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How to Fix Black Screen while Gaming on PC (STEPS)

Why does my PC keep black screening when playing games?

The main reason your PC keeps black screening when playing games is because of corrupt drivers,  a failing power supply or loose cables.


Possible Causes:

  • Corrupt system files
  • Virus or malware
  • New programs or drivers
  • Failing hardware
  • Small storage space
  • Old programs or drivers
  • BIOS
  • Loose hardware/cables
  • Overheated computers
  • Power supply
  • RAM sticks’ position


New programs or drivers

Have you installed a new program recently? There are chances that the black screen error is being caused by this new program. Such an error can even arrive if you are using updated drivers. Rolling back the drivers to their original pre-update version is a great way to fix the issue.


Corrupt system files

Buggy updates are one of the leading causes of corrupt system files. Such updates are inadvertently sent by Microsoft. In most cases, the company sends an update to fix the damage. However, if it is not available, you should consider uninstalling the updates. Going with a System Restore is a good option to deal with the problem.


Virus or malware

Viruses in your system can lead to frequent black screen errors and system crashes. Get an antivirus program to keep the system safe from any malicious attacks. However, sometimes, the app can come in your way of gaming. It is best to add exceptions for the better running of your programs.


Old drivers

Outdated drivers cause your PC to show a black screen error. Uninstalling them and replacing them with their latest versions may end the problem.



BIOS incompatibility does lead to black screen errors. Even though outdated BIOS is rare, it is important to get it updated timely.


Failing hardware

Regularly run a hardware diagnostic test to have a report of all components. The problem could be the motherboard, hard drive, or RAM. Replace the component which is causing the problem.


Small storage space

If the PC’s internal storage is low, several problems may arise. Deleting unnecessary files may help resolve the issue. Create space for new programs before installing them to avoid such problems.


Loose hardware/cables

Loose cables, badly seated RAM sticks, etc., can also lead to black screen errors. If you had left the thermal paste on your motherboard when you were fixing the overheating issue, it could cause problems.

Thoroughly check that all wires and cables are firmly plugged in, and if you have any doubts, the best thing is to unplug all components and replug them.


Overheated Computers

Heavy-graphics games require higher power. Most users also let some background apps to continue updating while they enjoy games. These multiple activities are not suitable for computer that gets overheated.

If temperatures are high, the system automatically shuts down to avoid the motherboard from frying. When you are playing your games, always keep a check on GPU temperatures.


Power Supply

If the power supply to the computer is not sufficient, some problems would arise. Check the power supply before launching a game.


RAM sticks’ position

If your RAM sticks are not properly seated in their slots, a problem may arise. Before turning on the computer, open the panel of the CPU, take out the RAM sticks, and insert them again. Turn on the computer to see if the problem persists.


black screen while gaming on PC


How do i fix a black screen while playing PC games?

To fix a black screen while playing PC games, upgrade graphics card, clean boot, change the power settings of your PC or clean up viruses.


Upgrade Graphics Card [Method 1]

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click System and Security
  3. Choose Device Manager
  4. Scroll down and see the drive, Graphics Card
  5. Double-click on it
  6. Tap on the Driver tab and click Update
  7. Click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option to update the latest drivers


Clean Boot [Method 2]

  1. Click Start
  2. Type MSConfig
  3. Select “System Configuration”
  4. Select the “Hide all Microsoft services” box that you will find under the Services button and click on the Disable all button
  5. Click Open Task Manager, that you will find under the Startup tab
  6. In the Task Manager, select the items and click Disable
  7. Click OK on the Startup tab


Change Power Settings [Method 3]

  • Click Power Options on Control Panel
  • Select Change Plan Settings
  • Choose “Change Advanced Power Settings”
  • Under PCI express, turn off Link State Power Management in “Plugged in” and “On battery”


Clean Up Viruses [Method 4]

Run the antivirus program and see if there are any corrupted files. Fix them to resolve the issue.


Use SFC Scan [Method 5]

  • In the Windows search bar, type cmd
  • Select “Run as Administrator” in Command Prompt
  • Type SFC/scannow and then hit Enter
  • Let the process begin
  • Once the process is completed, close Command Prompt
  • Restart your computer


System Restore [Method 6]

You should do a quick system restore if all else fails to solve the issue. For that:

  • Go to the Windows search bar and look for “Create a restore point”
  • Choose System Restore
  • Click Next – that will appear twice
  • Select Restore
  • Tap on Scan
  • The process will start
  • Click Next when it ends
  • Tap Finish


Black Screen Of Death Error Codes

Black screen of death error codes can tell you what’s wrong with your PC. A Windows Boot Manager error, for example, 0xc00000e9 indicates hardware failure or corrupted files.


