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(SOLVED) Why your Lenovo Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

Why does my Lenovo laptop keep shutting down?

The reason why your Lenovo laptop keeps shutting down could be because of overheating or malfunctioning software.

Examine the laptop’s connector and the AC adapter’s output connector for damage. Whether the input connection on the Ac to dc adapter is broken, examine if the situation remains.

If the problem persists, disconnect the battery, restart the laptop, and note if the laptop shuts down when on AC power.

Because of a defective fan, an overheated power supply might cause a laptop to go down abruptly. You risk damaging your computer if you remain to use the incorrect power supply.

The power supply should be replaced as soon as feasible. Software programs like SpeedFan may also be used to check your laptop’s fans.


Quick tips:

  • Ascertain that the overheating problem has been fixed
  • Your laptop must be hard reset
  • Ascertain that drivers are installed
  • To avoid a quick start, start your computer slowly
  • Ensure that your machine is virus-free


How to fix a Lenovo laptop that keeps shutting down

To fix a Lenovo laptop that keeps shutting down,make sure the battery is charged, the power cable isn’t loose, the fans are clean, and the RAM is compatible.

Possible Causes:

  • Getting too hot
  • RAM sticks that have moved
  • faulty software or drivers
  • The power supply that has overheated


Lenovo laptop keeps shutting down


Power Supply Failure

Any problems with your alternative power source might lead your laptop to close down often. If your gadget is charger-dependent, using a greater current or less voltage adapter may create this issue.

Always check the voltage specified on the power adapter to see how much energy the battery needs to operate smoothly.


Dirty Fans

When many apps are running in the meantime, your laptop’s fans are always working to keep the heat away from key elements.

When the heat becomes too extreme, the system shuts down to protect the laptop from irreparable damage.

Dirty supporters struggle to perform well. To avoid performance concerns, keep your laptop clean at all times.


Hardware Failure

Hardware drivers that are corrupted are a major annoyance. It is preferable to get your hardware device examined for viruses that may be damaging to its efficiency.

Malware may infiltrate your machine anytime, particularly if you do not have an antivirus program installed.


Infection With Malware

Viruses can readily infiltrate your system. Malware infestation frequently causes the laptop to cease operating properly.

Constant shutdown indicates that something is wrong with your laptop. Conduct a comprehensive virus scan to look for damaged files or malware.


Trash And Dust

Dirt in the internal database of your device frequently causes it to stop. To handle the problem, wash your interior hardware and remove any accumulated dirt.

This should be done by a hardware professional; repairing your laptop will be difficult if you are a newbie.


How to fix a Lenovo laptop that shuts down when unplugged

To fix a Lenovo laptop that shuts down when unplugged, trigger the operating system’s Power Control options.


When your laptop switches off after being unplugged, it may not be due to a defective battery, driver, or CPU. They’re all good, and the problem is triggered by your operating system’s Power Control options, which are simple to change. Here’s how you do it:

  • Navigate to the Menu Bar, enter Power Management, and select the ‘Edit Energy Plan’ button afterward
  • Select the ‘Change improved power preset modes’ option
  • Scroll to the bottom to ‘Processor energy monitoring,’ then click to enlarge it
  • Now, increase the Maximum processing state and decrease the On-battery choice to 20%
  • Then, open Displays and choose the Set adaptive intensity
  • Set adaptive brightness to on-battery and stuck modes


Reinstalling battery drivers is another option for resolving this issue. When you unhook the power cable, your system may shut down owing to malfunctioning drivers, in which case you must reinstall them.


Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open Device Manager by going to the Start menu and typing it in
  • Expand Cells, and then correct every ACPI setting one by one
  • Uninstall should be selected


How do I fix a Lenovo laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in?

To fix a Lenovo laptop that shuts down when the charger is plugged in, make sure the device doesn’t have a defected battery or the power cable isn’t loose.


“Plugged in but not recharging” on your Lenovo laptop? Don’t be concerned. You’re not by yourself. This is also not a challenging problem; many users have fixed the Lenovo plugging in, not a recharging problem using the techniques listed below.

Why isn’t my Lenovo laptop running even when it’s plugged in? A defective battery typically causes the issue.

You won’t be able to fully charge your laptop if the charger driver is absent or out of date. In either case, we will assist you in resolving the Lenovo laptop connected in but not charging problem.


Here are some ideas to consider. You shouldn’t be required to attempt all of them; try one at a time until your battery starts operating again.

  • Troubleshoot a hardware problem
  • Restart your laptop.
  • It would help if you updated your battery driver
  • Upgrade your BIOS
  • Use a Chromebook instead


When you discover that your laptop batteries are connected in but are not recharging, one of the initial diagnostics procedures is to examine your hardware for broken parts and ensure that they operate correctly.

