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Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing?

A Minecraft server can keep crashing due to mod conflicts, having dirty laptop fans, or interference from installed antivirus software.

  • Mods
  • Dirty laptop fans
  • Malware
  • JVM crashes

Here are the main reasons why your Minecraft server can keep crashing:

  • Mods: Minecraft provides a lot of mods in the game where you can enjoy various features at once. The most common reason behind Minecraft server crashes is mod conflicts. The server crash might even happen due to wrong versions or buggy mods in the game.
  • Hardware problems: When the Minecraft server crashes suddenly, you should check the vents and fans in your desktop. You can try looking for dust and fan blockages. Hardware problems generally heat the system, which in turn affects extreme places like games and crashes the server.
  • Software: Even after considering the above problems, if your Minecraft server keeps crashing again and again, then you should check the different software available in your system. The Anti-malware files are the reason behind most of the software issues.
  • JVM Crashes: JVM Crashes can be the reason behind your Minecraft server crashes. It happens due to the handling of large files or blocks and exploding TNTs at a time. The game can’t manage to take a load in such situations and the server crashes.


Troubleshooting Minecraft Server error messages:

Connection refused: connect

Meaning- this code states that no Minecraft server is working at present in this IP Address or the whole server is down at present.

Solution- you can restart the game once, or you can check the IP Address you have put which might be wrong.


End of the stream:

Meaning- this code means that signals or information from the server is not reaching the player at present. The reasons might include technical flaws or internet connection.

Solution- you can restart the game once. You can also reset the server once if you have access to it and the last thing is that you should check if the connection of the server and the client is alright.


Outdated client:

Meaning- this error code indicates that the client or player is trying to reach a newer server but has an old Minecraft version.

Solution- you can try to update your Minecraft version as the server you are trying to reach. You can use Profile Editor in the Launcher for the update.


How to prevent Minecraft server from crashing?

There are surprising yet straightforward ways which you can try out to prevent your Minecraft server from crashing. To know the striking techniques, you can take a look at the points and steps below:

  • To fix a problem, you should always understand the problem and its source.
  • Your Minecraft server might crash due to non-supporting 3D graphics.
  • There might be a shortage of memory in your system; that’s why Minecraft keeps on crashing due to lack of space.
  • You might be using an outdated operating system which doesn’t support the game.


The following steps will prevent your Minecraft server from crashing:

  1. The first and most straightforward solution which you can try to prevent the Minecraft server from crashing is by restarting the game.
  2. You can uninstall and reinstall the game once.
  3. You can update your system card driver and graphics texture which would support the 3D graphics of Minecraft.
  4. You can try to understand and apply the correct settings of the server.


Minecraft server keeps crashing
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Why does my Minecraft keep freezing?

The most common problem which every gamer or Minecraft player has to face is the issue of game freezing. The character movement and mobility of the game slows down and stops for seconds. If you want to know the causes, then go through the following:

  • The game keeps freezing due to the shortage of RAM in your system.
  • Minecraft is a big game with lots of features and fun.
  • If you get the game in 1RAM, it will keep on freezing for seconds.
  • You can try to change the JVM arguments section to 2 or 4 RAM for a smoother experience.


Minecraft keeps crashing on launch

Minecraft is an exciting game which has won the heart of most of the people of this generation. However some players have noted that the game can crash while launching the game.


  • The presence of bugs in Minecraft often pushes it to crash on launch.
  • CPU might be the cause of crashing of Minecraft on launch in some cases due to overclocking.
  • Sometimes the incorrect settings lead to crashing of the game on launch.
  • Outdated graphics card driver has become one of the most common reasons for the clients facing game crashing issues in Minecraft.

Ways to fix the problem:

  • The best way to fix game bugs in Minecraft is to update the recent patches which the game provides to fix bugs.
  • If you keep on updating the outdated graphics card driver, it would automatically solve your problem.
  • You must run your CPU in the default speed to stop Minecraft from crashing on launch.
  • You can choose to turn off VBOs in Minecraft settings to get a smooth game.


Minecraft server keeps kicking me out:

Minecraft often keeps kicking out players off their servers. This has been a burning issue recently, but now I can show you a few ways to get out of this problem at ease.

  • Sometimes the Minecraft server crashes while the other time’s players keep getting kicked out of servers.
  • The reasons are manifold, but the most obvious cause might be an internet connection.
  • When the server of Minecraft crashes on entering the game, the players get kicked out
  • The most natural solution to the problem is to re-download the game once.
  • If you still face the same problem over and over again, then the best idea would be to contact the Minecraft support to solve the server issues from the very root.


