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(SOLVED) Why Google Home Keeps Turning OFF?

Why does my Google Home keep turning OFF by itself?

The main reason why your Google Home smart device keeps turning OFF by itself is because of a weak internet connection, or too many devices accessing the same connection. 

  • Weak internet connection
  • Too many devices connected to the same internet
  • Distance of the router
  • Mic is switched OFF


Weak internet connection 

Google Home functions optimally with an active internet connection. You must remember that unless you explain to Google Home how to connect to your Wi-Fi, it will fail to connect properly. You have to do the setup correctly using the Google Home app.


Too many devices using the same internet

If you have too many devices in your surroundings using the same Internet connection, bandwidth poses a huge issue for Google Home. You have to reduce the number of devices that use the same internet.


Distance of the router

Your Google Home connects to the internet through the router. Move Google Home closer to the router. If this resolves the issues, you need to position the router in a more centralized place, away from walls and other electronic devices. 


Switched OFF mic

You may have switched OFF the mic. If the mic is OFF, you will see four lights. You switch ON the button located on the back of the speaker.


How do I stop my Google Home from turning OFF randomly?

You can stop your Google Home from turning OFF randomly by decluttering the devices close to Google Home or entering the correct password. Rebooting Google Home and repositioning the router can help sort out these glitches.


The following steps help resolve these common issues.


Declutter of devices

Several devices connected to the same network impact the bandwidth and impact Google Home from functioning seamlessly.

  1. Check the number of devices using the same network in the vicinity.
  2. Turn OFF the devices you are not using currently.


Enter correct password

  1. In the Google Home app, select the device that has to be reconfigured.
  2. Press Settings on the selected device that requires the Wi-Fi password to be updated.
  3. Select Wi-Fi followed by Forget Network.
  4. On the main screen, tap Add.
  5. Select Set up device followed select New devices.
  6. Select the device to add Google Home to. 
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Reboot Google Home

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Choose the desired Google Home device.
  3. On the top right, tap on the Settings icon.
  4. On the next page, press the three dots icon at the rightmost corner on the top of the screen.
  5. PressReboot
  6. ClickOK.


Position your router appropriately

If the router is at an extreme distance, your Google Home will not connect.

  1. Observe the distance between your router and Google Home.
  2. Move the router within a reasonable range of Google Home.
  3. Ensure the router is positioned away from walls and electronic gadgets.
  4. Try to keep the router in a place from where it can reach a wide area.


google home keeps turning off
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Why does Google Home turn OFF after a while?

Google Home tends to turn OFF after a while if it experiences connectivity issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The other causes include too many electronic devices present, wrong placement of the router, or a forgotten Wi-Fi password.

Let’s understand how to fix these varied glitches.


Connectivity issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  1. Move the Bluetooth device close to Google Home to ensure that both are paired properly.
  2. Ensure that the router is also in close proximity to Google Home.
  3. If the router is faulty, you should replace it with a new one.


Too many electronic devices around Google Home

If numerous other electronic devices surround your Google Home, it is likely to cause noise interference. 

  1. Keep a few electronic devices on the same premises as Google Home.
  2. Ensure that you maintain sufficient distance between the devices and Google Home.


Router placement

  1. If your router is placed on a stool or rug, you can place it on top of a high stool or a cupboard from where it can reach a broader area in an unhindered manner. It’s recommended not to place the router on a rug.
  2. Keep the router away from wall surfaces and other electronic devices.


Forgotten Wi-Fi password

  1. Open the Google Home app.  
  2. Tap the device you want to reconfigure.
  3. Tap Settings on the device that needs the updated Wi-Fi password.
  4. Choose Wi-Fi and then Forget Network.
  5. Press Add on the main screen.
  6. Select Set up device.
  7. Select New devices.
  8. Choose the device to which Google Home has to be connected. 
  9. Click Next.
  10. Carry out the instructions on the following screen.


Where is the reset button on Google Home?

The Reset button on a Google Home can be easily located on the base of the device. It is located just below the power plug. It helps to reset Google Home to its factory settings and helps mute or activate the microphone.

Let’s understand some of its advantages.


Reset Google Home to factory settings

The microphone button on the back of the Google Home device serves as a Reset button. On the back of your device, press and hold the microphone mute button for a minimum of 15 seconds. Your Google Home will then reset the device to the factory settings.

1. After the rebooting is completed, go through the setup process again. 

2. Start asking questions and give orders to your device.


Mute or activate the microphone

1. Press the microphone mute button visible at the back of Google Home.

2. If you mute it, Google Home will be unable to listen or respond.

3. Press the microphone again.

4. Once you switch ON the microphone, you can interact with Google Home.



Why does my Google Home keep cutting out when playing the radio?