  • Check that the power cord is not broken. You won’t be able to recharge if the connection is broken
  • Whether connected to your battery, a faulty AC adapter might be causing your recharging problem. So you may try a different AC adaptor and see if that makes a difference


Why does the Lenovo laptop shut down even with 100% battery?

The reason your Lenovo laptop shuts down even with 100% battery is because of excessive deterioration and inflammation of the battery. When your laptop hits 100 percent, you should disconnect it to get the most life out of the battery pack.


Nothing bad will occur if you have a completely rechargeable battery pack and a laptop since once the charge level hits 100 percent, the cell no longer gets charging power. This electricity is sent straight to the laptop’s power source.

Overcharging your batteries is uncommon if you leave them plugged in for a long period. Lenovo advises using the Current Battery Threshold to restrict the charge of the batteries if it is at or around 100% the majority of the time.

Excessive deterioration and inflammation will be reduced as a result of this. When your laptop hits 100 percent, you should disconnect it to get the most life out of the battery pack.

Well, before this occurs, it should be disconnected. Voltage levels rise as the charge % rises. More voltage causes a cell to become more stressed.


Why does the Lenovo laptop suddenly shut down and won’t turn on?

The reason why your Lenovo laptop suddenly shuts down and doesn’t turn on could be because your battery is defected or because your device isn’t updated.


Try the following to see if it works…

  • Remove your charging cord
  • Take out the battery
  • Hold down the “Power” button for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power/charger cord
  • Now replace the battery


Whether this does not help, check the power cable to determine if it is in excellent working order. Try an alternative device’s cord in the machine or the other device’s cable in your laptop.

You might also try to charge it while the gadget is turned off instead of switched on. If it works, the problem is most likely with the cord.

If that isn’t the case, check the battery to determine if it needs to be replaced.



Why does my Lenovo laptop randomly shut down after a few minutes?

The reason why Lenovo randomly shut down after a few minutes could be because of a faulty battery.

Assuming the battery is fully charged and in excellent condition, or the laptop is connected to a known-good power source, heat accumulation is the most typical reason for “PC runs for some time and suddenly stops”: Some components are overheating, and the computer is shutting down to avoid causing irreversible harm to the hardware.

Examine the rotor blades directly for embedded dust and debris; use a cotton bud and a burst of dried, pressurized air from either a can (instances) to clean the rubbish off the rotor blades and away from any laptop tubing, windpipe, or grillwork.


Booting Lenovo laptop shows logo then has a black screen?

If booting Lenovo laptop shows logo then black screen, it is possibly because of an outdated or incorrect graphics driver. You should upgrade your GPU driver to see if this resolves your issue. 

Driver Easy can do it for you if you lack the time, inclination, or expertise to upgrade the driver physically. Driver Easy will detect your machine and locate the appropriate components for it.

You are not required to know which system the machine is running, you are not required to worry about getting the incorrect driver, and you do not need to worry about committing an error when downloading. Driver Easy manages everything.


Why does my Lenovo shut down instead of going to Sleep?

The reason your Lenovo laptop shuts down instead of going to sleep is because of the computer’s power settings or an inactive BIOS option.


It just turns down whatever method you choose to put your laptop to rest (tapping the power switch briefly, hitting the Menu bar, or shutting the notebook lid).

  • Examine your computer’s power options
  • To launch the Run dialogue box, click the Win+R keys together
  • Enter the command ms-settings: power sleep
  • Choose Extra power options from the Power & Sleep window
  • Select Choose what the power keys do from the Energy Settings menu
  • Change the settings for the following options: When I push the power button to Sleep, the nap button, and then when I shut the cover


Why does my Lenovo Thinkpad randomly shut down?

The reason your Lenovo Thinkpad randomly shuts down is because of a faulty battery; change the battery and start to power up again, looking for any symptoms of sudden shutdown when using the battery or the AC adapter.  

If the problem remains, seek your laptop’s SKU when it is turned off. It will be on a label next to the rechargeable batteries plate cap.


Why does my Lenovo Ideapad randomly shut down?

The reason your Lenovo Ideapad randomly shuts down is because of a defective battery, unistalled updates or an outdated BIOS.

You’ve charged it to full capacity, and you’re using the OEM outside charger that came with the Ideapad? If you’re not, or if you occasionally use a different ac converter, the non-OEM Audio interface may be the problem.

Disconnect the pipework connecting line after the computer battery has been fully charged and allow it to drain completely. Continue to use it till it shuts off.

Charge your battery completely.

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