sure the battery is fully charged, the cables are properly connected to the energy supply, and also check for software updates. 

  1. Check to see whether your battery is completely charged. If the battery is low, the laptop will be unable to charge for extended periods, which may lead the laptop to freeze.
  2. Check that your laptop has had enough power by connecting it and seeing if it receives enough electricity from the wall socket. This will save your laptop from dying when you most require it.
  3. Check to see if an upgrade for your os or antivirus programs is accessible; these upgrades may aid in boosting computer speed.


This is a frequent problem, but there are some easy remedies you may try.

  • To begin, unplug any portable drives from your computers, including USB drives and external displays
  • Secondly, if your laptop is hooked into an outlet with other devices plugged in, disconnect those items before plugging your computer back in
  • Third, unplugging the HDMI wire from your laptop will assist minimize the degree of heat created by the gadget when you have a desktop pc or game console attached to your computer via an Extension cable and it continues seizing up on you.


Dell laptop keeps freezing


Why does my Dell laptop freeze on startup?

The reason why your Dell laptop freezes on startup could be because of a faulty battery, unistalled updates or loose power cables.


After your laptop has been switched off, keep the power button down till it restarts, then click it once more to resume.

How you retrieve something critical that was deleted when the freeze happened is dependent on your software and the way it manages deleted documents.

The PC should now boot up. The Dell symbol display will vanish if you quickly press ‘F8’ on the computer.

The Microsoft Options Menu may be found there. If the Windows Options Panel doesn’t show, try again.


Dell laptop freezes after login windows 10

If your Dell laptop with Windows 10 freezes after login, simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on the computer’s keypad so the Task Manager Manager can open up. Now check which apps are using the greatest CPU and RAM capacity. 


If you locate an undesirable software consuming the laptop’s resources, select it and then hit the ‘End Process’ option.

Attempt to boot into safe mode.

  • Please turn on your computer and turn it off as soon as the Windows/manufacturer’s logo displays
  • Your PC will now enter the Advanced Recovery Environment
  • Advanced Settings > Troubleshoot > Advanced Settings > Startup Settings Restart
  • To activate Safe Mode, press 4 or F4. To activate Safe Mode with Networking, press (5 or F5).
  • When Windows boots into safe mode, log in
  • Check to see if you can log in. If so, exit this and restart normally


Dell laptop freezes after login windows 11

If Dell laptop with Windows 11 freezes after login, check for undesirable apps and stop them. If that doesn’t work, you may need to aggressively shut down your gadget by pressing and holding the ‘Off’ key for a few moments before restarting it. 


Don’t ignore to back up the file you’re writing on so you do not lose important information.

When you do not download operating system upgrades on schedule, your computer may stop working properly.

It is best always to use a licensed edition of Microsoft Windows to get updates as quickly as they are available. If you are running Windows 11, the upgrade option is enabled by default.


Dell laptop freezes after going to Sleep

If your Dell laptop freezes after going to sleep then it possibly requires a BIOS upgrade or its motherboard or video driver are corrupt are outdated. 


Possible Causes:

  • A BIOS upgrade is required
  • Motherboard or video driver that is out of version or corrupt
  • Improper Power Options Configuration
  • Data from an old or corrupted hiberfil.sys file
  • Behavioral software or apps
  • Windows installation files that are corrupt

The essential BIOS and Windows options need to be modified.


To access the BIOS, turn on the laptop and hit the F2 button at the Dell logo.

  • Select the + sign to the left of Power Usage once you’ve entered the BIOS.
  • Then, tick the Allow USB Wake Assistance box under the USB Wake Support box. Just at the bottom, click The add.
  • Prevent Sleep, also known as Deep Sleep Management, is only accessible on personal computers; clear to deactivate it. At the bottom, click The add.
  • Close the BIOS.


Dell laptop freezes when after Windows Update.

If Dell laptop freezes after Windows update, you should upgrade all device versions. If Windows 10 does not boot/start after such an upgrade, you can use a WinPE disk to access your operating system and install windows.


Dell laptop freezes when plugged in

If Dell laptop freezes when plugged in, you should make sure all web browser windows are closed and then update the settings. 


Follow the below steps:

  • Launch Browser in a new tab
  • Select ‘Tools’ ‘Internet choices’ Advanced
  • Select ‘Restore settings tab’
  • Click the ‘Reset’ button
  • Then, click ‘Update’ and then ‘OK’
  • Quit Internet Explorer and launch a new window
  • Check to see whether the problem has been resolved


Dell laptop freezes when watching videos.

If Dell laptop freezes when watching videos, it is probably due to connectivity difficulties with your internet browser and video card.


To fix the issue:

  • Run a suitable troubleshooter
  • Remove the most recent Automatic Updates or roll it back to your graphics processor driver
  • Install or upgrade your graphics processor driver
  • In a Fresh Boot condition, troubleshoot
  • SFC and DISM scans should be performed
  • Attempt another media player
  • Clear the cache and data from your web browser


Dell laptop freezes and makes a buzzing noise.

If Dell laptop freezes and makes a buzzing noise, try rebooting your laptop to resolve the problem.


If you face this problem, you have two alternatives based on whether or not you can reach your computer.

If the program you were using was stuck, you could exit it by clicking the Window key or by using ALT+Tab, and you can restart your machine from Menu Bar.

Go to Menu Bar by hitting the Window frames symbol on your computer and then selecting the Power switch. Select ‘Restart’ from the control menu.


Dell laptop freezes on the welcome screen

If Dell laptop freezes on the welcome screen, try reinstalling or upgrading GPU drivers. This problem commonly occurswhenthe device has outdated or malfunctioning graphics drivers. 


You may use specialist driver programs, for example, the Nvidia GeForce View or the AMD Radeon Applications, to ensure that your Graphics drivers are current and correct.

Because we have an Nvidia GPU setup, we will employ the GeForce Currently interface to show the processes.

If you are using an AMD Radeon GPU configured, you must utilize the AMD GPU-specific software. It is not necessary to be concerned because the steps are nearly identical.


Dell Inspiron laptop keeps freezing.

To fix a Dell Inspiron laptop that keeps freezing, push down the power key until your laptop goes off, then click it once more to restart from the beginning. 

If you weren’t working on anything essential when the freeze occurred, based on the software and how it manages lost files, you might be able to retrieve it.


Dell XPS laptop keeps freezing.

The reason why your Dell XPS laptop keeps freezing is because of overheating, incompatible drivers or incorrectly adjusted power settings. 


Other reasons include:

  • Applications or processes that consume a lot of resources
  • Component failures in the system

Please apply the appropriate repair below if you can identify the underlying reason for the above. If unsure what’s causing the problem, follow them in the order indicated for speedy troubleshooting.


Dell Alienware laptop keeps freezing.

If Dell Alienware laptop keeps freezing, it could be due to a software upgrade problem. It could also be because your laptop has too many apps running simultaneously, causing it to stop. 

Additional problems, such as inadequate hard disk space or ‘driver’ difficulties, might also cause a laptop to freeze.

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