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Why Does My DVR Keep Skipping? (SOLVED)

DVR keeps skipping

Why Does My DVR Keep Skipping?

DVR skipping occurs due to network or hardware issues. A poor network signal along with incorrect placement of the DVR, can cause a DVR to skip.

  • Poor network signal
  • Incorrect positioning of the DVR
  • Erratic weather
  • Worn out hardware

A DVR is a device that helps you record multiple videos to a disk drive, memory card, or a local mass storage device in a digital arrangement.

The performance of a DVR is bound to degrade with time. If you have an old or damaged hard drive on your DVR, it is prone to skipping.

Using the same product for several years can degrade the capacity of the device.

A DVR skipping can happen due to a poor network signal or hardware faults.

These problems can either have a solution by replacing your old DVR with a new one or repairing them.


Main reasons why DVR skipping occurs:

  • Skipping can occur while watching broadcasts on TV that are live.
  • The second reason can be while watching a recorded program.
  • Harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, blizzards, or even storm can cause interruptions.
  • Someone from your house may have selected the option to skip the particular show or video.
  • The event or video may have been deleted previously from your DVR, either knowingly or unknowingly.
  • An event that has a higher priority compared to what you want to watch may have a timer set up at the same time, which is causing your video to skip.
  • Your event may already exist in your DVR; hence, it may have been skipping while trying to find out how it was skipping. There is no reason to worry in this case as you already have a hold of the event that you want to watch.
  • Skipping not only on a particular device but also has issues with other devices. It is possible in any of the Equipments that you own due to the reasons mentioned above.


DVR Skipping during playback

Resolution issues are the main reasons for a DVR to skip during playback. A recording may sometimes start to resolve the issue by either restarting itself within a few seconds or by completely shutting down.

The various methods to solve skipping issues during playback are as follows:

  • The box attached to the TV can have network issues, and therefore you are experiencing skipping.
  • One can also try and adjust the DVR wiring that may fail to deliver proper signals.
  • Faulty parts on your DVR set can sometimes cause your video to skip.

Most people don’t realize that an old DVR can have parts that are missing. Therefore it is essential to check the system once a while to experience uninterrupted videos.


DVR recording keeps skipping

Most people have DVRs for watching recorded videos, either old ones or new ones. People often complain about their recording that it does not play uninterrupted videos.

Many reasons can cause skipping in your recorded videos; the solution to these problems is as follows:

  • One can try unplugging the device and plugging it again after a while with proper connections and also after checking the wiring.
  • One can also try setting up the DVR box with the correct position. Wrong positioning of boxes can sometimes lead to skipping of recordings and interruption.
  • Choosing a remote control for the DVR set would be another option or a solution to the skipping problem.


How to fix a DVR that keeps skipping?

Skipping is a problem that can occur due to various reasons and technical issues. The problem is either mainly by the wires attached to it, and they are not receiving proper signals, or otherwise, the device has technical faults within that need to take care of as soon as possible.

If you want to set the issues that are occurring, all you need to do is follow the simple steps:

  • One has to be sure that the equipment’s connection is proper. The TV must have decent regard for receiving power supply.
  • The next way to have your skipping issue solved is my adjusting the coax cable. The coax cable may not be attached to the power outlet. Hence while watching your program, you may experience skipping.
  • Sometimes improper ventilation around the device can cause problems. A simple thing to do when you want to fix your skipping problem is by removing unnecessary items that are clustering around your desk or the place where you’ve kept your device.
  • Refreshing your receiver that is receiving the signal from the DVR is also another option that may help resolve the skipping issue.

Even after following all of the options as mentioned above, you fail to recover your DVR, and it is still skipping you need to inform your cable system operator right away. They are sure to come and solve the issue that mostly happens due to the antenna.

Representatives from the cable system are sure to blame the network transmitting the signal to your house; therefore, do keep a proper check prior commitments.


DVR skips to the end when fast-forwarding

Reading guides and all that is important to operate the system is very important to avoid unnecessary interruption. If you have a remote control with the set, you may press on to buttons that lead to fast-forwarding to almost the last phase of the video. One must try selecting the correct options.

  • If you still face such issues, then all you can do is report a bug or problem. Once your complaint is registered, and more than three people have expressed a claim, it automatically gets listed on the priority list.
  • One may experience the fast-forward issue because one may have been using the fast-forward option when the DVR is facing a skipping problem.

It would be best to stop selecting fast-forward during skipping to experience normal fast-forward until the time you have to choose.


