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Laptop Keeps Asking for Network Security Key (How to Find It)

Laptop keeps asking for network key

Why does my laptop keep asking for a network security key?

A network security key is a unique ID that is pre-defined with every access point or a Wi-Fi router.

If your computer keeps asking for the network security key, your router may be faulty, or your computer may have a virus that’s causing the issue.

There are many reasons for a laptop to keep asking for a network security key:

  • Malware or virus
  • Faulty router
  • Repeated restarting of the laptop
  • New laptop


Why does my laptop ask for a network security key instead of the WiFi password?

There are some situations in which the laptop keeps asking for a security key instead of a Wifi password mostly when the system repeatedly goes on a reboot.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • The firmware on the router has been upgraded recently
  • The Wifi authentication mechanism has been changed on the router
  • Disable the antivirus for some time before proceeding
  • Re-run the network setup


Steps to fix the issue:

  • Delete DHCP Folder
  • Modify “wpa_suppliciant.conf” File
  • Update your computer. If your updates are pending in Windows 10 or Windows 8, then kindly update and try
  • Restart the Modem/Router
  • Delete the WLAN Profile
  • Temporarily turn off the Antivirus and Firewall


Is a network security key the same as the WIFI password?

A network security key provides accessibility and authorization to the network on which any third party client or server requests to connect with.

The WPA Key or the Wifi password is used to connect other devices to wireless networks.

A network security key is the same as the WIFI password.

This connects to wireless networks. Everyrouter contains a pre-determined network security key that can be changed in the settings page of the device.


How can I connect to WIFI with password instead of a network security key?

WEP uses a security key whereas a WPA/2 uses a password also known as a passphrase.

If the WIFI access point first asked for a security key and then a password, it means that the security on the network increased by orders of magnitude. The strength of the WEP is a lot weaker and can be cracked in seconds with the likes of aircrack-ng.


What is a network security key?

Most people say that Network Security Key is also known as WIFI password. In simple terms, a network security key is a such a type of network where one has to complete authorization to get access to wireless networks. It also ensures high level of data security since no unauthorized user can get access to the server.

It is needed to keep unwanted intruders or hackers to get into the network so that access to confidential data can be gained.

The latest technologies enable the passwords to be encrypted and are harder to be cracker and hence entered into the server.


Why won’t my network security key work?

There are various reasons for which the network security key may not work:

  • Network security key does not match with existing security key provided
  • Netgear routers mostly have this glitch along with other routers. In such a situation, you have to change the network settings and try again
  • Faulty wireless devices also cause such an error
  • If the security mode is not selected appropriately then the security key may not work
  • Third party antivirus softwares affect how passwords are stored and how connections are retrieved



  • Protocol type have to be Changed-Go to the “Control Panel” and change the Protocol Type from the “Network and Sharing Center”
  • Third party antivirus software to be disabled- If disconnection continues, please disable the antivirus software and try reconnecting to the network
  • Wireless drives to be reinstalled- Some wireless drivers lack compatibility with various protocols and encryptions. Please go to the “Device Manager” and “Scan to hardware changes” to get this issue sorted


How to find your network security key?

The security key of your network is an indispensable parameter to keep your network away from unwanted servers.

Please follow the below steps to search for the network security key in your system:

  • Press the Right-click on Start Menu
  • Search Network Connections” and click it
  • Scroll down to choose Network and Sharing Centre
  • Choose Wireless Network
  • Search for the Wireless Properties button
  • The password will be masked in the “Security Tab” option
  • The ‘Show characters’ checkbox is to be checked and you shall get your network security key


How to find network security key on my iphone?

Most IOS users complain that they are unable to reset their network security key on their devices. Please follow the below steps to find the glitch sorted:

  • Tap “Settings” from the Iphone Home Screen
  • Choose “Wi-Fi” and turn it to “enabled”
  • Choose the Name of the Network
  • Type in the password of the Wifi network
  • Click on “Join” after typing in the password
  • There will be a check mark next to the network and the Wi-Fi symbol in the upper-left side of the display section


How to find network security key on my Samsung phone?

Samsung is one of the widely used Android smartphones. Struggling with resetting the password? Below easy steps shall get your problem sorted:

  1. From your home screen tap on the “Apps” icon.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. In the Wireless Networks section, turn the “Wi-Fi” indicator to “on.”
  4. Tap “Wi-Fi” and the available wireless networks will get displayed.
  5. Tap on the network name.
  6. Then proceed to enter your network password. This can be found on the posterior side of the modem beside the Security Key. The password is case sensitive, hence enter the letters exactly as they are shown
  7. After you enter your password, tap “Connect.”

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