Minecraft server keeps timing out

If you are a crazy fan of Minecraft as I am, then you must have faced issues of timing out in the game. The most obvious reasons and solutions to the problem are as follows:


  • The most apparent reason behind the timing out of Minecraft is the router problem or connection problem.
  • Often you remain unaware of the virus in your system, which in turn keeps the Minecraft server timing out all the time.
  • The Minecraft version which you are using might have bugs in them.
  • Some other software in the system manipulates Minecraft, and the server keeps timing out.



  • The easiest way to prevent time out problems in Minecraft is to reinstall the game more than once.
  • Fixing your internet connection can make your game smooth.
  • Uninstall the software which you doubt being a barrier to the game in your system.
  • You can take the desktop to the shop to fix viruses.
  • You can also change the Minecraft version you are using at present.


Why Minecraft server keeps crashing on startup

People enter the game with an expectation of enjoying the game but ends up getting upset due to the crashing of Minecraft on startup.


  • Overclocking or setting up the CPU speed more than the default speed can lead to crashing of the Minecraft server on startup.
  • Some people consider Minecraft crashing on startup as a result of overloading of software and application in the system.
  • The router connection might be the problem behind such issues in your Minecraft game. Slow internet connection leads to the slow loading of the progress in the Minecraft server, which leads to the server crashing instantly on startup.
  • The mismatching of server and client based on the updated version of Minecraft can lead to the crashing of the game on startup.



  • You should not overclock the CPU; instead, you can use the default speed to put less pressure on the gaming server.
  • You can uninstall unused applications and items from the system to make it run faster, which would automatically prevent the game from crashing on startup.
  • Avoid slow router connections while playing Minecraft.
  • Try to keep the Minecraft version as updated as the server.


Minecraft server opens then closes

Most of the people are facing trouble in opening Minecraft now. The reasons behind such complications might be the same as stated before, but the solution might differ a bit. So here is what you can do to avoid Minecraft server opening and closing.

  • You can simply update the Java of Minecraft to get rid of such terrible problems.
  • Downloading Minecraft from weird servers can lead to opening and closing of the game. You can choose to download the game and its data from the official source only.
  • Editing of EULA.txt can be quite helpful in solving the problem of opening and closing of Minecraft at ease.
  • If you can put up a Minecraft server file separately in a batch, it can stop the server crashing in the very beginning.
  • Installation of operating system updates can be handy to the client to avoid server crashes.
  • You can set and reset winstock for avoiding such critical issues in Minecraft.


Minecraft server crashes when I join the server

It is very disheartening to find out that Minecraft server crashes every time you join the game. The problem might occur as a result of another problem or problems in your system.

  • If you try to log in with a chunk of corrupted files in the world of Minecraft, it might never let you join the server.
  • You should choose an excellent scanner to find out and destroy the virus in the system.
  • The ways of fixing this corruption-related problem are similar to all the points above.


Minecraft server crashes when a particular player joins

The answer to such an essential issue of your fellow mate can be for several reasons:

  • He or she might be facing network issues or connection issues.
  • It might happen due to his outdated Minecraft version or old server.
  • The delicate game setting might not be satisfactory.
  • He or she might even face server crashing every time due to shortage of space.

The solution to such a terrible problem is the change of the Minecraft version immediately.


Minecraft server crashes when someone dies

It is a common problem which Minecraft players are facing recently that the server crashes when someone dies:

  • You can suggest these people with network issues face the same problems with Minecraft as above.
  • Restarting the game once while facing this problem can lead you and your friends out of trouble.
  • You can even try to uninstall and reinstall the game once, to avoid Minecraft crashing.


Minecraft sever failed to bind to port

The code error in Minecraft server failed to bind to port occurs when you try to use a port already in service. Minecraft provides unique and fresh ports to individual players to avoid server crashes.

  • You can choose another different port to start the game at once.
  • You can contact a support representative for help in avoiding server fails in Minecraft.


Minecraft keeps crashing Xbox One

Many Minecraft players face the problem of crashing Xbox one. The following steps can help you out:

  • You can choose your Xbox button on the controller.
  • You must go to ‘My games & apps’
  • Go to the menu button to select ‘Manage game & add-ons.’
  • Then choose the data and press A to confirm ‘Delete from console’ and ‘Delete everywhere.
  • Rubbing out every copy of the saved game would allow you to have a fresh start.

Minecraft keeps crashing PS4.

Many of the players in Minecraft face the problem of the server crashing while using a PS4 controller. The following steps can help you out of the problem:

  • The crashing server issue in Minecraft might be a result of hardware faults in your PS4 itself.
  • You can try to restart the PS4 firmware console first.
  • You can restart the PS4 controller once.
  • At last, you can restart the game once to avoid the problem.

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