Spectrum DVR keeps skipping

  • While using your spectrum DVR, the first thing one must do is check the Spectrum guide and send refresh signals next. The refresh signal or reset is going to happen by unplugging the power cord.
  • You can plugin the chord after giving it a pause for 15 seconds. The break can cause the system to receive proper signals.
  • Even though one must wait for up to 20 minutes before turning it back on, this 20-minute break will help the receiver recover appropriately.
  • The other solution is deleting a considerable amount of old shows or recordings that you may have. The DVR automatically causes problems when it is full for up to 50%.
  • Power cycling is another cause that can fix the skipping issue. Unplugging the device for 1 minute will help resolve issues.

If you are someone who does not believe in swapping boxes in exchange, you can always contact customer support.


Directv DVR keeps skipping

While watching live broadcasting, one can come across skipping—DirecTV receiver with a DVR experience skipping mostly due to unstable weather conditions. The weather may be either stormy or snowy, which is ultimately interrupting the signal.

Thunderstorms and severe cold, most of the time, block the transmission in the satellite dish.

What you experience after the interruption is a choppy video on the screen with a tampered sound.

What you need to do if you want to solve the issue is:

  • Gently brush off the snow that is accumulating on your antenna due to the snowfall—doing this will, in one way, help in interruption.
  • Old DirecTV recordings are ultimately going to cause interruption while watching. Hence, before deleting or deciding to get a new receiver, you must check all the procedures in troubleshooting and find a way to fix the problem you are facing.
  • Sometimes technical problems cause glitches and also skipping. If you want to solve this issue, then all you have to do is press the reset button on the front panel in red. Default settings will instantly get updated, which will surely resolve several issues even though this process maybe a little time consuming, but it will surely provide results.


Cisco DVR keeps skipping

People using a Cisco DVR also complain about skipping that occurs frequently. Individual models need individual systems to operate; it is essential to know what fits where and how to manage them.

  • One may find a solution to skipping problems on a Cisco DVR by rebooting the box. After experiencing skipping issues, all you have to do is reset it. The rebooting or restarting may cause your saved recordings to vanish completely; therefore, make sure you’ve watched them for your satisfaction.
  • The next few steps are the same as any other device that would need a solution to skipping—completely switching off the TV and the box.
  • After a one minute pause, you may come back to the box for rebooting.
  • After the reboot, you can turn on the TV.
  • The box will take another 30 minutes to get hold of the new data, and then hopefully, the issue will be resolved.
  • Sometimes when a box is already exchanged and used by a customer, specific issues do happen. Many come without a clock, and many run a new guide that often irritates users.

The best solution to avoid harassment is by reading the guidelines before installation or seeking expert help for solutions.


Xfinity DVR keeps skipping.

Xfinity is another digital video recording service that has come up with its latest update sand models for customers to enjoy watching shows or recordings live or recorded.

Despite the latest updates or even getting a new TV for your home one, may still experience unwanted interruptions like skipping videos.

Reasons why they happen and how to overcome them:

  • Despite having new setups or even a new receiver, you may still face issues due to your internet connection. Choosing a hard-wired internet connection can bring you a solution.
  • Even after checking the internet, you may not be satisfied; therefore, what needs you can do is get a speed test done for your web.
  • Manufacturing defects are rare at all costs; even if these you face such issues, then all you must do is get your device replaced because the hard drive may fail to function.


Comcast DVR keeps skipping

Comcast is another model that makes sure you can watch up to 6 shows at once with options like rewind, record, and restore. The cloud offers up to 500GB of space to store your favorite shows that you can watch anytime.

Without the use of remote control, you can also command recordings to start with just your voice. With all of these latest facilities come specific technical difficulties that can happen at any time.

The leading cause of the complaint is the issue of skipping, glitches, and also particular troubleshooting.

  • Overnight restarting of the DVR is the reason why this device runs smoothly without major issues. Even though if one is still watching a show, then the reboot automatically gets postpone.
  • The quality of your video may cause interruption and also not play to the best of its ability. The varieties of bitrates are the leading cause to affect and cause skipping and the quality of the video.
  • According to the network’s capacity, the systematic adjustment of the streaming is either upwards or downwards. A couple of other factors also depend on the player’s performance.
  • If you are using a wireless internet connection, then the network has to be the best to achieve uninterrupted viewing.
  • Old and outdated versions of browsers to make viewing unclear; therefore, one should have the latest version of the browser installed.
  • Adobe Flash Player also has a vital role to play here, as it would provide support to your videos. Hence, the latest version is essential.

Despite all of the solutions mentioned in the above points, if one still faces issues or other technical problems, the expert help of contacting the company is the only option as customer support is what techs believe in for either equipment change or set up the device properly.

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