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Why Monitor Keeps Changing Input By Itself

Why does my monitor keep changing inputs?

The main reason why your monitor keeps changing inputs is because of outdated graphic drivers, a overheating CPU or damaged HDMI cable.


Driver Issues

Issues with your driver can cause many problems, including the input changing automatically. These issues can range from anywhere between missing or corrupted device drivers.

You may end up with an “input not supported” error, which is much more difficult to fix than an input that keeps switching, so you should deal with the issue promptly.



If your computer system is overheating, then this may be the cause behind the input constantly switching on your monitor.

Overheating of your computer system can cause multiple errors, and the fans in the system malfunctioning usually cause them.

This could be because they have gotten old, they have dirt lodged in them, or they have stopped working due to damage.


Damaged Cables

If there are any damaged cables connected to your computer system, then it can cause errors and glitches, such as the input switching on your monitors.

Naturally, the first wires that you should check are the ones on your monitor. If they are visibly frayed or damaged, then you may need to replace them.

However, they may not appear to be damaged on the outside but have malfunctioned internally, so make sure you check for that.


Monitor keeps changing input by itself


Can I set a default input source on my monitor?

Yes, you can set a default input source on your monitor; it may vary from monitor to monitor but below are the steps you can follow to set it.

  1. To access the shortcut menu, press any of the function buttons on your display, such as the Menu button.
  2. The shortcut menu allows you to access the most frequently used options rapidly.
  3. Auto Source is set to “On” by default, and it can allow auto-searching for signal sources in sequence.
  4. To access the input source menu while Auto Source is turned off, hit the “Input” Hotkey.
  5. The user can change the input source or manage the “Auto Source” function.


Why my monitor won’t switch inputs??

The reason why your monitor won’t switch inputs is probably that you have the wrong cable connected.

  1. Detach the video cable and reconnect it to the display and the desktop to see whether you have the correct cable.
  2. Do you happen to have an HDMI cable? Make use of an HDMI port. Firmly insert the card into the port.
  3. A faulty cable causes the image to be lost. This occurs more frequently than you may expect.
  4. Still, nothing has shown on your monitor? Switch to a new cable.
  5. Did you start with an HDMI cable? If you have a DisplayPort cable, try it.


How to stop my computer monitor from switching inputs?

To stop your computer monitor from switching inputs, you should check your graphics drivers and update them if needed.


  1. If your video card is not properly installed in the motherboard, it might cause a physical problem.
  2. For a better connection, the screw opens the side of your desktop and carefully inserts the card in place.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, your video card’s software is out of date.


To update your graphics driver:

  1. Connect your desktop to an old working monitor and proceed with the procedures below.
  2. Click on the Windows Start button, enter in ‘Device manager,’ and then open the image-shown screen.
  3. Select ‘Display adaptors.’ Your graphics card is now shown in the list. It’s probably an Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD.
  4. Right-click the graphics card and select ‘Properties.’
  5. Uninstall the driver by clicking the ‘Driver’ tab.
  6. After uninstalling, you install the latest video card updates.
  7. Go to the manufacturer’s website, enter the model number of your video card, and download the program.
  8. The app detects your video card and looks for the most recent drivers.
  9. During the installation, your computer will reboot several times.


Why does my PC Monitor keep switching from HDMI to DVI?

The reason why your PC Monitor keeps switching from HDMI to DVI could be because your display hasn’t been manually set to enable HDMI.


To re-enable HDMI, adjust the display settings on the Home screen as follows:

  1. As a guide, press the monitor to open its main menu.
  2. Go to Settings after selecting Profile & System.
  3. Navigate to General, then Display Settings.
  4. You will then go to Set Up Display.
  5. Select HDMI in the first column.
  6. Check that the second column reads Refresh rate: auto-detect.


Monitor flashes between analogue and HDMI?

To fix a monitor that keeps flashing between analogue and HDMI, you may need to reset your monitor to get rid of any errors.


You can use the following sets to reset your monitor that keeps flashing between analogue and HDMI:

  1. Press the menu button on the monitor’s front.
  2. Select settings and go to system reset icon in the menu box by using the buttons on your monitor.
  3. Select Factory Reset and Press Okay.
  4. Your monitor should now begin resetting itself to factory settings, which are its original settings


Samsung monitor keeps changing input by itself.

The reason why your Samsung monitor keeps changing input by itself is because of an error in its firmware. An easy fix is to update your Samsung’s firmware.

You can use the following steps to solve this problem:

  1. Go to our monitor Menu and select Settings.
  2. From here, go to Support.
  3. You will find a tab that says Software Updates; select this.
  4. Click on Update Now and give your computer system time to update.


Acer monitor keeps changing input by itself.

The reason why your Acer monitor keeps changing input by itself could be a software error, and the way to fix this is by resetting your Acer monitor.


You can use the following steps to reset your Acer monitor:

  1. Access your Acer monitor menu and go to Settings.
  2. Select Self Diagnosis and Software Troubleshoot.
  3. From here, you will know what error your software may be facing and if you need to update it or reset your Acer monitor.


Lenovo monitor keeps changing input by itself.

The reason why your Lenovo monitor keeps changing the input by itself could be because of damaged cables.


It would be best if you visually inspected the cables for any errors using the steps below:

  • The first and most obvious step is to visually check the wire insulation and plug and socket connections for evidence of damage.
  • Slashed, shredded, crushed, and broken connections are the most commonly seen kinds of damage in temporary applications.
  • However, not all sorts of injuries are readily apparent.
  • While a sliced cable is easily identified, many engineers may see features like dirtiness as just cosmetic.
  • A mud-soaked cable may indicate water entry in the cable run, which can be hazardous to one’s health and safety.


HP monitor keeps changing input by itself.

The reason why your HP monitor keeps changing input by itself could be you have enabled the “Input Auto Switch,” your display will automatically select the best active input source from all the input devices that are currently connected to the monitor.


For example, if your display is only connected through HDMI, it will automatically change the input source to HDMI.

On certain displays, the Menu screen has an Input Source button.

  • Try the additional input connections after pressing the relevant button.
  • Other displays lack the Input Source button. In such a scenario, utilize the down and up arrow buttons after clicking the Menu button.


DELL monitor keeps changing input by itself

The reason why your DELL monitor keeps changing input by itself could be that the auto-detect feature is left on.


When your Dell monitor is not in use, Windows’ auto-detect function turns it off. While this allows you to save power, it may reduce productivity since you will have to wait for the monitor to restart when you want to use it.

To pick amongst multiple videos feeds that may be connected to your display, use the Input Source Select button. The source selection bar is displayed. Touch buttons to navigate between setup choices, and Touch to pick the desired input source.


Examine your HDMI cable connectors. Do they fit comfortably in both the SE2717H and the Inspiron?

  • Does the power cord fit snugly?
  • Turn off Auto Select and retest.

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