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(SOLVED) Why Does the Menu on My Monitor Keep Popping Up?

Why does the menu on my computer monitor keep popping up?

The main reason why the menu on your computer monitor keeps popping up is because of an electronic fault, key repeat time is on, the power supply is faulty, or you have an outdated graphics card driver.


Electronic Fault

The most common reason for a monitor menu that keeps randomly popping up is an electronic fault within the monitor.

More often than not, and especially if your laptop is a few years old, it will eventually start having electronic faults and failures.

One of these failures can be an internal error that will cause your monitor menu to keep popping up.


Key Repeat Time

You may have unknowingly set your monitor menu on key repeat time, which is why it keeps randomly popping up.

Key repeat time essentially enables an action to be repeated after a set period of time which could be anywhere from a minute to a few hours.

If this is enabled on your monitor, then it would easily explain the random and frequent popping up that won’t stop.


Faulty Power Supply

If you have a faulty power supply that often fluctuates and surges, it can end up causing errors in all home appliances and devices, including your monitor.

One of the errors that it may cause can be technical errors, such as the repeated popping up of the monitor menu.


Outdated Graphics Driver

If you have a graphic driver in your computer that needs an update, then you can end up experiencing some errors in your system.

These errors can include monitor mishaps such as the menu continuously popping up and blocking the view of your screen.

If all else fails, this might be the issue that you are facing with your monitor.


How to fix monitor menu that is randomly appearing?

To fix a monitor menu that is randomly appearing, you should take it to an expert, turn off key repeat time, change the power source or update the graphics driver.


Take It to an Expert

If your monitor menu keeps popping up because of an electronic failure, you might need to take it to an expert, as electronic errors are difficult to pinpoint and repair on your own.

Chances are it will be a quick fix, and you should have your monitor back to brand new without a popping-up menu in no time.


Turn Off Key Repeat Time

To get rid of the key repeat time, which can cause the repeated popping up of the monitor menu, you can turn it off in the settings.

  • Enter “Settings” to bring up the Activities overview
  • Select Settings
  • To display the panel, click Accessibility in the sidebar
  • Press the Repeat Keys button under Typing
  • Turn off the Repeat Keys switch


Change The Power Source

If you have a fluctuating power source or one that surges randomly, then you should try moving your setup elsewhere.

You will notice that once you are connected to a stable power source that does not fluctuate or surge that a lot of problems in your system will automatically disappear.

This includes the random popping up of your monitor menu, which should stop happening after you have changed the power supply source.


Update The Graphics Card Driver

If you have tried and tested all of the above solutions, but nothing has seemed to work out, then you can try to update your graphics card driver.

This will refresh the system and ensure that all systematic errors are resolved. You can update your graphics card driver using the steps below:

  • Go to the Control Panel by opening the Windows Start menu
  • Select Windows Update, System, and Security
  • If you don’t see any results yet, click Check for Updates to instruct the operating system to hunt for new drivers as well as routine Windows Updates
  • Look for graphics card drivers that include manufacturer names of graphics-related hardware, such as Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD
  • These might be found in the primary view or the optional updates section
  • Click the Install button if one of these graphics card drivers appears, then wait for the installation to finish
  • Your issue of the monitor menu popping up randomly and obstructing your view should be gone once you restart our system


Menu on monitor keeps popping up


How To fix monitor menu that keeps popping up?

To fix monitor menu that keeps popping up, you can turn it off through your Task Manager.


  • Right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing “Task Manager” will launch your task manager
  • Using Ctrl+Alt+Delete, choose Task Manager
  • There should only be one dwm.exe there unless numerous users are logged in; in that case, choose yours by looking at the User Name column. Go to the “Processes Tab” and select it
  • After choosing, click “End Process” in the bottom left corner
  • When Windows asks, “Are you sure?” select “End Process” once again
  • Your screen will go black, flicker, and then come back without the menu


Why is my monitor stuck on the menu?

The reason why your monitor is stuck on the menu is because of a bug in the Desktop Window Manager and the graphics performance.