Your Google Home keeps cutting out when playing the radio due to poor bandwidth or too many devices linked to the same network. Your device may require a reboot.


These problems sound difficult but are very simple to resolve.


Lack of ample bandwidth available on the network

You may have other electronic devices using the same network and may not want to compromise on that. Contact your internet service provider and request an upgrade of your internet plan to increase the bandwidth.


Too many devices on the same network


You may be streaming games, videos, or even music on other devices, which are linked to the same internet connection. This disrupts the streaming of radio.

Reduce the activity on a few devices to release more bandwidth for the radio streaming. You can unplug these devices until you need to work with them.



Reboot your device

  1. Launch the Google Home app.
  2. Select the preferred Google Home device.
  3. Tap the Settings icon at the top right.
  4. Press the three-dots icon on the top right on the screen that opens.
  5. TapReboot followed by OK.


Why does my Google Home keep pausing music?

Your Google Home keeps pausing music because of too many devices active on the same network, a pending speaker reboot, or the cache on your music app.


It’s important to resolve music glitches speedily to enjoy your favorite music. Follow the steps given below.


Too many devices on the same network

1. Check the bandwidth available on the network. If you have other electronic devices streaming videos, games, or other data, the bandwidth for music gets compromised.

2. Request your internet service provider (ISP) to increase the bandwidth or upgrade your internet plan.

3. Switch OFF some of the devices on the same network.


Reboot your speaker

1. Disconnect the power cable from your speaker or display.

2. Reconnect the power cable by plugging it into the speaker or display.


Clear cache on your music app

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap Delete cache.

3. Delete all temporary files on your device.

4. If the music app is faulty, you can delete it and reinstall it.


Why does my Google Home stop playing music randomly?

Your Google Home stops playing music randomly because the app could be erroneous, or the music service gets disconnected from Google Home. There could be issues with the music provider.


You can fix these issues with very simple solutions as given below.


Faulty app

1. Open the Google Home app. 

2. Click Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. 

3. Tap on Delete this home.

4. Download the Google Home app after signing in with your Gmail account.

5. Select Choose your home and Click on Next

6. Follow the prompts and complete the process.


Link the music service to Google Home

1. Open the Google app.

2. Tap the Account icon on the bottom right corner.

3. Ensure that the Google account listed is the same as the one linked to Google Home.

4. If you choose to switch accounts, tap the Down Arrow on the right of the account name.

5. Verify/make desired changes accordingly.

6. Tap Settings, tap Services and then tap Music.

7. Tap the empty circle to the right of the service. Google Home will now stream your music.


Issues with the music provider

1. Check the default music provider on the Google Home app.

2. Open the app. On the top left, tap Add +> Music.

3. Select the default music provider which you would want Google Assistant to use.


Why does Google Home keep turning off my lights?

Google Home keeps turning OFF your lights because you need to remove and add smart lights again in Google Home, check the network, or reboot Google Home.


The easiest way to fix these issues is as follows.


Remove and add smart lights

1. Open Google Home.

2. Select the bulb that doesn’t connect.

3. Tap on Settings and then unlink the device.

4. Restart your phone and open Google Home.

5. Tap on the Plus icon on the top left corner.

6. Select Set up device.

7. Choose Works with Google.

8. Search for the service that accompanies your light bulb/strip.

9. If required, sign in and link the bulb again.


Check the network

1. Ensure that your lights are set to the same wireless network as your smartphone/speaker.

2. Make sure that your smart bulb/strip is not at an extreme distance from the Wi-Fi router.

3. Remove all other devices that use the same network and are not actively in use.


Reboot Google Home

1. Go to Settings in the Google Home app.

2. In the device card, click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. Tap More and Reboot.


Why does Google Home keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Google Home keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi because of too many interference issues, or your ISP keeps disconnecting the Wi-Fi from your Google Home. It could also be due to scheduled obsolescence/faulty devices.


Too many glitches? Let’s fix these by following the instructions given below.


Too many interference issues

1. Observe your immediate surroundings to see how many objects are lying between your Google Home and your router.

2. Clear these objects if they lie in the pathway between your Google Home and router.

The connection will be revived.


Your ISP keeps disconnecting the Wi-Fi

1. Check with your internet service provider to understand if their company is undergoing some interference issues.

2. Ensure your Wi-Fi is working at 100% flawless streaming before you decide to make any changes on your Google Home.


Schedule obsolescence/faulty device

Your Google Home may have lost connection capabilities if you have been using it for too long. 


1. Check for any faulty hardware by seeking technical assistance.

2. If damaged, you will have to replace your device with a new, updated one.


Google Home keeps disconnecting from Spotify

Google Home keeps disconnecting from Spotify because it needs to be re-linked to Spotify again. Another probable cause could be a poor internet connection. You may have to reset Google Home.