Error Code Error Name Meaning
0xc00000e9 Windows Boot Manager* error  It indicates hardware failure or corrupted files
0xc0000428 System error It is caused by a corrupted boot file
0xc0000005 Application error It indicates an outdated graphics card driver.


Why doI see a black screen error when launching a game?

The reason you see a black screen error when launching a game is because your PC has a serious software problem. It is advised that you run system restoration software to resolve the problem.

  1. Check for the updates on your computer.
  2. Update the graphics driver.
  3. Ensure that RAM slots are not dirty.
  4. Ensure that there are no loose cables.


Why is my computer black screening and crashing when installing games?

The reason your computer is black screening and crashing when installing games is because of a possible software error.


To fix the problem:

  1. Download the System File Collection and Sysnative BSOD Dump apps.
  2. Save the two to the Documents folder.
  3. Double-click on the exe file to run the Sysnative app.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup.


Why am I getting a black screen while playing games on Windows 10?

The reason you are getting a black screen while playing games on Windows 10 is because of a corrupted graphics card driver, an overheated CPU or any antivirus app causing hurdles.


Possible Causes:

  • Overheated components
  • Delayed updates
  • Faulty or outdated graphics card driver
  • RAM usage at a critical level
  • Antivirus apps causing hurdles


To resolve this issue:

  1. Press the Windows + Shift + Ctrl + B keys to restart the GPU driver. It is the easiest method to resolve the issue.
  2. Turning off Link state power management.
  3. Checking your hardware and ensuring that the CPU is not overheated.


Why am I getting a black screen while playing games on Windows 11?

The reason you are getting a black screen while playing games on Windows 11 is because of an outdated or corrupt graphics card driver.


To fix the problem:

  1. Check your cables and see that they are properly plugged in.
  2. Reinstall your graphics driver or update its latest version.
  3. Keep checking GPU temperatures – overheating leads to a black screen as well.
  4. Go to the Clean Boot state to troubleshoot.
  5. Turn off the ASCR option found on your monitor.
  6. Select the Compatibility mode to run the game.
  7. Upgrade the PC’s hardware.
  8. Check RAM sticks and ensure that they are properly seated.
  9. Check the power supply to the PC.
  10. Perform the System Restore process.
  11. Change the response time setting on your monitor.


Why do I get a black screen when running Steam games?

The reason you are getting a black screen when you are running Steam games is because of outdated OS files, bad browser cache, corrupt installation of the Steam app, power interference, and outdated or corrupt drivers.


The problem can be resolved if you:

  1. Update graphics drivers.
  2. Delete app and browser cache.
  3. Remove app cache.
  4. Reinstall Steam.


Tip: You can also contact the Steam support team to discuss the issue and get it resolved.


Why am I getting a black screen launching League of Legends?

The reason you are getting a black screen when launching League of Legends is because of an unstable internet connection or a corrupt game file.


To fix this:

  1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Restart the PC and check if the issues are fixed.
  3. Run the game with Admin permissions.
  4. Try some DNS changes.
  5. Reinstall League of Legends.


Why am I seeing a black screen when playing Minecraft?

The reason you are getting a black screen when playing Minecraft is because an antivirus program is running in the background.


To resolve it:

  1. Add the game to the list of exclusions.
  2. Disable the antivirus app.
  3. Use the latest graphic driver.
  4. Disable 3D display mode.
  5. Disable the SLI mode.


Why am I getting a black screen when starting up Valorant?

The reason you are getting a black screen when starting up Valorant is because heavy graphics are overloading your GPU. Changing the display mode usually helps resolve the problem.


Here are some steps that you can follow to avoid this problem:

  1. Run the dedicated graphics card.
  2. Turn off overclocking.
  3. Disable antivirus apps on a temporary basis.
  4. Repair your system files.


Why am I getting a black screen when playing Fortnite?

The reason you are getting a black screen when playing Fortnite is because your PC has a faulty or outdated graphics card driver.


To fix the problem:

  1. Check your PC specifications and see if they are compatible with the game.
  2. Run the game in Compatibility mode.
  3. Update your drivers.
  4. Update Windows.
  5. Disable Fullscreen optimizations.
  6. Reinstall Fortnite.

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