You can reset your Desktop Window manager to make the menu stuck on your monitor screen go away.


Why does the menu keep popping up on my HP monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your HP monitor is that the menu button on the front panel may have been pressed for too long.


When the menu button is pressed for a period longer than 10 seconds on your HP monitor, then the menu bar gets stuck on the screen.

To fix this issue, you can hard reset your HP monitor by following the steps below:

  • Unplug your monitor
  • Hold down the power button for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Let go of the power button
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Turn your monitor back on
  • Your monitor should be hard reset, and the menu bar should be gone from your HP monitor.


Why does the menu keep popping up on my Samsung monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your Samsung monitor is because of a screen display error. You can reset your Samsung monitor screen display to fix this issue.


  • You must hold down the Menu button for at least 60 seconds
  • You’ll see a menu list on your display
  • Press the arrows while holding down the adjust button to access the menu
  • To find the Reset section, scroll below
  • Your screen will have an alternate Yes/No choice on the right side
  • Press the OK button when the Yes message displays
  • This should remove the flashing OSD control message
  • This will reset the menu.


Why does the menu keep popping up on my LG monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your LG monitor is a screen bug that you can fix with a simple reset.


  • A blue/red menu list should show on the screen after pressing the Menu button for at least one minute
  • Enter the menu by hitting the adjust button, then scroll to the action you want to do by pushing the arrows at each end, up or down as necessary
  • The Reset section is located after the list of potential screen modifications on the left (brightness, contrast, etc.)
  • There is a blinking Yes/No option that alternates on the right side of the screen
  • The technique is to click the OK button while selecting the Reset option on the left when the Yes option is flashing on the right side of the screen
  • The VDU should then be reset, and everything will be OK


Why does the menu keep popping up on my Lenovo monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your Lenovo monitor is because you may have pop-ups enabled.


To fix the issue, you can use the following steps to prevent the menu from popping up on your Lenovo laptop:

  • Choose the Windows start menu from your screen’s lower left corner
  • All Programmes Choosing “Idea Notes”
  • From the list, choose Enable / Disable
  • The dialog box will appear
  • You may turn off notifications by clicking the radio option that reads “disable notifications”
  • When you choose “OK,” the box will be closed


Why does the menu keep popping up on my DELL monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your DELL monitor is a technical error that you can resolve by resetting the monitor’s settings.


You can factory reset your DELL monitor settings by following the steps below:

  • Restore the factory defaults on your display
  • You can often do this by selecting “Reset all Settings” from the OSD menu on your display
  • Alternately, disconnect the power wire from your display and hold the power button down for 8 seconds
  • Your monitor ought to be reset as a result
  • The menu pop-up should no longer be an issue


Why does the menu keep popping up on my Acer monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your Acer monitor is because there may be a missing graphic card driver or an outdated one causing technical errors.


Your display may have problems as a result of missing or outdated drivers. You can connect to your integrated graphics output if one exists and update the drivers for your video card there.

If you’re using a laptop, you may utilize the screen that came with it and update both your chipset and graphics drivers.


If you’re unsure of how to update or change your graphics card, follow the steps below:

  • Input win+r
  • Without using quotation marks, type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter
  • Right-click your graphics card under “Display adapters” and choose “Properties”
  • Activate the “Driver” tab
  • “Update Driver…” is selected
  • To automatically look for updated driver software, select this option
  • Obey the directions displayed on the screen


Why does the menu keep popping up on my Asus monitor?

The reason why the menu keeps popping up on your Asus monitor is because of outdated software that may be long overdue.

You can update your Asus computer’s software to get rid of the monitor menu issue using the following steps below:

  • The Start menu will appear when you click the Windows symbol in your taskbar. This symbol is located at the bottom left corner of your screen if you weren’t aware
  • Then choose “All Programs”
  • the “Windows Update” button
  • Click “Check for Updates” in the upper left corner of the window once Windows Update has opened
  • Click “Install” once Windows has finished looking for updates
  • Restart your computer when the updates are complete (if prompted)

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