These are not serious issues, and you can easily overcome them with the following solutions.


Re-linking to Spotify

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Tap on Account on the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap on Music under services.
  5. Select Spotify and set it as the default music player for Google Home.


Poor internet connection

  1. Check your network connection.
  2. Ensure you do not have any unnecessary devices which are not being used on the same network.
  3. Upgrade your bandwidth with your ISP to enjoy seamless streaming of Spotify.


Reset Google Home 

1. On the back side of your device, you’ll find a microphone mute button. You have to press and hold it for fifteen seconds. You will be apprised of the resetting by your Google Home.

2. On completion of the rebooting, resort to the setup process again. 


Why does Google Home keep disconnecting from Bluetooth speakers?

Google Home keeps disconnecting from Bluetooth speakers because it may not be paired correctly or an outdated Bluetooth driver. You may have to use your voice to rectify the error.

These issues can be easily resolved if you follow the instructions shared here.


Bluetooth speaker not paired correctly

  1. Open your Google Home app.
  2. Turn ON your Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Touch and hold the Home device that you wish to connect your Bluetooth device to.
  4. Tap Settings, then Audio and then Default music speaker.
  5. Tap the device you wish to reconnect.


Outdated Bluetooth driver

  1. Check the driver on your phone.
  2. Go to Settings, then System updates and then Software update.


Using your voice commands

  1. Ensure your Bluetooth speaker is switched ON and is in a state to accept connections.
  2. Say “Hey Google, connect Bluetooth.”


Why Google Home turns off my TV but won’t turn it on?

Your Google Home turns OFF your TV but won’t turn it on because of probable outdated Chromecast firmware or a switched OFF consumer electronics control. You can resort to a voice command to switch on the television.

Are you keen on fixing these issues? Follow these simple instructions.


Outdated Chromecast firmware

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Touch and hold your device’s tile.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Click on Device information.
  5. Under Technical information, check for Cast firmware.
  6. Go to the home screen of your Chromecast with Google TV.
  7. Chose Settings, then SystemAbout, and then click on System update.


Switched OFF consumer electronics control

The location of the CEC is dependent on the different brand models. It is best to contact the manufacturer and seek assistance to switch on the CEC.


Voice command to switch ON the television 

Use a voice command like, “Hey Google, turn ON my TV.”


Google Home mic keeps turning off

Google Home mic keeps turning OFF because of debris having collected in the microphone. Faulty hardware may also cause the mic to keep turning OFF. A factory reset may also be required to overcome this issue.

These are not difficult technical glitches. They can be solved in the following manner.


Debris in the microphone

  1. Use a toothpick or a sharp pointed object and gently twirl it around to remove the dust
  2. Use a can of compressed air to clean the microphone.


Faulty hardware

  1. Check the hardware, especially near the microphone switch.
  2. Look for any possible rupture/wear and tear on the body of Google Home. Any outside physical damage can impact the internal hardware.
  3. Get assistance from an authorized Google service center.


Reboot Google Home

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Touch and hold your device’s tile.
  3. On the top right, tap on Settings.
  4. Select Reboot from the prompt on the screen.
  5. Click on OK.


Google Home Mini keeps turning off

Your Google Home Mini keeps turning OFF because of a wrong power cord connection, a poor Wi-Fi connection, or interference from other objects in the surroundings.

These are small glitches and can be overcome with the following simple solutions.


Wrong power cord connection

  1. Check the power cord to see if it is connected securely to the power supply outlet.
  2. If the power cord is faulty, you will have to replace it with a new cord.


Poor Wi-Fi connection

  1. Check your Wi-Fi connections across all the devices you are using.
  2. If you have a weak bandwidth, you will either have to upgrade the same or contact your internet service provider to remedy the connection.


Interference from other objects

Objects like a microwave, a thick wall, or even a baby monitor can disrupt your Google home mini and the router. Keep your Google Home Mini in an uncluttered space to function smoothly.


Google Home not telling the weather

Google Home is not telling the weather because the weather units need to be changed or Google Home is unresponsive because of interferences. A factory reset may be required to rectify this error.

If you want the weather updates promptly, you can fix these glitches easily.


Weather units

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap on your account on the top right of the screen.
  3. Verify that the Google Account displayed is the same one that is linked to your speaker or display.
  4. Tap on Assistant settings and then tap on Weather.
  5. Choose a weather unit, i.e., Celsius or Fahrenheit.


Google Home unresponsive

  1. Remove all active devices with a high volume level as your voice may not be audible to Google Home.
  2. Position your Google Home close to your Wi-Fi router.


Reset Google Home to factory settings

1. Long press the microphone mute button on the rear side of your Google Home for about 15 seconds.

2. Your Google Home will indicate that it’s in the process of resetting to the factory settings.

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